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I agree Nobleman69 with your assessment. I believe Arkansas is the wild card to take 2nd over both Auburn and LSU. I guess the one almost sure thing is Alabama #1.
As a lifelong Auburn fan I'm disappointed that Bo didn't get #34, but at the same time, I can't argue with the numbers put up by Hershel. The two greatest SEC running backs ever.
God bless you, Coach Chizik, for stepping out in faith to do what is right before God, your family and your conscience. War Eagle.
I went into this article expecting not to go along with the idea, but after reading it, I must admit it is at least something to consider. The present scheduling is just not working out on a regular basis, and it would be interesting to give something like this a try.
FSU gets destroyed 63-20 but is still ranked 12th? Sheesh...
Absolutely true. I'm wondering if little Danny will ever grow up.
I thought exactly the same thing. Right now, neither Johnson nor White is the right QB for Malzahn's offense, but at this point White would be the better choice because Johnson looks completely lost out there.
As of right now, it's 31-20, and it ain't over yet! Go Frogs!
And I am one of them. Don't even own a TV anymore, just watch everything via the internet and save a ton of money. I couldn't care less about big screen, so I'm very content.
Yep, my first thought as well, USC if offered to him against all the others is where I believe he's be bound to go. He's a West Coast guy to begin with.
My daughter went to Mizzou a few years ago, and my, how things have changed. Frankly, at this time I'm embarrassed to wear anything related to the school and I won't for a while now. This is utterly ridiculous what is happening there right now.
I'll tell ya, Ol Spudwrench, "that cow barn school" will be there and ready to play! 'Bama looks good, but this is the Iron Bowl, and there's a reason they play the game rather than simply give it the the team that is ranked higher. War Eagle!