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Could be 3 way tie when uga loses to fla. If Tn beats florida and wins out just saying 2020.
Yall will never see sugar bowl. Uga will never beat florida like that.
I still think the 17-1 home record since 84 stands for something. History tends to repeat itself. Enjoy but kinda like tennessee florida. U need more than 1 for a rivalry. U won but not exactly a dominating performance. Just an ugly game. The defense gave up hence the 17 second half points
Pittman is a great coach. Loved him at tennessee so glad hes having success.
They quit moving because they knew the spike call not because of anything else. The auburn players didnt expect bo Nix to nix it up like usual lol
I'm a tennessee boy. Yes pearl cheats. Yes he throws his assistants under the boat. You auburn fans like wins on technicalities huh?
We never go away. U didnt learn that under Dooley and butch? How many trophies u got?
I'm a florida boy living in knoxville. Pruitt's the man. Funny bama had him as DC just like kirby. Kirby just has bigger budget for recruits. U seen all the new cars in athens?
So the auburn guy literally right beside him wasnt going for the ball? Just admit you stole 1 dont justify it. Just enjoy and know you're not even as good as Arkansas.
I feel bad for Bo Nix people keep telling him hes some kind of star. Where do people get that? Hes not even top tier in his own conference. Good luck Gus last year on the plains.
1 right call arkansas wins. Cant let the zebras off the hook.
The Arkansas player sticks his arm out and tucks it in his gut. Clearly and immediately. Were u watching the game?
The Arkansas player clearly recovers it thanks sec. To be the best conference they need to get officials that are on par. Just a ridiculous screw job. Luckily auburn sucks so not like this starts a run but Sam Pittman deserved that.