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Bamatime cries so much on here. always good for a laugh
ah bamatime acting holier than thou... what's new with this loser. biggest crybaby on the site.
well that's the most ridiculous deflection round-about reasoning I've read... since reading the immense bragging about a squad going 8-4 with their best team in over a decade... pathetic.
timeout before 2 pt try and not running down the playclock in first half were brutal errors. trask with 1 minute to win is a scary scenario for any defense
ah BamaTime with the rentfree UGA mentality. nice. can't even type correctly.
another pathetic comment from BT woman.
UF might just win the game, but they won't get in. Doubt the committee lets them jump a 1 loss SEC team and Cincy could be sneaky here... Bama is a lock no matter what. I think Texas AM is too with some outside help. Ohio State will probably be a shoe in, and ACC is either getting 1 or 2 teams in. whether that's right or wrong is up for debate.
ah more name-calling via cuss words. shows your lack of intelligence. I don't feel the need to comment on every article to try and make my opinions heard. I'm heard more than enough in the real world. unlike you.
i could see either argument. but Trask has made his team great with NO running game. pretty wild. I think a lot of QBs recruited by bama could do what Mac has done, but he's still an outstanding player. I'd have no qualms either way.
yea, BT is the lamest user of this site. I haven't seen anyone besides people who are intentionally trolling have as many horrid opinions, sling as many insults, or be as condescending and putrid towards others. Just shows how pathetic her life must be.
yes. because if you didn't you wouldn't comment on every other article posted. but keep on trying to act hard. you're probably 5'8" and 225 lbs of lard. pathetic.
she's the biggest scrub on the site lol. gets her panties in a wad over every opinion that doesn't match hers.
LOL, unlike you, I have a job. Keep making enemies, literally no one on this site respects your comments because they are so asinine and ridiculous.
if kids are seeing UGA in that light, why are they still outrecruiting UF?...
funny how recent is over a decade ago... but go on. and you stated "blabbering away on the wrong teams forum." pick a stance and stick with it... you "could care less?" i see i'm arguing with a terribly unintelligent biased fan so good luck. if UF doesn't win a natty they still will have done NOTHING that UGA has in the past ten years. but keep staying on your high horse. UF is obsessed with UGA. If you disagree you truly are out of touch.
so opposing fans can't comment on another team's article? interesting and dumb take. i did nothing of the sort regarding trash talking your coach but carry on with that, too. UF is just happy they are in the exact same situation UGA has been in the last 3 years. you can keep talking about nattys from 20 and 15 years ago but truly no one cares or thinks those make your program any better than a program that hasn't won one in 40 years. It's very apparent that the recruits of the past decade don't care either.
Auburn is so bad they don't even get to participate... gtfo
ok. i get UF is better than UGA this year. But saying the Gator standard is titles and UGA's isn't with the laughable decade UF has had is ridiculous... UGA has been in the same spot UF is this year for the past 3 years... heading to ATL with a playoff spot on the line. so get off the high horse man.