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This was forced by a lot of UCF boosters and supporters in the Legislature. Most specifically, Marc Daniels kept harping on the hypocrisy of it, over and over on radio, after the Florida State Legislature nix'd private UCFAA, Inc.'s $335M naming deal on its privately own stadium with RoofClaim.com. Especially more so because, unlike UCF, FSU's stadium is technical an 'academic building' paid for by the Florida taxpayer long ago. That's why this is happening, pure and simple. Private UCFAA, Inc. boosters are pissed off, and they have a reason to be.
Got you to respond. ;) "Saturday Down South The top news site and community of SEC football fans providing coverage of all 14 teams in the Southeastern Conference, plus UCF"
Unless UCF doesn't get into any CFP by 2025, especially if the CFP stays at 4 teams, I don't see Gus ever leaving UCF. We have to be honest about the fact that if the CFP never expands, and there is a ceiling for every G5, then Gus might leave ... realizing he has no chance at UCF, and he very much does want to the CFP at some point. But Gus is 55 years-old, much like O'Leary when he came in at 57. He wants UCF to be his 'retirement job.' He wants to build a program over a decade-plus. He wants it to be his legacy. And he knows how UCF was both loyal and worships O'Leary (despite all the bad press), especially UCF's Boosters who built him a statue. That's what no one is talking about.
More like Oregon East, as with Frost ... although slightly different. In reality, Gus at UCF will be more like his Tulsa self than Auburn self. And that will serve UCF well in the AAC. Sure, some 'power' football might show up. Gus likes to run first, just like Frost, too. Now if UCF gets into a P5, then the P5 class Florida recruits will come, and it will change again. But the competition will go up. If UCF gets into the Big XII, that could serve it well. If UCF gets into the SEC (very unlikely), it might be good in the East, not so good in the West. If UCF gets in the ACC (even more unlikely, 3 Florida teams?), would it suffer the same fate of Miami? In any case, P5 is still a huge 'if.' And UCF is AAC for now. People forget Tulsa had a lot of success in the years around Gus, and UCF and Tulsa combined, by far, for the most C-USA divisional and conference championships during their years.
Not sure about that. UCF's defense was in shambles by the end of the year -- even for a G5. It started with 8 opt-outs, had another 5-10 insured, and 4 kicked off late. BYU could have made it much, much worse for UCF than they did. UCF lost by virtually as many points in that game, as UCF had in all 4 seasons prior ... combined. Realistic UCF fans are giving Gus a good 1-2 seasons to 'right the ship.' There will be offensive merging and other aspects too. that said ... Yet more 'transfers' familiar with Gus already than 'recruits' could help within 1 season though. But that's being optimistic.
UCFAA, Inc. is very, very loyal to coaches. Don't be shocked when Gus has a losing season, but UCF doesn't let him go. And don't be shocked when Gus retires from UCF. If you think otherwise, you must have started your UCF knowledge with Frost. And that's sad. Considering UCF has been to three (3) NY bowl games with three (3) different coaches.
No, that's the AAC, not UCF alone. But that said ... 1) Better than the Big East The AAC's AP Top 10 finishes were 3x in its first 5 years than the Big East in its last 5. They had more AP Top 25 finishes as well. 2) Better than the PAC-12 Considering the PAC-12 is 1-6 against the AAC in the last 4 season, why are SEC fans *DEFENDING* the rest of the P5? Now add in all the spankings ACC and Big XII teams have had at the hands of the AAC. Also factor in how poorly the same SunBelt teams that beat Big XII teams fared against the AAC during the regular season too. At some point ... Why are SEC fans insulting the AAC, when their own 'Power peers' aren't really 'Power' in comparison?
What is the 2nd one? Surely not the 2014 (Jan) Fiesta Bowl. UCF (12-1 that year, with 2x wins against AP Top 10 teams, including the Big XII Champion) had a parade, not a NC claim. And even the 2017 Claim was more about the Big XII, and really nothing to do with the SEC. The AAC's and UCF's beef is *NOT* with the SEC. The SEC is an actual, Power conference. No one argues that. It's 3 of the 4 others, especially the PAC-12, but even the Big XII and ACC (sans Clemson).
Google Big XII expansion and UCF. You'll get the whole history. It happened. The Big XII formally invited UCF to make a pitch, among others. And then the Big XII insulted UCF after the Peach Bowl, utterly forgetting their Champion never led UCF in the Fiesta Bowl exactly 4 years earlier to the day. Don't talk about things that have already happened and been denied. As even Stoops argued, you do *NOT* want an UCF, much more a Houston, in the Big XII with Florida and, even worse, Texas recruiting competition.
