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Maybe at some point they can beat an SEC team........
So this guy did not pick an HBCU? Maybe the story right about this one about a "new trend" was off target?
Watch for a mass exit to the transfer portal if they shut down this year. Will the NCAA waive the one year sit requirement?
How does Gundy deal with "young black kids?" What the he!! do you know about it?
Gundy does not have a binding contract with OSU? So he found it more important that he keep his job rather than his self respect? Money talks.
Trying to make something of nothing again? Like printing incendiary articles and not allowing any comments? SDS is getting really good at fitting in with the woke mob.
We found the fans at Missouri on their first SEC game to be the most welcoming and friendly we have ever seen anywhere. "Thank you for coming to COMO, please join our tailgate party", etc. My wife and I still mention it to friends.
Tennessee has a trash can and box of Life cereal they aren't using now if Florida is interested.
Interesting trio of coaches above the article. UGA under Kirby is 5-1 vs Mullet and ND, hasn't played Clemson. So call them what you want, two of the three are losers to UGA.
Since no comments allowed in the Alabana Mayor resigning article, I think some folks might disagree that supporting BLM is a "unifying and positive feature".
I guess he didn't hear the SC students yelling F you Georgia over and over every time we play in Columbia East.
Once again the top article in "Trending" does not allow comments. SDS has gone deep into the sewer of publishing articles on hot button issues and then shutting off participation by your readers. Its as disgusting as having to watch fat boy stuff his face with hotdogs on every article. If you don't want to hear from us, get out of this business and go work in a carnival where you apparently belong.
SDS and the lunatic left have a lot in common these days, especially the part about not allowing anyone to think or say something they disagree with. Nazis burned books. These groups burn people personally and professionally for daring to have their own opinions.
LSU didnt even offer him? Interesting. Come on over to a team with a future young man, the real DAWG nation awaits!
I did not go to a service academy but think there is a way to get out before you start your 3rd year.
Comments allowed on an article here? SDS must be slipping.
He didnt mind a couple of years of an Ivy League type education at taxpayer expense.
An article we can comment on? How refreshing! SDS keeps posting these hot button articles and not allowing any comments. Almost time to move on if that is going to be the policy here.