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College recruit gets his dream offer and commits. Cancels all future visits.
Obviously the video gets posted for recruitment purposes.....but pittmans excitement and level of care seems genuine here.
“We’ll see...” “It’ll be interesting to see...” “We’ll find out if...”
Stafford been more consistent and may have longevity on his side But cam at his best was far greater than stafford at his best
I feel like everyone is missing the point. If these players are so special and rare they should only occur “once a generation” Then we shouldn’t be able to name multiples of them from the same time frame.
Does anyone else find it odd that people refer to Herschel and Bo as “once in a generation” type players....yet they played 5 years apart from each other
Just make sure it’s not forgotten that in between floridas two basketball national chanpionship they won the football national championship.
At least Adams admitting to his homer picks now...that’s a start.
I think people always lean Miami 01 because the players became nfl superstars and to this day have insane name recognition. If I recall, their skill players were Clinton Portis Willis McGahee Frank gore Andre Johnson Reggie Wayne Jeremy Shockey That holds up insanely well.
First of all... he threw for 32 and ran for 23. So let’s focus on the rushing. He rushed for nearly 900 yards so it’s not like he only came in for short yard situations. And even if a good amount were less than 5 yards (don’t know exactly total) if it’s so easy to do that, why don’t others?
To pretend Florida isn’t a worthy adversary after what we did the last 2 years is just wrong on Georgia’s part To pretend that Florida doesn’t need to beat Georgia to top the last hurdle on our way to the top is wrong on floridas part
I think it’s slightly more than just beating Georgia. In 2014 we beat a good georgia team while we ourselves were en route to a brutal season that saw muschamp fired. If we beat Georgia, but underwhelm every else it won’t be successful
Because I’m sure the author wants recognition- I did pick up the “sour” reference
I’ll say this to Arkansas fans - you are getting a good kid and a fiery competitor. His teammates and coaches never had anything bad to say about him. I love Feleipe Franks and look forward to watching him next year
Good luck LSU. We’re all behind you. Represent well
I remember his recruitment well. Was down to Florida and Oregon and committed to Oregon at one of the summer Nike camps I believe. Then I believe he followed taggart to FSU when he left Oregon. He was a pretty athletic prospect. 2 years of eligibility left or 1?
I like fromm from a rivals perspective. The guy wasn’t scared of Jacob Eason and then played well enough to make fields transfer. Fromm is a true stud in my mind who always did things right. Hate that he was 3-0 against Florida. With that being said, him and swift leaving should make Florida the preseason east favorites. Looking forward to seeing the season play out
Big! Needs players of this caliber to compete. Also, great programs don’t lose legacy recruits so great to see on two fronts.
I’ve seen nothing from toney to make me think he is sniffing the first round. Need to see a complete route tree from him.
Depends if you’re judging by ranked at time of game or end of season rankings I’m regardless, poor attempt to jab Alabama
Good. Him, Copeland, toney, and Pitts should give us a solid core
If he got as you claim, “literally 4-6 positive yards every carry” teams would have been lining up for him to get him 25 carries and 100-150 yards per game. He would then go down as one of the most efficient backs in nfl history. That’s clearly not happening With that Being said, good luck with the opportunity and I hope you make the most of it
1. He didn’t have to apologize, but did. For that I think it’s genuine and am appreciative. 2. Why apologize now? No further risk of suspension now that the season is over?
I heard Kansas, which makes sense. He originally committed to play for les miles at LSU so clearly he has a relationship
Can cbs please sell the sec on cbs theme song to whoever gets the rights I need that song on my Saturdays at 3:30
Lol. Chase Daniel and NFL starter? The dudes started like 4 games, all due to injuries. I’m not knocking him, but for you to claim him as an “NFL starter” is laughable And Blaine gabberts one of the bigger nfl busts in recent memory. Him I am knocking. Drew locks off to a promising start, but bragging about one good week? Come on now. At least act like you belong in the sec.