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I think Davis Mills in 2017 was a 5 star who went to Stanford. I can't remember if Deshaun Watson was a 5 star or not. But there's been a definite increase in QB talent from GA the last few years.
JT had over 400 yds passing in his first game with UGA, I'd say that it clicked for him pretty fast.
What a weird thing to write on a UGA article about next season. Are you a troll or just a hater?
As a diehard Steelers fan I hate the man, but Antonio Brown is 5'10 and weighs about 180 lbs. One could easily make the argument that he was the best WR this past decade.
Willybob, he's being paid not to coach at S. Carolina. If UGA decided to fire Kirby and S. Carolina hired him I really wouldn't care, I mean if we fired him it means we didn't want him anymore anyway.
He never said it isn’t true, just that DP should be absolutely certain that what he’s saying is true, otherwise he should just let the investigation play out on its own.
If you want to go the ex UT player route, I'd think Jerod Mayo would be before Witten.
Alabama should be #1. I feel like Dodd intentionally ranked Bama 4th behind Clemson, UGA & Oklahoma just to stir up the message boards, no way he can actually believe that.
The unnecessary shots at LSU and their fans in the first few paragraphs lost me. 2020 Alabama very well may be better than 2019 LSU but Dave lost all credibility after those first few lines, sounds more like a fan boy posting on a message board than an actual journalist.
I'd like to thank Alabama for that dominating performance last night. I was able to fall asleep just after halftime thanks to that blowout.
Not taking anything away from Fields because that performance against Clemson was fantastic, but I just don't see Bama playing as poorly as Clemson did. They just seemed so out of whack from the beginning to end of that game and I just can't see a Saban coached team being unable to make the adjustments necessary if things start going south for them.
It's weird going into the offseason with more confidence in the offense than in the defense. I think DL & LB will be fine but the secondary has me a little worried.
After watching him in the NC game as a freshman I thought he'd leave with at least two championships and a Heisman, still one hell of a career he had. Looking forward to watching him develop in the NFL.
TDOW Burrow had the single greatest season for a QB, but his first season as a starter was average at best. Tebow has more passing yards, passing tds, rushing yards and rushing tds (44 more of those than Burrow). You can't just look at one season when it comes to the greatest, it's a career thing and Tebow blows Burrow out of the water.
Looking at your post history is all I need to know that you've got issues dude.
BamaTime whining over any positive news about other teams?! Never saw that coming...
I believe Tebow played at Florida... and trust me it pains me to admit he's the greatest college quarterback of all time.
Franks would've still been the starter at Florida had it not been for an injury.
Not pinning it all on Edwards, but our offense just didn't flow well with him in there. Obviously having a young core back with more experience helps too.
Anyone who watched UGA last year knew they'd be a better team this year. Anthony Edwards is talented but the entire offense revolved around him last year, forcing up way too many prayer shots. Wheeler & Camara showed flashed last year but weren't given enough chances. This year we're seeing what they are really capable of in an offense that spreads the ball around.
So you decide to diminish what Burrow and Jones did because they had more talent around them? Don't blame them, blame Mullen for not building a better team around Trask.
Never said he let go of the ball on purpose there chief. He fumbled the ball, you can pull a Mullen and blame everyone else if you want but that doesn't change the fact that Trask was the one with the ball in his hands when the fumble occurred.
The fumble was due to Trask letting go of the football before he was down.
He also has more losses than Burrow did...
Calm down Nancy, 98 was making a joke.
You're wrong, it isn't people from Florida retiring early as millionaires, it's wealthy people from the NE moving to Florida after they retire. Those that have lived in Florida their whole lives have no better quality of life than any of their southern counterparts.
I think the word "limit" is the wrong word to call it. It's more like a threshold that, once reached, allows the team to make a decision on whether they'd like to continue to play. If that threshold is not met, the team has no option but to play.
Just curious, what was Kyle Trask's star rating? Mac Jones'?