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When is Georgia basketball going to stop letting these guys get away????
You've been hanging around the west too long, Ole Miss and Auburn especially.
But to answer the question, what does it mean? Nothing except a distraction.
He did not "poof it off." He approached it with dignity and class by talking to him in private and not spouting off in a reckless manner. At the same time he knows exactly what he is going to do and that is play the best QB he has on his roster.
The opener is Austin Peay so likely both will get playing time but you are right, except for something bad, Fromm starts.
I don't think Saban will make any decisions on what dad says.
TigerTD, You got all these Bama fans on your butt(hurt) and then you drag UGA into the conversation too. Cut your loses while you can.
Have you ever made a point here without getting personal and derogatory?
"Just stop eating." More friendly and sage advice from Harvey Updyke.
Normally the Falcons make it a point not to draft or sign UGA players. Ask Todd Gurley.
Military? I lived in Nuremburg for three years, stationed in a little town about 10 km down the road.
Has Arkansas recovered from our visit in 2014?
Don't miss a beat Jake, another possibly great QB is right behind you.
Did they find an example at Tennessee, possibly campus police cars with Champions of Life on them?
Its been many years since UGA used tight ends often.
...losing 56-7 in the fake Death Valley two seasons ago... Ouch!
Even when you say the same thing twice, it still does not make sense.
"Loss the following?" Schools closed in Arkansas again? Should we go down Arkansas' schedule? Nah, no one really cares what you do.
The days of just getting by during Richt's tenure are long gone at UGA. The expectations are very high from every direction. Very high.
They can do a pre season national championship trophy like A&M did or they can give themselves the Champions of Life Award any time they get ready, assuming Tennessee didn't get a copyright on it.
Can you come up with a few more reasons why UGA should not have been so dominant in the SEC Champ game? Interesting you claim to be a UGA fan.
Hail State will not win double digit games this year. Vegas is ready when anyone wants to make some money on it.
There are land mines out there in Columbia East, Baton Rouge, and possibly Jacksonville. Kirby has gotten very good and navigating around them so let's hope he can do it again this year.
Both are listed at 10.5 unless I missed something.
No realignment coming this year since Auburn has to play most of their big games on the road.
And that's why my ticket package cost an extra $600 this year.