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Yes, we keep blowing 21+ point leads. We'll beat P5 teams, but blow the game in the 4th quarter.
Correction, it was 2017-Dec-03 (2017-2018 season) and 2018-Nov-29 (2018-2019 season). And yes, UCF neat Auburn in the prior 2009 meeting as well.
And Alabama's. UCF Men's BB swept Alabama in the recent series, including when Alabama was ranked Top 25.
Says the Alabama fan who's program was swept by UCF, both at Alabama and UCF, in the 2018-2019 series, including when Alabama was ranked top 25. ;)
The UCF Twitter Mafia is supposed to fulfill a purpose, to correct assumptions, oversights and just flat-out falsehoods when it comes to UCF Football. But lately enough of them been beyond arrogant themselves, and utterly undermining their purpose. While I would strongly argue not one of them has ever worked at the Cape or anywhere else in the Aerospace-Defense industry**, they're still doing it. Sigh ... I know guys at Stennis, and Redstone, and other places. Just pisses me off to see any UCF fans pull this. Every UCF fan should be celebrating the Flying M logo. Although I do note several of these Twitter posters were doing that. At most in those cases, they were just pointing out Phil Knight's money at UCF has now caused some programs to consider space uniforms or, in the case of Miss St, finally bring back a throw-back that has long been requested. In any case, with the AAC continuing to prove itself far better than the post-2003 Big East ever was, and UCF Football with 17-19 players out (7-9 starters or 2nd string rotating in, plus 10 opt outs before the season startred) and now 2-2, the UCF Twitter Mafia really needs to show some restraint on Twitter. **NOTE: Yes, UCF (fka FTU prior to '78) is the #1 provider of the grads 4 years straight to the industry, per Aviation Week, and in the Top 5 among preferred grads. But it does not hold a monopoly, far from it, and many universities pre-date UCF's involvement, especially the Moon Shot, even if UCF's (then, FTU's) creation was the original space grant tied to Apollo.
Big thumbs up from an UCF College of Engineering graduate fan and former NASA/USSF contractor who had worked with the guys at Stennis et al. (like Redstone et al. in Huntsville too). Lov'n the flying M!
Frost got Phil to commit millions to UCF, selling UCF as an even younger Oregon East... with more marketable fans (East Coast bias and all). That's why UCF had more uniform options in 2016 than all other years combined, and it continues. Florida, being a fellow Nike school like Purdue, is also fully entitled to leverage the same 'space' designs.
All FTU/UCF College of Engineering grads at the Cape et al. are very aware of Stennis et al. These are a tiny minority of the UCF Twitter Mafia a lot of us active and veteran NASA/USSF engineers that graduated from FTU/UCF wish would STFU. They pulled this same crap with Purdue last year, let alone Purdue is a fellow Nike school.
In all honesty, given Florida also has a heavy number of grads at the Cape too, and is a fellow Nike school, they are fully entitled to leverage the same team at Nike UCF did, just as Perdue, also a fellow Nike school, asked. Credit Scott Frost for all of this, per CBS in 2016... QUOTE: _'"Any conversation with the University of Central Florida's rookie coach inevitably turns to Nike. It has to. Shortly after UCF was the fortunate recipient of Oregon's most valuable football export since Chip Kelly, the school was the fortunate recipient of a new apparel deal with Nike. Did Frost, the 41-year-old favorite son of Nike CEO Phil Knight, have the least bit to do with that? "I know I did," Frost said. "Talk to Phil."'_ Nike realized UCF was a great investment given the sheer number of grads being pumped out and, more importantly, the East Coast TV bias.
Ummm, putting FSU and UF aside... Miami hasn't finished Top 10 in 17 years, while UCF has in the last 7 years, twice, and Miami's home attendance has been abysmal, even versus UCF before they ever finished Top 25. That's why UCF's been the 3rd largest fanbase in Florida the past decade. There is no 'inferiority complex' at UCF regarding Miami, and even the Miami Herald covers UCF as much as Miami for a reason these days. Yes, they have an UCF writer.
It's a tiny minority of young and ignorant UCF fans. Most of us FTU/UCF College of Engineering graduates of the 20th century who have worked at the Cape are calling them out and telling them to STFU. Same thing happened with Purdue, and Purdue is not only a fellow Nike school, but Purdue grads are still #1 when it comes to preferred aero-defense according to Aviation Week and for good reason (FTU/UCF is still in the Top 5 as well).
