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In just 3 more years, UGA will visit College Station for the first time.
Only lucky bounces of the football makes Auburn a factor in football. Your program rivals Tennessee in pitiful play, recruiting and being a very little brother to Bama.
Clemson has said repeatedly it will not leave the ACC but so said Texas about the conference it owned.
Could the Longhorn network be absorbed into the SEC network?
The strong rumor is this will be your last season in that conference. But I have to say, you screwed OSU bigger than even all that oil money can fix.
And how many times has Texas said it would never play A&M again?
I feel your shock and betrayal. Texas has repeatedly turned down ideas of joining the SEC, two of our members left the other conference for one reason, to get away from Texas and now like a bolt of lightening, here they are.
Don't you think we might listen for a minute to those who have known what it is like to be tied to Texas? Maybe they know something we don't???
When I was assigned to the Army ROTC Dept at UK, we did our physical training at Commonwealth Stadium. A classic and very appropriate name that should be brought back immediately.
Will OU and Texas pull for each other in bowl games now like we do for all the SEC teams? Will Bevo be an Aggie fan when the Aggies get their next bowl????
No one is leaving the SEC, Tulane (charter SEC member) is the best reason I know to stay.
I think OU is a good addition to our conference but would much rather you had brought your little brothers in Stillwater rather than your crazy uncles in Austin.
We will regret the day Texas joined. Big time.
Vollbeef88, you were going strong until you said, know your roll. I believe it's "role."
I don't understand why we are not listening to those who have experienced Texas up close and personal. The red flags are everywhere.
Texas Horns, why would you want to be associated with the "three worst states" in the country?
Texas swore they would never play A&M again. Now they are begging for the chance.
One last time, allowing Texas in is a huge mistake. Huge.
I'd sure rather have both OK schools without Texas and their history of destroying conferences. But OU seems like a puppy dog for Texas and won't make a move without Bevo being there too.
Georgia still has not played at College Station and won't until 2024.