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Expect an atmosphere of UGA vs Tennessee Part 2. Not sure UK can handle that and UGA at home.
See ya in Athens next Saturday. Should be a barn burner!
Dan Jackson is one of the hardest working members of the team and always in the thick of the defensive action. That you haven't heard of him reflects on you and not him.
Might need to consider a red shirt for Ladd.
You make up any other wild tales? Maybe he just doesn't like to wear championship rings?
Congrats Gamecocks, I hope UGA and SC will continue to play every year.
Mississippi Bulldogs! Teams must like that mascot, it is spreading!
All that talk about the demise of Bama must have been rat poison, never count them out until it is over.
No mention of Brock Bowers? He was back in style tonight, making the difference in crucial spots. After the first td, the team slumped again but broke out of it before half time. Once again UGA did not make the point spread but a W is a W.
I noticed that too. Max1 and Max2. Easy for each to keep his identity that way. Meanwhile Auburn gets our DAWGS next week.
Clearly Clemson was outcoached in the most critical moments. The pass on 4th down in OT, the team starting to walk off the field near the end of regulation rather than trying another play and then running back to the line as the clock ran out. Awful.
I recall the year Nick was in the NFL draft, he was available when the Falcons drafted but ignored as they do most Georgia players. Then they drafted a no name running back the next round after Chubb had been taken by Cleveland.
Red shirt McConkey, the schedule next season is going to be brutal. He will be needed.
I thought this was an SEC board? I already listened to the ESPN announcers sounding like they were on the CU staff.
Sure, all we have to do is get someone to throw the ball or hand it to Bowers.
Take a red shirt Ladd and come back healthy next year.
UT looked like a high school team in Athens last year.
Most people here are not willing to be a prostitute for the enemy like you.
Looks like it will be Texas invited to Miss Dolly's house after the game next year!
As was said somewhere else, we found the guy that can stop Brock Bowers: Mike Bobo.
Similar to Georgia's many thousands of fans at the Rose Bowl. It makes a lot of difference to the team.
Welcome home young man! You will look good wearing championship rings!