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Like I said, we feel wanted here since your coach has Georgia on his mind....daily it seems.
We feel wanted here since your coach has Georgia on his mind.
You forgot one: Dan Mullen's comic routine: A+. No other coach in the SEC can match his wit, humor and originality. Not one.
I'm reminded of a famous line in The Hunt for Red October: Paraphrasing, Danny, you've lost ANOTHER recruit??????????
Who owned the series for the first 70 years? I believe the record is even since 2010 so actually it was a 20 yr stretch that UF dominated. So far, they have not come close to matching UGA's biggest win over Florida, 77-0.
The only thing Mullet doesnt joke about is his 0-forever record vs Georgia.
I suggest just leaving the first string in the GA-FLA game to provide a reply.
Notre Dame is in Athens this year as is A&M for our first game with them since they joined the conference.
Why would Kirby get down on Mullet's level when the Dawgs are filling up their bulletin boards with his comments? Kirby is concentrating on Georgia, recruiting good players out from under Florida and the end of spring practice right now. He has no time for Mullet and his comic routine.
We know that beating Georgia is not one of Mullen's strong points. Now we know spelling isn't either. " with how tough are schedule is..." Dannyboy, its "our" not "are."
I think you are a fan of Kirby when he was a Bama since you are critical of most everything UGA fans have to say. Why not get a Bama name on here and stop hiding under Kirby's name?
Meanwhile, this note from the Seattle Times about Jacob Eason: "Eason, meanwhile, has thrown two touchdowns — both in the same practice — without committing a turnover, but his renowned right arm has also been more erratic than the 6-foot-6 junior would probably like." Nothing has changed, he still throws high and hard.
247 Sports has him 100% to Georgia. Stay home young man, make us proud!
How close it was until......................... Meanwhile, Mullen could try to make better jabs at Georgia, that might help too.
Too bad Luke doesn't have the same crutch to lean on that Fields had/has.
Right Joe, a guy comes to Florida all the way from Texas on an official visit and you really didn't want him anyway? Next joke please, I'm already laughing hard at this first effort.
So DannyBoy Mullen, come up with some cute remarks about how you keep losing the recruiting wars to Georgia. Coupled with Georgia's 20 inning win over Clemson last night/this morning, it's a great day to be a Georgia Bulldog!!
Bluster is another sign of insecurity, you know, like how Georgia is in Mullen's head now and he never misses a chance to sling arrows our way. It's cool, all part of the game. Winning on the field is the only part of the game he hasn't mastered yet.
Ray, just come to realize that Kirby owns Mullen and the Gaytors. And speaking of winning championships, throw in 2 Rose Bowl wins, the only SEC with an undefeated RB record. You know, that big game in California the Gaytors have never played in? Now, back in your swamp.
And 93,000 in 2016. Thanks for the help poser. Actually a Florida fan are you Steve?