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IF the Tigers win out this year then agreed they are no.1. ( on this list) also feel that if they do go on to dominate the next 2 games then Auburn and Bama should get a little more credit for only losing by 3 and 5 respectively.
In my personal opinion ( I am a BAMA fan ,actually a SABAN fan ) but I love the last decade of Alabama football, DOMINANT.But if Kirby would get a decent defense going I would have to say that Georgia would be the next dominant team in the SEC . Ol' Ed just had the right players this year and I think they fall back down to runner up in the conference next year.
Sorry that was a reply to @ Pitre1970 but it was placed way down here.
He's worried because he knows ( just like my wife who is not an Alabama fan and watched the game ) that they got lucky to hang on and win that game. Now the team knows they can outplay LSU and IF they meet again on neutral ground .
BAMA beats Auburn (by 10+) and they get in.
NEED TO STOP WITH THAT CRAP ,'BAMA ONLY SCORED 3 PTS. After TUA left. The whole team coaching staff included was messed up with what happened. The team will be fine come IRON BOWL time.
Thank GOD for your Faith and for being so positive . Despite how others feel about ALABAMA and it's fans we love and support ours , still praying for you guys.
LMAO. That would be funny but it's not going to happen. Arkansas is the worst team in the SEC right now , pretty sure vandy would beat them and that's bad.
Yes I think (if ) Alabama manages to beat Auburn in their house, the committee will look at that and give 'bama the nod into number 4 spot . IF Georgia losses to LSU , if not then LSU and Georgia get in.
All ALABAMA has to do is beat Auburn by more than 7 and they have a more legitimate claim at number 4 than Oregon who lost to Auburn and Georgia who barely hung on to beat them by 7 .
Love that he is smiling and that teammates are there in support. HATE IT THAT IT HAPPENED!! ROLL TIDE