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Daniel Hood.....wasn't he the player who had some very serious criminal charges out against him when he was in high school? Not trying to troll but inquiring.
Reggie Nelson is the founder of DBU in my mind. He had put together a solid career in the NFL.
$50k? Where on earth did you come up with that figure?
Something tells me Malik Davis- who is questionable for season rehabbing his knee, will not be spring MVP
It was a treat to watch a player of his caliber. Happy he no longer gets to torment sec teams.
It's actually not hard to argue at all. Florida finished 3rd in the final bcs pill. Had ND been punished say...the week before the final rankings then Florida would have played in the national championship.
This list absolutely needs to have Sam Bradford on it.
Mel kipers job is not to be a talent evaluator. But rather a predictor of where things will fall.
I'm a big fan of Eason. I have been ever since he handled himself so professionally during the recruiting process. He committed to Georgia, started to look around quietly a little after Richt left, visited Florida, never once started trolling both fan bases but just was making sure Georgia was right for him, and then solidified his commitment to Georgia. I was very impressed with him then, was very impressed with his play as a true freshman, and then very impressed with how he handled losing his job to an injury. I hope he has a great two years at Washington and a successful career tossing the ball in the NFL
If I'm him I am be more concerned about mom seeing that hog in his lip than I am about a Tennessee fan seeing this video
You can only please one fanbase with a list like this.
Surprise surprise - crist takes a shot at the gatorsActually the real shot will be when he put anyone below tebow. I'm also curious as to where he places rex.
They absolutely can recommend surgeons. Florida recommended a surgeon for a prospect last year (he ended up choosing Miami)
maybe its the poor video quality - but i'm a little surprised the pitcher didn't do more to either apologize or check on tebow. Typically thats what you do when you accidentally drill someone, especially in the head.
I feel like who wrote this never watched Jeff Driskel in college. If you were to ask a gator fan to name Driskel's biggest strength it would be his running ability. The dude was a strong, powerful, fearless runner.
I think you're a little off here. The writer says, it's not wrong of saban to leave his job for. Better situation for him, just as it's not wrong for a qb to leave Alabama for a better situation for him.its the hypocrisy he had an issue with.
Wow. Talk about being torn. Love watching FSU lose a legacy, especially one they long considered a lock. Don't like the idea much of white and cook in the same backfield at UGA.then again, Chubb and Michel are 0-3 vs Florida.
You're thinking taborWilson ran a 4.54 I believe. Not blistering fast but plenty fast with his size and physicality.
It's a valid question. Clearly tabor relies on technique and instincts over speed.at least now we know the answer to the question can a 4.7 corner can be successful in the SEC. we will find out about the NFL with tabor.I think tabor could be much more successful in a zone scheme rather than a man to man
Know your role little tyke...you should know better than to talk back to big brother like that
You indicate early on that these spots are awarded solely on passing yards totals.Yet #3 on your list had more passing yards than #2.So either you messed up there or this list is more an opinion piece. If it's an opinion piece them you have some serious explaining on how tebows heisman season is behind Drew lock.Also- if it's solely based on passing yards- the headline should not be "10 best seasons...." The headline should be the 10 highest passing yard totals by a sophomore in sec history.This is classic C- work in a sophomore journalism class.
It's like this. Big brother and little brother go outside to play basketball. Little brother throws up a 3 and hits it. Little brother then proceeds to talk trash.You could almost say its big brothers duty to remind little brother that he is nothing special, not to get cocky, and that one lucky 3 he made doesn't erase the previous history and if you proceed to talk smack big bro will get pissed and lay the smack down.So little brother, we are trying to help you. You won one game in 12 years. You genuinely earned a hard fought win against big brother. But don't forget you're still little brother. And big brothers always have the upper hand on little brothers.
You're still 1-11 the last 12 match upsAlso- we won the eastAlso we've won 2 national title since your last oneAnd I'll throw in the two basketball titles tooYou deserved the win last year... Your team fought back hard and wonBut Tennessee still has no room to talk
Are you aware actual scouts have said that taking his celebrity nature and putting it asideTaking chance a raw athlete with that much power isn't a risk and not unheard of.No one is claiming he is the next great MLB all star- but let's not pretend like he doesn't have the raw skills some team might find appealing to take a chance on.Also- this is baseball....there are plenty of minor league spots available.