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Murderers row. I disagree with the Missouri projected win after Bama demolishes SC. I don't think the Gamecocks can go on the road and put it back together that quickly against an equally talented team (equal to SC). I also tend to disagree that Vandy is a win, Vandy is not the absolute push over they used to be.
Maybe you are right Joe, that means the Gators could see him two more games. Good news, don't you think?
I would disagree that SC is a loss. I think Mizzou is competitive with UK as well. Time will tell.
They won't even be state champions until they can master Vanderbilt again. Maybe a few games with MTSU and UTC will help get them back in the win column?
Maybe he got tired of being involved in that carnival side show in Knoxville?
Philly, you should stop holding back and open up so we know what you are really thinking! :)
I like the USCjr moniker but also like Small Carolina since it is an accurate description in so many ways.
They won't beat Florida and then lose to Miss St. The Vandy game is a toss up too. And if they are good enough to beat Florida, they certainly are good enough to beat Tennessee.
Every young man his age thinks they are bullet proof, until they find out otherwise.
Georgia has been very fortunate to avoid the serious injury problem the last few years. My concern is that we continue that streak. If we do, we will be fine.
The whole conference will be with you hoping you beat Clemson. I also think the Aggies beat Auburn. Whoever put this schedule together did you folks no favors!
Justin Fields, the guy trying to beat out a former UK bench warmer now at Ohio St?
I agree it is highly unlikely that Florida loses to UK again this season.
If Fields is as good as he thinks he is or his press clippings say he is, he would be starting his second season at UGA with the 1st string offense.
Good thing it's not the Missouri Tigers, the NCAA would slam dunk Clemson in that case.
Help me understand the thumbs and fingers in the Aggie portion of the MSU video.
Georgia's AD rolled over live a $2 ho. UGA gets nothing whatsoever in return and couldn't even get the two consecutive home games given to Auburn several years ago. It may not mean anything to SDS but it means something to UGA fans.
Harvey, try to pay attention and learn how to spell please.
Whatever. And your Rose Bowl trips, how did they go? Oh wait, Florida is 0-0 at the Rose Bowl......still.
Nah, we could turn our attention to Ole Miss if we wanted lessons on how to buy the best players available!
The team that bought Cam Newton for about $200,000 church donation has little room to talk. That was a good Sunday in the offering plate for sure!
I wonder who his head coach will be at Auburn by 2021? And just some free advice: When you are a 3 star, don't shut down your recruitment too early.......