Rebels name Lane Kiffin head coach

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Then again, I am pretty sure that the CF World would lose their minds when 3 of the 4 teams left in the semi round every year are SEC.
Why not expand to 8 team playoff and give automatic playoff bid to the P5 Conference Champs and then the committee still has 3 spots to trip out on to select based on tradition, eye test, favorite color or whatever they'd like?! I just want to see more quality football at the end of the year anyways!
I live outside Atlanta, I'm from Florida and I am a Jags fan. Everyone here is missing the big picture!!! ATL or Actionville... they are both simply 2 great places to get shot!
I fear corch drove his riding lawnmower into his above ground pool and gave up on life
It’s not out of hatred or bias. Smart is not an elite coach. Georgia is everything you could want minus the HC
Jake Fromm 0-5 when throwing the ball over 30 times.
Not insanely optimistic about winning but I do love this matchup and despite the added disadvantage, I love that it is a night game. Hopefully, fun, clean and injury free football! Gators and LSU have always been similar teams in opposite divisions. Hate all you want but we are basically twins separated at birth
No!UGA absolutely has a championship team. Just not coaching. doesnt mean the talent can’t out do the coaching and get that trophy!!! It’s just the one thing holding UGA back
All props to USC as Sr. If they beat the gators too. Love to coach boom and hate for sandstorm. Worst possible song to play for 3 hrs. We need to update that playlist
@unaffiliated I agree with you 100%. So uga still has everything infringe of them but unfortunately in the long term... even if they win a nati, coach smart is a road block. I don’t have any personal issue with him but time and again he makes insanely bad coaching decisions and it’s proved in all advanced analytic matrix’. Some coaches like Sweeney, Saban, urban win games and do more with less until they can recruit top 5 talent composite. Smart walked into a job like richt did with insane talent, got more talent and has done less with more. Eventually Georgia will be THE powerhouse but smart is the weakest link
Good call! It’s hard to keep up with the undesirables
Georgia really does have too much talent and infrastructure for this to be happening. However, great teams win championships even after losing a game. It could be the turning point. Better to lose one now than when it counts
To all Georgia fans I understand your heartbreak and respect your talent. Congrats to scar but mostly coach boom. I would just like to know if we are officially placing Corch and dogsofwar on suicide watch? Does anyone know where they live and can we send someone on a wellness check to their respective meth labs?
Not so fast my friend!!! (he said in his best lee corso voice) On this site it's more important to speculate, exaggerate articles and make controversial posts to get people angry and riled up. No time for logic on this one
It's all fun and quite literally games! This sight is designed to troll the fans who can't help themselves but have more feelings than ovaries can pair with
take fans out of the equation and almost all schools including georgia have good people staffing, coaching and working protocol. They wear a different color shirt but their allegiance is to their job and family and not school. Rivalries weak or enduring are more fun with coaches involved. It's just fun and they are both professionals... now if Kirby can stop urban meyering his program and get those future inmates in order it will be impressive <--- left hand jab! Like i said, It's just having some fun
Like you I am a fan of this idea! You guys have the greatest coach of all time and the unlimited roster of talent, so teams like Texas aren't a challenge anymore for Bama. Every year some dumb team schedules you guys to start the year.... SMH, they never learn
As bad as I can see Auburn being this year, I still have little faith that Oregon is much better. PAC12 is easily the worst conference (ACC bailed out by Clemson) in the country and Oregon should be a shoe in for conference championship for the near future. I remember the last time Oregon scheduled a regular season game against an SEC opponent and LSU destroyed them. That was back when Oregon was good and the conference wasn't a dumpster fire. I don't have a dog in this fight so hopefully it is at the very least an entertaining game.
Not sure it's an upgrade from a coaching stand point. Sal's experience and track record is hard to beat but i agree with you on recruiting. I can see this being an upgrade by having someone more personable on the road meeting with recruits and their family. With that, Dan oversees and runs so much of this program that i'm not worried about the fall off in coaching at that position