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Vandy is so desperate for positive publicity, they trot her out for the kick and then run her off the field for the play. It might look good to the media and others not interested in facts but anyone with common sense can see right through it.
Mullen has a losing record vs UGA. Neither of the other two ever did that.
He is very good at football and has shaved that mustache. Thankfully on both events.
This normally spirited neighborhood rivalry did not have that feel at all tonight. This was the first time Bobo had coached against his alma mater and it showed when UGA took a knee on the SC 1 yd line to end the game. Kirby had no intention of trying to humiliate Bobo or SC. Had Spurrier still been at SC, Georgia would still be scoring but he is only an unpleasant memory now.
Agree and the Rose Bowl will not take two teams from the same conference. There will be no all ACC Rose Bowl.
With JT Daniels throwing for over 400 yards you think you would be Georgia now??? You might have beaten us up to and trough the the UK game but not now and not next year either.
Losing games together is bound to bring them together even more.
Absolutely right, 2020 has been a disaster from start to finish.
Praying that God will give comfort and strength to their families in this terrible time.
I was on one of our articles railing against Matt Stafford kneeling today for the national anthem and then I read the SC girls basketball team SAT for the anthem last night, all except one player. Throw their sorry buts on the street and pull their scholarships. Free education means nothing to them.
Matt Stafford kneeling today during the national anthem is a disgrace and I'm sorry to say he played for Georgia. Of course we accomplished nothing while he was here just like Detroit has accomplished nothing while he is there. Disgusting.
I would call it the Pay Back bowl after last year. There may be friendship between Bobo and Smart but none at all between these two teams.
He will need luck against Georgia, a team Tech has beaten twice this century and none at home this century.
Christmas comes early for Tech with someone ranked that "high." Maybe he doesn't mind losing 6-7 games a year so Tech looked attractive?
They would have jumped into the SEC in a heartbeat but not with UK holding the veto pen.
JT should be 3rd or 4th for now. He was dynamite last weekend and should be again this weekend when SC gets payback for last year.
I don't want him to go to SC either. I want him to stay where he is and keep winning.
JT found a home. But we went from all run and no pass to all pass and no run in a matter of one game. A W is a W but I wonder what happened to the run game?
Now UGA has commitments from the top 3 state of Georgia players and 5 of the top ten. Keeping the talent at home!
I suspect UGA is putting the hard sell on the Rabun County QB now too. At least I hope so!
I am really looking forward to seeing Trask vs Jones in the SEC championship game. That should be worthy of several boxes of popcorn!