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Georgia has been #2 in the recruiting rankings all day, time enough to correct the article before publishing it.
Key Georgia staffer that most fans never heard of.
Surprised Paul? Murray was the best QB in the country this year.
More recruits aren't jumping ship... I missed someone jumping ship, who are you talking about? I see others jumping into the ship. These HS seniors are smart enough to see where success lies.
If Pappoe sticks with that train wreck at Auburn when he can play immediately in Athens, he's a foolish young man.
Pappoe is a 5* Georgia player committed to Auburn. Kirby and company need to get him to see reality and get back home to Georgia.
Absolutely. It's gonna happen sooner than Bama fans will admit. Georgia pushed Steve Spurrier right out of coaching. I look forward to helping Saban make that same decision.
Mama called and Nolan is coming home. Welcome home young man.
He has shown no signs at all of not signing with UGA. You are correct.
I hope Tua's dad didn't beat him again for not winning the Heisman.
UGA may have two losses but still are the 3rd best team in the country. LV odds makers know, putting UGA in as a favorite over both OU and ND.
BTW, Kirby, had you watched the Army Navy game yesterday, you would have seen the sign: No fake punts on 4-11.
What makes us insufferable to Auburn is our domination of your weak team, 3-10 I believe is your record vs Georgia over the past 13 meetings?
BTW, Smart has lost the two biggest games we played last year.........and this year.
145 -51 would get Richt a statue at Mizzou.
Can you read? We got rid of Richt IN PART...........there were many reasons, his bofo no spike call in the 12 Bama game, squib kick vs Tech, sleeping at the wheel in WVA's fake punt all piled up. No doubt Kirby is a great recruiter and motivator. No one is arguing that.
I hope Kirby is mending fences with Grayson High School. There seems to be a very strained relationship between UGA and GHS. Maybe he can pry Wayna away from Tennessee at the last minute.
Political correctness would have knocked him right out of 1st place if these had come out ahead of the voting. Dare not to cross the lunatic left these days.
We got rid of Mark Richt in part because he made terrible decisions in very key spots. Twice this season, Kirby did the same thing. The jury is still out on that issue with Smart but small red flags are beginning to fly for us to see.
This Dawg was in Deustcheland for 6 years. K Town and Nuremburg.
You have the chance to make OU Heisman winners 0-2 vs the SEC. Do it.
Use another word besides "army" please.
The mission is to prove the committee screwed themselves out of the best games by leaving UGA out. So to do that, now Bama has to beat an OU Heisman winner as did GA in January and UGA has to blow Texas out of NOLA to finish the lesson. The committee has to understand they screw the SEC at their own peril.
The other sign that caught my eye: No fake punt on 4th and 11. OUCH!!! :))
17-10. 3peat, next year its for a full graduating class that will not have lost to Navy. Also, back to back CiC trophy this year, a first for Army. Very well done!!!