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It's freak'n hard to go undefeated, in any conference. And in the SEC, it's the most difficult, by a wide margin. Even against an unranked SEC team (okay, maybe not Arkansas)
UCF fan here... hold my beer (our whinny, newer fans are pulling the same on Heupel now, ignoring Frost's first year and his decisions to start the 'inexperienced QB')
Ummm... One of UCF's biggest selling points to a P5 are its academics.
The Orlando media since 2010 is why Gators hate UCF. UCF has fewer arrests in a decade than Florida has in a year. Unlike FSU, the Gators share a major media market with UCF, and haven't been #1 in it this decade. Mullen brought up the old Citrus Bowl 1-0-1 offer, which is called a '2-1 like USF' (so now 2-0-1), as a distraction. It didnt work for the local media, but it did for the national. Since UCF's and UF's ADs are family, that limited the public retorts.
The ACC and PAC-12 are not Power Conferences. Their SOS sucks and they both have losing records to both the AAC and MWC.
Florida fans have hated UCF since UCF finished Top 25 after 2010, and definitely when UCF finished Top 10 after beating 2x Top 10 teams in 2013. Unlike FSU, the main Gator media is Orlando, so the Orlando media put the screws to Meyer and others to stop having more arrests in a single year than UCF has in a decade - - especially since UCF kicks off anyone with a DUI arrest, don't even have to be charged, just arrested. And has only gotten worse as Mullen, like his predecesors. The Orlando media has become unrelenting, and the Gainesville media has joined them. Especially after the 2013 post Penn State interview where the Gainesville Sun reporter asked about the player who was arrested for a DUI. Everyone laughed and he didn't understand why. Another reporter had to tell him that O'Leary kicked him off the team a hour after he was released without charges, a full 2 days before the flight, along with, "Welcome to UCF football." That's why Gators hate UCF most, and why any time the arrests come up, the new destraction is to bring up the old Citrus Bowl offer of 1-0-1 (1 Swamp, 0 Bounce House, 1 Citrus Bowl) offer that Mullen has now morphed into a 2-0-1 'like USF.' The Orlando media saw right through it and continued to grill Mullen, but the National Media are it up. Both UCF and UF's ADs immediately got headaches, because they are family. In any case, UCF is now on QB#4 in 5 games, and he's non-mobile, forcing the offense to be changed. UCF still had a prolific offense, but it has execution issues in the redzone and the freshman has been turnover prone. Just like Milton was in 2016 too, although UCF will finish 9-3 this year. Florida has a great defense, and now that Franks is out, looks like a Top 5 team. Best of luck. Including with the Orlando media. :)
UCF is officially in an offensive rebuilding year as its had to scrap its playbook in only 5 games with 4 dollars ffetent, starting QBs going to USF last year. After losing 3 mobile QBs on Milton (injury), Mack (injury) and Winbush (ineffective, he took himself out after 1 game, is officially a WR), Heupel was left with the same situation Frost was in '16... change the offense around a true Freshman -- the QB#3 (#4 is you include Milton) out if camp -- and let him, and the O-line (which is beefy and experienced) he hasn't meshed with well -- struggle for the future. UCF was in the redzone 6 times against Cincy and came away with only 1 TD. Cincy glcame up with 2 picks in those redzone trips, plus 2 others. This was exactly like Milton in the first half of 2016, and even Mack had more fumbles and struggles in his first starts too. UCF has the talent on both sides of the ball to be the Top G5 program, but turnovers -- like the 2 to start versus Pitt (plus the blocked punt / kick 6) -- will beat the best programs. That's why UCF didn't have 40+ on Cincy, despite all those drives and redzone trips. It also helps that Cincy was a top 15 redzone D going into the game. Everyone is going to hate in UCF now, and that's fine. The timing was horrible for UCF, because major sports media analysts were singing UCF's praises when after being up on Stanford 38-7 at half-time, and blanking virtually all others in the first half as well. But UCF fans knew the second Mack was out, and Winbush was a dud that couldn't throw, that the