Says the fan of the team that claims 17 NCs, but only 11 are actually Consensus. Most of the other 6 are weaker than UCF's claim, which dozens of P5s also claim, as well as the PAC-12. Oh, that's right, only Power Conference teams get to claim Major Selectors and injuries, while UCF doesn't -- especially not when it's down 1/3rd of its roster. If I'll give Florida fans anything, at least they only claim Consensus NCs. Sportswriters say it best about Alabama, "Act like you've been there." Nope, Alabama fans are 2nd most petty about this to only Florida fans, in the SEC. You know what the difference between the Big XII and SEC is? When the *higher* ranked Big XII Champion loses to UCF in najor bowl, they don't make excuses. Same year Florida lost to a FCS team too, so those stones Gators throw are the problem too. But keep on kicking UCF when 1/3rd of the roster is unavailable, and it's down to backups, even RB#4.
UCF only has parades win it wins a BCS/NY6 Bowl game like in 2014 and 2018. All while Florida can lose to the #22 team, who UCF beats, and Florida will remain Top 10. So... who's more pathetic? UCF having a parade after a BCS/NY6 bowl win? Or Florida getting votes when they have no right to be anywhere near Top 10?
Nope, we're here. It was questionable if UCF was Top 10 before all the injuries... But the same can be said about Florida too. Florida was overrated. Although Miami was the most overrated, like Louisville and most of the ACC that doesn't belong near the Top 25. UCF was on RB#4, WR#3-4, now has 4 first year starters on the O-line, and lost a lot of the defense just in the first half of Tulsa. That's why UCF had held Tulsa to 80 yards of offense, and was destroying them 23-2 prior (blame the freshman center for part of the 2). After all the secondary losses, UCF couldn't stop Tulsa. UCF had 10 opt outs, so UCF literally had 1/3rd of the roster out. A lot of 3rd string was playing, and the score reversed in the 2nd half. This is for a team that returned 16 of 22 starters and lost all games last year, all on the road, by a total of 7 points while destroying most teams in the first half. That many injuries and opt outs will hurt even the best teams. After all, no one talks about all its injuries in 2017 and 2018 either, just those of its opponents. But this is on a while new level at ~25 players injured or opting out. UCF had an argument against anyone in the state, even Florida (who, again, doesn't belong in the Top 10). But now, if UCF doesn't get at least half its 1st and 2nd string back, Top 25 is not going to happen.
UCF is down 1/3rd of the team between injuries and opt outs. No one covers when most of UCF's starting team is out, only when the other team is. UCF was destroying Tulsa 23-2 when both safeties went down near the end of the 1st half. Several othet injuries occurred as well. This included RB#2 and #3, along with WR#2. Yes, UCF was on RB#4 and WR#3 and WR#4 in the 2nd half. The center is a true freshman and the hastily replaced defense literally couldn't stop Tulsa who had only 80 yards prior. Tulsa just went at the secondary, and blitzed UCF with ease, and the O-line was 4 first year starters now... with, again, RB#4 and WR#3-5. That's what a dozen injuries do to a team already with 10 opt outs. Before that, many UCF fans questioned if UCF was Top 10 before the game. Now, with the added injuries, UCF will likely struggle to finish Top 25. UCF is the only Florida team to finish Top 25 all past 3 years. But let's face it... FSU and USF aren't far from the bottom. Miami, like Louisville and most of the ACC, don't belong near the Top 25. And Florida is not Top 10. Even with the opt outs, but before the decimation of UCF's starters, UCF would challenge Florida, and destroy the rest of the state. But no one cares about reality, just hating on UCF.
Which is all UCF wants, a shot. That's why it has a lot of support.
So does the PAC-12, and even Alabama. Both use Major Selectors for their National Championships claims, Alabama in the pre-BCS, but AP era, but the PAC-12 even in the BCS/CFP era. Yes, Alabama has only 11 Consensus National Titles, but claims 17., Most of those 6 are worse claims than UCF, or the PAC-12's 2008 claim for Utah. At least Utah differentiates between 10 Consensus National Titles and the Major Selector Non-Consensus. Alabama does not. You cannot make fun of UCF for its 2017 claim without dragging in the PAC-12 along with dozens more 'Power' programs with Non-Consensus titles, including Alabama. And give UCF credit, the AP#1 in 2017 was not uninamous either. UCF got 4 total #1 votes. Utah 2009 was the ladt time that happened too.
