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Alabama is going to hang a 50burger plus on poor Kentucky.
Gus voice* "Hey Kristi, get your pearls on! We're headin to Waffle House!"
Corch, Please go look at both programs from inception! Not a lot of great or even good football by either until the almost the 90s. 1980 not included! It's easy to nit pick time frames but if you pull both sides up next to each other. There isn't much for either of our fanbases to brag about as we keep going back
Lol, I can't give any reasoning behind this statement but Waffle House and Gus just feel like a perfect fit.
I'd have to agree with you. This should be the perfect match-up to tinker with offense and have fun with it, knowing it's low risk of any repercussions should a play fail.
We never had any #1 recruiting classes but we were #3 twice. That's probably nitpicking though. I like Johnson so I don't want to see him leaving just yet. Coach Boom I believe is still a good DC. He wouldn't consider coming back to Florida. Grantham needs to go and they need to evaluate Robinson as a position coach. LBs shouldn't be baffled on simply lining up. Ron English is another coach I have little faith in and his saving grace right now is that position recruiting finally looks good this upcoming NSD
I'll see your coach Johnson and counter with a Grantham! For free! You can just have him! and if you jump on this offer now, I'll deliver him to your campus for free :). Talks about a sweet deal on shipping cost vs parcel weight!
I actually sing this too my dogs when they beg for food. Eventually, they "dream until your dreams come true" and they catch me in good spirits after drinking good spirits.
I am with you 100%! I'm not talking about the players, esp Trask. I mean our fans.
This article is poison. I feel like I've seen enough fellow gator fans lose their minds like our gators are going to steam-roll everyone, beat Alabama, and then destroy the playoffs. GATORNATION: It's fun to be excited again but holy F. Please calm down. Stop trying to out-achieve the UGA crazies that talked trash for the last 3 years.
Hats off to coach bangs. Analytical, no excuses and to the point
I’m with you beachbum besides the “if” portion. There are a lot of ifs but the truth is that two outs standing talents just did what they could in the moment. The world is better with both of them on the field showcasing their talent so hopefully that comes to fruition sooner than later
I love my gators to death but I have to agree with IH8Bama on this one. It was a bang bang play. The game speed shows the truth. He knocked himself unconscious with the hit. Just really bad timing with 2 players going 100. Hope both players are okay moving forward. This one isn’t even targeting. Just the nature of the game. Gladiators in the arena trying their hardest
ApparentlyUGAgrad was embarrassed for CDM because none of the gators and players felt that. Hope your degree in liberal arts nurtures your future career paths. at least at Georgia your degree doubles down as a handicap parking validator! You are a tool and I’m sure you know this. Grow up
Dude rethink this. They have the #1 talent level in the country sand they will have Brock vandy next year.... they can only get better. Stay humble
I sift this. Classy move and I respect you for it. No one should deny that Georgia has way better talent and is a juggernaut of a team: it’s just any given Saturday. An amazing program that no one takes lightly
Classy move and I respect you for it. No one should deny that Georgia has way better talent and is a juggernaut of a team: it’s just any given Saturday. An amazing program that no one takes lightly
I wish you well sir. Life can’t be easy when your IQ is less than your shoe size.
Can we confirm that Monty rice only has one foot now? I didn’t see anyone on crutches but if corch isn’t too high on gasoline (not likely) then I believe a one legged man was out there tackling! Hats off to that man and a cold brew
You were missing 3 guys and had 3 5 stars 1 sophomore and 2 juniors filling in. Shut the hell up you idiot. Your team has no excuse for 44 points. You are a joke. Just take the L and be a man. No one is disrespecting Georgia. You root for a great team dude. Please just chill and don’t turn this into some sob story about how the team that has the most talent in the country couldn’t win with 3 guys out on defense and 3 5 stars that have been in the program for 2 or 3 years replacing them. There is no excuse. Take is up with head coach bangs
Do you think he would leave even if his draft stock isn't looking good?
Hard to believe he is THAT talented. Say what you want about the Beebs but the dude has talent. I don't like his music but he has singing and dancing down in spades.
WarEagle - I agreed with every word of your statement. Kentucky didn't open the playbook or ask Joey to throw anything but flats, bubble and tunnel screens against arguably the best defense in the country. I listen to theSportsDen and Denny Thompson from 6 points (QB training in Jacksonville) is adamant that Joey is very skilled and will be a really good QB if given the chance. Also, yeah... Gus is the houdini of keeping a job he's bad at.
LeghumperU has not been his jipper self lately. It's been a week or 2 now that he has seemed irritated and grumpy. I'd give it a pass. He's usually not like this