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Yes, that is EXACTLY how that works. You lot go to the SECCG based on your head-to-head win over the Dawgs, but you are co-SEC East champs. A most solid burn.
Nope. This needs to happen in prime time so all can see what comes of hubris and arrogance after a hard fought victory. I do believe Coach O's statements here in wanting to play the game, however, I get the feeling the players ain't trying to get beat-down harshly for something for which they had nothing to do. I get a sinking feeling he may lose the team based on how this is viewed by future recruits and those that have stuck around for it.
In much the same way that MJ would take an innocuous quote from the press or an opposing player and use it as fuel to motivate during a game, so too did the WR crew for Bama. Most would not see this as an insult or even a slight against MAC10 but it also takes away credit for what MAC10 brings to the team. Leadership quality. That is what all great QBs must have to go from being individually good to part of the greater collective. A great leader is a great manager. Bo Nix was alluding to the leadership quality, but the negative hue of being a 'game manager' is what was spit out the rivalry translator.
@golfmanfl - I respect that sentiment. That is the spite and petty hatred that makes the Iron Bowl worthy of a rivalry game. And that makes this win that much more special. Enjoy watching us in the CFP
Good, keep saying things like this. Remind the team that they haven't proven anything to anyone yet. The goal from here on out is to dominate, not just win.
Exactly. He is a great kicker and that FG is going to boost his confidence.
This was the 1st of their videos that made me literally laugh out loud. Usually I chuckle, but the part where she says " We have the reigning Nat'l champs in this room, we have the team that has been to the CFP 5 of the last 6 yrs in this room.. and we have Florida" Killer stuff that one. Ok.. but back to firing the DC, how about we just demote him to analyst and promote a certain analyst to DC.
Something about that stadium. I'm not one to believe in jinxes but somehow in that stadium, EVERY controversial call goes in their favor. The issue is player safety has overtaken game play as the basis for officials at this time. This isn't a bad thing, but it fails to line up with the logical viewpoint of spectators.
But the key part of your reasoning is LSU lost, if you are going to say that Miss State were not included as they are not seen as contenders, how on earth can you include the team they just exposed. That hypocrisy is even more pronounced when you list out KNOWN flaws for LSU. The flaws listed for LSU meant they were never really contenders. Their inclusion on all preseason lists was based on what happened last season. Miss Sate has a solid defensive base and added offensive weapons and a scheme that makes them more than dangerous for anyone.
Correction to point 2. The last two Heisman winners both were transfers and specifically in Kyler Murrays for playing time AT an SEC school who then went to the exact same school. Using that as a reason against Jalen winning the award is -- just wrong.
It is REALLY early in the season to be complaining about how the Playoffs are ruining CFB. Expanding the Playoffs will *not* make the game as a whole better. It just will not. Let that fact rattle in your mind for a moment. What the expansion will do is feed the media monster. How long before the requests is to drop all bowl games and have a season long playoff system? It never ends.
Last starting QB to beat Clemson is still on the team. Oklahoma's defense would get torched by Mac Jones. The deciding factor in the game is how many stops can the defense make against the Heisman winner and how well the offense can control the clock and tempo of the game.
He made it sound worse to me. 1st shouldn't someone have been able to check this out before the game? 2nd this scenario was playing out in the media for multiple teams so the info was easy to find. 3rd so after the eligibility year was lost, you sat him until a blowout game making clear to him that didn't need/want him.
Being a fan doesn't mean you HAVE to always say and believe the most outlandish crap.
The off field stuff is unwarranted BS in terms of if the TEAM deserves a spot. But you lose by 4 or more scores, you can not seriously think a spot is "deserved" in any sense of the word.
Dear UCF, you will be playing Florida to confirm who is the best in the state. This has been the plan all along. Get used to it. Embrace your hate.
Because of the potential recruiting hit that would follow. Recruiting tends to be more regional and most coaches don't have the network of assistants to transition from one region to another easily. A big name coach that isn't actively looking for a new challenge is never going to be a good fit. The head coach they need is already in-house; Kevin Steele. But the alumni have their hearts set on a name and are going to let him slip away.
Gus sat on a deficit and conceded the momentum anyway. And it shows a lack of confidence in your offense to get any movement. Bama played a poor half by previous standards and were allowed to regroup with the ball in the second half.
Curious, would you give up on college football if Dabo ended up at Bama? I mean he is after all a Bama product.
"Alabama has terrific speed in the return game but poor attention to detail on pretty much all aspects of the kicking game." Good enough, ain't.
The question that decides the vote on this one; are K Murray's numbers more due to the OU system or his talent? Tua's numbers are in stark contrast to what Jalen did with the same program. While Baker Mayfield's season last year might just show that the OU program is built to increase stats.
But seriously, why doesn't Clemson's schedule get questioned the way Bama's did? That team, more than any other, is trading on past season cred. They are a very good squad top to bottom but they are largely untested. The tough game they point out is @TA&M and that was with a QB that has since left the program and was a pylon cam angle of being a loss.
You mean like how putting Fromm in your lineup made him look like he was an unstoppable freshman?
Funny how the excuse about injuries is used as why they lost to Georgia the 2nd time but don't acknowledge Bama's linebackers being decimated for the Iron Bowl. And those injuries kept them from beating UCF I guess..