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Sorry to hear that. I found the right woman and 33 years later, it still works. I wish I could have said the same thing for my parents.
The actual reason you think his comments are better than mine and he is objective is because he masquerades as a UGA fan when he actually hates the program. You all use him as an example of an actual UGA fan which only shows your delusions.
In the SEC with maybe the exception of UK, football and basketball do not compete. Football is the king and pays for everything else.
Kirby is the latest masquerading Dawg fan here, not many comments positive towards UGA.
Easy as it gets, except Bama was not there last year so "every year" is not true. But news travels slow in Small Carolina.
Interesting that ND's one handed catch vs LSU I believe made the cut but Georgia's one handed catch vs ND did not. Can't make ND look bad, still.
Another 3* for Tennessee. Building that team for life......slowly.
A 3* is one of the top talents in Tennessee this year? Must be a slim year for talent in that state.
Georgia's last play vs Alabama in 2012, the Tennessee pass to end the game in 2016, Rod's missed field goal to end the SC game in 2019, 3 dishonorable mentions.
Possibly Alabama, not neutered LSU and Florida vs UGA, pickem.
It has bought us a 10 game advantage of Florida including 3 in a row.
1. UGA winning the Rose Bowl with your's truly attending. 2. UGA winning the only basketball double header in modern sports history in 2008 and then winning the SEC championship the next day after a terrible season. 3. UGA @ Notre Dame and the take over of their stadium and huge win.
Little Willy, I bet educated South Carolina fans are real proud of your posting here. Real proud.
Tech and UGA are not big rivals in basketball. I don't know that UGA has any big rivals in round ball unless it's UK. The Cats may not even know that.
He would need cash and a felony conviction to consider Auburn seriously.
It was actually $200K to Cam's dad and his church.
UGA's reaction should have been: A Georgia player on the Falcons' roster? Wow!!!
Terrible song, especially in times of trouble. You can imagine there is no heaven, I will not.
The really big news is the Falcons signing only their 9th player from UGA in 55 years. Idiots in the front office passed on some great players who could have helped fill seats.
Freeman was the RB the Falcons drafted in the 3rd round that year after passing on Gurley. Recall also they have since passed on Sony Michele and Nick Chubb. Do not underestimate the Falcons' ability to screw this up big time.
Welcome home Todd, where you would have been from the start had the Falcons not passed on you and then drafted Freeman in the 3rd round. Never doubt the Falcons' ability to F it up.
Since Georgia will be the only team on the field at T Town with new faces, I guess we have no chance. Right?