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See Corch, when you refrain from publishing nonsensical short stories, you can actually be pretty funny. Personally, I'd rather have Dan at Florida than I would Kirby. But until Eddy can get a W in Jacksonville, I think you have to give the bump to the bowl-cut.
Cold blooded... If only Percy was on the sidewalk to teach Billy Gonzalez another lesson after that debacle.
Congrats on an impressive showing last night. I'm not sure that I'd consider beating up on a decent Big 12 team as a 'statement win' but I also don't condone you bragging to the rest of your trailer park about kissing your sister. I guess there's some things I'll just never agree with Dawg fans on.
True. I was just thinking the same thing. Only logical explanation for O's response to that question really. God forbid he was actually genuine when he said that 3 teams who actually put up a fight into the second half were better than the almighty Bulldogs. I mean everyone else in the SEC sees Georgia for what they've always been, but I'll continue to draw at straws before I come out of denial #allbarknobite.
"The likes of UGA, LSU, Bama, OSU, Oklahoma". LOL. LSU - 2003, 2007 Bama - 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 OSU - 2002, 2014 Oklahoma - 1985, 2000 Those other 4 scores have a combined 12 national championships since 1980. UGA? 0. Despite what Finebaum tells you, UGA doesn't belong in the same breath as those blue-bloods until they actually win a title. Good luck this weekend, you'll end up ranked tied with those lousy Gators again after all is said and done.
Correction: You've looked exactly like yourselves this year. Hate to break it to ya buddy, but the last 2 years were the outliers...
^^^This. Baseball and basketball both have black unis so it's just a matter of time until football does too.
If my dog was as ugly as Uga, I'd shave it's butt and tell it to walk backwards.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."
@VolsAreTrash. few things Dan's done at UF that Kirby hasn't at UGA: 1. Go undefeated in post-season. 2. Rise in rankings from pre-season to post-season. 3. Pay for a hair cut instead having his cousin just cut around the bowl.
Mark Richt is indeed gone but it's the same old song and dance for the puppies. Top 10 recruiting rankings with double digit win seasons and no NC rings to show for it. Muschamp 2.0 may be able to recruit slightly better than CMR but I don't expect anything to change in Athens. Squandering superior level talent is just in UGA's blood.
Well said @KirbyNotSoSmart. Florida's nonexsistent offense averages a measly 26.1 PPG in conference play while the self proclaimed juggernaut known as UGA averages an impressive 34.5 PPG. Amazing that only 8.4 PPG is the difference between the "big boys" and a "mid-level team"...
So basically, Mullen was at Florida beating Saban and Kirby's Alabama squad and busy winning championships while the rest of them were busy being assistants at lesser schools... Got it. Can't wait until Mullen and Co. bring the Gators back on top. #MGGA.
I agree, but unfortunately a player's character doesn't hold as much weight in the Heisman voting as I would like. Put up the stats and that's all that matters, as evidenced by Scam Newton's trophy in 2010...