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Correction to point 2. The last two Heisman winners both were transfers and specifically in Kyler Murrays for playing time AT an SEC school who then went to the exact same school. Using that as a reason against Jalen winning the award is -- just wrong.
It is REALLY early in the season to be complaining about how the Playoffs are ruining CFB. Expanding the Playoffs will *not* make the game as a whole better. It just will not. Let that fact rattle in your mind for a moment. What the expansion will do is feed the media monster. How long before the requests is to drop all bowl games and have a season long playoff system? It never ends.
Last starting QB to beat Clemson is still on the team. Oklahoma's defense would get torched by Mac Jones. The deciding factor in the game is how many stops can the defense make against the Heisman winner and how well the offense can control the clock and tempo of the game.
He made it sound worse to me. 1st shouldn't someone have been able to check this out before the game? 2nd this scenario was playing out in the media for multiple teams so the info was easy to find. 3rd so after the eligibility year was lost, you sat him until a blowout game making clear to him that didn't need/want him.
Being a fan doesn't mean you HAVE to always say and believe the most outlandish crap.
The off field stuff is unwarranted BS in terms of if the TEAM deserves a spot. But you lose by 4 or more scores, you can not seriously think a spot is "deserved" in any sense of the word.
Dear UCF, you will be playing Florida to confirm who is the best in the state. This has been the plan all along. Get used to it. Embrace your hate.
Because of the potential recruiting hit that would follow. Recruiting tends to be more regional and most coaches don't have the network of assistants to transition from one region to another easily. A big name coach that isn't actively looking for a new challenge is never going to be a good fit. The head coach they need is already in-house; Kevin Steele. But the alumni have their hearts set on a name and are going to let him slip away.
Gus sat on a deficit and conceded the momentum anyway. And it shows a lack of confidence in your offense to get any movement. Bama played a poor half by previous standards and were allowed to regroup with the ball in the second half.
Curious, would you give up on college football if Dabo ended up at Bama? I mean he is after all a Bama product.
"Alabama has terrific speed in the return game but poor attention to detail on pretty much all aspects of the kicking game." Good enough, ain't.
The question that decides the vote on this one; are K Murray's numbers more due to the OU system or his talent? Tua's numbers are in stark contrast to what Jalen did with the same program. While Baker Mayfield's season last year might just show that the OU program is built to increase stats.
But seriously, why doesn't Clemson's schedule get questioned the way Bama's did? That team, more than any other, is trading on past season cred. They are a very good squad top to bottom but they are largely untested. The tough game they point out is @TA&M and that was with a QB that has since left the program and was a pylon cam angle of being a loss.
You mean like how putting Fromm in your lineup made him look like he was an unstoppable freshman?
Funny how the excuse about injuries is used as why they lost to Georgia the 2nd time but don't acknowledge Bama's linebackers being decimated for the Iron Bowl. And those injuries kept them from beating UCF I guess..
If you had pointed out picking OSU over Penn State a couple years ago and left Bama out of the conversation, you *might've* had a good point. Face it, being a conference campion can't be the end all be all of the argument since all 5 can't get in. Please leave that argument in the BCS era. All your comment is saying is you are for expanding the Playoffs. Say that instead of trying to delegitimize the committee for making a decision based upon agreed upon metrics. Fyi those metrics: pick the 4 best teams not the best conference champions.
So explain all the uncalled holding penalties that don't get called for Bama. ... If you go back to the phantom block in the back call there was a missed holding call back at the line.
The use of k**k shall henceforth be banned from the Bama side of things. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Because the system favored high scores over quality defense.
Beginning of the season, this was the squad and game that worried me the most. LSU always garners the attention and had a bye week before it to scheme on both sides but Miss State got a good scrimmage game and catches the team coming off an emotional effort. Luckily the game is in B/D without those ****** cowbells!!
Not the same teams - Most famous saying in any locker room before any game -- Anybody can be beat. That said,, It'll be fun watching the LSU crowd file -more like stumble- out quietly trying to figure out what bowl game they'll get in after this loss.
That'll be a bold strategy Cotton(Gary), Let's see if it pays off.
Thankfully reads as the writer views the information from an inside position. Fortunately would have been a more neutral option to use. But we have a few long term injuries to the squad but no one notices because it hasn't seemed to impact how we play.
Exactly right about that 3rd and 2 call. I get not being confident in running up the middle or about pursuit from Josh Allen if you go to the left but that call was bonkers given the game situation.not to mention the play was designed to the boundary so no matter what the clock stops.