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Start making reservations now! Not much time left.
I'm taking Georgia, Auburn, FSU, Vandy, Mizzou, MSU, LSU, CU, UK (upset). But I'm really only interested in GA vs Tech and that other game across the Chattahoochee River.
Georgia is on the road on paper only. Grant Field is as red as it is yellow. Besides the fact that it is so small (built in 1914 I believe), our DAWGS will feel right at home.
I guess A&M is just going to have to wait for Texas to "man up" and then schedule them.
It was a sluggish start with UGA trailing UK 3-0 and not going anywhere fast. Finally we started to get over the after effects of the Auburn game and move forward as we have all season. Congratulations to our DAWGS, especially the seniors who have played their last games in Athens, and all the others who can look forward to more seasons between the hedges. I hope to see a number of our seniors play on Sundays, all the very best to them!
You showed signs of life vs Georgia and brought the season back to life after that. Big congratulations on a very successful second half. Now beat Arkansas and your bowl opponent!
Welcome to the DAWG Nation young man. I look forward to seeing you play in the red and black and wish you the very best!
RIP building, the debt lives on. Taxpayers won't finish paying for the GA Dome until 2020.
I spent two years in the ROTC Department at UK and have a soft spot for them in my heart. Having said that, it falls on them to be the cooked goose having to face Georgia after the Auburn debacle. Let's get it done DAWGS, do whatever is necessary to impress and then move on.
Yeah, he had a great game. Let him repeat it twice more vs Bama and UGA again to really see how good he is.
I guarantee you Georgia is paying attention. There is no room for error now and UK is the first to get our attention.
I hope the aren't going to play in the Mercedes Benz stadium. Garth Brooks concert goers said the acoustics are horrible. You just cant get much any more with a billion and a half dollars!
Good grab in a football crazy state. UGA also recruits heavily in Florida so there are many hands in the pot.
Missouri wins by at least 3 touchdowns.
You want a bold prediction? If Auburn plays to the level they played vs UGA, they will win by a similar score. There is no way Bama holds back that force IF they play a similarly perfect game as they did last Saturday.
I might just help if UGA would make some adjustments during the game. Possibly a screen pass or two to slow down the rush, passes out to the flats or whatever. Perhaps some clock management would be good too. I thought I saw Richt on the sideline just before the Auburn halftime, watching those seconds slip away and running a play to the left making it even harder to get a FG. If we get Auburn again, its on the coaches. Let's see if they learned anything from last Saturday.
Apparently loyalty to his home state is not in his character. Auburn beats UGA once every 4 or 5 years so he might miss a win completely. I don't think we want him with this absence of loyalty and major character flaw.
They have an awesome defense when the other team makes no adjustments or does anything to slow them down or unstack the box.
Right now I would bet my mortgage that Auburn wins the Iron Bowl. If they play like they did against UGA, it will be another run away. (Luckily my mortgage is paid).
They were the best team in the country Saturday but they are not the best team in the country short of playing a perfect game like they did vs UGA. Having said that, Bama better be ready for a hurricane at Auburn, it will be a test of everything they have.
And the alcohol ads always end with the fine print: Drink responsibly.
We will almost certainly see Auburn again. In that case we will see how good our coaching really is. What sort of adjustments have been made, will we try something else besides off left, off right and up the middle? How about some better clock management. (I thought Richt had returned right before the half as the seconds ticked away). If Auburn plays vs Bama like they did us, we will see them again.
Combined Auburn playing a perfect game with Georgia's refusal to make adjustments or do anything to unstack the box, the result was predictable. Not a single screen pass, no passing in the flats, slants etc all led to disaster. I would almost bet my mortgage that we will see Auburn again in 3 weeks and then we will see how good our coaches really are. Did they make any adjustments or will we get blown out again???
Maybe the cops thought it was an NFL game and were staying away?
The other problem is what I call the Georgia jinx. Every team that calls Georgia home gets close to real glory and then is smacked down. UGA this year, the Falcons in the Super Bowl, UGA in 2012, UGA vs Tenn last year, the Braves 13 out of 14 consecutive playoffs (Including a 2 game lead on the Yankees and a lead in game three before losing the World Series). We win and win until it really counts and then collapse. Nothing ever changes.
Very poor coaching today, no screens to slow the rush, no slants, just up the middle, up the middle all day when it clearly was not working. Stupid penalties, dropped passes they have been catching all year, just one thing after another. Let's hope we have a more flexible game plan the rest of the way, especially on Dec 2. This was awful.
The answer is Yes when the best player in Knoxville says goodbye.