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Welcome to the Bulldawg Nation young man. We are absolutely delighted to have you on board. Tail Back U is going to be the run center of the football universe once again, as it so often is in Athens. See you soon!!
I love it! Dedication and commitment. Its what being a Bulldawg is all about!
Woof Woof!! Welcome to the Bulldawg Nation young man. We are delighted to have you on board. You will love the atmosphere and experience of playing at Georgia. We look forward to seeing you on the field and in the classroom!
And who can forget those ketchup bottle uniforms vs Boise St. Leave the uniforms alone and concentrate on the skills needed to win.
Keep an eye on Holloman, he may be our breakout player this year.
Its Kentucky this year with the best chance to crash the party but it won't happen, the schedules are just too brutal for them to break through this year.
My only problem was mocking his Christianity. Otherwise the fun comes with the territory.
Captain Quantrill, since there is no reply button below your comments let me ask you this, if he chooses to be a Christian, should that be mocked?
It's called Faith. You should try it sometime.
How do you know its a dumb comment?
Say what you want to him about his game but mocking his religion is far off limits and cheap. Shame on Charleston, they owe Christians an apology.
Surely he didnt leave his FLA commitment to go to State?
The only way it works is if both Auburn and Bama move east and Missouri and an addition to the SEC or Vandy are in the west. That way Bama keeps their rivalry with Auburn and Tennessee and remain happy. This will never happen if Bama votes no.
Ah, Zimbabwe, the land where the money is worthless, your skin color is everything and Mugabe reigns like a king over his subjects. Have fun. Be careful.
The constant pop up political ads here sux. Get rid of them.
If this move happened, Georgia and Arkansas would have to be cross division rivals unless there was a wholesale change across the conference.
Missouri and Kansas don't play because Kansas flat refuses. If you read the comments in the Kansas City Star website when the transition was happening, the Kansas fans were beside themselves with anger and jealousy at Missouri's move. Missouri still could easily play them as a non conference game every year but Kansas has drank the Texas kool aid and it won't happen for many years.
I am also a prostate cancer survivor and just this week found out I can start getting my PSA checked every year instead of every 6 months. After nearly 5 years of checks and treatment, it looks like we beat this thing. Congratulations again Mike!
8-5 is not so respectable when you lose to Vandy and GA Tech and the way they lost to Tennessee.
Are there enough students left at Missouri to have a student section? Seems they have closed 6 or 8 dorms since they caved to the lunatic left several years ago and made Michael Sams their poster child.
Not to make a habit of agreeing with a Marine, but I think you are right on this subject.
As much as the O line hurt, the lack of coaching participation in the last play when Murray wanted to ground the ball cost us one final play. Richt and Bobo were known for horrible or no calls in very tight situations. That was the worst example of all his years at UGA.
Losing close games and winnable games did not start with Kirby Smart at UGA, Mark Richt was infamous for bone headed calls during tight moments. It may have cost us games with Alabama (NC likely had we won), SC, GA Tech and others. As for expansion, NO, NEVER to Texas. They are the reason the Big 12 is on life support. Yes to Clemson (who has said no repeatedly and to West VA who would jump in a heart beat and give us solid coverage in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Louisville adds nothing.
If we insist on expanding, get Clemson and West VA in the SEC East and get Mizz and Vandy in the West. Both make far more geographic sense than even talking about an Iowa or Kansas school, even the OK and further west Texas schools.
I can't imagine Ark, A&M and Missouri not vetoing Texas and Kansas. Both the Horns and Hawks have been a$$holes to their former conference members ever since Mizz and the Aggies started talking about leaving.