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2012s Def was just so insanely dominant that they stick out vs the 2019 squad.
I know on one hand this looks sad but Dave deserves this and I think this is a potential win for LSU! think of it this way: All the success that LSU had this year and historically with putting players in the NFL, now they have done so well that they are gaining the notoriety for coaching. Coaching staff personnel from top to bottom try to pipeline to the top too. LSU at the moment is a place you want to go to for winning championships, getting to the NFL and for assistants to become coordinators to be come coaches! Coach O should be able to poach insane coaching talent. It's the Saban model coaching machine!
I'll never deny a man his credit and I give him credit for his development of the portion of his team that came in outside the the 247 top 300. I also give credit to the hardworking (regardless of rating) older players that pass down work ethic and skill teaching. I can actually paint a picture of the disparity for you though, because it is easy to pick out the 3 stars when UGA averages recruiting 5 of them over the last 4 years (which generally makes up a team) and the gators average 11 a class. I simply went over the stats and grabbed the name of 5 stars that were on the field for that game as well. There were 10 of them and probably a lot of fringe 5 stars but I don't have that kind of time to search through UGA recruiting. I don't think I have to tell you what side all the 5 stars and most of those fringe 5's were playing on.
I think he is a good fit for UGA style offense and he is right out of your back yard, so I think it's an important message for the program to lock this kid in. It will be interesting to see how the QB situation is this year. According to Denny Thompson (6 points academy personal QB trainer)..."Carson Beck is a DOG! Don't be surprised if he beats out Jamie Newman."
Miss State's recruiting for that 4 year span represented on the field was 24th, 28th, 18th, and 36th ranked classes. Georgia's recruiting classes for that same span - 3rd, 6th, 6th and 8th. ^ that is a huge disparity in talent, so that's out the window. The pass on 4th was fine with me personally. UGA's D Line (Def as a whole) was monstrous and we had the worst rushing team in the SEC. We couldn't run on UT Martin. I question some calls too but understand the necessity to make up for the difference in skill. UGA was simply a better team, they had to have a bad day and UF needed the best game of the season and some luck. Had to throw the kitchen sink. And the talent even between UF offense vs UGA def was vast and coaching only makes up for so much. If as a UGA fan you can recognize the quality of a 5 star and their necessity for elite teams during the recruiting season. You should apply the same logic when considering the uphill battles that good coaches have with zero 5 stars and many 3s compared to your Clemson,LSU, Bama level Armada
That's more than fair, which means we can't ever gain consensus on it lol. The view will always be skewed based on the effect of the bonehead calls. Did the timeouts lose the game for UF in WLOCP? Probably not... soft def coverage? maybe. Unfortunately, the big bonehead call to not audible out of the fake 4th is one that is attached with a National Championship and it just sings louder. Biggest trophy on the biggest stage and every football fan in America observing it. It's harsh. Dan Mullen is a great coach and i think you address it in this thread. He is an OC and needs a better DC to entrust adjustments to and vice versa for Kirby.
I don't know brother. Dig in some analytics and let me know but without any other data, it is what it is. For now it's just the narrative and narratives can change one way or the other
Definitely! Also Saban took over a fairly mediocre Bama team to build it to what it was today. Recruiting is a skill and not just a given based on location. That's the whole reason that certain locations now get more looks from high level recruits. Kids generally want to go where they can get to playoffs, win easy (oregon) (clemson)or the rare few that want to stand out and go to an off name from the usual top 5 or 6 schools. Give recruiting skills due credit
He definitely wasn't. That game was a mess and ended as poorly as it started. The gators were simply outmatched that game and the defensive scheme was baffling. Like most Georgia fans, I am not a believer in Todd Grantham. I was hoping he'd get the job at Miss St. He seems to just do what he wants without regard for personnel ability and matchup. As for the 2 Timeouts, you can look at it as a coaching problem either way if your eyes are set on it but the timeouts were necessary. The staff handed out the wrong wrist bands for play calling so the formations were way off from what Dan had called and it seemed to be QB error at first... which is why Dan was so angry. Feel free to pick where the blame goes on that one. I think a head coach manages too much at an overall level to walk around and make sure staff/GAs gave the right wristbands. If he has to do that, then he should fire some people and hire some that are trusted for simple tasks
Oh for sure. That is understandable and I agree that a lot of coaches make gutsy calls. I don't think that can be argued for the 4th and 9 fake but I'll side with you on it being early in his coaching tenure. So whether justly or not, he has been scrutinized quite a bit more than anyone that comes to mind. That was my argument to just back up why this writer followed a fairly common narrative about Coach Smart's in game coaching decisions.
Good take. I like that line up order. Stoops has done an amazing job. I'm sure he'll get poached for a better job soon, if he keeps this up.
This is not to stir up anything, I assure you. We all know there are plenty of articles over the last couple years about questionable play calling by coach smart. From the Notre Dame 4th and inches FG kick (which worked out), last years South Carolina game (which caused a lot of booing from your own fan base and twitter meltdown) to the Champ 4th and 9 fake punt or whatever that was supposed to be. I'm not a gator fan that thinks Kirby is a bad coach. I think he is a good coach and an elite recruiter but he has become widely known for poor in game decisions in critical moments. You can do a simple google search and find a myriad of articles for different games over the last few years. quote "In one of the worst decisions in the history of college football" So it's fairly understandable. Also, it would be a better test of coaching in head to head results if the rosters were comparable and this isn't me playing the boo hoo recruiting cop out... just stating the fact that there are a lot of variables. Can't tell who the better driver is when one has a lambo and the other has a WRX, but it's odd when that the WRX doesnt finish far behind.
That's a whole lot of Bama and LSU in that list. My Jags better not take Diggs! There are two schools of thought on that, due to how bad the Jaguars back office is at drafting. 1) they draft Diggs because they shouldn't or 2) they do what they always do and grab Best Player Available... esp on D Line, cuz Lord knows that's the team weakness lol
yeah man this has been the strangest gator team to watch. I don't get it. I'm at the point where i don't even have hopes or expectations. It's difficult to truly get invested in. I just go zombie until the buzzer sounds and win or loss it's just meh
Odell is a clown but meh...I hope the NCAA takes it easy on this one. Leave those young men alone and just don't let odell in college games with a duffel of cash anymore
Atleast odds are that if someone goes down with injury, you already have 11 possible doctors on the field.
Well it makes a lot of sense. The SEC is an insane revenue stream, but let us call it what it really is. Disney will buy out the SEC deal. Disney owns ESPN, ABC, History channel...etc. I wish they'd keep their money grubbing mouse gloves off my sports.
bummer! He'd look so good in that Black and teal though! My Jags could use a real RB
I understand Dabo's complaint but this is just nature of the beast. LSU didn't complain about playing the SEC championship in Atlanta... and i'm sure we all noted the home crowd ratio there! Just play football man. Hopefully i'm misreading it and he is just throwing out a statement and not making a pre-excuse for losing/complaint
There is so much wisdom on SDS today. It's astounding. Some of these comments have the equivalent impact on brain cells as downing a liter of moonshine.
Dabo cries about everything. Give him credit though, all of his "boo hoo, no one respects us" "nothing is fair" "sec bias is against us" actually works and he gets his team to play like it's against all odds lol
I'm slightly let down by the video. I didn't find it that inspiring... but then again, that is probably because there is too much epic film to sift through to pack into 2 minutes. Also, how much more hyped can you even get after watching LSU's season unfold? Man what an awesome run. Easily my favorite title run not by UF.
Agreed! also give the man credit for shoring up this class with a nice DT haul!