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Maybe a blessing in disguise Matt? This guy has red flags everywhere, he might be the greatest thing since sliced bread but many have serious concerns.
How does a 5' 11" QB see over 6'5" guys on his offense and on the defense?
You do play UGA at home meaning that payback beatdown will be in living color in Columbia East. Message to SCe fans: Do not count on a Georgia win this season.
I'm glad he "agreed" to make that much money!
I noticed that too. Helps make sense of some of his comments.
I'm happy he landed in the SEC but Arkansas is not closer to home in GA than is Maryland.
This schedule will not keep Dabo from whining all season about something or another.
I like Dad's thinking! Especially the South comment.
The Rose Bowl is again a playoff spot this year. Florida has never been. Don't count on this year being the year Gators. I am hoping we get a return engagement against a better opponent. OU has proven they cannot beat an SEC team.
I'm surprised Tebow would go to that rathole country for his wedding.
Dawgsofwar, look for Bobo to bring his clutch situation brain cramps to SCe. Those of us at UGA with memories know exactly what the Gamecocks are in for.
Likely talking about the high school classification Prince Ave Christian is in. I have no doubts we are in for big offensive changes at UGA. Fasten your seat belts!
He's a Dawg, his grandmother wants to see him play and told him Oklahoma was too far. Welcome home Brock!
Good luck with it Hogs, the whole conference will be better when your program rebounds.
Nope DAWG78, it has nothing to do with being Republican but with TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the complete lunacy of those who spend every waking hour hating Trump because he beat their candidate.
He's not an idiot for mentioning it when citizens are assaulted and badgered for being Trump supporters.
I wonder who will be President when you go back to using your Truvol name?
They could join the Big 12 like WVA, imagine the travel between Boise and Morgantown? Pack an overnight bag guys!
You took a beating for sure losing so many players and coaches. Welcome to the dark side of winning the natty.
Well done 1998. I think you nailed it in a long line of comments more interested in a back and forth than reality.
That BR Cop doesnt appear to be backing down. I hope he stays strong and the arrest warrant is executed.
LSU has some huge problems at the moment, the championship team and some of the coaching staff has vaporized, Odell has possibly ruined the amateur status of some of your players, he has completely stolen the spotlight from a great season and now you have to try and hold on to a few still not signed recruits with all this going on. We are going to see quickly how good Big Ed really is at coaching.
I guess UGA finishing 4th in the country, winning the Sugar Bowl and 12 games and having the 2nd or 3rd best recruiting class was a big hit on your doomsday predictions Truvol?
Doug, GA Tech has now scheduled GA State for home and home. Tech will even venture to GA State's stadium, not even Tennessee would do that. Let's see if Tech can beat the mighty Panthers. Surely one of these formerly great teams can beat them!!!