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We felt similar when tebow lose the heisman in 08 to Bradford. Bradford had superior stats, but played in the big 12 where colt McCoy, graham harrel, chase Daniel, Todd reesing, all put up insane numbers. The good news was tebow got to go head to head against Bradford a few weeks later for the national championship. Tua gets that chance and I'm willing to bet his team will be out to prove he should have won
In summary- How is Georgia more prepared for Tua? They know going into that game that he will be playing.
I feel this was a list of statistical games....as great as Greg was in that game (believe me I kept thinking that he was going to lose it somehow) I don't think he makes the list stat wise
I agree...I love the way chubb runs. Very few have the ability to put your head down and plow like he does.
Hardly trying to defend these actions....but didn't an Alabama fan poison some trees because he was upset Alabama lost ?
I believe they are doing what the kids call "trolling"
Different ballgame playing them at home vs on the road....but yes, Florida should come into this game with confidence. I'm just excited that it's going into week 8 and Florida is still in talks to represent the east in Atlanta
No question Alabama is the best team.....but anything could happen
It's just insane....aguayo was automatic in college. So many kickers have failed, but for a team to trade up and draft him in the 2nd round he will have to go down as the biggest bust ever for a kicker.
This is a fairly standard call for a referee when the center forgets the snap count and doesn't snap at the signal that was called.
Pet peeve: when sports writers make a list of top 5 but then put two players on one line item and list 6 players. Why not just call this top 6 players? It's like naming the MVP of the game the offensive line. That is Most valuable Unit, not player.
You got him! CrankE just destroys Tim Tebow.
There are so many ways one could measure this Career stats Season stats Draft positions The eye test Etc... Of course you're going to defend michel and chubb. 75 arguments could easily be made for others
Is it just me or do other people hate when there is a list of people and they put two people at the same number. You can't call it a top 10 list and then list 11.
Good for jake. Will get a great education and I imagine he will be the most talented QB Dartmouth has seen in quite some time. He always handles things the right way. Big fan of Jake Allen and I'm rooting for him.
Exactly. For example: Kirby should be able to claim blank number of Alabama players he coached were drafted.....but he should not be slapping their names and faces on a UGA brand
I must say I'm on the FSU players side here. Using players names as a recruiting pitch for schools they didn't go to - just wrong. Especially for rivals. Claim the number, don't claim the player and put their name on another schools brand.
Is someone offered me this as a bet I would take loans out to help fund how much money I could put on Alabama. But hey....you have to have confidence in this sport so good on him
I think it's safe to say that tebow has surpassed everyone's expectations for what he could do on a diamond. Not saying he is a MLB ball player, but I never thought he would be hitting dingers off AA pitching. Also I still remember john crists article where he said, "failed football player soon to be failed baseball player". Such classless journalism and obvious bias from a fsu guy. Just trash
Really stretching for content now a days....
My first reaction upon reading the headline- how is Alabama now included in this argument? Happy the article addressed this. All 3 have had some great backs, but I would take the Alabama crew.
Seems a little extreme to compare him to Hernandez. Callaway is an idiot, no doubt, but because he has some weed issues and used a credit card fraudulently certainly doesn't justify comparing him to a murderer
Daniel Hood.....wasn't he the player who had some very serious criminal charges out against him when he was in high school? Not trying to troll but inquiring.
Reggie Nelson is the founder of DBU in my mind. He had put together a solid career in the NFL.
$50k? Where on earth did you come up with that figure?
Something tells me Malik Davis- who is questionable for season rehabbing his knee, will not be spring MVP
It was a treat to watch a player of his caliber. Happy he no longer gets to torment sec teams.