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Join this years #1 and 2 Alabama high school players at Georgia. The door is open wide.
California, the cesspool of America. Condolences and prayers to the family.
Hey Willy, please don't pile on national service like others have done here. The man served in the Marine Corps, others like me have served as well. Our service is not up for discussion here.
All you do is stoke their egos with that sort of posting.
What would we be saying here and Mizzou fans be saying if the headline was, " Mizzou Curator Chair says Mizzou will appeal while finishing last in the East next season." He is getting paid to be a strong voice for the Tigers and he is doing that. Give it a break.
Yankee is not a race, you are right, but it is an invasive alien species that seems to be here to stay!
Mike is another example of what nearly killed the Mizzou program several years ago. Racial chip on the shoulder.
Another website says the Dawgs have taken the lead for yet another Maryland 5* player, a running back considering UGA, Maryland and Penn St. Seems Georgia has established a great pipeline in that state.
I was going to ask if Truvol/dawg was first in line but that would not be nice.
I read earlier this morning that the AAF tried to get Kaepernick. That does it for me, one and done on watching their games. (Kaepernick wanted $20M while all the other players get $75K. He knew what he was doing and didnt want to jeopardize his crybaby gravy train.)
Interesting math here: For example, UK is 34th in both O and D but 30th overall. That sounds like the way I did math while in school.
Mizzou fans, just remember that Tennessee fans will lash out at everyone until they can start beating Vandy again. Should be several years in the future but they might get lucky like they did vs Auburn.
Do you think you all could condense (Tennessee: shorten) these posts to no more than a chapter?
LOL, the Gators just didn't realize what a ticking time bomb Grantham is/was. Nothing but turbulence where ever he lands.
OK, next! Come on in, sign here and get us your ads. It's the SEC network, not the Longhorn 3 Ring Circus, SEC sponsors are waiting in line to come on board.
Why are we still wondering if we can compete with Duke or UNC or some other power? I think its time they start worrying about if they can compete with the top of the SEC, UT and UK. We need to get out of that mental exercise of trying to wonder if we are as good as they are.
I think Mizzou has the players and coaching to maintain a level record with last year, I certainly don't see them collapsing this year like the article seems to think.
I don't think any of those three teams lose three more games this year over last year. I think Florida has a chance if there is a sophomore jinx for Mullens, maybe Vandy and Hail State. As long as Vandy continues to master UT, they could only win one game a year and be happy.
Let's just hope for South Carolina's sake that Pickens doesnt get as lazy as Clowney did his last season in Columbia East.
Since UGA signed the top player in the country, our feelings towards Elam are at best neutral, who cares? He's just another player lost in the swamp.
If you think UT fans get hyper talking about how Missouri owns them, take a look at how they react when Vandy fans come calling.