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@VolsAreTrash. few things Dan's done at UF that Kirby hasn't at UGA: 1. Go undefeated in post-season. 2. Rise in rankings from pre-season to post-season. 3. Pay for a hair cut instead having his cousin just cut around the bowl.
Mark Richt is indeed gone but it's the same old song and dance for the puppies. Top 10 recruiting rankings with double digit win seasons and no NC rings to show for it. Muschamp 2.0 may be able to recruit slightly better than CMR but I don't expect anything to change in Athens. Squandering superior level talent is just in UGA's blood.
Well said @KirbyNotSoSmart. Florida's nonexsistent offense averages a measly 26.1 PPG in conference play while the self proclaimed juggernaut known as UGA averages an impressive 34.5 PPG. Amazing that only 8.4 PPG is the difference between the "big boys" and a "mid-level team"...
So basically, Mullen was at Florida beating Saban and Kirby's Alabama squad and busy winning championships while the rest of them were busy being assistants at lesser schools... Got it. Can't wait until Mullen and Co. bring the Gators back on top. #MGGA.
I agree, but unfortunately a player's character doesn't hold as much weight in the Heisman voting as I would like. Put up the stats and that's all that matters, as evidenced by Scam Newton's trophy in 2010...