That's what UCF has done with Miami in the past, a 1-1-0. UCF and Miami were finalizing a 2-2-0 in 2017 when Florida Citrus Sports intervened and offered Miami $3M more to make it a 2-0-2. FSU refuses to schedule UCF at all. Even USF's deal was from the Big East era when FSU scheduled Louisville as well. Maybe you should come back when you're not so ignorant of UCF Scheduling attempts. Also, remember, until the last 2 years, it had been almost a decade since Florida won a BCS or NY6 bowl. In 2012, you lost to #22 Louisville, who everyone predicted, with al its returners, in 2013 was going to beat everyone, but lost to UCF. Florida fans need to end their obsession with UCF. And if they cannot, at least end their ignorance when arguing against UCF. I.e., UCF and AAC fans are not remotely as ignorant of Florida and the SEC, as Florida and SEC fans are of UCF abs AAC. E.g., you can say you don't care, and that is fine. But don't make suggestions that just utterly expose your gross ignorance and make you look like an assuming fool.
Not when 99% of P5 fans are ignorant of the BCS bowl win and other, non-UCF G5 programs that refuse to schedule 2-1 with P5s for fiscal reasons too. Boise, Cincy, Houston, Memphis and SDSU are right with and very supportive of UCF. As Bill Murray said it best, "The country needs UCF right now." To ignore that, and complain about it, is to ignore the sheer non-P5 fanbase that is with UCF. Or look at it this way... Even P5 fan likes to say 'SEC' and 'Alabama' even though their non-SEC conference and teams aren't remotely as food. For G5 fans, that's the AAC and UCF they use as their representatives too. And there are a lot.
Interesting analogy, because how much did ESPN talk about UCF after it beat the #5/#6 Big XII Champion in a BCS Bowl after never trailing, and winning by virtually as much of the spread, only on the opposite direction (basically a 34 point swing in UCF's favor)? Nada! So that's why 2017 was about making noise, especially since 99% of P5 fans out there side the Big XII don't know UCF won a BCS bowl against a P5 Champion, exactly 4 years before Auburn. Same with UCF's sheer bowl attendance numbers that make even even the Fiesta, Peach and Sugar executives smile. :) And yes, UCF's D is misdong a number of starters and has some issues right now. Although some D yards have been in garbage time. Regardless, how many yards would UCF's offense put up on Florida? Because just because UCF is down a lot of starters on Defense doesn't mean they wouldn't lead the Big XII like Oklahoma did with its crappy defenses too. KEY POINT: No UCF fan thinks they would go undefeated in the SEC, and many would believe they would have at least 2+ losses in a full schedule, and not make the CFP... But, in the same regard... Do you think Clemson would, in the SEC, like the ACC? Same for the Big XII or the awful PAC-12. The AAC has been destroying the PAC-12 for years, and their top teams have been downing the Big XII's top teams. And that's UCF's point... We're not saying we're better than the best of the SEC. We're saying we're better than nearly all the rest of the 'Power' teams, we have been most of the past decade (sans '15 and '11), done far more than programs like Miami the last 17 years... So if you're going to schedule the worse PAC-12 the past decade (Colorado) 1-1, why not UCF? I understand Strickland's case, even if artificial. Schedule a single G5 in a 1-1, and the rest will come. But in the sane regard, UCF -- like Boise, Cincy, Houston, Memphis and SDSU -- have the same, counter-argument. Schedule a single 2-1 (let alone 2-0-1) against a P5, and the rest will come. It's not an UCF-only thing. But at least Strickland recognizes Florida Citrus Sports (FCS, Florida Citrus Bowl) is a non-starter. I can appreciate that as an UCF fan.
