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Also remember that, even with the new media deal (where the AAC is getting 3x as much TV money as all the other G5 conferences ... combined), UCF still makes 3x as much money on home games than broadcasted road games. That's just the fiscal reality UCF's AD has to deal with. Anything less is irresponsible, finance-wise. UCF's bond on its stadium also requires 6 home games a year, which really keeps it from taking 2-for-1s altogether, contractually, beyond the fiscal realities. People literally don't realize that, it's a contractual obligation. But all other ADs do. UCF's program makes over $40M revenue, before TV is even considered. That's more than a number of P5s without their TV contracts -- many not having the TV ratings of UCF -- even before the last few years. People always forget 2010-2014, especially when UCF beat 2x top 10 teams, one ranked higher than Auburn, and only lost to a 3rd (the final AP #4 team). That's why just this decade alone -- let alone the sheer number of alumni boosters in their prime income earning years that will exist in another generation -- UCF is literally saying, "Oh, yeah, we're that 'small school' when half of the P5 cannot even draw like us, or deserve the money they get ... and haven't won jack for decades." Sorry, but truth. Keep making fun of UCF. It's just going to come back and bite people. It's not some small or remote school. It's not the commuter school it was in the 20th century. It's huge ... And travels twice as good twice as far as a lot of SEC teams.
@It Wasn't Me -- Obviously you don't read UCF media. The first thing UCF fans questioned is whether Winbush could outcompete not just Freshman #8, but 2 other incoming QBs ... Including the QB from Hawaii that broke all of Tua's records. You might try reading UCF media instead of assuming Winbush is their automatic QB. UCF fans have been very, very down on Winbush since the transfer was announced. But QB was getting thin at the position, so they took him.
UCF's AD continues to offer 0-0-1 on a neutral field to UF AD, as long as the ticket sales drive revenue, and it's not UF walking away with all the money. But just like Auburn and LSU before it, unless it's the Natty, UCF fans show up in droves, better than most SEC fanbases. That's why UF's AD won't take anything ... And why UF's AD is going to offer what UCF's is going to reject. No one likes to be 'outsold' by UCF, especially not right now, with UCF's TV ratings and 'Hey, why are we getting 1/5th the money we have earned this entire decade in TV ratings and 3 NY bowls?' Just the reality. UF's AD cannot let it happen.
UCF loses $2-3M when it loses a home game. Florida offered UCF 2-0-1, which means 0 home games and a loss of revenue of over $5M. UCF makes $20M from its home games in its $63M budget ($41M revenue, donations + $22M athletic frees). The Citrus Bowl charges UCF to play downtown, and always screws over UCF, by giving UCF's take to its P5 opponent. When UCF gets only $2-3M/year in TV (although that's moving to $10M soon), home games are everything. Unless the neutral site shares, which Florida would not do. So that's why Florida turned down UCF, not vice versa. BTW, did you see USF's deals with Florida and Louisville? No one takes those, not Boise and not SDSU. UCF announced home-home with Louisville right after USF did a 2-for-1 where they pay Louisville, just like Florida. USF gets less than half of what Florida and Louisville pay FCS teams.
Beaten more top 10 teams (3) this decade than the supermajority of P5 programs. Just be happy you pulled out that 3 point win in 2013, so UCF didn't go undefeated that year too - - with 3 wins over top 10 teams.
3 seasons in the Top 10 out of the last 6 You're forgetting 2013, where UCF beat 2 teams in the Top 10 and lost to a 3rd (the final AP#4) by only 3 points. UCF's TV ratings this entire decade have been solid. And UCF has now had 2 recruiting classes that finally best its prior, best, 2-year stretch, 2010-2011. UCF's huge alumni base is only growing, and the AAF is 3-1 in NY bowls the last 6 years. The exposure is there, which is why the new AAC TV deal is 4x bigger than prior. And more than the Big East ever had.
UCF engineering not only hosts Florida for a reason, but has been kicking Florida butt for 30+byears in ACM and IEEE events. That's why my UCF engineering degree has been more valuable than one from Florida in everything from aerospace to financial services. Heck, even NASA was pointing this out recently! Gator arrogance, hoping that pry on assumption.
Obviously you haven't looked at UCF's rosters, both football and basketball. And that's recruiting with a G5 tag. Imagine UCF with a P5 tag for recruiting... in Florida.
