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Leaving UGA for Buffalo safeties coach? Maybe a quite shove out the door?
Already a DAWG for life, now he will have the parchment to prove it! Wonderful news Devon!
Not the past four years, the entire series, UGA by 10 games even with the horrible 90s and 00's.
They have drafted 8 UGA players in 55 years and none since 2014. You need to know facts before you sound stupid.
The Falcons signed Franks? No sense ever to most of their draft picks. And their hyper avoidance of UGA and Tech players continues unabated.
We were at the Georgia-Hawaii Sugar Bowl and saw him play. He had a rough day but the Rainbow Warrior fans loved him and turned out in large numbers in New Orleans at great expense to see that game. RIP young man! Prayers for your family.
Florida has been a shinning light on the 1st amendment.
Tennessee is the last place I would expect to hear a comment about bailing out.
Simple assault hitting a pregnant woman? Not in my book.
The Falcons once again draft no UGA or GT players, having only drafted 8 UGA players in 55 years.
Being a 3 star, he will get plenty of chances to play at SC. And get a chance to play in Athens as well.
He can go home to Mt Pilot and sweep the jail every morning for Andy.
6 UGA vs 3 UF so far, that's 2/1 in old, pre stupid era math.
Yep, very well done so far and still strong talent on the board from UGA.
Welcome home young man! The Dawg Nation is proud that you stayed home and will help make us even better!
Stay at Army Dan Lanning, your gig there is far better than going to Kansas!
Running a red light at high speed is not a good idea.
Did he say something no true? If you are going to attack Georgia posters, how about using your accurate logo here.
Meanwhile, the baseball team was beating Clemson for the sweep of the two game set this season. A great night for these teams!
Mr Mays, notice your son is not even on this list from an impartial observer.
I'm happy any time the SEC beats the ACC. Congrats Gators!