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Sounds like the intelligence level needed to graduate with honors in Athens
Travis Ettienne is WAYYYY too high! My lady is a Clemson fan and I've gone to many games and we watch them all. He consistently looks like a guy that is running over defenses that are exhausted from getting air raided. I believe in his talent and he is good but if I had the glorious position of drafting a RB from this class, he is not in my top 3
Redshirt is a free bee this year! I look forward to seeing Hopper this year too
Our safety play was horribly inconsistent. Stiner was always in the right place but couldn't make a play, Stewart was off and on with positioning but could play the ball well when he was in the right position and shawn davis probably played the best out of the 4 (taylor not worth mentioning) but played better towards the line on the run. Hearing great things about rashaad torrence though! Trey Dean is interesting since he is uber athletic and was recruited as a safety to begin with
I've pondered it several times since JT transferred over. He seems the better QB. Yes is stats weren't great but what he managed to do with youth and inexperience, seemed like he has a far higher ceiling than Newman. Also, Newman's stock imo could only really go down. He is smart to opt out and UGA is better off with a slinger, considering the wr skill level.
Nice move! Don't want to make the schedule to unmanageable since you already have 9 ACC games! So ND refuses to join a conference and then gets bailed out by the ACC to join for 1 year so they can play football and then doesn't even jump into playing conference only schedule and picks up an AAC team to play at home? I might have some unknown source of bias but I smell entitlement. You can tell me if I'm wrong, cuz i'm lost on this
Hate to see it. He is a promising talent. I have faith that athletes of that caliber have the determination and discipline to get the most out of rehab. Hope to see him back on the field
Bold prediction number #1 is every gamecocks worst nightmare.
That's more than fair. We will just leave it up to personal preferences!
I've been all over Alabama. I've spent a good 15 years living around the south. I'm aware of the golf coast and the states bordering it and I'll tip the cap to lake martin! It's beautiful and fun boating but overall if we are just being objective there are few categories where Alabama holds a candle to Florida. Throw a survey around the country/world and people arent flying haven't flown to the US to visit NY City, Vegas, LA, Florida and oh... Alabama
LSUSMC really? We are going straight to name calling because you disagree with my opinion of a state I lived in?
I lived in Montgomery for a few years and it was pretty much "well dear season is in a few months, coinciding with football season and in the summer we can go to mobile i guess"
Great beaches, high-end resorts, great nightlife up and down the coast, cultural diversity to include the food! (Cuban food! common), Disney World, Universal, Water parks, good surf, 3 NFL teams, 2 MLB, 2 NHL, 2 MLS teams to go see and party at, consensus 5 of the top 10 spring break locations, city destinations like Orlando, Miami, Tampa and some of the best golf courses in the country...outside anything requiring a mountain. There is a lot to do and places to go so you can plan plenty to look forward to... which is why people flood in and out of the state year round. I could probably go on but why bother
Why football means everything to Tuscaloosa = because it's the only thing to look forward because you live in Alabama. Crappiest southern state, 2nd only to Mississippi.
Oh, I don't have an "opposed to" lined up. any of the other 100 schools, or top 25 programs, or for their home states... etc He grabs insane blue chips from all over the country, coast to coast like every state is an isle at a store and he won the shop alone 2 min sweepstakes! I'm impressed, seriously.
It seems you took my personal opinion personal by my statement of not being impressed. I assure you, I'm not trying to offend
And I trust my Dan Mullen's decisions too because you and I my friend don't have many other options. Unless you are a scout, media or somehow on the staff... all we can do is go off what we are told, because we don't have a clue. Dan Mullen had Franks in ahead of Trask and there seems to be a huge difference in skill! It's easier outside a program looking in to not trust a coaches decision. Very few trust the gus outside of some of the Auburn faithful and either way I respect that
and I'm only interested in the chapters - How I Convincd Kids Play Here & - How I Conviced 1st Day NFL Draft Talent Juniors to Stay
Oh I see it now! Thanks for correct. I read that wrong. Also, thanks for notification on Kirby's book but I don't need the motivation and he doesn't need my money. I'm waiting for more of the end story "reflecting on my time as HC" type deal.
Hey I'm sure he's a great guy. It's comical none the less that no one stopped to wonder how he was eligible and got into a major university. Pretty sure a top 50 nationally. In the same way that you can speculate his eligibility for college, the rest of us can only speculate his eligibility to graduate highschool. One thing is for sure though... the NCAA didn't pay any attention to the obvious question.
So the question is- How much do you really trust Gus Malzahn's decision making. I'll leave that to you as an Auburn fan.
Apparently so. I'm just saying from my own personal opinion and observation and I assure you sir I am not expert and don't get paid for my opinion. Bo Nix did not impress me and Joey seemed decisive for the few chances he was allowed to throw, while gus threw him on the field mostly as a complimentary RB. It didn't seem like through all the struggles of the Bo debut that gus even gave Joey a chance.
If Joey Gatewood is eligible on the field, I'll take Kentucky over Auburn and drop a 20 on it for fun. I like Gatewood's play better than Bo Nix. Super surprised that Joey didn't get the job but it was legacy based political. Also, If I had to hire a coach I would take Mark Stoops of Gus Malzahn by a landslide.
yeah but they would both be brought up together a lot, as LSU turns into QBU and deflates Oklahoma's balloon. You are going to hear it every game and multiple times anyways "Myles Brennan the new starter, having big shoes to fill ... blah blah blah"
Nothing will come of it. I remember the halftime feel good story several years back ( I think it was Malcolm Mitchell ) after an injury, where he basically stated he was illiterate "when I got here I couldn't read good" <- paraphrasing. After an injury one of his coaches helped him get better/learn how to read. It ended with him holding a book, I believe titled "Sisters" and him saying "Now I am reading things I never thought I could". I think most people just smiled, clapped and carried on. My sense of memory on this is from the side of comedy, don't give an S. This is just how things go I guess. NCAA will barely glance at this, unless they are insanely bored.
Well if "allegedly" is "actual" and they had a tour of the stadium... that qualifies as facilities. Either way it doesn't matter and we will never know. Say what you want about Smart and his ability/play calling involving offense as a HC but that guy is the best recruiter in the nation. Hopefully upon retirement we get a dirty secrets memoir published.