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I really appreciate how SDS puts “Hayes:” in front of all our posts titles lately. Makes it easy to know what garbage to skip over. Including this post.
@TDOWTheDipS**t Wow so you’re telling me you not only follow your beloved gators incessantly on SDS but also subscribe to them on at least two other gator forums “In all kinds of weather” and “spot on Florida”. Gets over the Gators man, your obsession is not health. Your pups finally won their second championship!! Enjoy it!!!
You’re right, you don’t have to say anything. Yet for some reason, here you are again… First on another gator post… You’re about to play for the College Football National Championship!!! An opportunity to witness the South’s blue state win its first championship in your lifetime. Enjoy the moment and take some time to smell the roses. Don’t let those lousy 7 loss gators occupy so much of your time.
I can certainly understand a player’s reasons for opting out. What I don’t get is the process they go about opting out. Pre 2016 if a player wasn’t gonna play the game, they’d just dress out and stand on the sideline. Other than possibly being able to start process with an agent sooner, what are players accomplishing by posting some elaborate graphic and letter to the world on social media weeks before the game and then sitting in the booth with ear pods in? You can still protect yourself from potential injury without making the decision 100% about me me me.
“Florida man” is a byproduct of the sunshine law. Every state has their wackjobs we just chose to let ours be easily accessible to the general public.
That is 100% truth. Defending misdirection plays and stupid penalties killed the team this year and that all goes back to discipline as you stated. The talent on the roster doesn’t reflect a 6-7 unranked team but the attitude and entitlement sure does.
“SEC EAST CHAMPIONS” says it all about Georgia fans and how they don’t know how it actually feels to win the big game. One thing Mullen did good during his tenure was removing those goofy East championship signs from Ben Hill that Mcelwain put up..
@TKOWTheGreat Come to think of it, you’d be a great UCF fan!! You could gush over having a HC capable of beating Nick Saban (and capable of getting a haircut without placing a bowl on his head as a cutting guide). And you could beat your chest about your mythical national championships!!
@TDOWTheD!psh!t Ohio State won in 1942 but you can claim it too if it makes you feel better… I bet you celebrate eastern division “championships” too when you can lol. I don’t blame you, gotta try and grab onto something to justify you’re arrogance.
Only 9 sentences in this article but still managed 2 glaring inconsistencies that even the casual college football fan will notice (but somehow not the editors of this website). Come on Syd, you’re better than that.
No doubt UGA absolutely owns UF. - less football national championships - less Heisman trophy winner - ranked lower academically and as an overall athletic program - but holds a resounding 53-44-2 record all time vs UF (dominating 54%!!!)
Hate to hear that… Any SDS Gator fans making the trip up north to Cuomo?
No sh*t n8rg8r lol. Sorry joke went over your head. And why are you still talking about trump? Election was a year ago buddy, move on.
It could be worse. LSU fired their coach because he only beat UF by 7 points.
Steve Spurrier, Tommy Tuberville, and Mark Richt also beat saban back to back in the SEC… it’s 2021 though, who cares about facts anymore.
True, yeah I guess to a 10 year old the rivalry seems pretty even. Dawgs are 9 out of 31 in my lifetime so I’m sure you can see why the obsession isn’t reciprocated.
I don’t blame the Georgia trolls for enjoying their time in the sun. Most dawg fans have spent a majority of their life watching the Gators stomp their English pups. It’s gotta be exciting for them to see a few years of progress against their biggest rival even if they haven’t won any championships… Who knows, few more Georgia wins in Jax and maybe they’ll become our biggest rival too.
Wow rarely do I agree with your point of view on here but this is spot on.
We’ll that would require some actual journalism on behalf of SDS so I think it’s a bit of a stretch to ask for. Much easier to draft a quick opinion piece and link another article or tweet.
Top ranked teams, game of the week, away at a big time environment. He had them ready to roll in the beginning and that was enough to hold off the Gators. But I’m sure the caretakers for this award looked into the actual details of the game with about as much effort as Stephan A Smith does watching game film to prepare for his ridiculous rants..
Refs should never be an excuse, gotta play above them so they aren’t deciding the game but I absolutely hate when refs throw flags from 45 yds away downfield. Miracle of modern science if that 65 year old can see a penalty from that far away.
Hold on to your tooth there bammertime, Gators got little Nicky shaking in his boots. We’ll see you again in Atlanta with a loaded AR15. I hate moral victories but I was impressed with our D. Won every facet of the game other than the final score, tough loss but great game.
Uh oh, JT Noodlearm has another booboo… Hoping for a speedy recovery so he’ll be 100% for the Halloween massacre.
He was also on the hands team for the onside return.
Kinda weird that’d you’d rave about our QB but to each his own… On the other hand, JT Noodlearm reminded a lot of Luke Del Rio. Not sure if you were infatuated with him too or not though…
Gators haven’t seen that much running production since 2014 FL/GA when #11 Georgia managed to loss at unranked Gators behind a 3-6 for 24yd passing performance from Treon Harris haha.
Grasping at straws Wolfy…. Who is Missouri? Big 12 atmosphere.
Kirby Smart wears a mask when he’s alone in his car.