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Not sure if I’m missing sarcasm here, but horford was gone well before the bulls drafted Noah. Billy did have some statements about how horford was a better prospect though. Ultimately both had success.
Adam I do have a question. Would you be this passioned about any other player or are you willing to admit that this article was written out of bias and passion for your team? I’ll respect the move if you say it’s written as a fan (but you may lose respect as attempts at being an unbiased sports writer) People probably won’t respect if you try to play this off as journalism that you would do for any SEC team/player
I can’t velieve at this point he ever gets a chance to be a starter unless am injury occurs. But mcCarron has still put together a great career as a backup. There is something to be said about someone who can consistently be signed time and time again. Reminds me of chase Daniel, never got a shot to be the guy, but keeps cashing paycheck after paycheck
Let's not get carried away with calling FSU "marquee"
"A true staple of playmaking back..." Am I wrong, or is it "stable". Like a stable of horses.
All I know is this. Franks set the floor last year with his play. 24 TDs 6 INTs and 2,500 yards. That is the floor expectation. Franks either comes in and gives us that or more, or jones comes in and gives us that or more. I'm thrilled with the problem. These two guys are both great teammates and I can't wait to see this play out.
A lock to break seems strong.....a good chance to break seems more accurate
This is a good way to phrase it....if I'm a mizzou fan, give me James franklin every single Saturday over drew lock With that said, nothing against him and I hope the best for him
Someone needs to explain to me how anyone has to "live up to the #4 jersey" Drew lock was 21-26 as a starter. Do mizzou fans put him in the same category as brad smith or chase daniel? James Franklin should be higher in mizzou more than lock. Lock = Gabbert. All the tools in the world but never won anything of huge importance. And try to respond please without pointing out that He beat the gators twice. That's not responding to the question on hand.
What an absolute stud Jake Fromm is to have put 2 5 star quarterbacks on this list. Mad respect for him. He was no slouch of a recruit himself but The Eason and Fields hype was very real and he didn't back down.
Let's just slap an article together of dole famous alumni who were great players....jay cutler? Sure!!! Seriously....very few of these guys coach. Why would that be a good hire. Why not do some actual research to coaching vacancies and alumninfe the school who are actual coaches to fill those spots. Rather than just throw in Famous players. Such low grade journalism
I'm very curious as to your logic behind this? Did saban make the wrong call by playing Tua?
A heisman winner with a transfer 3 years in a row!
Congrats you won a game......we will let you sit at the big boy table once you've won an sec championship Until then, keep quiet while the adults talk
I'm not saying he sucks....I'm saying he never won a big game or came anywhere near having his team in championship discussion. Also, since you made the "Florida fan" comment. I've seen my team win 3 national championships in football and two in basketball. Mizzou hasn't won anything ever.
The big thing is the money is faster to come in the NFL. He is looking at a first round for NFL quarterback contract which will be significant. Compared to battling it out in the minors for a few years. Bigger, safer money lies with baseball but there are no guarantees. Russell Wilson and joe Mauer both had similar decisions of football vs baseball. Baseball if you're a can't miss prospect, otherwise football. I think Murray is a can't miss baseball so that's where I would go.
These are really dumb Can you imagine if Pruitt really allowed them to publish "get to 6". He would be roasted. 63 x 15??? if it's that confusing it isn't worth publishing
Also, why is this list specific to drew lock....this is applicable to any QB. It's basically just a list of "3 best landing spots if you're a quarterback".
Yes, he beat the gators and a handful of ranked teams every now and then, but never had mizzou in the sec championship hunt, and was 1-2 in bowl games with the win coming against a horrid Minnesota team.
Has there ever been another quarterback in the SEC who put up monster stats but never won a game that mattered quite like Drew Lock. If im an NFL GM I am staying as far away as possible.
Suspend referees with two calls overturned? Don't you think there are situations where this rule will result in brutal suspensions of a good ref who had two very difficult toe drags to judge
Best of luck and thanks for your two years. Hope to hear good things
There is really only one questionable one. Polite, Gardner-johnson, and Taylor are all projected in the first two rounds Scarlett as a RB should go as they have such short shelf lives. Joseph is the only one I was surprised by.
What a B.S. List!!! Here are the correct rankings 1. Florida 2006 2. Florida 2008 3-17 Who cares 18. 1999 Florida state 19. 2013 Florida state 20. 1998 Tennessee You're welcome
Why on earth would franks not be out 2019 starter? He improved immensely throughout the year as he got more and more comfortable in the system.
The full matchup...All lsu players and Milton playing But as CENTRAL FLORIDA loves to say, all we can do is play the game in front of us