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A good judge applies the law as it’s written not as they wish it were written
Tebows 145 tds responsible for seems pretty h touchable. Curious if this was omitted because the author disagrees, or if omitted because the other 10 are more untouchable
Haha looks like a madden glitch in real life.
Lol. Yea take your Georgia goggles off. Alabama’s running backs over the last 15 years smoke Georgia’s
I remember his recruitment. I wanted him in our orange and blue so bad
Best part about this post is I can prove it to be false right now. I think 2020 Alabama was better
Best part of this post is I can prove it to be false. I think 2020 Alabama is Better and I’m not an Alabama fan.
Correct me if I’m wrong- didn’t minkah mostly play safety at Alabama? I know he lined up everywhere, but wasn’t he primarily a safety?
Under no circumstances is this any type of endorsement of Aaron Hernandez. But can a journalist really not mention his name as a side statistic. I get the idea of not mentioning him to not draw attention to him. But saying “a Gator tight end who won in 2009” draws more attention to him
As proud as I am of Trask for his season- this award isn’t his. I think Smith would be a really interesting heisman winner.
That was the play of the game. Florida had the chance to make it 14-7 and instead Alabama made it 14-7 The rest of the game florida was playing catch-up. It was also one hell of an interception from Dean, but that’s irrelevant now.
It was an absolute joy watching you play for 3 years Kyle. The best TE in school history. I can’t wait to watch you tear up the nfl
You can win with class and you can win like an arrogant jerk. You don’t even need to act like you’ve been there before. You have been. Credit to all of Alabama. But those two are some big time losers
Congrats Alabama. Except your two guys gator chomping. They can go F themselves
Alabama is just too legit top all the way through. Proud of the gators. They appear to be fighting hard.
It’s hard to argue. Inexcusable that Kyle Pitts didn’t play
This is far worse. Florida is literally in a 2 week season for a playoff birth
I hope every nfl scout sees this and realized what a selfish player he is.
If anybody has a link to the transfer portal please send it to Marco Wilson. I never bash players for poor performance on the field. But he selfishly cost the Gators, a team in the middle of the playoff hunt, a shot. Please transfer.
It’s very obvious as this point. If Florida wins the SECCG Trask wins the heisman. If Alabama wins the game, Jones wins the trophy. You can’t justify giving it to Lawrence or fields as they just don’t have the body of work. Hats off to Trask and Jones for the years they are having. 2019 - takeover due to an injury. 2020 - heisman contender. Two great stories.
Bottom line-the sec championship game will determine the heisman trophy winner. These two are neck and neck and it’s a two horse race
Assuming no hiccups for either team along the way, I’m going to bank on whichever team wins the sec championship will have the heisman winner on it.
Florida and aTm is really interesting. Same record but aTm has the head to head advantage. However, UF controls its own destiny where aTm needs some help.
You don’t. But, his start this season is more impressive than Tua or burrows purely because it involved no out of conference cupcakes. Trask is the real deal
I love Feleipe and I’m thrilled for him and the success he is having at Arkansas. I hope he is forever welcomes back to the swamp as a Gator much like Jalen Hurts and Alabama. No bad feelings at all here. I hope he gets a warm welcome Saturday, is on the losing end, and has a great finish to the season and professional career.