offense would completely change with a non-mobile QB for the first time since Frost was confronted with losing all QB experience in 2016 as well. Heupel made the right call to not only go with the overlooked true Freshman (who committed to Army early, before offers from Georgia and USC) that broke the HS records of Tua, Marriota and Milton, but Milton himself has been the one pushing for Gabriel since before Heupel even recruited him. UCF will be just fine and will likely finish 9-3 with a loss to either Temple or Tulane. The AAC is the SEC of the G5, better than the Big East it was renamed from (sold the name to the Catholic-7, will retaining all records, sans basketball), as ESPN FPI shows. That's why the AAC has winning records against the ACC and PAC-12 (6-1 v. PAC-12 since 2017). Sure, some UCF fans are calling for Heupel's head and Gabriel to be benched now that Mack is back to almost 100%. But those same people did that with Frost and Milton in 2016,to the point that Milton almost transfered out, sans for Frost who dealt with the same at Nebraska his first year starting too. UCF is not going away, and if UCF should ever get a P5 invite... recruiting in Florida will really get a boost. But go ahead and hate in the little guy, especially since the PAC-12 counts the same NCAA 'Major Selectors' and UCF does. That's why the 'Power' moniker outside the SEC is a joke, especially as AAC and MWC teams continue to have winning records against ACC and PAC-12 teams.
Isn't that most of the P5 outside of the SEC these days? Everyone likes to compare UCF to Alabama or Clemson, or the AAC to the SEC ... but, purposely leave off the ACC, or the PAC-12 for that matter. We're at the point that the AAC has winning records against the ACC, and is 6-1 against the PAC-12 since 2017 for a reason. In any given year, 1-2 P5 conferences suck. So while it's laughable that UCF is Alabama or even a top 3 SEC team, and UCF is probably not Clemson, UCF could easily be a #2 team, or maybe even #1 team, in a P5 conference. UCF isn't just winning, it's dominating. 38-7 in the first half against Stanford, before UCF rotated in a lot of backups. The second UCF put starters back for its first, 4th quarter drive, UCF scored again, and quickly. The same happened against ACC Coastal Champion Pitt last year, no offensive TDs until the 4th quarter when UCF's 3rd team defense was in. They also didn't have even 100 yards rushing before then, and passing was even half their rush. Sure, many would argue that the top 3 SEC would easily dominate most of UCF's schedule. But the top 3 SEC would easily dominate 70% of the 'Power 5' schedules out there outside the SEC. UCF is doing what it can where it can. After all, UCF scheduled Stanford when they were AP Top 10, and Stanford still has the best record of anyone in the PAC-12 this entire decade. UCF can't guarantee a P5 is good when they play them. And they only get to schedule 2x P5s/year. Heck, Texas dropped a game v. UCF in Texas less than 2 years ago. Even away games are difficult for UCF, and UCF is offering neutral-only fields, like a kick-off game, and is getting no takers.
That you for recognizing that, especially since the AAC (and MWC) have winning records against the ACC, let alone PAC-12. No one is saying UCF is Alabama, or the AAC is the SEC. But this 'Power' BS is getting old when it comes to the ACC, PAC-12 and even Big XII (pre-2018, they didn't look as good).
And UCF destroyed Pitt last year, while Notre Dame struggled with Pitt. Pitt had less than 100 yards rushing, far less passing, and no offensive TDs until UCF's 3rd team D was in the 4th quarter. Even Pitt's HC commented on that, while ESPN talking heads were saying since Notre Dame beat the ACC Coastal Champion (Pitt), they deserved to be in. This is the hypocritical 'Power' world UCF lives in. Heck, even the PAC-12 claims Utah 2008 as a a NC with tg. Same logic as UCF 2017. Hypocrisy. No one is saying the AAC is the SEC, or UCF is Alabama. But people are now saying UCF has to scheduke Clemson as wins against Pitt don't count. And if Stanford goes 7-1 or 6-2 in conference, they'll excuse it, even though UCF's Davis was schooling Stanford's Abode who hadn't allowed a TD since week 9 last year. And if UCF destroys Pitt after Penn State 'squeaked by,' yet more excuses will be made. At some point, it's just total hypocrisy.
