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1. Bullard hit wasn’t late. 2. Your father is a failure for raising such a whiny human being.
Now you're just lying and looking ridiculous while doing so. Kirby didn't know until 11/2/2021, the day Adam was suspended. If this was out in the public before the game it would have been all over the news... but it wasn't... because it wasn't known until after.
Don't let the court records get in the way of you bashing Kirby EastTenn. Incident occured 10/29/2021. UGA played Florida on 10/30/2021. UGA athletic department notified of incident on 11/2/2021. Anderson suspended from UGA on 11/2/2021. Cold. Hard. Facts.
GoVols.. maybe you guys ran the same two plays because Joe Milton can't be trusted to do anything else? I mean why would you keep doing the same thing over and over while you were losing to Austin Peay?
I didn't ignore it, just didn't think it was necessary to repeat something that was covered within the first 3 sentences of the article you are commenting on. Congrats on playing a non-conference road game outside of FL for the first time in over 30 years though!
FL being so terrible is one of the main reasons our schedule is so weak.
Would you have more confidence in Beck if he had started and lost his starting job twice due to poor performance?
As someone who grew up in the NE and had no ties to the SEC before enrolling at UGA, UT is Texas for the vast majority of this country. Tennessee just isn't as big of a brand as Texas and it honestly isn't that close.
UGA is focused on winning more national championships, not where a WR gets drafted. That's a silly thing to hang your hat on. You need to reevaluate your priorities gwhite.
What? I’m referring to the naming of the OC position as silly. Name a meeting room after them or something but “John and Alice Sands Offensive Coordinator” is silly, any objective person would agree. Growing up is overrated anyway.
Your original post was a joke? What was funny about it? Just seemed like you were complaining that the article wasn't about LSU.
Hayes is 100% wrong, below is the direct quote the SEC put out at the time. "The Southeastern Conference has directed the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee to postpone scheduled football games versus Oklahoma because the transition of Oklahoma into the SEC will not allow for the involved institutions to fulfill their respective contractual nonconference home-and-home appearance obligations. Because the second non-conference game in each of the Georgia-Oklahoma and Tennessee-Oklahoma series is scheduled to take place after Oklahoma joins the SEC in 2025, the conference is directing the postponement of the Georgia at Oklahoma game in 2023 and the Oklahoma at Tennessee game in 2024 until such time that those matchups become part of the conference rotation of games in future years."
Is this supposed to be some kind of insult? At the end of the day Tennessee and UGA have the same amount of Men's basketball championships... ZERO. But at least UGA has made it to a Final Four, Tennessee has NEVER made it past the 2nd weekend.
I'm guessing the "source" cited was of the anonymous type...
Yep, I'm from Greensboro and it is the HEART of ACC country, the tournament is awesome there. Boeheim has always been a loser so I'd put zero stock into what he says. Also has a nice downtown with great restaurants and bars (plus it doesn't smell like human waste like several of these other cities)
Haha yep, seems like Holden did Bama a favor by leaving.
Spurrier had a losing record against UGA while at USCe, granted that was the greatest run USCe ever had in their history, but still not impressive when you lose more than you win. Especially considering it was the beatdown in 2015 that UGA put on USCe that forced Spurrier to retire. You keep thinking you are making a point, the problem is you are proving my point that USCe is not a football school and you can't look at Bobo's tenure there and think the same will happen at UGA.
Not sure going from 33 ppg to 30 ppg is running it into the abyss but to each their own I guess... Also CSU never had a top 5 offense under McElwain, unless you just go by yards/game. He hovered in the mid 30s for scoring, same thing Bobo did while he was there. I'd rather have points than yards.
Spurrier had solid seasons but you guys didn't win anything of significance while he was there, hence why I said even Saban couldn't win consistently there. Don't take offense, you guys have a great WBB team to cheer on!
Bobo was never the problem at USCe. USCe just isn't a football school, Saban himself wouldn't be able to win consistently over there. Just look at what Muschamp has done since leaving that place.
Hot take there Connor! Bobo's offenses weren't as good at CSU, AU or USC where the talent level is significantly less than at UGA. You failed to mention that the HC of that abysmal USC team just won the National Championship at UGA as the Co-DC so maybe it isn't all on the coaches.
Bobo was OC when I was in College and I always liked him. His 2014 team still holds the UGA record for points/game.
Good luck Todd, thanks for a fun couple of years in Athens!
And I don't see Saban repeating that mistake but I guess he could.
I don't see it happening. Saban knows recruiting is King in CFB & a 24 hr job. Mullen only recruits during the summer.
Was thinking the same thing, maybe they meant highest paid in the COUNTY.