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All the charter members should be tied for first.
This makes about as much sense as saying they are trying to get a charter member out of the SEC. Not worth the time it takes to think about it.
Minnesota's money and rivals are in the Big 10, they aren't going anywhere. This only makes the Big 12 look desperate and silly.
Paraphrasing Steve Spurrier: The Aggies get all these good players and I don't know what happens to them!
Clemson and Georgia have been arch rivals since the 1890s but they have repeatedly said over the past 20 years they have no interest in the SEC.
We will get there eventually, maybe!
We beat MSU like a drum from the first play td. I don't think they even got a td.
How about ASU and possibly Arizona? What's your future?
Congratulations to Dan Lanning and team!
Clemson has said repeatedly over the years they have no interest in the SEC. Will money talk? We will see.
Is he Russian? Not too many of them in football.
Not sure in what he sees in a second tier program like PSU.
He won't go to Oregon with all the conference uncertainty out that way.
The Arizona schools would fit the Big 12 fine or even the SEC at a slight stretch. With Texas and OU coming in, going a bit further west to AZ would not be bad for the conference, and give us a solid footprint with western recruiting.
The SEC has a long memory. No school that was a charter member and left and no school that told us no will be invited back. We are not beggars.
No school that told the SEC to go away will be invited back. None.
Looks like Washington and Oregon will be left with the crumbs.
How about the Arizona schools rather than Oregon and Stanford in your Crazy section?
Clemson is the most logical and SEC-like team that could come over but they have said repeatedly they have no interest. $$$ might change their minds.