UCF was on its 3rd string RB, its 4th string RB was a converted WR, and was down half its O-line, plus several defensive starters, for the Peach Bowl last year. UCF has more people out than Auburn. Now yes, LSU had far more people out than UCF (only 3 this year) for the Fiesta Bowl, no argument. But it's only the P5s that get to make excuses, right?
Heck, UCF is recruiting almost as good as Vandy right now ... and Vandy isn't in central Florida.
The last time Florida was relevant ... Clemson had broken the final AP Top 20 once ... in 2000.
2 Years? Are you forgetting 2013? Oh, that's right, you want to ... because Florida was in the dumpster! Sigh ... Florida fans just keep playing 'wag the dog' games. All the meanwhile, they've accomplished less than UCF since 2010.
You mean UCF wouldn't recruit much better with the SEC tag, let alone with +$40M/year for facilities?!?!?!
No, that was TCU and Utah. They sent anti-trust letters. Also, this isn't UCFAA, Inc. It's just individual UCF fans.
Just like SEC fans make excuses for Auburn last year, even though UCF was on its 3rd string RB (and a converted WR as 4th string), had half of its O-line missing, and were down a few defensive players, against Auburn. Everyone likes to point to 2015 for UCF, but not 2013 or 2010 for Florida. They don't like to remember UCF has not just 1, but 2 NY bowl wins, and only 9 other P5s have been to at least 3 NY bowl games in the past 6 seasons. UCF would have been forgot without the NC declaration after the Peach Bowl last year, just like it was after the 2014 Fiesta too. It's just how it is. And as far as UCF not being able to compete if it was in the SEC ... UCF would have the SEC tag for recruiting ... in Florida. At some point this apples to oranges gets old. But as the Miami Herald and Miami fans point out well ... UCF is the most hated team now, and that's not a bad thing. They've seen this before.
How'd that work for Boise? And people wonder why Boise is supporting UCF now, like SDSU too? Especially since UCF has beaten more P5s this century than Boise, and more AP Top 10 teams (3) this decade than any other G5 (and many P5s). Understand a lot of G5s are upset about the "Florida narrative" which is a joke. Florida, not UCF, started that as a 'wag the dog' on Florida getting grilled about dodging UCF in the Peach or Fiesta. Florida paying USF 40% of what it pays a FCS team, and causing USF to lose $2M in revenue, is the problem. And Florida purposely started -- in the media (not with UCF, which UCF then did directly) expecting UCF to take the same 2-0-1 (2 at the Swap, 0 at UCF, 1 at the Citrus Bowl) and lose $5-7M in revenue, is an even worse deal for UCF ... or a Boise or SDSU for that matter too. If Florida wouldn't have blamed UCF, then this would have started. But now UCF fans are taking this seriously. UCF has 2 NY bowl wins out of 3 attempts in 6 seasons, and UCF isn't going anywhere. BTW, I was talking with a Fiesta Bowl rep and they were not surprised UCF fans completely filled the east side, and showed up over LSU 2-to-1. They just aren't 'in control' of things any more. Which is where UCF is coming from ... travels better and has better TV ratings than a lot of P5s. And not just in 2018, but for most of the decade. Everyone forgets that because of the 2015 season, and the rebuilding in the 2016 season, but this is really Florida's first, good season this decade. In fact, I still don't understand how Florida finished in the top 10 in 2012, after losing to #22 Louisville by 10 points.
No. But they attributed 95% of what UCF didn't say to UCF and its fans. UCF's AD repeatedly stated Alabama was *THE* NC, and UCF was only claiming "A" NC given the circumstances of 2017. UCF held a parade in 2014 and would have in 2019 if it beat LSU as well, but neither would be a NC parade. They are put on by Disney with no cost to UCF or taxpayers as part of their nominal, daily parade.