So, kudos to Florida's Strickland for ignorong Florida Citrus Sports (FCS). It was FCS that made the initial 2-0-1 'offer' to both Florida and UCF ('Neutral at Citrus Bowl'). FCS has been hemoragging taxpayer money since UCF pulled out in 2007 (the taxpayers rejected the stadium renovation without non-public dollars). And Strickland *did* actually change to discussing 2-1-0 with UCF's White, even if no official offer was made, it was at least discussed. Regardless of everything else, every UCF fans should thank Strickland for agreeing to not involve FCS, who is responsible for destroying so many potential UCF contracts over the last decade, most notably the 2-2-0 with Miami that was mutually agreed upon until FCS offered $3M+ to Miami to make it a 2-0-2 instead. Too many taxpayer funded entities keep interfering with privately funded UCFAA, Inc., who went that way by 2003 because too many 'public servants' were trying to cancel UCF Football like UAB. So, even if UCF won't take a 2-1-0 for fiscal reasons, as well as setting a precedent Boise, Cincy, Houston, Memphis, SDSU, the other, top 10% G5 revenue programs (which can get 10x the bottom half of the G5) don't do either, this *is* a very positive development for UCF in the *long* term. It is another, major AD in-state who respects why FCS and UCF are 'at war,' and is willing to buck the politicians and 'public servants.' It also means that Strickland and Florida, maybe not now or in the next 3 years bit later on, will be willing to go a full 0-0-1 on a neutral site like in ATL or JAX, when the moment is right. Again, it truly means Strickland, unlike so many others, understands that FCS is a problem and should not be involved. Until then, Florida doesn't want to schedule a single G5, even if it schedules worse P5 with horrendous attendance (before COVID-19), in an 1-1, to avoid a precedent, and UCF won't accept moving to a 2-1 setup as it not only doesn't guarantee really any more P5 opponents, but costs UCF $3-5M/year, which is a lot when the AAC TV contract is not even $10M/year/team. Again, this is actually a good consideration for UCF long-term, even if it doesn't change the immediate result. FCS is UCFAA, Inc's biggest issue right now, and was even partially involved with the city and state interfering with UCFAA, Inc.'s $35M stadium naming deal too.
And while UCF might not send as many as the SEC to the NFL ... you should look at UCF versus non-SEC 'Power' conferences. That's the funniest thing. Everyone wants to say SEC when they are a 'Power' conference as an argument 'against' UCF and the AAC. But they are *NOT* the SEC! And Florida keeps wanting to make this about 1999 UCF or 2006 UCF and the pre-conference or early C-USA UCF. Those UCF teams *SUCKED* in comparison to this past decade. UCF's 'beef' is *NOT* with the SEC or Florida. It's with the 'P5' that is really 'P1.5+Clemson.' But because Florida fans keep hating on UCF, and their coach barking off 'We own this state' at the Orlando media ... Yeah, we're going to 'fire back.' Especially when it comes to the Gators sending more kids to the prison yard than the NFL!
Two players ... - Daunte Culpepper - Blake Bortles Seriously, while Bortles ended up being a bust, he still set rushing records in 3 years for a QB, more than your 'guy' that Elway couldn't stand. ;) Also don't forget we had 3-4 star QBs that are 6'4"+ and 230lbs+ as backups too. They just end up not being as good sometimes as the 6' guy that is only 200lbs. And as far as big wide receivers, you should check the Pro Bowl list sometime, as well as recent drafts. Yeah, you're right, before 2010, you didn't see UCF getting a lot of NFL draft picks, much less the first 3 or even 1st round. But that's changing.
Why is it that Gators have the biggest butthurt over UCF? Not Georgia, not even Auburn ... always Gators! Geez, even a lot of Miami fans admit it, and realized UCF passed them as the #3 fanbase in the state. Some Seminoles have as of late -- and at least they won twice as many BCS/NY6 bowls the past decade as either UCF or Florida (while Miami won none). FSU has more trophies that UCF and Florida, combined, this past decade, with a Consensus National Championship in the final, 2013 BCS. But *NEVER* Gator fans. In fact, they cannot stop complaining about UCF. And that's the problem. You lost the Orlando media market to UCF. And you're still pissed about your players being unable to do anything without it being exposed. That's literally it.
Nashville Gator: 15 years ago is not UCF today. The *ENTIRE* 'Athletic Village' didn't exist back then. Seriously ... right there is the problem. Recruits come to UCF and UCF does *NOT* lose them based on the campus. It's the opposite! If they don't pick UCF, it's *NOT* because of the campus. Far from it!
Nashville Gator: But Florida *ONLY* allows 5,000 visitors to the Swamp! How much different is 3,000 from 5,000?!?!?! That's why Florida doesn't play many teams either. It's not just UCF. In fact, the last team you scheduled from another P5 conference was Colorado, the worst team the past 10 years in the worst 'Power' conference, the PAC-12. At least UCF scheduled Stanford Home-Home, the team with the best record over the past 10 years in the PAC-12. UCF just caught them the year they were down, unfortunately.
