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I’m pretty sick of hearing about this guy. It may be that he whipped out butts for so long, but I just can’t stand all of the extra BS that seems to surround him.
@Dak to the Future - Ordinarily, probably yes talent-wise, but not necessarily this guy. Dude is a legit ball player. @Rick34 - Not making an excuse. If the statement is "27 pts to UMass, WTH UGA???" you have to look at the game a little closer than a point differential. Your post history is full of hate for the dawgs, more often than not prognosticating they'll lose. Who hurt you - why so sad? Can't tell if you're trolling, or just hate yourself. Tech's got something rolling but in no way are the Dawgs less capable of handling them than any of the others we've played so far. No doubt Bama will be a heck of a challenge, but 40 is a bit much.
Love me some ‘tree, but this is the most believable headline I’ve read today.
While I generally agree with your first statement, I'm not all that worried about this game. Regarding Rod, good from 40yds and 9/9 XP seems like a good day at the office to me.
My guy, UGA was playing some true freshmen who'd never seen the field before tonight. It's going to happen. Especially when they're up against a senior WR playing the last (and best) game of his career.
God levels the playing field. What would Alabamians do without Bama, Auburn, and Talladega?
Just stop, please. You’ve got enough to worry about at home.
@WarEagle4ever - Pause the video at 00:16. Bryant absolutely leads (and makes first contact) with the crown of his helmet, on the helmet of Fromm, who is literally falling to the ground unable to protect himself because he is being dragged down by another player. This is targeting, plain and simple, and actually one of the exact plays that prompted the creation of the penalty in the first place.
Humility suits you, UK1970. Looking forward to what Stoops and the boys bring to Athens next October.
"looked easy" - remind me, at what point during that game last year did Alabama have the lead? Just the end? The comeback was incredible, but it was far, far from "easy". Congrats on the statement win in BR, we'll see you in ATL on 12/1.
Winning streaks don’t mean a thing, and you know they don’t.
Not unlike Alabama fans calling for Tua to come off the bench last season....
I love that the go-to “insult” when trash talking UGA is to call the team puppies. Makes me laugh. We’re not in 2nd grade, you can do better.
@UK1970 - no need to get sensative. A win is a win (Georgia knows all about that). Kentucky is getting its fair share of respect, ease up with the inferiority complex. When was the last time UK had a ranking in the top 10 - like 10 years ago?? Gonna be interesting for sure!
“beat Florida by double digits” - check “Manhandled an overconfident SC team” - check “Did what they needed to do against Vanderbilt and Missouri” - double check I admire your confidence, but emotion ain’t everything. Should be a great game.
Yeah, to be honest it’s this kind of thing that makes me want to just stop following any recruiting news until signing day. It’s his life to live, but to say you’re 100% committed only a few days ago, and then back out like this is pretty indicative of who he is and how he thinks. He’s not the first, and won’t be the last. It’s a shame.
A bit aggressive on the cop's part, huh? If this went down as you claim, I'd say dude has a case to be made.
Are you so butt hurt that you went out of your way to make an SDS account and try to talk smack?
Not a chance. Both will find it hilarious, point fingers, and laugh. In all seriousness, if I were there I’d make it a point to congratulate the UCF fans for trolling gameday.
Is that supposed to mean something?
I doubt it has more to do with who’s at WR and who he’ll be competing with for playing time than it does how he sees himself being utilized in the offensive scheme we’re running. These kids have to look out for themselves, and I can’t blame him for taking some time to reconsider his options. Hope he has some good visits at Auburn and Miami, and comes home on signing day.
What's your zip code? I can help with the search for a mental health professional in the Knoxville area.
@Trudawg @Voltrain, whatever you like being called - seek professional help. You might be the only poster on any sports website I've visited who consistently, unsuccessfully, attempts to troll a fanbase, most often unprompted. I'm not one to make light of depression/mental disability, but seek help.
I don't know if Pruitt and Kirby are friends. They've worked together, yes, but I wouldn't put that relationship at the same level as he and Champ. If this one gets out of hand, I wouldn't expect to see Kirby pump the brakes as hard as he did against USCjr.