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Agreed. But if Oklahoma or Notre Dame wins out, then there will be reasoning behind claims. If Oklahoma wins, UCF would be the only undefeated team. If Notre Dame Wins, UCF can claim they are better by a common opponent. Either way, should have thrown them at #4 and settled it on the field between the undefeated teams.
Please think of more strategic solutions than just "Play a harder schedule."... it's not that simple. Even if had the ability to add (For example) Michigan and Notre Dame on our schedule for out of conference games a few years down the line, if we go undefeated and they are flops - then we're still stuck with a "poor schedule." Alternate solutions are expanding the playoffs or letting the group of 5 have their own playoff if we admit that there's no point in ranking UCF except to add "Toughness" to other teams schedule playing us. The concepts that go into SOS are b.s. anyways, but that's another discussion.
^If they weren't good, they probably wouldn't receive as much hate.
I'm surprised how much space we rent in everybody's minds... That's called successful marketing. Thanks for the content!
I don't think UCF will claim themselves national champions, or even be verified by any matrix if the winner of the National Championship game is also undefeated. However, if UCF beats a common opponent more than the national champion did, then we might have some claims and conflict.... We appreciate the love ya'll have given Milton in his recovery. I'm putting my faith in the Mac Attack at the AAC game. He looked good vs ECU and USF. Memphis in our house shouldn't be a problem. Let's pray for not having double overtime like last year.. that was a heart attack.. Mack Attack > Heart Attack.
UCF will jump LSU after winning the Conference Championship. No doubt about it. Possibly a few others too.
UCF's line was smaller and perceived as talented last year against Aurburn, and look how that turned out. UCF adjusted their play style accordingly. McKenzie Milton will tear up any Defense on any given Saturday. I forgot what a loss feels like, so throw us in the playoff and "teach us a lesson." I'll say what I said to people who doubted us and said "Auburn will blow you guys out." or "Baylor will Destroy you"... Well, we'll see...
I appreciate your logic. We have a potential bowl game vs each other. Good luck - and may the best team win. I think it'll be an exciting game. (Although not likely, I hope we win more than 29 points to have something over Bama again!)
Good point. But imagine if they won, and wasn't the national champion that year? That's what UCF did last year and are on their way to do again.
Alabama in the playoffs seems a little tougher..
2Bits, Jbattle, and WinWolf have some good points.. because it uses logic.
It already has! Why are we ranked so much higher this season with a weaker SOS then last year? All because of your publicity Mr. Bama Time - so again. Thanks. #WeWantBama
If you actually watch UCF and ND games, UCF passes the eye test vs ND. PITT had a consistent play style between those 2 games, but UCF had better strategy on offense.
Very poor written jokes... Thankfully none of these were actually out there on game day despite record number of signs. And the tailgate later in the day? That was one of the wildest tailgates i've been to. Ya'll don't even bump to Mo Bamba.
How can an Idiot ruin a powerhouse? Wouldn't they have to be good or something? Ohh.... I see what you're saying.. You don't want UCF (the idiot) to be too good to ruin a season of another overrated team (Georgia). Got it! SEC Gang Bang only! :)
Nice! Now do you know the origin of why we came up with that nick name?
Do you have trophy's for all your national championships Bama? Didn't think so..
More people care about UCF. Which is why you are all on this article! :)
As you hopefully know, there's a thing in life called inconsistencies. Sometimes a team will perform better or worse than their average. But the one thing that IS consistent is UCF's wins.. Something that Georgia wouldn't know about.
Exactly. That is progression from last season. "Do they deserve a shot? Sure." Do they stand a chance? Depends on who you pick. Vs Alabama? I'm not sure many people stand a chance against them.. Vs Any of the other Top 10? UCF will go toe-to-toe no problem.
You've commented on 13 UCF articles recently - thanks. We appreciate the extra publicity you have generated! Imagine if you actually received a worthless degree from the school & how much more pride you would have for Bama! Keep the hate comin'!