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I can understand why Florida wont agree to a home and home game, they would lose both matches.
Once again UCF knocked the socks off a Power 5, that game was over in the first quarter. UCF without a doubt is the best college ball in Florida, and please don't even say the gators are better. They suck and wouldn't stand a chance.
What a joke, Floridas best years are in the rearview mirror. UCF owns Florida
OMG, the season has not yet started and GA is already crying like a Trump
Poor little Gators cant stand the fact that there best days are behind them.
I love it, tearing down the cartel. I just made my contribution.
Gators are always crying about something.
Poor Gators, best years are in the rear view mirror. UCF, best football in Florida.
Big bad SEC, almost got whipped by a freshman rookie, 4th game out of high school. Ha
Not bad for a rookie 3 star quarter back playing his forth game since high school. Milton would have slain LSU.
Lots of BS from Gator nation. You had your chance with the peach bowel but you beg your way into avoiding the best FB team in Florida. Florida's best days are in the rear-view mirror. It while be fun to watch them destroy another SEC team
FL begged the committee not to match them against UCF, better to be beat by Michigan the 5th time than suffer defeat from that poor little school down the road. Looking for win number 26.
Good luck with that, it sure would look bad for UCF to win with a rookie freshman quarterback. Should be a fun game.
Sounds like a batch of sour grapes.
Well, since Florida begged the committee not to match them against UCF ( best football in Florida) we will certainly take on LSU. If Florida can beat them I see no problems for UCF.
Oh, forgot, they played Fresno, Vanderbilt,Mississippi, mercer , what a joke.
Alabama should schedule UCF and shut them up, but they know better. I love when someone from Alabama talks about strength of schedule, go Citadel
It just goes to show the joke that college football is, why would you not schedule the two best teams in Florida, pretty simple, with Florida part of the selection committee you know they begged off facing UCF.
You should be glad you don't have to play them in the Peach
It will be fun watching them spank another SEC over rated team.
Just keep winning and forget the ranking, its all BS anyway.
Paul reminds me of the nasty old aunt that every family suffers, who pays this guy.
Alabama fans should not talk about strength of schedule, its a joke.