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Yup. If he hasn’t changed yet, I don’t see him ever changing. He continues to call plays as if Auburn has an offensive line that knows how to hold their own in run blocking. We just can’t run block that well. I mean Auburn even pulled a guard on a 1 yard to gain play call.....and of course it did not work. The OL is serviceable in pass blocking I would say but Bo has to get better with his pocket presence. Also, the substitutions we make with packaged personnel are still leading to predictable play calls. I’m sure LSU, UGA, and BAMA are all going to have an easy time figuring out what play is coming. Hate to say it, but in a Baton Rouge, I give Auburn a less than 10% chance of winning vs this LSU team. I just want to see Auburn be competitive against this great looking LSU team on the road.
Purchased? please explain with details what you discovered that the NCAA was not able to uncover over an 18 month on-campus investigation into the entire Auburn athletic program. They found not a single infraction in the entire program, not even a minor infraction. Paying almost a half million dollars to a JUCO QB who had a criminal record and already had been dismissed from 1 SEC school, yeah that makes sense.