And 95% of this has been invented by the media on all sides, not UCF or SEC fans. Danny White came out and tried to downplay the "Another NC if UCF beats LSU" BS, not only pointing out that 2018 circumstances were different than 2017 (AAC had 3 teams ranked, and higher than PAC-12, no other undefeated teams, etc...), and doubled-down after the 29th saying there were 2 undefeated teams in the CFP Final. But the media kept asking Coach O and SEC programs and fans about stopping UCF from claiming another NC. Even Coach Heupel was rolling his eyes. Furthermore, UCF's arguments aren't with the SEC, but the PAC-12, Big XII and, definitely this year, the very weak ACC -- especially in the S&P+ and it's SOS, which doesn't use off-the-field high school recruiting rankings like the ESPN FPI (which utterly skewed 7-5 Miami as better than 12-0 UCF). But people have turned it into UCF v. Alabama, AAC (G5) v. SEC. Why? Because a lot of non-SEC P5 fans, especially from crap programs who don't even get 1/3rd of UCF's fans or TV Ratings, like to compare UCF to Alabama, and the AAC to SEC, instead of their own team and conference. A lot of anti-UCF people are living thru Alabama and the SEC. And now LSU handily beat UCF, so it's all coming out and spilling over. Again, nothing will take away the fact that UCF has 2 seasons, 2013 and 2017, where it beat AP #5-7 ranked teams and itself finished in the AP Top 10. Haters gonna hate. Real teams and their fans who have 'been there' recognize UCF is punching well above its weight. The argument about SEC schedule gets old, because if UCF was in the SEC, it would be a team, in Florida, recruiting with the SEC badge too. So it goes both ways. The media loves to play it up, even if only 5% is what UCF is actually saying.
The Top G5 Champion should have the right to get their butts kicked if that's going to happen -- but it actually happens on-the-field, in an actual playoff. That's what a lot of people not only want, but ... 8 teams (6 Champs + 2 Wildcards) solves the whole P5 Champion access w/teams like Georgia in too. I've never seen this 'best teams' argument every used.
How would UCF do with 15x as much TV revenue and the SEC recruiting tag, especially being in the hotbed of central Florida? That's the thing, credit UCF for putting 20+ active players in the NFL and doing what it can given its severe recruiting and financial disadvantages. Most UCF fans know they were handily beaten by LSU. And no UCF fan was going to claim a NC with both CFP Finalists being undefeated. Even UCF's AD pointed that out before the Fiesta Bowl. The whole 2017 circumstances were just a rare event for UCF. 2018 was much different, even before the Fiesta Bowl loss.
That comment sticks both ways, and a lot is thrown at UCF too
Next man up, don't make excuses. LSU won the game, and while UCF should be commended for keeping it close, LSU dominated at least 3 of 4 quarters and was the more compete team. 30 year UCF fan myself. UCF has accomplished a lot this decade, abs no one can take that away from us. So don't put asterisks on LSU's win.
Just like Gators don't. You guys love to point to 2015, but forget 2013 and other years. Yes, congratulations, Florida is the best team in Florida this year. And congratulations, Florida will finish in the AP Top 10 for the second time this decade. UCF has as well, after 2013 and 2017 as well. Don't cut UCF short considering if IacF was in a P5, it would get that tag in recruiting too. Also, UCF outnumbered LSU fans 2:1 and continues to travel better than a lot more f teams, with the TV ratings to show for it all decade. So maybe, just maybe, it also has to do with the sheer number of UCF fans out there. ESPN is currently amid contract re-negotiations with the AAC and trying to downplay it for bargaining position purposes. But UCF's fanbase is only growing.
The thing is... everyone would just like a way for it to be settled on-the-field. No more 'what ifs?' but on-the-field. Only 9 P5 programs, plus UCF, have been in at least 3 NY bowls in the past 6 seasons. It would be nice for all 6 Champions (5xP5 + Top G5) + 2 Wildcards (Alabama, Ohio State last year, Georgia and Norte Dame this year) to decide it on-the-field. And ESPN can make even more money.
Or the Big XII Champion before that UCF still has 2 NY bowl wins, and a 3 out of its last 6 record against AP Top 11 teams. Nothing to sneeze at. #11 LSU did what a #5/6 and a #6/7 couldn't before, and with less players too. People always talk about Auburns "motivation," but ignore UCF was down 2x O-linemen, 2x RBs (yes, Killins was 3rd string last year, Anderson a converted WR as 4th) and 2x D starters last year, against Auburn. Great teams find ways to win, and LSU was the much greater team this year.
I'm an UCF fan and saying... don't go there. Don't take anything away from what LSU did. They won and won handily. I seriously doubt you're an UCF fan pulling this.
Nice to see a Gator saying such. Now if UCF could only get a deal better than USF's (that costs UCF $5-7M in revenue). UCF offered a neutral site where revenue would be based on ticket sales of each team. I know ESPN didn't mention it, but it was 2:1 UCF fans over LSU at the Fiesta Bowl. LSU fans were genuinely impressed by the UCF showing.