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Didn't mean to strike a nerve there Darth. This isn't as an unpopular of an opinion as you would hope and I can't take credit as the first to say it. You are obviously very defensive over the matter. There is human error on all sides of evaluation and I don't presume to know more than any coach. A coach saying that Mac Jones "takes what the defense gives him" and him being a first read QB can both be the same, as defenses do often give him his first read. If this is complex for you then I can't in good conscience spend anymore time addressing your feelings of what you are "sure" of and what you (feel) I am wrong about. With that said, I hope Mac comes back and I think it will do him well. Merry Christmas!
He is super talented! Guy is beastly. I think he should come back as well. Either the scheme needs to help him out more so he doesn't get stuck on unfavorable coverage match-ups or they need to coach him hard on that area.
behdum chsshhhh! If we go to the last time Florida was number 1... for sure it's been over a good decade but it's not like there has been a lot of #1 variety since then. Only 6 different teams have ended 1st. So I guess your statement should be "it's been so long since 120+ teams finished #1, so I can see why the AP has been forgotten"
Mac Jones is a fine QB and had a good year. He is however a first read QB and it consistently shows on tape. He is no where near as good at his craft as Harris and Smith or Trask. If Mac goes to the NFL he will deal with an insane adjustment to pocket pressure, progressing through reads and throwing to defended receivers. This isn't a hate thing. He is a Jacksonville kid! This is an unbiased observation
This is sad. Chester put out good tape. He was by far our best nickel. Grantham prioritizes seniority and experience over talent. This is a serious bust on our part with him leaving. He will have a good career
I know Diwun is like 6' 3" and 220ish but he is about to be 20 years old and Chief is hitting 18. D.Black is going to be versatile. I would like to see us recruit some true position players more. That is not a knock on Diwun. I'm happy he is here. As for other dudes... the tweeners seem to be okay at several things but not great at anything. Like Burney
Chief isn't threatening anyone's LB spot. He is going to be a buck or DE. Have you seen how big this dude is? 6' 5" and 240lbs? He is only going to get bigger.
I think it should be a split between Smith and Harris! It's crazy that Najee is so far down on this list. One does not stumble upon 27 TDs as an RB after 11 games against all SEC opponents. He is absolutely fantastic. I think Smith is probably the best player in the country but I think Najee is such a crucial part of how Sark schemes the offense and aids offensive team play all around. Guy is special
Our tackles are about to get their lunch snatched. Delance is barely suitable to play power 5 football and Forsythe is more than suitable until he plays against anything close to a premier pass rusher. We are going to need to keep an RB in the backfield to pick that up. I feel bad for Trask. It's amazing he has been able to do what he has behind that o'line. He deserves better
Dr.Strange in the Avengers movie "I just visited 14 million different alternate realties". Ironman - "In how many did Bama's juggernaut offense only score 37 against Florida's insanely bad def?" Dr. Strange - "one" I'd love to eat crow for this comment later but data doesn't lie
Fair point. Unfortunately I expect a solid drop in offense. With guys like (fingers crossed Grantham) stiener, marco, houston, miller, stewart I expect a better def. We will see what kind of balance that gives us. I expect to see some moves for veteran transfers for o'line and interior line improvements
Good question. I'd imagine danny has some time but I'd also imagine that Scott will get more involved after this season. If it were me I would: 1- Make Dan attend PR seminar 2- Assign him a PR babysitter to script out and be his personal FCC 3- Be super involved in the DC hiring, because it is obvious that Dan just focuses on QB and receiving. He has no interest in being a CEO and holding the whole team to the same standard. Which only works if you have legit COOs. at the very least, give him a list of 10 phrases he is allowed to say I like Dan. Hopefully he matures in this role a bit
absolutely! Notice how other teams get better as the year goes on? Preseason and former SEC All Americans dont get worse 1 and 2 years later and as a season goes on unless they arent being coached. Scheme and play calling would help atleast get them in a position to lose it.
I love CDM but I swear the pandemic hit him differently or something. He has had arrogance and accountability issues this year. I don't think this is one of those moments, though. Not sure if this is Bush Jr. processing speed to speech or if he is trying to will the team to a miracle win. Either way, Alabama is a program full of professionals and they don't need bulletin board material to do what they do. Doubt they even care about this
You hate to see it when it's your team but dang these guys are funny. That's good content
@gig’em dude I agree. In all honesty we have fans from both our fan bases taking this for granted. It’s okay to want more from the team but looking at last year and what our teams are fielding this year is amazing! Instead of just enjoying the incredible product they are putting on the field, we are upset about the little things we aren’t or don’t have. Next year can always be a step down. It’s been a good ride this year for both our programs. We are blessed to have football at all. It’s been a fun year of football
They can probably take the rest of the season off to scout bama and practice for the semi
If and likely when we lose to bama can we play the aggies in a bowl? I’ve got some benjis for that betting line
It’s a very “rose lenses” case you are making against ND. I can’t stand them and the good ole boy legacy that has kept them in national conversation. I think they might actually and finally be good this year. I think Alabama is in a league of its own and everyone else is on the other side of the gap. However, the “they struggled against Louisville” early in the season can be said with A&M against vandy and miss state. Against (you’ll hate this) Florida and A&M, or BAMA and ole miss. But the one thing we are all sure of is all those teams are better.. and in the back of our heads... no one looks more invincible than bama
I agree. I really don’t see the gators winning against Alabama at all but should be fun and it’s been a fun season. I’m trying to just enjoy seeing these guys play before they kyles and company go to the NFL
Alabama is going to hang a 50burger plus on poor Kentucky.
Gus voice* "Hey Kristi, get your pearls on! We're headin to Waffle House!"
Corch, Please go look at both programs from inception! Not a lot of great or even good football by either until the almost the 90s. 1980 not included! It's easy to nit pick time frames but if you pull both sides up next to each other. There isn't much for either of our fanbases to brag about as we keep going back
Lol, I can't give any reasoning behind this statement but Waffle House and Gus just feel like a perfect fit.
I'd have to agree with you. This should be the perfect match-up to tinker with offense and have fun with it, knowing it's low risk of any repercussions should a play fail.
We never had any #1 recruiting classes but we were #3 twice. That's probably nitpicking though. I like Johnson so I don't want to see him leaving just yet. Coach Boom I believe is still a good DC. He wouldn't consider coming back to Florida. Grantham needs to go and they need to evaluate Robinson as a position coach. LBs shouldn't be baffled on simply lining up. Ron English is another coach I have little faith in and his saving grace right now is that position recruiting finally looks good this upcoming NSD
I'll see your coach Johnson and counter with a Grantham! For free! You can just have him! and if you jump on this offer now, I'll deliver him to your campus for free :). Talks about a sweet deal on shipping cost vs parcel weight!