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Excellent story. Heart warming!
The winners write the history and we (the South) still pay a steep price in many ways for starting the war and for losing the war. Killing Lincoln was an even greater disaster for us than the war itself. And losing a quarter of a million young white men killed and many thousands badly wounded from a total white population of 6 million Southerners took generations to overcome.
I have often thought of the what ifs if Jackson had been at Gettysburg. Again, perhaps it was Divine intervention that he was not. He could very well have convinced Lee to use other tactics and certainly would have not given up his advance on Day 1 had he been in command of the first arriving Corps. He would have pushed the Feds right off the battlefield. But again, he was gone by then, maybe for that very reason.
Congratulations to the SEC teams remaining. And had you started your list one year earlier, you would have found UGA in the final four losing to Jimmy V's Wolfpack by one point.
The best way to get someone to do something is tell them not to do it or it is forbidden. The flag was on private property and the NCAA knew that and acted accordingly. Meanwhile, gnashing of teeth and wringing hands over it is a waste of time. One final thought, that flag killed no one in Charleston, a psychopathic killer did. He is being punished as he should. End of story.
The immediate question no one has ever answered is how a General like Lee with a brilliant track record to that point could be so wrong and so stubborn about being wrong? In spite of Longstreet doing all he could to prevent the charge, Lee would not hear of changing his plan. All I can surmise is that Divine Providence had big plans for a UNITED States of America and that is what we have today.
And the mental block that keeps us from beating Florida. Can Kirby get rid of it?
Bamatime, you might be right about your Marine comment. A real Marine would have raised hell with this soldier and my comment about them not getting respect. And Captain Q, forget about the two years of fluke wins, your team destroyed itself several years ago getting involved in social activism and now needs binos to look up to Vandy's level. unbothered by even Vandy
It is a joke like most of what you see on this site.
No AJ Green, hang on, you'll get some smart ass answer from Crist soon enough. He thinks this site will last forever no matter how he treats his readers.
Why don't you go ask Bill Bates how good Belue was at hand offs.
Hey Marine, I understand respect is not something you run into often. Worry about your own damned comments before you worry about mine. And "Captain," that other conference is available if you get tired of losing here.
I wish them both the best but making this sound like dooms day is not a good way to report it.
Losing a three star is a big deal for those western mongrels.
Are you a smart ass all the time or just when you try to earn a living? I hope your advertisers take notice.
Meanwhile UGA, Bama and Ole Miss make the NIT. Any mention of that?
Georgia QB Buck Belue didnt even make your list after losing two games in two years, 80-81 seasons and the NC in 80?