Georgia Bulldogs: Alabama attitude with an Ole Miss trophy case.

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"You guys are like a bunch of children calling someone names. Grow up little girl." Dumb@ss.
BamaTime is a known conservative, beta cuck dumba$$. The only way he's going to "get along" with you, is if you're in bed with his wife, and he's holding the camcorder.
Kirby Smart and I are the same person, dumba$$.
BamaTime's horrible attempt at trolling. Nice try, dumba$$
How is Tennessee listed as an SEC contender and not Vanderbilt?
We all remember the biggest crap we've ever taken. Tennessee is quite a pile of it.
Dang. Missouri fans think of Tennessee as a rival program. #RockyBottom
Imagine choosing to go to the University of Tennessee for an education.
BamaTime is a known retard. I would ignore his *attempts* at trolling.
Man, Tennessee fans have been saying we're still 2-3 years away for almost a decade.
Give them 2-3 more years, and maybe they'll be back to beating Vandy!