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What? Nobody was throwing $$ at Burrow when he left Ohio St.
I like Vandy and Ole Miss to cover. 28.5 pts is too much, even if it's against Vandy & Plumlee is going to score some points for Ole Miss, kid is a stud.
Innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately for Guice he doesn't have the cleanest record so most people will assume guilty until proven innocent.
Yep it's probably TruVol/TruDawg with a few more fake accounts.
Mark's classes were about helping football players, not people. Let's not pretend that every UGA student received the benefits of Mark's classes.
I believe the B10 does a semi-permanent crossover, meaning that they switch them up every four years
I would think that the lack of competition from other football leagues would allow the FCS to get more lucrative TV deals to help prop up their athletic departments. Of course there's still college basketball, NBA & MLB to compete with in the spring but I think there'd be enough interest in them to make it work.
Under the list of SEC players. They're in alphabetical order.
So basically what he is saying is that we've all seen this Cam before. Someone should've taught him about double negatives.
First two points are right on it. Asking these guys to play 25+ games in 7-8 month time period is nearly impossible. And no way Lawrence or Fields would be suiting up to play right around the same time they'll be top 5 NFL draft picks, too much risk.
I think Alabama will be the only one to cover.
I agree, I think the personnel may have more upside potential than last year but until they prove it on the field its hard to say that they are better personnel-wise this early.
Agreed. Hell I’d take a 5-7 record in National Championship games over 3-1.
Huge respect for Bill Clark and what he's been able to do with that program.
I agree. At the end of the day it's Taulia who gets to decide for himself where he wants to go. He wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps at Bama and it didn't work out. These sorts of things happen all the time now with the transfer portal, he's just getting more media attention because of who his brother is and the perception that his family is making the decisions for him (a perception that I think is false).
He did sign a financial aid agreement and is already taking online classes.
When George Munson made his legendary Bill Bates call of “My God almighty, he ran through 2 men. My God, a freshman” The disrespect to the legendary Larry Munson here is unbelievable. If you're going to write about a topic, the bare minimum should be to know the people involved. Another epic failure by Connor.
Who cares? I think it's lame but I'm not gonna sit here and throw a temper tantrum like some of ya'll are doing.
I think the coaches and scouts have fallen in love with Love's potential and someone will pick him late teens early twenties probably. I don't think he's worth it but hes a QB with a very high ceiling.
Considering Lovasea Carroll has one more year of HS left I'd say it'd be pretty hard to crack the rotation as well.
It would be fitting to see the Dolphins draft Herbert with Tua still on the board.
Would love to have him on my Steelers (especially after seeing who we have behind Ben) but I'm sure Cam would want to go somewhere that he can compete for the starting spot.
Awesome stuff here. Kudos to both teams for doing this for that young man.
Can you guys both stop? This constant back and forth in the comments on almost every article is getting really annoying. If you guys wanna chat all day, exchange phone numbers or facebook accounts so you can text/message each other all the time. The comments section of a SEC football site is not the place for you guys to have a lovers quarrel.
Good lord I don't have time to read this. Just going to assume it's a stupid rant that I can ignore.