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Should say Back to #1 if we slipped out of that spot after a couple of weeks ago.
You are absolutely right. Lots of games to play before November gets here.
Neither QB that took their teams to the national championship made the list?
Clemson should be in the SEC but they have shown no interest at all. Georgia is also finalizing a home and home series with them. UGA and CU have been huge rivals for years so its good to get them back on the schedule.
Auburn wins when the Angel of Miracles smiles on them. 3-9 vs UGA in the last 12 games. Probably the near the same vs Bama.
Not Auburn, not on the road. They are a totally different team at home and away.
It's at the far south end of SF Bay, regardless of it's location, not having a west coast team in the final game will make tickets easier for the schools that are in.
Playing at Vandy means just another home game for the visiting team. Vandy fans should buy out that game and try to make some noise to keep the state championship in Nashville.
The tv folks are desperate to get the west coast markets to tune in to the playoff games. So the hype for Washington grows by the day, very similar to what we see every year for Notre Dame an Ohio State.
I laughed reading your comments. You could have only one couple there at the reunion and tell people your husband, wife, brother, sister, niece and nephew all attended.
Let's see how November treats you this year.
17Tide, BamaTime is actually Harvey Updyke the tree killer. Nothing rational comes through his mind or onto his comments. Even trying to compliment Bama by saying it takes miracles for Auburn to win gets his disdain. I really don't give a damn what he has to say, he is ignored nearly 100%.
All the excuses in the world can't cover the fact that Auburn lost when they had everything on the line, and lost big.
I can tell you the Army is always happy to have them flying overhead.
Said Joe Marks as he whistled past the Gator graveyard.
Give the coaching edge to LSU, its time Richt did something boneheaded to cost Miami a game.
Add one more category: Pulling miracles. Auburn clearly has the edge there, usually needing them to win.
If they want to concentrate on a team they might beat their focus will be on Vandy.
Try to beat Vandy before worrying about the first string teams.
Charlotte, NO and Tampa all won. Falcons lost and Falcons' fans claim it means nothing. The Falcons and the whole NFL mean nothing to me. I left when they started spitting on veterans, military, our country and cops. NFL: Not Fu.... Looking.
They can change every day and they will still be the Ole Miss Rebels.
It just keeps getting better. Less than a month now to our visit to Columbia East. Tickets for home games and Florida arrived yesterday. We are heading up Int 85 today through serious enemy country, Clemson and environs, UGA flags will be out and flying.