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I mean I thought I asked a legit question there Marsh...
Curious how you saw INTs in that game when JT only threw one?
Thanks for that response Panhandle! But I was specifically referring to the official SEC Media's prediction since SEC Media days is going on right now.
Wait... wasn't Florida predicted to win the SEC East last year by the SEC media?
She can sign up with Barstool Sports, they are signing attractive female athletes left and right.
It's just random fans on twitter with nothing else to do. I personally have more of a problem with SDS passing this off as newsworthy than what a couple of basement keyboard warriors tweeted out.
You get paid to copy and paste random fan's tweets and call it journalism?
Pittman is not the 3rd worst coach in the league, I think he should be between Leach & Drinkwitz, though I think he and Drinkwitz are close.
VolzDeep, We weren't talking about recruiting. You and DieselNova brought up his experience as a HC without mentioning that Heupel has much less experience as a HC, I thought that was an important point to bring up.
DieselNova, Chadwell has over 2x the HC experience that Heupel has. If experience was really the main issue with Chadwell then no way they would've hired Heupel, especially after Chadwell's recent success and Heupel's 3 year stretch at UCF that saw their win totals go down each year he was there.
OK, thanks for the comment buddy.
He may be able to come back for the last few games of the season but he'd have to have INSANE numbers over those last few games to become an All-American this year.
Fair enough, to me a transfer is always a transfer, no matter how long he's been at the new school.
Save yourself some money and skip the world series, Braves will be at home unfortunately.
Yea I didn't like the way he phrased that at all, a lot of things can happen between now and December. This time last year us Dawg fans were wondering how Jamie Newman would do under center.
BamaTime-So he wasn't a transfer QB the year he won a NC at LSU? Could've sworn he came from OSU first...
"Transfers (not junior college) are not governed by the same recruit rules. And though they’re important, they are rarely consequential enough to turn a non-contender into a contender." I mean Joe Burrow was a pretty big part of that LSU team two years ago.
I live in Atlanta but am not a Falcons fan (Go Steelers!), I was listening to one of the local sports radio shows (92.9 The Game) and they were really salty that Julio only wrote 3 lines about Atlanta & didn't take out a full paged ad in the AJC. They spent about 20 minutes whining about how Julio never loved them, very odd but strangely entertaining to listen to.
Rumor from LSU fans a few months back was that he needed to take two summer courses to become academically eligible again so I'm guessing he passed those. Also weird of you to take a shot at UGA when UF was the one going after him the hardest BEFORE he was academically eligible.
"strong basketball pedigrees" is a BIG stretch for UGA.
Hengst, I agree with that. Just didn't understand tailwhip's inclusion of the "woke" in this scenario.
What makes you think she’s part of the “woke” crowd?
Or every SEC team having zero OOC wins in the regular season.
Show me where I said this is our year? You can't. I just commented on the fact that you read the article, logged into your account and commented to take an unprovoked shot at UGA. Georgia was clearly on your mind.