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Going to 9 games hurts UGA in that the years with 5A games, we'ld have to host GT AS WELL AS the 2 teams we can schedule just to have 7H games. The years with 5H games would have us @ GT, & again needing to hose 2 teams to make 7H games. For those saying go without divisions - then please tell me how you're going to rank every team due to their lack of common opponents. Say 3 teams end up 6-2, but 2 of those teams played each other while the 3rd didn't. What's the solution? BTW, the NCAA REQUIRES conferences with 10+ teams to have divisions. Or those saying playing TSIO or DSOR as non-conf. games. WHY? it's a conf. opponent, so it counts as a conf. game! Lastly, the whole "move Aub. east" dialogue. Let me propose something to you: Aub. goes east. This now makes DSOR not a c-d game. What do you do then.....put TN in the west to make TSIO not a c-d game. But what do you have still have - MIZZ IN THE EAST! So congrats - you've ALMOST solved removing perm c-d games (forgetting a little event called The Iron Bowl?), but haven't corrected this. FYI, Aub. fans - if playing UF is that important to you, how about you playing them as non-conf.?
By all means, let's change DSOR historic NOVEMBER DATE just to "spice up" the SEC E's standings. *SMH*
Let's give a better UGA perspective on how we got hosed WORSE in this SEC change. 2012 H - Fl. A - Aub. H - GT 2013 (start of cycle) A - FL A - Aub. A - GT 2020 H - FL H - Aub. H - GT As you can see, the flipping of DSOR's rotation ALSO put us with 2 games either HOME or AWAY (Aub. & GT) to end the year. This ALSO puts us with our 3 BIGGEST games of each season on the road in odd years. So, before you complain, see how it impacted us!
That idea is far from working in that it requires many tiebreakers to sort out who should be above whom due to lack of common opponents.
What happens, in your case, the bottom teams get they take the same division spot as the team they replaced?
3 things: 1 - SEC WILL NOT put teams from the same state in 2 different divisions. Therefore, you can't separate Alabama/Auburn, Tn./Vandy, nor Miss./MSU. 2 - Your schedule format has eliminated the 4 SEC/ACC same state matchups: UGA/GT, USX/Clemson, Ky./Louisville, Florida/GT. 3 - Each conference never plays 7 of the teams in the other division. Since, in your example, UGA/Auburn & Tn./Vandy are staying.
Can we go back to the RED red color in our uniforms? Lately it's been a dull "tomato red" type of look. I like the DEEP red from back in the 80's/90's. This is the red I love to see.
1 - "Gator Chomp"....what are we - PacMan wannabe's? 20 - don't those exist in BASKETBALL? Not on the list, but should be: SHOW THE BANDS DURING HALFTIME! (& I don't mean no 30 secs. clip before cutting away to God knows how many other game recaps). We have all game to watch the athletes, cheerleaders, & fans. How about the group(s) that always get omitted from these games unless you're actually at the game?
I agree with everybody else.....WHAT is this supposed to be & how can you get HYPED on a slow, spaced out, "singer" who is just talking the words?!?!?
Want to reread the UGA comments on how we HATE the "changes"?
I personally would like to see a 16 team conference. Why? By doing that, you would have 8 teams in each division. Everybody has to play the others in your division (7 games). Put in your annual crossdivision, that makes it 8 games. You still get your 4 non-conference games & instate games (UGA-GT, UF-FSU, UK-LU, USC-CU). The downside would be having to balance the # home/away games. However, this can be resolved by the teams that have 3 home games (from their divisional schedule) gets their 4 home game by hosting their crossdivision. Those that have 4 home games (from divisional schedule) are away for their crossdivisional game. Input?
A few UGA & Auburn concerns: 1. Why put Mizz in the East if they're going to be replaced with Auburn? Go ahead & move Auburn now. 2. The DOWNSIDE with moving Auburn to the East is that now UGA & AU will have to find 2 schools to be their yearly crossover rival. Logically this would make sense to be TA&M & Mizz, but who would get whom? Guess nobody's thought about these yet.