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I think Georgia fans can decide what we want without your advice.
Once again you are full of s*it. You know nothing about Georgia football being in Knoxville or where ever your basement is. Neither is leaving, both will have a great impact on the outcome of Georgia's season and when you say "we" you are not talking about anything to do with Georgia.
Get your kicks from basketball, its fun to watch but only to pass the time until football comes again.
I'll be watching........Georgia vs South Carolina.
Live for the moment Auburn, like when you beat UGA and Bama in football, temporary at best and all it got you was another beat down from Georgia and Central Florida. But the moment will come again in a few years, 4 or 5 maybe since that is about the span between your wins vs UGA and Bama.
SC, Small Carolina will always have that little guy syndrome being next door to Georgia. They make up for it by being loud and obnoxious. But hey, we are used to it.
Very good advice Rooster. In fact, we should find out early who is going to eat sand, like the second weekend in September at your house. I'll be there.
Ask Oklahoma about SEC football. The guy has an awakening, cut him some slack.
He can't play until next year but we all hope he takes UW to the conference championship.
You are such an imbecile. I didnt even mention Georgia and don't think Clemson should be ahead of Bama. But you are too stupid to even read what I wrote.
Great expectations as we head into the dead time of year for sports. Like crossing a great desert knowing there is a beautiful oasis waiting on the other side.
Time to repay them for the miracle play at the end of their last visit in 2016.
Back on the Georgia board again I see wringing your hands and gnashing teeth at the competition to Bama?
Georgia may have at least played their way into the NIT now.
FBI? Even the Dukes of Hazzard rank higher than those guys now.
He looked awful vs UGA whether you like it or not and frankly, I don't really care what you think about it or anything else.
You are absolutely right, we might not even show up, scared out of our wits. I don't want to think of how bad its going to be for us! But if we do show up, it won't be a happy time for the home team.
Facts hurt when you live in a dark basement and crave attention Time?
All I can say is circle Sept 8 on your football calendar and be in Columbia East for what should be a showdown between Georgia and South Carolina.