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They weren't a fluke because of what they did in 2019. They were a fluke because of what they did in 2020 and so far this year. Way too early for you to call UGA a fluke considering we haven't won anything yet (Danielson was never insinuating that BTW, just you).
How did you come away with that take?
I think they mentioned in week 1 that they would only rank 2 players per team but I could be mistaken.
Flawed logic there BamaTime. Troy & South Alabama both held Southern Miss to less points than Bama did but no one here is taking a shot at Bama's D.
Good question! Wish I had an answer to it but I don't. That offense is horrible.
I'd argue Clemson never had a dynasty, just a nice stretch over the last 6-7 years while winning a couple of NCs. Alabama is the only football program that I would currently consider a dynasty.
Correct. Wilbon makes $6M/year, Kiffin is making $4.5M/year currently.
I'd argue Columbus, GA is more Auburn's territory than it is UGAs
I scored 6 TDs in my family's annual Thanksgiving flag football game last year.
I haven't seen a Florida game this year so I can only go off of stat lines and what other people are saying but what mistakes does Richardson make? It doesn't look like he turns the ball over (something EJ seems to do frequently) so I don't understand why he isn't getting the chance to start.
I've got a 3 y/o and the Disney+ bundle which includes ESPN+. Article says AAC schools (UCF, Houston & Cincy) need to give 27 month notice and $10M buyout to leave so they wouldn't join before the 2024 season unless they pay a larger buyout and leave earlier. BYU, as an independent, doesn't have any of that red tape and could probably join sooner than the others.
While I am very confident that Alabama would beat down Clemson, it was actually Georgia that beat them last weekend.
Bubby Brister was a backup QB for the Broncos when they won back to back SBs, don't know who the third one would be though.
JTF... yea he is. This guy comments nonsense on every single article then gets upset when people call him out.
But you cared enough to respond to Dawglb’s clear attempt to incite a reaction from ya’ll. Just ignore him.
I'm from Greensboro and this would be awful for the city. I remember growing up and watching Duke and UNC practice at our HS gym during the ACC tournament every year.
No it isn't. The B12 model is give Oklahoma and Texas a bigger piece than everyone else because everyone else is irrelevant regardless of how many games you play.
Completely agree. Love Corso but it's past time for him to hang it up. The slurring and mumbling of words gets worse and worse each year now.
Yep Connor spent all that time writing an article based on false information.... That's SDS for ya.
So the last two articles you guys posted on these injuries were wrong? Shocking that an article based on rumors with zero inside knowledge turned out to be false.
This is my neighbor's grandson. Dad played at Clemson, mom went to UGA but the kid really wanted to go to Clemson but Dabo dropped the ball and ignored him for most of his recruitment. Saban got a very smart kid who will be a future coach one day.
Pretty sure the Royals batter was the one they were referencing with "Cody Parkey Energy" seeing as his HR hit off the foul pole.
Being on pace to be academically eligible and having past academic issues are two different things, I believe Red and Black was referencing the former with the "everything was going smoothly" part.
I mean I thought I asked a legit question there Marsh...
Curious how you saw INTs in that game when JT only threw one?