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You folks should probably win at least two in a row before you start picking upsets in other games.
Auburn was in the process of reopening their athletic dorm in a wing of the Lee County jail.
Why don't we just give the game to Miss St and move on. We obviously have no chance at all. Right?
We thought before the season that we had a very weak home schedule. With your mutts and UK coming in, we don't think that at all now.
Hey UT, being on the losing end of last second passes isnt much fun, right?
When big money is on the table, there will be crooks waiting to grab it.
Glad those times have been announced. Too bad we couldn't read about them in the article mentioning them.
Why don't we cancel the rest of the season and crown Hail State the champs! No point in the rest of us showing up. We will see soon enough.
You're right. Next week we will read about how the animal shelter mutts will beat our DAWGS silly.
He sure didn't. In fact I need to go back and check out who won that game after reading his worthless sentences about it. I may have been watching the wrong game.
"Georgia, voted the team to beat two months ago at Media Days, is also 2-0. That being said, it’s not like the Bulldogs have begun 2017 with a bang. They struggled early against Appalachian State in Athens before finally figuring it out, and then they eked out a one-point victory over an overrated Notre Dame program in South Bend." Steve Spurrier ghost write this paragraph? It brings into doubt your ability to analyze anything.
2019 will be the hottest home schedule for UGA with Notre Dame, LSU, South Carolina and others coming in. Looking good!
How could they think any different? They have their own tv contract, they hear about how great their traditions are, they think the football world revolves around them. Then an SEC team comes to town, appropriates their small stadium and wins the game. Welcome to the real world of SOUTHeastern football. And don't call it Sanford Stadium NORTH. We rather not use that word in any of our titles!
Florida vs Tennessee will have a lot more to say about the East than KY vs SC. Focus on where the real impact is.
Glad we had SEC refs, we would have really had problems with other conference refs. Those SEC refs sure made life easy for UGA.
Auburn used up their miracles in 2013. No miracles, no big wins. Love it!
Florida needs the win more and UT doesnt need any more momentum. Go Gaytors!
Jake Fromm is the #1 QB at UGA now, no doubt in my mind.
The SEC crew nearly killed UGA. And this game would not have been nearly as close without UGA giving ND points on mistakes. BUT.............we'll take it happily! UGA finally wins the big game! Celebrate!!!
Thank you. I make it a point to silence and delete any video that interrupts my reading. Like the one that just started here. I also try to avoid buying what they are selling.
UGA made sure only the very richest contributors got the original tickets. Rather than using a lottery since so many wanted tickets, they just passed them out to these guys and to hell with everyone else.
I thought that maybe with Georgia's first game north of the Ohio River since 1965, there might be an article here 48 hours before kickoff. I guess I will look somewhere else.
"Even if the Bulldogs claw their way out of Notre Dame Stadium with a victory, it won’t be by much." How much should a team win by to mean something? What a stupid @$$ statement.