Army Officer Retired, Granddad, married to the same woman many years, no debt at all. I own me.

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Being an Army fan doesn't really give you room to talk about bridesmaids.
What is Mullet vs UGA now? 1-4 or 1-5? Good thing he has that one victory in order for you all to boast and brag. Enjoy that one victory because it will be a while before the next one comes your way.
99, We dominate Auburn like no other team besides Bama. I think you should save your slings and arrows for Vandy.
Pedophilia is an illness that has virtually no cure. They can never be around children unsupervised, ever, even their own.
That would be a great beneficiary. I live about 10 miles from Camp Twin Lakes, they do a wonderful job with very ill children.
Leg, Some day you might tell us that you are really either a Fla or UT fan, because you lie when you claim to be a UGA fan. BTW, calling someone a Leg in the military is considered an insult to the elite branches. It fits you well.
Welcome to the Dawg Nation young man, we look forward to your great success here!
Wilybob, seeing a SoCar fan talk about when we last won the NC is rich! Tell us about your last time, or how about the last time you won the SEC or maybe the East?
correction: 90Dawg,it's tough without glasses some time!
Come on 900, you think the UT fans would have given us any peace had this site been up in the 1990s? How about the Florida fans during the reign of Spurrier and Meyer? I was just going to ask if Cade Mays had hit the exits again?
So they arrested two girls who happened to be late coming out of the stadium?
The magic pill these days is hollering racism, just do that Deion and it will happen quickly.
Why fault the man for getting a good contract? There is no connection at all between his compensation and what the dolts in DC are doing.
Meanwhile it was the UK basketball team most recently on its' knees, a disgusting display not previously seen in the SEC.
Cab: It's the service of some of us that allows you to live as a pacifist. That hymn you hate accurately reflects what many of us have done. Sorry you dislike it or the truth.
Marine, it means the self described elite in the media, government, silicon valley, hollywood and elsewhere hate Christianity. If that is not obvious to you, get stronger glasses.
AF, the Crusaders were Christians who kept the Muslims out of Europe, hence the problem. Christians are out of favor now with the self described elite, Muslims are not.
The NFL is dead and gone at my house. Anyone who watched this trash deserved what they got.