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Because he was never returning to the school he left. That would be a little awkward.
On the other side of the equation, lets look at the top UF Recruiting Excuses: 1. It's only July. Counter: It is July for the 34 schools ahead of UF, too. 2. Mullen has not coached a game. Counter: Taggart, Pruitt, Fischer, and Moorhead have not either and they are killing it. In short, Gators football has a problem.
The University of Florida is the Gators worst enemy. Four Gators have received pot citations in last four months; Mark Thompson, Callaway, Ventrell Miller & James Robinson. UGA has one, Elijah Holyfield. LSU has none. Tennessee has none, although Jauan Jennings was cited in February. Bama has none (shock) but Lester Cotton was also arrested in February (with no action taken). FSU also has none. We can go on, but you get the point. See a pattern that Florida does not fit into? Now, no one can seriously say that there is more pot on campus at UF than any of these other schools. So, why are UF players cited more regularly than any other top opponents we play? If I were to venture a guess or two, I would say it is both UF and the the city of Gainesville. We all know the Barney Fife patrol in Gainesville loves arresting students. So, that is part of this equation that will exist until the people of Gainesville start to appreciate the University like the citizens of Knoxville, Athens, Tallahassee, etc. appreciate their schools. BUT...how come UF is its own worst enemy when it comes to on campus citations like the two for Robinson and Miller? Realize that in those few cases from other schools listed above...all of them were off campus incidents. None of those schools have had had any on campus incidents. But not UF. We are our own worst enemy. Is it because we want to achieve some kind of mythical moral high ground? If so, why? No one else does it. Do we want a built in excuse for losses? I hope not. Whatever the reason, I hope that...just like the new facilities...UF starts catching up with her opponents.
Leave it to a Big 10 writer to tell the SEC what to do...but hey, ignore Penn State, Ohio State and the rest of the tarnish on that conference. Instead focus on the mistakes of Antonio Callaway. Yes, let's. While Calloway can be labeled a repeat offender in some people's book, we must not forget that at this point he has not been guilty of anything but bad press. Of the offenses for which he has made the news, he has been either acquitted or at least, not prosecuted. So, even though he has been the object of some negative press, he has not been the bad guy that some media people seem to want to make him out to be. Then again, all these non-Florida writers only have superficial knowledge. They see his name again, assume the worst...and then write their uniformed opinions. Callaway's problem, IMHO, is his decision making ability. Whether it's his actions or with whom he chooses to hang out, those decisions always seem to land him in hot water. Then again, when you are a potential star...those type of people seem to seek you out. He needs some kind of responsible people around him that will keep him on the straight and narrow. But let's not jump to the same conclusion as this short sighted author. You do not kick out a kid for allegations, especially when he has not been found to have done any of them.
Keep telling yourself that. That is why UF cannot take grad transfers for 2 years...because 2 grad transfers did not graduate last year. Think this happens at Bama? This use to happen everywhere, but fewer and fewer schools engage in this behavior....actually giving a damn about educating their athletes so they have a chance if they do not make it to the NFL.
Yep, better team won...no doubt in my mind. They will win it all.
Crushing loss? Florida hung with the best team in the land with a 2nd string QB until the 4th quarter, when a depleted and exhausted defense could no longer do it. It is too bad they do not get Gators to write Gator articles.
It is pretty clear that SDS is run by a Nole. The only reason to keep this non-story alive is to hurt Gator recruiting. McElwain said as much.
He said he was not leaving. But I guess this blog needs a certain number of entries so that you can keep your affiliation.
Ain't that the truth... Although I love the meme about the Alabama girl losing count. I guess that means she cannot count past 8 or 9.
Well, he is a Nole...so he is high functioning.
This is BS and you have to wonder why Feldman is running with this, even though the guy who originally brought it up dropped it. It is totally false. In his press conference today, Mac said he believes it was floated originally by one of our opponents for recruiting purposes.
Well, with all these injuries...now maybe Bama has a chance! LOL We are going to get rolled.
A bunch. How many were out when Auburn and A&M rolled over you? How about when you lost to lowly Mizzou? LOL Everybody has a down game. No doubt, Arkansas took it to us...then again, you had an extra week to prepare and had your manhood called out the week before by Auburn. So, they were breathing fire. What is Arky's excuse?
Still supposed to visit in January
Welp, that game sucked. But what stinks even more are all the crap fans...who only a week ago were so high on the team.
In defense of the very over rated Jabrill Peppers, Ohio State fans are @$$holes.
So says the team that hired Moosecrap.
This is in direct conflict with what Joey Galloway said on the prior college football show. That said, he was clearly banged up...so I wish he would have played more.
They should be glad Mike the Tiger did not have to witness this. Too soon?
Typical LSU fans...talking about how they lost it, and not how UF won it. Imagine this Tigers...it was a good thing UF was scared, or imagine how bad the beating would have been? LOL By the way, the icing on the cake is the fact the Joe Alleva mortgaged the next 2 games on this one....so back to back games versus in the Swamp. That's some shrewd negotiation, Joe!
Seriously, can you imagine the LSU beatdown if we had not been scared?