Graduate 1989. Texas A&M 83-85. Son attends A&M.

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You got it right. TU is always the driver of their worst crashes. Aggies should never play them again. Unfortunately the State Government runs all football in the state of Texas.
A&M, Baylor, and Texas always steal Houston’s coaches. It only works in Houston. Sure get Urban Meyer. You will win and find out the real price later. After he retires again. Yours Truly, Aaron Hernandez
Just as The state of Texas sees: State Legislators. Rick Perry was a Yell Leader for A&M. They get more girls,girls, girls than players Do!
Love Herman finally getting to recruiting crisis he may sink in the Double Brockermeyer quicksand. TU can pull stunts but Saban and Bama will play this out to keep both hooked
Houston although G5 is being called a new hot spot which means Jimbo will test positive
I agree with the author. Ed O was part of the purple kool aid in the bottle that caught the lightning. The culture and identity of the school’s faithful was reinvigorated. Even the flawed collegiate model of football can do this.
I have heard Tennessee problem is institutional because of Fulmer undermining every coach hired. He apparently has his own agenda as AD and is not allowed to wear the sweat suits to the office or try to coach in practices. Coaches are told to watch their back as Fulmer is sabotaging their success. Sounds like Arkansas has the same institutional culture. Get rid of Fulmer.
Auburn looks like the Iron Bowl winner
Cat is totally Out of the Bag(no pun sorry). Saban foaming at the mouth every day.? Bama has had 1 loss championships and games in which they barely cheated death to become Champions. I agree with your analysis but the P5 moguls get their share of mulligans that others don’t. As long as they PEAK at the end.
We are still a Capitalist Plutocracy. We have Capitalized our (NON PROFIT) Universities. What is Alabama’s stock price right now?
California, Florida. If Texas makes a move then it will envelop all states. No one will suffer such a recruiting disadvantage
Luckily Florida is favored to win it all this year????
Touching. SEC spearheads a system for ostentatious revenues and prices. Education ( the main mission) starts to become unaffordable to the average person. Creates a solid plutocracy under not for profit laws. Bryant and others integrated as minorities are so athletically superior. They have proven that they can BLOW UP this criminal money grab. Pay up Pigs
It would figure for Sankey to have strong opinions on California law. Roy Kramer started the conference playoff, BCS , Power 5 network contracts monster. Pigs at the trough.