How can UCF join a real conference? ESPN isn't giving money like they used to. Stop saying something UCF has no control over! Also, unlike USF, UCF isn't wasting taxpayer money and paid for its own stadium, unlike FSU. It would be fiscally *deadly* for UCF to sign 2-0-1 deals and go down to 4-5 home games. This isn't the '90s any more when UCF spent only $1M on football, FSU used to waste taxpayer dollars, and ADs didn't gey fired for scheduling FSU 6 times and losing most of them, like LSU did. Stop barking 20th century suggestions that don't exist. Even Howard was complaining on Gameday for Stanford stupidly scheduling UCF, even if Stanford did I when the were Top 10. Ironically Howard was praising UCF last year for scheduling Stanford. The AAC has winning records against the ACC and 6-1 against the PAC-12 since 2017. What can UCF do when people like yourself are so oblivious?
UCF stopped doing 3-0-0 types with the SEC in the '90s. UCF dropped Florida to schedule Texas in a 2-1-0. Florida is still trying to say they offered a 2-1-0 when it was the Citrus Bowl that offered Florida to ask UCF fkr a 2-0-1. They would screw UCF financially too. The Citrus Bowl started the Alabama - UCF rumor to replace Louisville too. They start crap regularly, and love screwing UCF. This includes the 2-2-0 with Miami, and Citrus tried to make it 2-0-2. Meanehile, UCF offered Florida a 0-0-1, and Florida turned it down.
Indeed. It really should be 8 team. But that still won't be for many years. All the Boise and UCF fans want is a chance to prove themselves on-the-field. Frankly, I think the Big XII is going to implode, and half the league left our of re-aligment. So only 4 'Power' conferences will remain, for 4 spots. And that's how it will end.
The AAC and MWC are way ahead of C-USA, MAC and SunBelt who get destroyed in major bowls. Since 2013 (AAC's rename from the Big East, final tear of BCS), UCF (AAC) is 2-1 (1-0 BCS, 1-1 CFP), Houston (AAC) 1-0, Boise (MWC) 1-0 and WMU (MAC) 0-1 in NY bowls. The regular season records of the AAC and MWC versus the rest of the G5 is better than some Power Conferences too. The AAC's biggest problem is in the bowl season where coach staffs get raided by top Power programs. That's why AAC programs tend to stumble during bowl season as staffs are changed out. Although teans like UCF, Memphis and Houston are now paying up to $4M for head coaches, and total coaching budgets are over $5M and higher than 1/3rd of P5s (e.g., UCF outbid Syracuse for Frost), the assistant pay is still lower than the top 1/3rd of the P5.
UCF is the *only* NCAA FBS program that has *winning* records in *all* sports the last 2 years. Heck, UCF was 1 point away from making the Sweet 16 last year.
The AAC is 6-1 against the PAC-12 since 2017, and has a winning record against the ACC too. No one is saying the AAC is the SEC, but isn't it about time people start realizing the AAC is on-par with 'Power' conferences like the ACC and PAC-12? Why isn't Clemson more criticized for its schedule?
Cue the Corey Hart... I wear my cupcakes at night...
UCF fans surely feel a lot better now about the rest of the state
Gray is listed as LT#2 behind Jackson, for now. Jackson played LT in a number of games his Freshman year. But as Gray does well rotating in, this will let Jackson return to the other side of the line, where he played last year. UCF had the #7 beefiest O-line of the AP Top 25 last year. But even without Gray, the O-line, coming out of camp, is rumored to be UCF's best ever, even better than the punishing, beefy group of 2012-2014. No one remembers Urban Myer's warnings before the 2012 match up where UCF controlled the lines, and Braxton Miller scrambling was the difference (Bortles' late picks didn't help). It's also why Baylor getting the 2013 BCS game as Big XII champions was the worst thing as UCF towered over them in every single position, and never trailed as a result. The problem? ND grad transfer Wimbush is not a good passer, and not having time with even a great O-line can negative their effectiveness. If RS Sophomore Mack cannot recover from his pickup basketball game (broken ankle) fast enough, we may see UCF burn the redshirt of true Freshman Gabriel... this kid that broke Tia's state records. This could be a semi-rebuilding year for UCF, especially if Cincinnati, at home, takes down UCF.
