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That 75 yard run was not controversial. It was a gift.
When do you change your screen name back to TruVol?
5 plays vs 1 play Florida: Throw the ball down field.
Add darkness, temps low enough to see the breath of the players, high winds and heavy rain through out. No, the conditions in Columbia did not approach that. But Gators are already whistling past the graveyard to let them be.
It's not too often October weather in Athens is cold, rainy and windy all at once and add to that a night game. UGA shut out another SEC team, got the W and now has a week off before Florida. I am satisfied.
Except that those two plays went for touchdowns. Florida got the breaks, they won and now we move on. Those things happen and it's on the SEC office to fix the problem.
No, the weather is not the only thing that made it close.
Georgia will arrive in Jacksonville mostly healthy and ready to throw the play book at Florida. This is the game for everything and both teams understand that very well. Georgia wants to reestablish dominance against Florida and the Gators want to show it won't happen. Only time will tell but I will be there ready to watch and hope for the best.
Most of what you just wrote is BS but that's to be expected from the perennial football step child across the Chattahooche river.
That's our focus now. Ready, set, go!
The Refs gave UF two tds with their blindness, the difference in the game. Florida's game plan was not a winner today without the help of the officials.
"Refs, Kyle Trask, late defensive turnover help Florida rally for victory at South Carolina" There, I fixed the headline for you.
Only Florida can beat Florida tomorrow, just like Georgia beat Georgia.
Who did they want to fire after the "who cares" approach to the Texas game, or the two difficult come from ahead Bama losses?
Not sure I agree with this list but hey, it's good for the egos of those guys listed.
We have a very tall mountain to climb with no margin of error. None.
We are in your rear view mirror, just go beat Florida.
I would tie Tua and Burrow. Trask looks better than #6 to me and I am not nearly as confident vs Florida as I was.
Good to see the PAC 12 doormat still on this board.......well, not really.
The hedges will grow back but SC will never grow into a contender.
It's Monday and time for you Cocks to come back to reality for the remainder of the season.
A performance like Saturday would not have beaten ND or possibly UT.
Amazing that a current player would open up like this on radio. Let's see what he says next or if he is not available the next few days.