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Imo: If you know that virtually every single year your school will finish in the Final Top 25. Prob higher. History matters so Texas and Fla still BB. The difference is schools like Mich St or Okla St or Baylor..they may be good in a given year, but they can't sustain it and have bad years too.
Looks like a great hire. It will interesting to see who his staff will be. I'd go after Doug Belk for DC.
pending issues at LSU will scare away the top candidates.
yeah somehow I posted this on the wrong thread. I meant to be classless elsewhere. Now pardon me while I go check some Gator posts for examples of high class comments. Shouldn't take too long
Did they teach you such witty repatoirre in the Marines?
Well at least there is plenty of room to spread out in their half empty stadium during games.
Sounds like a proud graduate of the SEC officiating school.
I wonder about Rich Rod. I think he is good offensive coach and could help somebody.
For my other two Id invite two homeless and broke former coaches for a hot meal. Dan Mullen so he could give dancing lessons and Coach O to flirt with Aunt Agnes.
For Thanksgiving I'd invite Peyton. Cuz Spurrier would drink all of my bourbon and Barkley would eat all of my turkey
That "whoosh" you heard was Arkansas passing Missouri in the SEC pecking order.
Before the poll era, multiple teams claimed the natty every year. I disregard pre 1936 championships for that reason. There are prob at least 50 schools claiming titles in the 20 years prior to 1936. Then, imo, any claim of a natty in the poll era (from 1936) is bogus unless the school finished #1 in at least one of the polls. Then its either a championship or a co championship. E.g. Ga claiming 1942 and Tech claiming 1952. Neither claim is legit.Neither time did those schools finish #1 in either poll. Meaning.. Ga has 1 championship, 1980 Tech has 1 co championship 1990
Michigan State was the undisputed 1952 national champion. #1 in both AP and Coaches Poll. Tech has never won an undisputed natty in the bowl era. 1990 was their only piece.. as a co champion. That said, they deserved the undisputed 1990 title since Colorado has an illegitimate win that year (5th down game).
Yes. When the rivalry started with gunfire, it needs to be here
Too many great rivalries to get mad about any one exclusion. Imo the author should have made it a Top 25 or all SEC or both to keep us SEC people happy. Honestly, is there more than 1 or 2 non SEC (no sec team involved) rivalries that anyone around here cares about? Mich v Oh State is it for me.
Once Texas and Okla get to the SEC, the games vs Ark will be great to watch.
I'm hoping the Gators win just so they have to play in the Birmingham Bowl vs somebody like Ga State.
I remember when Fla v Fla State mattered
I agree.see my comment above. I was wondering if anyone would question my inclusion of Kan v Mo above in my top rivalries. I knew anyone who knows American history would understand.
I'm old as dirt but still the Iron Bowl is #1