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That did not appear to be a friendly head butt, clearly the coach was not expecting it. Not a good situation.
You mention suck a lot, something you must be very familiar with.
$80K is above the allowed limit for giving money to family members so that will count as ordinary income for your mom. The tax man commeth.
Next week you can insert the name of another SEC team in that sentence.
You seem to be familiar with guys who suck.
We always count on you to say something stupid about Georgia and try to fake your way into being considered a Georgia fan.
I think we know who our QB is. Don't worry about it until November.
Yes, Stetson has earned the start, by all means!
He wasn't so furious when the refs literally stole a TD from UK when he was clearly in the endzone before the half.
The Gators made no "statements" while he played vs Georgia, the Dogs winning in 87,88, 89.
I recall when I was stationed at Ft Campbell, the KY legislature passed a resolution forcing UK and UofL to play football, not sure about basketball. It's a great series and the UofL coach needs to understand life is not fair but you still have to plow ahead.
Finally one article we can comment on. I was looking forward to watching Army play tomorrow but will not with that cop hating perfumed prince calling the game. He is a disgusting excuse for an adult who should know better.
1-1 vs Vandy while UT is 1-3 against the Dores the past four years. And trivia: Vandy was up on Tennessee 19-2-3 before Tennessee began to win that game consistently.
Luckily Georgia State was not on the schedule this year, even if the SEC had played a full schedule!
He complains of racism at UGA and goes to a team called the Rebels by everyone even if not officially.
If any sort of education is a reason for committing to any SEC school, he will not even consider one of the worst academic colleges in America.
What is really amazing is that SDS allows comments here but not on the article about the player. Consistency.
He experienced racism at UGA and so he transferred to Ole Miss??? Me thinks there are lies embedded somewhere in his statement. Just a guess on my part.
Just tee it up and let's get some real football going!
Pulling for UK, I spent two years in the Army ROTC department at UK and loved every minute of it. Go CATS!