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“Finally beat UGA”? LOL. Exactly how long have you been following this rivalry? I’m assuming just since 2017... Gators are 22-9 against the pups in my lifetime so sorry if I fail to see why you think Georgia is a dominant program. I was brought up with FSU and Tennessee as our biggest rivals but I guess that’s only because Georgia hadn’t had consecutive wins against the gators until I was 23 years old. Wow that sounds even worse when you type it out haha. You had a few good years while the Gators suffered through Muffcramp and Mcelwain. NOW it’s back to normalcy.
TDOHTheDipsh*t - Drawing at straws pretending that Miss State is capable of dominating the SECW, winning a bunch of BCS Bowls, CFP games and Natty’s. Even the almighty Kirby couldn’t pull that off. Anyone with sense realizes that Mullen has continually exceeded expectations wherever he’s been. Meanwhile, Georgia’s 247Sports Composite Recruiting Rankings: 2021 - #4 2020 - #1 2019 - #2 2018 - #1 2017 - #3 Yet, nothing to show for it... When bangs took over, Florida was coming off it’s worst stretch of football since the 80’s, Tennessee hadn’t been playing at a high level since the 00’s and still.... nothing for the pups. We study history, so we can learn from the past. It seems like just the other day that ole Steve was joking about all those gosh darn good Georgia recruits who somehow got 52 hung on them between the hedges...
.338 batting average in AAA during your third season after a 10+ year hiatus sucks? Man your are NUTZ!!
The roster moves the New York Mets? My computer shows this article title as "Tim Tebow announces retirement from baseball". Tim Tebow = Gators. Also, this article is filed under the Florida Gators Team Coverage on this website. Therefore, Gators content. I always thought Athens provided a decent education, but I guess you learn something new everyday!
Really Booches? The only rumors were started by Mullen himself? Did you actually read the article and comprehend the reference to Adam's Sheftner's ESPN interview where he indeed spread the rumor. I understand that Missouri football isn't much to follow but at least bring some intellect to the table like Vandy and contribute SOMETHING positive to the SEC. No redeeming qualities from you sir.
Pencil thin mustache belongs on cover of FIFA before he should ever be considered to represent NCAA football game.
Oh my!!! So if my math is correct, that’s 25 golden stars and still no rings!! Darn, well next year is the dawgs year! I promise lol.
@THOWTheDipSh*t - You missed Galen Hall. Don't forget when he took over the program during the 1984 season and led those lousy Gators to 8-0 finish (4-0) in SEC. One of the few bright moments before the Spurrier era. But then again, that was 30+ years ago so who really cares... I'll take our 3 rings in the past 25 years over Georgia's ______? Wait what have you guys accomplished again that makes you so proud?
“UGA has a good chance of going 11-1 or 12-0 before the SECCG” hahaha oh @TDOHTheDipSh*t you’re comedic relief never disappoints. 2021 is finally the pups year!! Lol.
You're exactly right, it's part of the game. The loss of all those defensive pups and pencil stache Daniel's "family doctor not letting him play" could have certainly changed the outcome. Just like if the Gators had their 2 most dominate edge rushers healthy the year prior, the outcome would likely by different. There's always going to be players and plays to point at after-the-fact. Injuries and opt outs happen, next man up. No excuse for the bowl blowout. I don't care if you're thumb wrestling, you should compete to win. IMHO, I enjoyed the BCS system and I'm not in favor of expanding the playoffs. But on the other hand, it is interesting how a 4-loss, #13 ranked team put up the toughest fight all year against #1.
@JTF - Why in the world are you following beat writers of the gators for the Orlando Sentinel? Obsession seems to be reoccurring trait for you poor pups..
Smith is the most talented player. Lawrence is the most talented QB. Jones is QB for the best team. Trask had the best season for a QB. You can’t go wrong picking any of the finalists, hence why they were chosen. For me personally, I’ll take TOUCHDOWNS over QBR but to each his own.
How many of those 52 four- and five- stars from Florida come out of IMG Academy? While Bradenton did produce home grown talent back in the day with Peter Warrick and Tommy Frazier, most of those IMG kids come into Bradenton from out of state. That could be a reason the percentage of top recruits leaving the state has increased recently.
Do you think anyone will play Bama as tough as that 3 loss team the Committee put in a NY6 Bowl? Put the best teams in the best games. It's not that difficult to understand Booches.
Hell ya brother. Well on your way to another off-season championship. Keep up the same work! Bowl cut is killin it again in Athens. 21 could be the year lol.
See Corch, when you refrain from publishing nonsensical short stories, you can actually be pretty funny. Personally, I'd rather have Dan at Florida than I would Kirby. But until Eddy can get a W in Jacksonville, I think you have to give the bump to the bowl-cut.
Cold blooded... If only Percy was on the sidewalk to teach Billy Gonzalez another lesson after that debacle.
Congrats on an impressive showing last night. I'm not sure that I'd consider beating up on a decent Big 12 team as a 'statement win' but I also don't condone you bragging to the rest of your trailer park about kissing your sister. I guess there's some things I'll just never agree with Dawg fans on.
True. I was just thinking the same thing. Only logical explanation for O's response to that question really. God forbid he was actually genuine when he said that 3 teams who actually put up a fight into the second half were better than the almighty Bulldogs. I mean everyone else in the SEC sees Georgia for what they've always been, but I'll continue to draw at straws before I come out of denial #allbarknobite.
"The likes of UGA, LSU, Bama, OSU, Oklahoma". LOL. LSU - 2003, 2007 Bama - 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 OSU - 2002, 2014 Oklahoma - 1985, 2000 Those other 4 scores have a combined 12 national championships since 1980. UGA? 0. Despite what Finebaum tells you, UGA doesn't belong in the same breath as those blue-bloods until they actually win a title. Good luck this weekend, you'll end up ranked tied with those lousy Gators again after all is said and done.
Correction: You've looked exactly like yourselves this year. Hate to break it to ya buddy, but the last 2 years were the outliers...
^^^This. Baseball and basketball both have black unis so it's just a matter of time until football does too.
If my dog was as ugly as Uga, I'd shave it's butt and tell it to walk backwards.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."
@VolsAreTrash. few things Dan's done at UF that Kirby hasn't at UGA: 1. Go undefeated in post-season. 2. Rise in rankings from pre-season to post-season. 3. Pay for a hair cut instead having his cousin just cut around the bowl.
Mark Richt is indeed gone but it's the same old song and dance for the puppies. Top 10 recruiting rankings with double digit win seasons and no NC rings to show for it. Muschamp 2.0 may be able to recruit slightly better than CMR but I don't expect anything to change in Athens. Squandering superior level talent is just in UGA's blood.
Well said @KirbyNotSoSmart. Florida's nonexsistent offense averages a measly 26.1 PPG in conference play while the self proclaimed juggernaut known as UGA averages an impressive 34.5 PPG. Amazing that only 8.4 PPG is the difference between the "big boys" and a "mid-level team"...
So basically, Mullen was at Florida beating Saban and Kirby's Alabama squad and busy winning championships while the rest of them were busy being assistants at lesser schools... Got it. Can't wait until Mullen and Co. bring the Gators back on top. #MGGA.
I agree, but unfortunately a player's character doesn't hold as much weight in the Heisman voting as I would like. Put up the stats and that's all that matters, as evidenced by Scam Newton's trophy in 2010...