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Gwhite I'm not talking about imaginary nattys. Tenn and Ga both have 2 legit nattys. Both have 13 SEC titles. UGA leads the series 27-23-2. In total wins its Tenn 867. Uga 868. That sounds pretty even to me.
Being called stupid by gwhite is like being called fat by a pig.
Saban is a bad loser. Thats fine: I am too. Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser. But enough whining by Bama fans about everything. You had a less than outstanding season. It happens. No excuses necessary. Everybody knows Bama is still great. Your "bad" season was two last play losses on the road against excellent teams. Most other teams would love to be that "bad".
Thats because this is a discussion about SEC rivals. This just in: Tech is in the ACC. Dobt sleep on GT. Tech has made good hires in Key and Faulkner. Jackets are and always have been better than Vandy.
Don't generalize. Dawg fans know that historically UT and UGA are equal. But not lately. No obsession cuz UT isn't worth obsessing about. Not yet anyway P,s I've said it before and I will again: The SEC is better and more fun when Tenn is good. And so is UGA's schedule. I want UT to get back to good. I feel exactly the same about the Gators. Its not as much fun being a Gator Hater when they are down.
I thought about that but OM is historically the better rival for Bama. My guess for Miss St is OMiss, Auburn and either Texas or TexAM
OK for some reason I read the rest of this article. I am much dumber for it Q:What has to happen for Ky to make the playoffs? A: The 50 teams better than them have to call off their season.
This is a ridiculously bad take by Matt. Just like every other article he writes. The soapbox needs to be burned. The idea that Bama is afraid to play Tenn and wants to drop their 2nd best rivalry due to one loss to them in 16 years is ludicrous. Tenn had one good year. Bama has had one good century. Saban is just pointing out that the three permanent opponents for each school will not be equal. How can one writer be wrong so often? Imo Bamas 3 permanent opponents won't include LSU so it won't be as bad as Saban thinks. My guess is Ole Miss will be the 3rd one for Bama. My prediction for LSU is Ole Miss , Tex AM, and either Ark or Miss St.
Agreed. Kinda strange though because the other UGA potential draftees all likely will be 3rd day picks. Do you see a 3rd rounder among the 7 left? Maybe Chris Smith, Beal, or Mc Intosh if they have a good pro day.
I'm not so sure about basketball, but the baseball tourney is what needs to go. I would have a 3 game championship series with the top 2 teams. At Truist Park. Let everybody else rest their pitching for the NCAA tourney. Tourney # of invitations wouldn't change because for every team that plays its way in the NCAA tourney with tourney success, one plays their way out with tourney failure.
I've been wrong before. Once or twice :). But that said, despite his speed, I don't see Hyatt ever being a team's #1 receiver so he shouldn't go on Day 1 imo.. His routes are not always crisp and I've never seen him block anybody, so I question how successful he will be in the NFL, where sloppy routes cause interceptions and an occasional block is needed from even the best receivers. I would also question his size normally, but Devonte Smith as proven a tiny WR can be great. I see Hyatt as Rd 2 pick and being a quality #2 WR.in the NFL. But no better
If the Falcobs waste a 2nd round pick on another receiver, my head will explode. Then we would have 3 good receivers who never touch the ball because we have no QB. Until we have a qb could we please dear G od get a pass rusher or two? Give Grady some help
IDK about better than Stetson but when Shaw played at USC I thought he was the toughest dude in the SEC. Loved that guy.
Kurby went 8-5 in his first season. Saban went 7-6.1st seasons are tough and often not indicative of future results. No way will Sark lose his job after 2023. Just getting Arch will buy him at least another year. Texas will prob go 8-4 like usual but thats not 4-8. Venables on the other hand cannot afford another 6-6 like season imo or he will be gone. And unlike Texas, I don't see much to make me think Okla will improve considerably.
Also most of the thousands of articles you mention are literally one sentence of new info followed by aa few paragraphs of filler. I'm not trolling you. You actually DO write real articles and I think you are one of the best writers here. Even if I disagree with you which is often
Adam, A writer here should not have rabbit ears. Why engage people who's comments you don't agree with? Makes you look like Kevin Durant.
The investigation is over. The holdup for Pruitt is his ongoing lawsuit With UT regarding his unpaid buyout. Once that is settled, Pruitt will get hired. Maybe he can be analyst until Steele proves unworthy
Since obviously your reading comprehension skills are lacking, let me explain. I wasn't calling the 15 staff weak. It was maybe the best ever. It is this staff which is weak
This makes the Tommy Rees hire seem good
agreed. Iron Bowl is 1. Oh St v Mich is #2.
Selfishly, as a Dawg fan I'm happy Schumann is staying. I thought he would be a home run hire for Saban and a lot better than hiring a re tread like Steele. Never thought Steele was that great and I could not understand for the life if me why some Auburn boosters wanted him as head coach. Imo, both the OC and DC hires don't measure up to past Saban coordinators. Saban is having staffing issues. Go back and look at his 2015 staff and compare it to now..two weak coordinators and half of Muschamps SC staff. Huge dropoff . Great recruiting classes every year, but do those players develop like they used to? I don't think so.
Why do you always cr ap on your team? Love the Gators or leave em
This has nothing to do with this column but ... SEC has Saturday Down South. Big 10 has Saturday Traditions. ACC has Saturday Road. PAC has Saturday Out West. Are there any more? And why is SDS the only one who allows comments?
Imo a major omission is Ga Tech. New coach who had good interim run, a great OC hire in Faulkner. Haynes King is QB upgrade. They are even adding analysts. Tech has a great chance to win 6 or 7 in 2023. I hope so cuz I have a lot of long suffering friends who are Tech grads.
So who replaces him? Dan Mullen is who I believe would be a good fit. But we all know he isn't into that recruiting thing so idk. Joe Brady is another although he seems to like the NFL better. Who else?
Gamecock fans must cringe when Psy cho Willybob uses their logo. He is an ignorant ra cist who has never had a girlfriend. Only the family sheep knows him Intimately and he says Willybobs pec ker is Baaaaad.