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"I'm Mike Jones, (Who?) Mike Jones The one and only, you can't clone me Got a lot of haters and a lot of homies, some friends and some phony."
All these pro-Ohio State'd think this was Big 10 up North instead of Saturday down South.
Until Auburn does away with it's meddling big money boosters and ole buddy Jay Gogue, expect more of the same in years to come. They paint a narrative of family on the Plains but really it is all about the money and the power. It's a crying shame really. They could have something really nice if they would learn to get out of their own way.
Why not? He and Saban seem to have a good relationship. He was on his LSU staff. If he ever was serious about coaching another power 5 program it would only behoove him to reach out to Nick. Obviously, he never has to work another day in his life if he doesn't want to. I'd think he would be pretty much welcome anywhere. They guy is charismatic and an obvious charmer. See contract extensions/Jimmy Sexton.
What's really sad is that Muschamp will probably enter the Nick Saban School for Coaches Who Can't Coach Good and when he leaves someone else will take a chance on his "reformed" self. Then he will be scamming some other school out of millions with minimal results to their program. Yessir. You have to give it him, Ole Champ is a genius at making money off of himself.
Shane needs to be in COLA bottom line assembling a staff and burning up the phones. It is baffling at the thought process. Currently, the SC 2021 recruiting class is 89th in the country with only 10 recruits. They are dead last in recruiting in the SEC as of right now. No time like the present especially with the majority of kids signing in December now. Unless he has already figured his first season will be a mulligan...
Man up Ed. Take your beating like a man.
Speculative. At least we will get to beat y'all's heads in. We all hope...
I wish them all a speedy recovery but at the same time I can't help but think oh how convenient. We all know Ed don't want no smoke. Especially after all the crap they talked last year.
The biggest problem with Auburn is the Board of Trustees calling all the shots. Until that goes away...Auburn will continue to go up and down on the rollercoaster. Also, nepotism plays a huge factor with all Auburn sports in general.
"Now that Tua Tagovailoa is Alabama’s greatest utility cart rider?" Yellow Journalism at it's finest. Oh wait...this is SDS. Go choke on a golf ball Wasson.