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God speed guys, best wishes for a wonderful post UGA life!
All the best young man! Go earn some big bucks!
There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Nick Saban is the greatest college coach ever, a wonderful man and extreme credit to UA, his family and himself. I wish him the greatest success next year and look forward to a rematch if the situation comes out that way. We love playing the best.
I pray she survives the throat cancer but her singing days are over. And I never give credit to ACC refs because they always are very poor quality.
ACC refs did all they could to help Bama, the first play from scrimmage (called a forward pass) was identical to the called fumble on Bennett in the second half. BTW, the screeching national anthem was pathetic and disgusting too.
Every team that has won the Natty recently has had a QB who won the Heisman or came close. That has been the difference. Does UGA have that? No. I want to win as much as anyone but we have to over come the talent gap at QB somehow.
Kirby should be screaming from the housetops that he doesnt care what the bookies say, Bama should be a 15 point favorite. Say it loud and often.
Thanks Travis, nothing like a kick in the butt to get Bama's attention!
Tough loss Rebs. I hope your QB did not hurt himself seriously.
What are you talking about RG? Who is "our?" You only speak for yourself here.
Michigan reminded me of Charleston Southern on our schedule this season. Yes to your question, absolutely.
The Cats are laying a great and strong foundation for the future. Keep building!
Oklahoma pulled that very same half back option play on UGA in the Rose Bowl. It worked for them and it worked for us.
It was very poor clock management by Kirby's boy that could be very damaging vs Alabama if it happens again.
I did not realize they were from the SECjr. That explains a lot.
It's one thing to lose because you did not score enough, it totally opposite to lose when you did score enough. Sorry Tennessee, you got hosed.