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Ouch! Those three are good backups for every reason you stated but they are also talented. You made a good point that didn't need to disparage their talent!
Actually, they were a blocked FG, with time expiring from beating UA! It was a great game but also very, very emotional. The energy in Bryant Denny was overwhelming! Kiffin was and is a great offensive mind.
The same way AU pays for insurance for their players. Insuring players it's a common practice.
SEC defensive coordinators will catch up with the LSU offensive game plan. Joe Brady will head back to the NFL eventually!
Deserve? Not this year but if it was a choice between UF & UA, yes we'd deserve it. We've been on top for 10 years so how is the view down there?
Same applies to the band, cheerleaders, trainers, baseball, track, volleyball, softball, etc. I know the time athletes put in but we forget they are, allegedly, students first!
Marcus is a talking head but I'm guessing the NFL scouts you mentioned want to see Tua play better, more consistent against the top defenses. If he doesn't improve this year, Marcus may be right. I don't think 6TDs versus 6 INTs will work for the NFL. Tua also needs to stay out of the medical tent to be elite.
You had me Tim right up to the OL comment! The UGA OL isn't that good; ranked 10th in the conference to start the season, but the OL blessed to have two really great RBs who don't need much of a hole! The UA OL on the other hand was ranked 1st in the conference and played well throughout most of the season. However, if it's a running game that's required to beat OU then either UA or UGA can do that. The difference could be at QB if the running game isn't faring well. UGA QB is freshman who has disappeared at times and Hurts who has had one really bad game in 30 starts. The BEST news is the OK defense isn't that good against the run so I'm predicting UGA puts up big numbers in the run game and the speed of the UGA defense is little more than Mayfield expects.