Did you miss *EXACTLY* that? Do you know *WHY* UCF claimed a National Championship in 2017? After Houston and UCF spent 4 years beating every single top Big XII program each time they met up, the Big XII Commish had the balls to say TCU would beat UCF 9 out of 10 times. To that point, all we had was Danny White and the UCF Twitter feed 'taunting' about the National Championship. It wasn't official. Dr. Hitt -- at the time the most powerful man in Academics in Florida was livid, especially when Vegas said UCF would beat TCU 7 out of 10 times. So then ... it became official, the full university, with the governor's mansion in on it too. Blame the Big XII and their arrogance. Especially since K-State and Texas had pulled out when not only UCF spanked their Champion, but Houston did so as well. The SEC is definitely the best conference, no argument. But this 'Power' moniker is a joke. Jokes like the PAC-12, the ACC outside of Clemson, and definitely the Big XII many times when they've made the mistake of actually playing AAC teams.
UCF has offered 5K away game tickets to Florida. The *SAME* as the Swamp would give UCF, 5K away game.
And when did the ACC extend and invite to UCF? Do you really think Florida State and Miami would allow that? Heck, USF (w/the Catholic-7) blocked UCF from joining the Big East until it imploded with the departures of Pitt and WVU (becoming, the now, AAC).
It's not. But Florida only offers 5K away tickets for those who visit the Swamp. UCF can match that as well. But let's put that all aside ... UCF offered an 0-0-1 in JAX. Each side reaping the benefits of their tickets sales. Florida wasn't interested. So ... that's what happened. UCF won't take a 2-1-0 at a $3M fiscal loss (much less a 2-0-1 at the Citrus Bowl like Florida Citrus Sports first pitched to Florida, which would cost UCF $7M total) Florida won't pay at least $2M to UCF for the unreciprocated game in a 2-1-0 or UCF will have fiscal issues (unlike USF who loses money at RayJay, and is willing to accept only $250-375K/away game, and steals money from taxpayers and their general donor funds -- UCFAA, Inc. has dedicated athletic donors and revenue). And the 0-0-1 in JAX is a non-starter.
And yet UCF has played *TWICE* as many P5/BCS programs as Boise State the last quarter century, as well as past decade. No one talks about that. UCF just didn't start winning them regularly until the last decade, whereas Boise had before that. UCF can outspend 1/3rd of P5s. And UCF is huge and only churning out more and more alumni. USF is similarly huge too, unlike FSU. That's why when both UCF and USF were ranked in the AP, that game pulled in serious viewership. And UCF overtook Miami as the #3 fanbase in the state a decade ago, and even Miami had to admit to it by 2015. Miami has had attendance issues for the last 15 years. UCF still has great attendance during losing seasons. It's only when it goes winless than the attendance thins out drastically in the second half of the season. The AAC isn't like other G5s. And UCF isn't even like a typical AAC team either.
UCF can offer 5K away game tickets. Florida does the same at the Swamp. But even then ... UCF *WOULD* do an 0-0-1 with Florida! Danny White was clear about that. But Florida wasn't interested. That's why both the 2-0-1 (first proposed by Florida Citrus Sports) and the 2-1-0 (Florida's AD saying it would play at UCF) never happened. UCF cannot -- fiscally -- afford 2-for-1s. UCF loses $3M per lost home game. But USF can. They will take $250-375K/away game. UCF needs -- fiscally -- almost 10x as much.
No, AAC teams claim that the P5 is a lie, and that it's more like P1.5 (SEC and half of Big 10) + Clemson. Can you honestly argue the PAC-12 -- 1-6 against the AAC, and also a losing record against the MWC -- the last 4 seasons, is better? Even the PAC-12 Claims NCAA 'Major Selectors' for their Football National Championships. Don't believe me? Hit their site! Their last claim is 2008 Utah ... even though they were MWC! For a 4 year period -- 2013-2016 -- the top Big XII teams kept losing to AAC teams like Houston and UCF. That's why K-State and Texas dropped UCF, and Houston was completely marginalized as well -- especially after Stoops et al. were arguing against no longer scheduling Houston. And don't get me started on the ACC. That conference is basically Clemson and no one else. Everyone makes a big deal when Pitt beats UCF by 1 point, but forgets the utter beat down UCF gave Pitt the season before. Pitt couldn't even get 100 yards until UCF had its 3rd team D in. Seriously ... *NO ONE* is saying the AAC is in the same league as the SEC. But what about the ACC without Clemson? The Big XII? And definitely ... the PAC-12? Even the computers show the SoS of at least 1-2 P5 conferences every year as really no better than the AAC's. That says a lot. The AAC isn't like the other G5s. That's why the AAC dominates *all* the other G5s during the regular season. I mean, everyone talked about the Big XII versus the SunBelt. But did everyone look at how the same SunBelt teams fared against the AAC? ;)
USF makes money on away games. It loses money at RayJay. USF has to sell $2M in concessions before they even see a dime on those from RayJay too. UCF makes over $3M per home game.
UCF would immediately expand to 65K if it was given a P5 invite. That has been publicly stated over and over again. UCF actually was looking at expanding to 55K in 2020, before the Pandemic hit. They had a 6,000 season ticket waiting list. Even FSU sold 6,000 less season tickets than UCF the last couple of years. And Miami's home attendance hasn't compared to UCF's in over 15 years.
