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I wonder if Mike Bobo will get a spot on his staff?
And by the time they kick off, they will know the results of the SEC game. If UGA loses, look for OU to blow Baylor out of the stadium.
Laugh your A$$ off but Kirby won that game. BTW, only three SEC teams have been to the Rose Bowl and Florida is not one of them. Next comment you want to laugh at?
Tell us what it's like to lose to LSU.
AS I will be a Gator and SEC fan in all the bowls.
88, the only writing on the wall is your phone number for some quick relief. Leave the football predictions to others.
"not everyone picks LSU" Is that some sort of earth shattering news? Are you writers here incredulous that not everyone is picking LSU? Can you sleep tonight knowing someone in the universe disagrees with your pick?
Georgia has no business showing up according to the "experts" and some of our own so called fans here. But this UGA fan has been watching them for too many years to pick against them. This is David vs Goliath and Hoosiers rolled into one. We know who won those bouts against terrible odds and I know who will win this game. DAWGS advance!
You are absolutely right. First time I ever agreed with anything said by WTS.
Maybe 75-0? Why should UGA even show up?
Auburn is the only ranked team Florida played this year? I guess LSU and UGA are chopped liver. Una. you better stick to the western teams and leave real football to the SEC.
Of course UGA has no chance and likely will lose 75-0. Even UGA's hype video is full of "experts" picking against UGA. These guys are like pop warner kids going against grown NFL players by what is being said. I don't know why UGA will even show up???????
I agree, everything we hear is about how massive LSU's score will be vs little Georgia's score.
I love it. While Dabo whines at RedNeck U, Georgia is the team getting no respect anywhere. The only way to change that is win more games.
Watch for Bama to snatch him away too after Saban retires.
I hope Kirby is preaching to the team how little respect they are getting, how no one "expert" gives them a chance, etc. Lot's of bulletin board material coming every day.
Georgia played Baker Mayfield his Heisman year I recall.
8_, I have to give you credit, your explanation on why your defense is mediocre is about as original as I have read here.
You are right Marine, we are mediocre at best, awful is probably a better term. I don' know why UGA would even show up, maybe send GA Tech to represent us since they are used to beatdowns. Surely our 11 wins this season including Florida, Auburn, Notre Dame and the Aggies counts for nothiing except luck. I pity our poor UGA players and the horrible whipping coming our way..... (Keep preaching this to your players, keep them thinking this cakewalk will open the door to glory for them)
You are right, Georgia has no chance whatsoever. Case closed, break out the celebrations for LSU and their road to glory!
The word now is how to we keep the new SEC west team in the playoffs even if they lose? Sounds like you are validating Dabo's whining and snot slinging.
Yep, preach that to your team along with the fact that UGA has no chance, none. We are a dumpster fire as the Gator fan said (although we beat Florida) and another alleged GA fan said he didnt know how the guy found 5 reasons UGA might win. I suggest most of your team stay home to get ready for Ohio St or Clemson since this game will be a cakewalk.
I'm shocked anyone would even write this article since Georgia has no chance at all, no respect in this game, not predicted to advance by anyone. It would be better is our guys stay in Athens and wait for a worthless bowl game phone call. I hope this is the message Kirby and company are pounding into the heads of the team every second now. The only way we get any respect is to go out there and beat LSU in front of what should be a mostly home crowd.
I dont think even you are stupid enough to put money on UNC beating Georgia.
Get Climpsin to the SEC if you want to prove something, otherwise, keep beating up on WeakSister U.
Why not bring Clemson over the the SEC if he wants real competition and something to brag about? Because he would not be king of the hill for long playing the top SEC teams every year. He knows its easier to run his mouth about Georgia, his other subject yesterday than it is to put up or shut up. Cheap talk all around on his part.