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"Not even the Razorback head coach gets to wear team gear...." Am I the only that noticed the Razorback lanyard in the first picture?
Same argument Boise and TCU made every year, pre playoff era. They were always #3-4 and flipped year to year. Do like TCU and join a big boy conference, at least the Big12 used to be one anyway.
Just me or did anyone else see the " Jonathan Allen goes #14 to the Eagles" headline last night?
I copied and pasted the headline in case they changed it like they often do.
Todd McShady: There’s ‘a little bit of concern’ with Montravius Adams- Will the real Todd McShady please stand up, please stand up. All you other Todd McShadys are just immitating.
What (redshirt) freshman wouldn't be? Big game against a big name opponet, Hurts fumbled the first snap, it was all the mentality. Hurts settled in and took control.
"At VU, Mason is 13-24 in three seasons. After a 6-6 mark in the 2016 regular season, which included wins over Georgia and Vanderbilt, the Commodores made their first postseason appearance under Mason with a trip to the Independence Bowl." Did they give them credit for their spring game?
Irresistible force meets the immovable object.? I thought it was an unstoppable force?
Bama just didn't take enough time. The defense never had a chance to rest. It was a quick strike and score or quick 3 and out. They never had that signature, methodical, clock killing, opponet's dream destroying drive.
Starting to wonder where this site is based. I am in Central time zone and it is 9pm, the date on the article reads Jan 1 2017. Even Eastern would only be 10pm. I don't drunk I'm that think.
Plus that was halfway a compliment. Vandy under Franklin was pretty good.
UT4life - Oh, I get it, you're insinuating I'm a homosexual. You're so clever. Obviously too smart to have gone to UT, you must be a sidewalk fan.
A lot of not so exciting matchups. Then there's LSU vs Louisville, everyone wanted to see Bama's D vs Lamar Jackson. UL wasn't strong enough to make the top 4 to see that, but LSU is reenergized and a close second, that one should be interesting.
Games are long enough as it is now with the all the other instant replays. Some necessary, some just plain ridiculous. Plus, we don't need to give someone like Harbaugh that kind of power every time someone rustles his khakis. Side note my autocorrect changed Harbaugh to Garbage 😁 that made my day.
Wasn't he going there in 2013? And to the Giants last year? Those come out every year. CNS, and most importantly, Miss Terry, are happy in home sweet home Alabama. Yeah, Texas can throw all the money they want to at him, but Saban wants complete control of the program, he wouldn't have that at Texas. Plus, why leave a dynasty for a dumpster fire? He'll beat Bear's record and maybe get one or two more.
Yes the only SEC players are from Bama, and the article is on an SEC based site, vis-á-vis, Bama article. I've always heard the expression " the truth hurts". Way to make it personal and take a shot at me because I spoke the truth.
An article about Alabama and the first three comments are from Vile fans. Reliving the glory days and griping that your guy isn't in it, that's all you've got. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you were the Battle at Bristol champions. Celebrating like it's 1999 all over again.
Illiterate would mean he can't read or write. Did I miss something in the video? Did she submit the question to him in written form? Maybe you meant he's a deaf mute, or the older less PC way to say it, deaf and dumb?
His message to Odom was won rooted in both perspective and positivity. One-won. Close enough I guess.
1.43, Ole Miss scored 43 on Bama. 2. Coach O is the epitome of LSU and Louisiana. Last time I checked LSU doesn't have Chad Kelly under center either, or anyone that resembles or can match his productivity. Auburn held LSU and managed to do just enough on offense to win. Hurts is unshakable, we've seen that, Death Valley might get to him, at first, afterwards he'll get him composure and be as dominant as he has thus far. I'm thinking 27/28-13/14 Bama.
Kind of funny a Vols fan doesn't like other people on their articles, but I seem to recall several Vol fans all over the Bama articles beating their chest over the FL win and that miracle at UGA. Even a few saying Bama was next haha. Maybe they threw this game so they don't have to play Bama again.
Rudder - yes he is a freshman, but go watch the shellacking Bama put on A&M in '14. That player that just got lit up on the return by Reuben Foster- who had poor tackling technique and was highly recruited. Yes Saban has recruited guys with poor technique. It wasn't the greatest technique by Wilson, but he is a freshman.
Last time in T-town was the 59-0 shellacking that sent Kenny "Nil" crying to TCU
It may sound superstitious, but I eat an oatmeal creme pie and drink a Dr Pepper every Saturday morning
Nick Chubb, Michel, Sony Eason- I wonder if Sony Eason is related to Jacob Eason? I'm also wondering where all the UT fans are, every board on every article has some UT "fan" beating their chest over the App St win, or the UF win, or even the completely pulled it out of your backside, wouldn't work again in a million years hail Mary at UGA?
There were missed and horrible calls all day in every game I watched, but that's karmic retribution for that incomplete pass against UGA that everyone thought the refs were reviewing and they were actually reviewing the 2nd down play for some reason. Tennessee stole one last week and got it handed to them this week.
What made me so mad about this was the fact it came immediately after Bama got called for roughing the passer. Yes he hit AA in the back of the knees, as he was falling and trying to make a play. Then this happens and appaprently the refs missed it or turned a blind eye to it. I thought it would at least be holding. Those refs made some questionable calls all night.
Mizzou had the surrender Hydra going in the one pic. I caught myself doing this a few times, Mizzou/UGA game was great, Bama/Miss was again down to the wire. Chad Kelly is an elite athlete and QB, he took a few big hits and got right back up,he should definitely get a chance to play on Sundays. Hats off to both teams for a hard fought, great, and crazy game.