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Spell check and capital letters would help your argument immensely.
Clemson is about to become irrelevant once again.
I hope he doesn’t become a permanent art of the SEC network. What a joke if he does.
How childish to resort to name calling. What are you, 12?
Feeling a little irritated from that butt whooping the Dawgs gave y’all?
So glad that was your last comment. Perhaps you should apply for a coaching job or maybe share your concern with Coach Smart.
More class requires throwing mustard bottles and golf balls. Wow!
At least Mullen will NEVER babe out coach.
Love reading the comments after the fact.
As a Georgia fan and graduate, I concur. So glad the Dawgs did their part to keep them out of the playoffs.
Stafford suffered for 12 years with the Lions. That’s why his professional career hasn’t been stellar. It’s a different story now.
With the payout they’ll receive, I doubt it matters.
I’ve read many of your previous comments. It’s apparent the Dawgs live rent free in your head.
Quit sullying the name of a man who’s apparently much better than you and loved by true Dawg fans.
The negativity is surrounding him more than the players. He should own if.
Y’all be sure to call Kirby and let him k is your decision. I’m sure he’s sitting by the phone.