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App State is a better football team than SC.
Yes. Vols were projected to have one of the best pass rushing DL in the SEC before the season started and they are finally starting to look like it.
Butch needs this game. I don't think he is the right guy for the job but if he wins this game he can start to change my mind. I said before the season I won't be satisfied with anything less than 8-4. That is still the case. I don't think we have a chance against Bama next week so he has to have this one.
Tennessee's overall talent level has improved a whole lot. They are faster, stronger, and a little bit deeper. We also have two NFL caliber LBs with Jalen Reeves Maybin and Curt Maggit and arguably the best DL in the SEC. Sure, UTs secondary took a hit when it lost McNeil, but the talent level at that position group should be enough to get by. Unless of course the group takes another hit. UGA has an advantage on offense despite the unknown at the QB position. Georgia's OL is a heck of a lot stronger. Tennessee only needs Josh Dobbs to do what he did at the back end of last year, be consistent enough to move the ball down the field and score points. I think it will be a good season and a tight race the whole way.
Myles Garrett is always painfully overrated... He had 3 sacks in SEC play last year. Derek Barnett had 7 sacks in SEC play.
Garrett had 4 sacks against SEC teams. I don't see how he conquored the SEC West.
Vols told him that they did not have any room for him in the class. Makes me think we might land a couple good ones before or on signing day.
Tennessee and Arkansas have the most room for improvement. I think Tennessee has the easier road in the SEC East. I can't wait for when the hogs travel to Knoxville. Its gonna be a great game.
ESPNs ratings are trash. 247 is the most accurate in my opinion.
Well I hope he can take Drew Richmond!
I just hope we can make it out of Mississippi without getting Justin Worley sent to the hospital.
Im Proud of the way my Vols played tonight. But the offensive line is horrific. OC Mike Bajakian called some really bad plays tonight. I think he is on the hot seat. We have the ball on the 4 yard line and we go 5 wide! C'mon! We put ourselves in positions to make it a close game. We just couldnt do it.
Is Uniform Nation a reliable source? I haven't seen anything on any UT websites.
Good article.I think we will be fine without Pearson because of our depth at wide receiver. Losing Wolf hurts us a little more though.I think we will make Oklahoma worry a lIttle bit but I dont think we will be able to pull it out. Oklahoma 35-24
Marques North doesnt even make the list?
Does anybody know where College Gameday will be this Saturday?
Im a UT fan and I would be the happiest guy on earth if we somehow managed to win. Even more so since its Bob Stoops we are facing.