Army Officer Retired, Granddad, married to the same woman many years, no debt at all. I own me.
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So he is reunited with team mate Lorenzo Carter, hero of the Rose Bowl. DGD!!!
I've been called a lot worse around here. In your pool, Vandy is the team to be awake for when you play. They have easily handled good teams all year.
Texas cracks! Good to see this game coming relatively soon.
I think you assessment is fair Cocky. Not sure if Florida will be a toss up but on the whole, you are close I believe.
This is what I said about your injured player. If you think its trolling, you have bigger problems than I thought. "I wish him the best. Having your dreams crushed is very tough at any age."
You really are dumber than dawg sh!+ if you think that was bashing a medically retired player. You are even less intelligent that I gave you credit for.
Sony, why would a good player want to be part of that Voltrain wreck?
Pruitt is also probably too high at 11. Tennessee's former greatness is still former.
Good luck to all the SEC teams. Arkansas, be very aware of FSU. They destroyed a good Georgia team in Athens. Pool B will be just another round of SEC baseball.
I was a young Army 1st Lieutenant at Ft Bliss, Texas, just back from 3 years in West Germany. I remember it very well. When are you going to stop trying to talk about we and us?
And you don't have to have contributed $100,000 like UGA is requiring to buy a $5 beer.
It's Tennessee and Bama fans so I will wave next time I pass your trailer park.
Georgia and Alabama will almost certainly not be there together since one will knock out the other in December. Both will have a chance, one will move forward.
Welcome aboard young man. The Dawg Nation is delighted to call you one of our own. See you in Athens!
You really are stupid. All doubt removed. You can't tell the serious comments from the normal banter on this website. Really pitiful.
The fine print is that to get into the section that serves alcohol, you have to have given a minimum of $100,000. And then the alcohol is limited to an area away from your seat.
I wish him the best. Having your dreams crushed is very tough at any age.
Starting this year at Washington. Makes them an early favorite to win the PAC 12, whatever that brings 'em.
UGA always packs Vanderbilt stadium. Dawg fans look forward to a weekend in Nashville.
Oh Danny! You've lost another recruit? (I've never used the same line so many times)
Stay home young man. Mama is calling and your family and friends can have the easy drive to Athens every Saturday the Dawgs are in town. The Dawg Nation is ready to embrace you with all we have.
Congratulations to the Razorbacks. Let's hope for and SEC champion this year!
From a team with a history of wonderfully talented coaches........Kiffen, Jones, Dooley, and now........