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Prediction….Tennessee wins 52 - 28 but Spencer Rattler soars to #2 in the Heisman watch after completing 45 - 50 passes for 650 yards and 3 TDs
If whoever loses keeps it close, the winner beats the team from the West, then they actually have a good chance for both to make it.
I’m just not sure OHIO State is that good. We’ll find out when they play Michigan. Until then, I’d have them behind Georgia and Tennessee.
I know, I got your point. The run game will go a long way toward deciding who wins Saturday. Both teams need to run the ball. That’s going to be a challenge for Georgia as well.
I don’t mind if they “Struggle to run for much over 100 yds against Georgia” as long as they DO run for much over 100 yds. ?
Covingtondawg…you are 100% correct. The number 1 team will be decided Saturday between the hedges. Everything else is bs. Whichever team takes care of business will rightfully be number 1…for another week anyway. That’s the thing about college football, especially in the SEC, teams that suck early in the season tend to get better later on. 1 off night can cost you a victory against a bottom ranked team. It’s why UGA struggled against Mizzou, why Tennessee should still worry about SC, Mizzou and Vandy.
Natedawg…that’s an interesting score prediction. Tennessee’s offense is much better this year than last year, UGA’s defense doesn’t seem to be as good. That said, you’re predicting UT to score less than last year? Not saying it couldn’t happen, but are you basing that on anything or just pulling numbers out of your ass?
Truer words…I remember ESPN having a college football chat in the very early days of the internet. It was a bunch of us pretty much ragging on each other’s team “Your team sucks!” “No, YOUR team sucks!” Not one time did we impact a game. I’m nervous about this game, like I was for the Bama game and LSU game. I wish Tennessee was favored so I could bet on Georgia. That way I’d either leave happy because Tennessee won, or I’d have extra cash in my pocket. Hope it’s a good game….Go Vols!
Tennessee’s passing defense has been bad, but improving. But the #127 stat is a bit misleading because it’s based on yards given up. There are a couple of big reasons UT gives up so many passing yards. 1. They usually jump out to a quick, big, lead so opponents have to pass to try and catch up. 2. Their run defense is good so teams tend to throw more. 3. Tennessee scores so quickly that opponents get more offensive opportunities which allows them more yards. It also means our defense gets tired so that doesn’t help.
Only the person who wrote this article…and now those of us who read it are thinking about how dumb it is that this was written this week
Tennessee is not Oregon. Or rather, Oregon isn’t Tennessee by a long shot.
cbs88…you mean YOUR best win all year? Because the first game of the season is rarely indicative of anything. I’m not one of these TN fans that thinks UGA sux and UT is the best, but to try and compare teams based on wins/losses at the beginning of the season is stupid.
Black and gold…why are you commenting at all? Your team, as always, is a joke. Wait until Tennessee fans checker board your own stadium. LOL
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.
Alabama was supposed to dominate TN. I’ve been reading on here every week that UF was going to stomp TN, LSU was going to beat TN, Bama was going to dominate TN, and of course UGA will dominate them. So far, TN has been up to the test. We’ll know in a few days about Georgia. But the guarantees on here are stupid.
I think that A&M has top 10 talent, but so far they are very inconsistent.
I really question the statement that Mizzou matches up well with the next 4 conference opponents. You have every SC, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. You barely squeaked past Vandy but you base this on a close game with UGA? I’m not sure I see a single win in those 4 games for you guys
Joshify….I’m sure you hope UGA beats UT. You guys sure don’t want to face UT again. ?
Ok...just placed my bet today. I took the Gators and the points. LOL
No matter how good or bad UF is they EXPECT to beat Tennessee. Just like UT expects to beat Kentucky or Vanderbilt. It’s a mindset that gives an edge. If we beat Florida it will be great! Not because it means we will be competitive against UGA or Bama, but because it’s ending a string of losses to an annual rival. There’s a huge problem trying to use stats this early in the season to decide anything…there’s just not enough information to know anything. Not very many games of consequence have been played. Georgia, until someone beats them, look like the best team in the country. They have done all that could be expected of them against every team they’ve played…and won easily.
You have said this a few times, and you may be right. But your reason as stated earlier, Tennessee likes to pass the ball, is not an accurate assessment. They’ve been very close to 50/50 pass/run. I expect UF to be ready to play. Hopefully, the problems Fulmer had beating Florida, he just didn’t seem to believe he could beat Spurrier, won’t repeat.
NashvilleGator…I’m waiting for that line to come out. If it’s Tennessee -6.5 I’m betting on UF. That way, I’ll leave the game happy no matter who wins. LOL
You may be right, then we’ll turn around and beat Kentucky like always.
Trolls who have no life love to run their mouths at other fans. There’s not a Tennessee fan out there who doesn’t understand that the Vols SHOULD have beaten Ball St. easily and that doesn’t mean the team is a national contender. But we’ve seen a lot of season openers NOT go as expected. I’ve been a college football fan for a long time. There’s not an SEC team, or any other team, that hasn’t struggled. Personally, college football is better when Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, and Ole Miss are good. You Tennessee haters, wouldn’t you rather beat a GOOD Tennessee team than the teams we’ve fielded the last decade?