Could try the wave. I mean, when some other teams are dominating a ranked team 35-6 in the 4th quarter, sometimes they break out in a wave. QUOTE: _'As Spectrum Stadium waited for a review on a fourth quarter fumble that would eventually go UCF’s way, the crowd full of Knights fans did something really lame. Something you’re never supposed to do at a sporting event. They broke out the wave. Nobody really knows why the wave stinks, but it’s universally agreed upon that the wave should stop being attempted at large gatherings of people. Yet, without fail, Spectrum Stadium had one going. Kirk Herbstreit, a popular punching bag for the UCF faithful, incredulously said on broadcast “The wave? I haven’t seen that in…10 years?” He sounded amused because here was this annoying fanbase that’s always in his Twitter mentions screaming about the Playoff doing the wave while they dominate a good Cincinnati team. The wave is annoying. UCF fans are annoying. It’s just so fitting isn’t it?'_
Yeah, especially on Homecoming. Oh wait ... that didn't out so well for Alabama on Homecoming 2000, did it? ;)
SDS has been an excellent, supplemental source of news for UCF fans these last few years. But that's a smart move, considering UCF's TV numbers this entire decade, market-wise. ;)
People differ on polls and rankings, so they will continue. I mean, ESPN FPI uses recruiting stars as a major metric, which explains why crappy, sub-0.500 ACC teams are ranked higher than the top G5 teams, even when the ACC isn't exactly a "Power" conference any more, other than Clemson. And should we visit the PAC-12 who's last "National Championship" claim is 2008 Utah -- not even a BCS team at the time (and Utah 2008 via the same metric as UCF's 2017)?
How about 6 of Alabama's 17? Only 11 were consensus, and even fewer were unanimous (not even 2017 was)? BTW, I'll give the Gators credithere, they only claim actual, consensus national championships. But it's kinda hypocritical for SEC fans to get upset with UCF, when there are so many SEC teams that are claiming NCs that have far less merit than UCF's. Also keep in mind that Auburn was *not* UCF's biggest win, not even a NY Bowl game either. In fact, if UCF was in the PAC-12, the PAC-12 would claim a NC via UCF for not only 2017, but also 2013. HINT: If not for 11 points, UCF would be totally undefeated not only in 2018 (8 points), but 2013 as well. I.e., 3 points to the final AP#4 team, while UCF beat 2 other AP Top 10s that year.
QUOTE: "17. College teams that play in NFL stadiums What makes the college game so great is atmosphere and tradition, which is tough to come by in a half-empty stadium with Tampa Bay Bucs signs everywhere. Sorry USF." UCF Nation thanks SDS for saying it yet one more time
NashvilleGator ... this is not the '90s or '00s anymore. UCF has played 2x as many P5 programs than Boise State on-the-road and in 2-for-1s this century. Right now UCF needs funds. Besides, FSU got the Florida taxpayers to build their stadium. And FSU stopped traveling once they started finishing in the top 10. UCF did the same. Seriously ... UCF did everything you stated, and you're ignoring it. UCF cannot be responsible for gross P5 ignorance. Especially saying if UCF was in the Big XII that it would suck. UCF beat the Big XII Champion the last time UCF played a Big XII team! UCF also has better TV ratings than all but Oklahoma and Texas in the Big XII. Kinda getting old, the level of ignorance.
Why not an 0-0-1 on an Neutral Field then like JAX? Danny White offered it, but Strickland turned it down. Why? You seen UCF's traveling numbers? Strickland did *not* like that deal. No, Strickland wanted the Citrus Sports deal of 2-0-1 where Florida gets all the proceeds from the Orlando game, after the bowl got their share, and UCF paid to play. That's just the reality. Until then, UCF has scheduled 2x as many P5 programs as Boise State this century. People don't want to believe it, but it's true.