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Luckily UK plays UT in Lexington so you don't need a kicker on your life insurance policy. Our Dawgs are not so lucky.
11-1 is not a high expectation with the team you have but all will be very disappointed if you do not hit that mark. The Sugar, Peach or Fiesta awiats. Good luck with the rest of your schedule!
Tennessee lost more than a game tonight. In the SEC, we like to think we are different from the other conferences and do things our way, mostly polite and friendly before and after games. Maybe we need to rethink.
I sat next to a UK fan in the stands today, great conversation, friendly rivalry, pleasant afternoon. I am hoping you win out and represent us in the Sugar Bowl with another win there!
Calm down Diesel, I hope you are alone so you don't hurt anyone.
Don't try to drag us into your problems, we had a very professional, well played game vs UK today that went our way only because we worked hard. UK worked hard, played well and will likely show you the back of their hand when they get you later this season. At least I hope so.
Now UT will have to wait for the SEC office to throw something at you. It may not be pretty.
Wrong answer Diesel. Very wrong. You just reinforced everything being said on this board.
Thanks Coach, you gave us all we could handle and should win out. I hope you do!
JT Daniels is apparently made of glass so let's hope Bennett's success continues.
They wanted to score more points on Georgia than any other team. Simple to understand.
I think the Cats win out from here and represent us in the Sugar Bowl. At least I hope they do.
I was there, I was impressed with UKs game plan, their drive and determination to at least keep the game close. I believe they will win out and represent us in the Sugar Bowl. Best wishes Cats for wins the rest of the way.
Looks like he borrowed Missouri's helicopter. Surely the university can afford or already has a properly painted helicopter.
Good question Later. The answer is yes and it's Mullet and his floundering team hoping Georgia can lose twice to give the Gators a chance to get to Atlanta.
It's an 8pm start, not a problem. But even if it was, there would be frequent updates on the matrix.
My wife and I will be there in the 38th year of our season tickets! GO DAWGS!!
Weagle, there is a reason Bobo is not the OC at Georgia now.
OU is a slick as they come, they work hard to find a way to win.
Tennessee's time is coming. And Iowa will surely be #2.
The winner next week will be the favorite to win the East. #1 UGA vs near top 5 UK!!!
Congratulations to the Aggies! Very well done......and Texas blew their game today too.