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Most Gator haters can't spell coach either. Hang in there loser.
Yeah, ok. Keep telling yourself that.
Neither is losing to UF for 3 straight decades.
He's a 3 star QB. He'll be right where he belongs. Good luck young man!
"extrordinary" (you misspelled it) Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning.
And Bama got rolled by Auburn Saturday. What's your point?
My sources tell me it's Alabama. Apparently Saban will retire after this season and Chip Kelly will be his replacement. The deal has already been made and the contract will be signed next week. You heard it here first.
Actually he didn't even play against Troy. You would think CODY McCLURE would mention that in the article.
UGA in the Peach and UF in the Belk. That's funny.
I bet Franks can spell "everyone". Have you always been as dumb as a box of rocks? It takes a big woman to post online that a college athlete is "stupid". You come across as a complete idiot. Sincerely, Jeff Driskel (QB Cincinnati Bengals)
All Champions Of Life to the rear of the car. Now hand me another brick.
Or it means Harvey Updike is in the area.
I think that was very intelligent. Funny too. Brick by brick 11 out of 12
I love Tallahassee. Especially Ron Zook Field. Don't give up John. You might make it as a writer someday. Hang in there.
Probably because the voters in this poll think Texas is a top 25 team.
A Vawl fan talking smack. How cute. Bumper sticker idea: Vawls 38 SEC East Champs 28. Maybe this year it will be Shreveport. I'm sure Nashville is getting old. Good luck with that battle with UK for mediocrity in the East. Brick by brick = Champions of life. Go Vawls
Tennessee and hype. Hand in hand. An annual spring and summer tradition. Let's enjoy the ride.
Any coach that considers being the OL coach for a middle of the pack SEC East team is a follower and not a leader. Maybe just another brick added to the process of bringing UT back to second place in the SEC East. Get 'em Lyle!
#1outof12 #stillookingupatUF #Woodsonwinsheisman (I love that one!!) #Brickbybrick #Championsoflife #Beatvandylately? I could go on and on. UT is the laughing stock of college football year in and year out. Here....have another brick. Enjoy Shreveport
#2014 2 game winning streak over UGA. Big deal. When it reaches double digits get back to us. Until then, get used to battling UK for mediocrity supremacy. Go Vawls