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I think the word "limit" is the wrong word to call it. It's more like a threshold that, once reached, allows the team to make a decision on whether they'd like to continue to play. If that threshold is not met, the team has no option but to play.
Just curious, what was Kyle Trask's star rating? Mac Jones'?
Seems like you didn't understand his post. He said SBIV and the defensive line should've been on the list. He was poking fun at Stetson and UGA's inept passing game.
Pretty impressive but it looks like he got a tech on that first one.
You could make the argument that he was the smartest guy in the room when Florida and SC hired him, less so because he is smart and more so because those hiring him were fools.
No hate Neil, just embarrassed for you.
Yea I'm gonna go ahead and believe what Tua said he Tua do over what you said Tua would do.
I agree with this. He was serviceable against Arkansas and Auburn but I wouldn't say he had mojo. I'll say he does not lack in confidence, though I'm not sure why given his play.
Neil-I'm guessing you don't think Florida has a shot at the SEC championship or the CFP since you said if Trask wins this game it will be the crowning achievement of his college career. Weird take.
The points waycross made don't show that Jones is a POS, just that the WaPo was sleazy. I agree about repping your state's interests first but 99% of politicians put party over their own constituents. That makes them a bad politician or representative but I wouldn't say that made them a POS as you called Jones.
Thanks for they reply but to me having progressive politics in a conservative state doesn't make one a POS. As for the second point, it seems like that was more on the WaPo for withholding the news than it was on Doug Jones so not sure how that could be used to say Doug was a POS either.
Just curious because I don't follow Alabama politics closely, what makes Jones a POS?
The word best is subjective so you can't really get mad at ben when he says its a tie for first.
Calm down children. While I haven't seen Sjack or Gator post on here very often so I can't comment on them being trolls, I do know that BamaTime posts on here 10-15 times a day with the vast majority of his posts being troll jobs. All of you guys need to grow up.
I'm not so sure it's safe to say that as it's so early in the season. After two games last year everyone thought Tennessee would be the worst team in the conference but that wasn't the case. I think Vandy, Mizzou, Arkansas & A&M are all pretty terrible. S. Carolina and Miss St are slightly better than those four previously mentioned but I still wouldn't say that it's safe to say that 3 of the 4 worst teams are in the East.
How are you so certain that the bottom of the west is better than the bottom of the east? None of those teams have played each other yet.
Tough breaks for him, hope he finds a school he feels comfortable at.
Doubtful, Newman didn't opt out until the first week of September and JT Daniels transferred to UGA in late May.
How did you come to that conclusion? Or are you one of a myriad of trolls on this site?
What? Nobody was throwing $$ at Burrow when he left Ohio St.
I like Vandy and Ole Miss to cover. 28.5 pts is too much, even if it's against Vandy & Plumlee is going to score some points for Ole Miss, kid is a stud.
Innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately for Guice he doesn't have the cleanest record so most people will assume guilty until proven innocent.
Yep it's probably TruVol/TruDawg with a few more fake accounts.
Mark's classes were about helping football players, not people. Let's not pretend that every UGA student received the benefits of Mark's classes.
I believe the B10 does a semi-permanent crossover, meaning that they switch them up every four years
I would think that the lack of competition from other football leagues would allow the FCS to get more lucrative TV deals to help prop up their athletic departments. Of course there's still college basketball, NBA & MLB to compete with in the spring but I think there'd be enough interest in them to make it work.