And UCFAA, Inc. is in the same boat, financially. A lost home game is over $3M lost on average. It's that simple. $75M budget, only $20M from athletic fees, 7 home games are required to get the $20-25M of the >$50M not covered by athletic fees. No funds are taken from taxpayers and or generic/academic donors. USF, on the other hand, already has a shortfall of over $20M/year all decade. They have to subsidize with taxpayer dollars and general/academic donor funds. Of course, USF is not private, so they can do that. UCFAA, Inc. cannot. It has to be self-sustaining with out taxpayer dollars or dedicated, athletic donations.
And Gabriel was a non-star recruit, because he committed to Army early. When he opened it up again, and both Georgia and USC showed interest, they hastily gave him a 3-star tag because ... he only had 2x P5 offers. When Georgia went transfer portal, especially since he was high on USC, USC thought they had him. But the whole reason he even de-committed from Hawaii was because of Milton's injury. It was funny to watch too. Had Gabriel not committed to Army early, he would have easily been a 4-star recruit from the offers. But he didn't open it up, so he was a no-star, then hastily 3-star with his Thanksgiving timeframe change. The star rating system, especially the composites, are all about P5 offers. They don't mean anything. UCF is proof of that, just like Boise before them, or Utah 2008 for that matter.
And that's 100% the point. UCF's problem is *NOT* UF or the SEC. UCF fans *RESPECT* the SEC. UCF fans admit Alabama was the *CONSENSUS* National Champions of 2017. *1* UCF's problem is with the Big XII, ACC and, most of all, PAC-12. Especially since the PAC-12's official Football National Championship page claims NCs for *NON* Consensus BCS-era National Champions, like 2008 Utah and years USC did *NOT* win the BCS title game. Even Alabama fans claim 17 National Championships, while only 11 were *CONSENSUS*. And Alabama's 2017 AP #1 was not unanimous, which has *rarely* happened in the history of the BCS and, now for the first time, CFP. That's what this is about. All UCF wants, and really what UCF wants for the AAC, is an opportunity. It's called controversy. No ... the problem here is that Florida fans, since 2010, and definitely after 2013, have had to deal with the fact that they not only 'lost' the Orlando media as UCF became Orlando and greater central Florida's #1 college team, but the Orlando media h as been unrelenting about Florida's student-athlete criminal charges and convictions since. I'll never forget the Gainesville Sun trying to start non-sense in 2013 about an UCF student-athlete getting charged with a DUI. The Orlando media laughed at them because UCF had already kicked the kid off the team 1 hour after he returned from his arrest, days before the game. That's what this is about. It's about the Orlando media now holding up UCF as a banner of a program in both academics and keeping kids out of trouble ... unlike the 'Big 3.' And while Miami and Tallahassee can 'get away with it,' Gainesville's #1 market is Orlando, and it's exposed. So Florida fans have hated UCF ever since the Fiesta Bowl of the 2013 season. The rest is history.
Sports Finance 101 ... UCF can*NOT* play anywhere, any time. Not only is everyone ducking UCF, even away, but UCF can*NOT* afford it. UCF does *NOT* have an 'academic building' paid by Florida taxpayers, like FSU did. It's not the '80s or '90s any more. UCF has costs and it needs revenue. Home football games are $20-25M/year of its budget. Take away 2-3 of those, and UCF loses $6-7M. Have UCF play Florida 2-0-1 (away-home-neutral) when the neutral field is the Citrus Bowl, and UCF loses more like $8M. The Citrus Bowl hands 100% of the money to Florida. Now if teams want to subsidize UCF for the loss of that revenue, and play a 0-0-1 in Jacksonville, who will *share* the proceeds, then UCF is interested. But the 2-0-1, as even Florida's AD admitted, is not something UCF can afford to do. Unlike USF that *loses* money on football. Even Louisville's AD pointed that out when they scheduled USF 2-0-1 (USF has no home field), and then scheduled UCF 1-1-0. This is Sports Finance 101. UCFAA, Inc. is a $75M/year private sports entity with $0 taxpayer, $0 general/academic funded, and only $20M/year some from athletic fees. That's >$50M that needs to be provided with revenue, and $20-25M comes from football.