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Show me where I said this is our year? You can't. I just commented on the fact that you read the article, logged into your account and commented to take an unprovoked shot at UGA. Georgia was clearly on your mind.
No offense Young but you can't even spell Florida correctly in your username so forgive me if I don't put much stock into what you write.
Glad to see that Georgia is on your mind.
The last two drafts saw Burrow & Mac Jones have meteoric rises up the draft boards so it could happen.
Hasn't Clemson won a championship recently? Or is Alabama the only school to ever win won?
Should be a great motivator for him. If he's able to limit his turnovers this year I could see him being one of the first 3 QBs taken in this draft.
BamaTime-WTH is your problem dude? You just come on these sites and whine and cry constantly. I really hope you are a 9 year old girl because if you are a grown man making these comments then you've got serious issues dude.
BamaTime, I wasn't trying to take a shot at you or anything. Just thought your post was odd as 99% of people wouldn't know anyone in the Title IX office of their respective schools regardless of if there were issues or not. The 1% that can is probably because they got in trouble.
Weird response, can you name one person from Bama's title IX office?
I'm guessing he's getting Calvin & Riley Ridley confused but that's still a pretty bad mistake.
Pappoe is a beast, missing out on him was tough. Willis going #1 would be surprising, I think UNC’s Howell has the inside track at the moment, but it’s so early.
The other bowls are already dead, expanding won't kill them twice.
Yea but Saban's reasoning is dumb. He thinks expanding the playoffs will make the other bowl games less important but nobody really cares about the other bowl games already unless your team is playing in one.
Nash-I think he is trolling because Dan Mullen took a shot at UGA a few years ago when we had a few players transfer. He said it's a poor job recruiting if the players transfer out so quickly, insinuated that Kirby was lying to these players.
Georgia ranks 35th in property crime and 25th in violent crime. Alabama ranks 41st in property crime and 44th in violent crime. 1st is safest, 50th is most dangerous.
It's really not that hard to feel bad for someone who just suffered a major injury with immaturity issues. It's not like he is a bad person or anything like that.
I feel awful for him, I know how much he was looking forward to this year and how hard he has been working. Such a tough break, prayers for a speedy recovery George.
Hahaha I was thinking the same thing.
Dude has ice water in his veins. I haven't watched much of Florida basketball this year, just against UGA and the SEC/NCAA tourneys, but it seemed like he was always the guy hitting the big shots at the end of close games. Glad we won't have to face him again.
NFL coaches are going to love that. Shows what a great teammate he is, you want guys like that in your locker room.
So Saban hires guys to just sit there with their mouths shut? That's a dumb way to spend money.
Congrats Coloradeaux. I've got a 2 1/2 year old with the second one due in 3 weeks. They're a handful but so much fun. Enjoy your time with the little one and get some sleep if you can!
Jesus, you still can't even type out one coherent thought. Everyone in your life failed you from your parents to your teachers to your friends... everyone. I really do feel bad for you to have to go through life as you.
2Bits-It's not semantics when you are making the complete opposite point of what you intended. Thanks for trying though, that UF degree seems to have been wasted on you.