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He should have found something he would not have been penalized for, like disrespecting our country, flag, veterans and cops.
Pure class. Who of us would not take care of our parents after the years they put into taking care of us, often with little resources. Well done Sony!
Condolences from south of the border. We also know what it's like to lose a great voice.
Glad you got him over Florida so we dont have to see him every year. Congrats!
I wouldnt say he is having a hard time since it's mid June. He has the #5 class in the country at the moment. And signing time is a long ways off.
You missed the point that UGA did not offer him. Maybe you should talk to FL and AU fans as to why they could not get this 3* to sign? BTW, I think we are happy with those top players staying home. And those committed elsewhere have a long time to hear from UGA before December and Feb.
The "haves" looking down their noses at the "have nots."
98th best GA player? We would have gotten him if the NCAA allowed 98 recruits.
not much chance to play at UGA or likely Bama for that matter. Best wishes to him at UK.
Of all the teams to talk about stumbling and failures, still picked to compete with their in state big brothers again this year.
A lot can happen between now and December when mama keeps calling.
Recruiting slowed down for a while this spring at UGA, at least publically. We were number 1, then dropped all the way to #10, then the Mississippi QB, Rhys pushed up back to #8 and now Mr Rhode Island Football pushes us back to #5 on the way back to the top. And still the only program with 3 5* commits. Moving back to the top with Mr Kirby Smart driving the train!
I am a Mizzou fan after UGA for no good reason. I followed the blogs when Mizzou announced it was leaving the Texas conference and saw the bitter jealousy from the KU fans. My wife and I went up to Columbia West for the first SEC game vs UGA since we have been UGA season ticket holders for 35 years, we had a great visit except for the hail storm the day before the game that cost me $800 to the rental car company. I never saw SEC fans as friendly as yours that day of the game, inviting us to join their tail gate parties, strangers saying, Welcome! It was amazing. So you have a friend down in Georgia and I wish you the best every year, except one game!
CFL fan here now since the NFL starting spitting on veterans and our country.
I should rephrase that to say he is leaving football darkness to the light. I have been in Mississippi many times and find it a beautiful place with wonderful folks.
I'll be there, have been to every UGA game in Columbia East for some years now, a great atmosphere and the loudest crowd I have ever heard. The upper deck acutally sways when the crowd gets going.
How did the Braves lose the World Series to the Yankees after being up 2 games to 0 and ahead in the third game? How did the Falcons lose to the Patriots? How did UGA lose to Bama in 2012? I wish we knew the answer to how did any of these teams lose.