Ummm ... Florida only offers 5K seats for the away team. UCF can easily offer 5K seats for the away team by taking 2K from the students. It offers 3K as standard, and most away teams don't buy them all, so UCF fills them after they are returned. For Florida, UCF would *match* 5K away tickets. USF is just stupid enough to give Florida 10K away tickets *AND* accept only $250-375K/away game. No one does that. Most P5s pay $800K - 1.2M for many lowly G5s. UCF would need at least $2M/away game, which is why most P5s don't bother unless they need a game last second. UCF loses $3M per home game lost.
No, UCF and UF AD's agreed neither of them would budge on the terms. UCF loses $3M on each, lost home game. In the AAC, where the TV money is only $8-10M/season, home game revenue is far more than TV, *unlike* in the SEC, or even any P5. But remember ... neither UCF nor UF started the conversations. The conversations were started by Florida Citrus Sports -- the Citrus Bowl. They were pushing a 2-0-1 where UCF would lose over $7M. UCF cannot do that. To UF's credit, they came back and said they weren't against playing at BHNS**, instead of the Citrus Bowl. That was clarified recently. UCF literally needs $2M+/away game that is not reciprocated. **Now the Bounce House, after the shortly-lived RoofClaim.COM Stadium $35M naming deal w/UCFAA, Inc. was stopped by Florida Legislature -- despite RoofClaim.COM still sponsoring other schools, and FAU's Bowl in Florida too.
USF loses money on games at RayJay, and has to sell $2M in concessions before they see a dime. USF is also willing to accept $250-375K an away game, becuase they lose money at RayJay. UCF makes over $3M per home game at BHNS, so any P5 would have to pay them at least $2M for any away game that is not reciprocated.
The problem always is ... there's now guarantee that whomever UCF schedules won't suck. Heck, the 2 times UCF played Florida, Florida was good and UCF was in the utter toilet (losing seasons). UCF scheduled UNC when they were Top 25 and divisional champs. UCF scheduled Stanford when they were Top 10 and PAC-12 champs. It doesn't always line-up well.
I didn't read it that way. I read it as our new UCF AD agreeing that Tennessee really sucks right now, and the sanctions are smarting, so they probably don't want to play UCF. But that said ... Danny White can still negotiate a series with UCF for Tennessee in ... say ... 3-4 years. UCF, like Boise, Houston, Cincy and others, have lots of openings. Lots of P5s have pulled out of their schedules too.
If UCF was in the SEC, it wouldn't have trouble recruiting 5-stars in Florida. Don't forget that. Can't have it both ways ... "Stay at the kiddie table! Oh, you don't beat anyone!" Because ... How many SEC fans, or even most P5 fans, know UCF won a BCS game against a fully healthy Big XII Champion? The team everyone thought would be in the BCS title game, until they had 3 injuries late, all back for UCF? I'd argue only 1 out of 10. Most thought UCF's first and highest win was Auburn. So ... after no one spoke of UCF in 2013, and with everyone else having at least 1 loss ... UCF gave itself free marketing. As even Kirby Smart of UGA said, he might do that too if he was UCF. That's why UCF beating P5s don't matter any more. There's always excuses. Everyone makes excuses in the P5. The AAC can have a higher SoS than the ACC, PAC-12 or even Big-12 in a given year, or even 2, but the P5s will make excuses. It's not the P5. It's the P1.5+Clemson -- SEC + half the Big 10 + Clemson. There's no such thing as P5 any more. So ... let's just stop with the excuses, and admit that UCF has played a lot of P5, and BCS AQs before that, twice as many as Boise State. The big difference was UCF didn't start winning them until the late '00s, and not beating ranked P5 teams until 2013. That's the main difference with Boise. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who UCF plays and beats. Just like Boise too.
Why? He's just doing to Danny White at Tennessee what Danny White did to P5s when he was at UCF.
That's been the case with any unranked or 'only receiving votes' P5 for UCF since after 2013. No one cares when UCF beats any P5. It's expected. And if UCF doesn't win by 2+ touchdowns, lots of excuses fly.
Yet UCF didn't claim one in 2013, and played far more AP Top 10 teams. But yes, it does have parades at Disney every time it wins a NY Bowl game and finished AP Top 10.
That's what ACC, Big XII and -- definitely -- the PAC-12 (which is 1-6 against the AAC the last 4 seasons) say as well. And then, they lose ... often by 3+ touchdowns, especially if they aren't ranked (just receiving votes). UCF beat 2x AP Top 10 teams in 2013. Auburn is *NOT* the highest ranked team UCF has beaten.
Actually, other than the #8 Louisville and #5/6 Baylor wins in 2013 -- let alone UCF losing by 3 points to final AP#4 Carolina -- every UCF win against a P5 since is always considered either "a given" or "they weren't motivated." So ... at this point ... no P5 wants to play UCF, and every win by UCF against a P5 is downplays. Especially since UCF has played 2x as many P5s than Boise State that last quarter century, or even the past decade.