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have you already forgotten your beloved Jeremy Johnson?...
a bama fan making fun of ANY profession- interesting considering you don't have a job worth mentioning? it's interesting that you haven't realized no one on this whole site respects your opinion or likes you? it MAY just be because of how you interact with everyone in such a terrible manner. I know you never played sports, but maybe try and at least pretend to have some knowledge of the game.
BamaTime is an absolute joke- the most hypocrtical and possible the least respected user on this site.
ah you had time to reply instantaneously again... shocker on your trailer park's dial-up internet! but interesting when you say "you’re so obsessed with me that you take what little time you have to jump on a CFB message board to see what I have posted" yet just a few comments ago you wrote "It’s all you ever do and your post history shows it’s not something new for you."- I get your small brain can't remember much, but try and be less hypocritical sometimes :)
doesn't that fact that I don't feel a need to comment on every article (unlike you) shed some light on the fact that I actually have things to do? hmmm...yet you have the time to respond within minutes to every comment... so please, tell me who really needs to get a life? :)
you care enough to reply :) continue typing essays as you sit at your pathetic desk job :)
you comment more than any other person besides trolls- i guess people take you as seriously as the trolls too, though. ain't that ironic? get a life
not a single person on SDS respects you- you continue to prove what an absolute douche you are with each post- but carry on.
congrats on a meaningless degree and 40k/year job. pathetic
that's not what anyone on here is debating. your reading comprehension is a true testament to your bama education. everyone despises you on here. see yourself out.
BamaTime is an absolute joke. Get a life. The fact you can't wrap your mind around the idea that since they did NOT call a false start, if they had NOT called offsides, it would have been a HUGE game-changing play. Learn to expand your mind... you're probably the least-respected bama fan on here... which is mighty impressive. good job
oh what do you know- another example of COJones proving how much UGA lives in his brain- you need a life and/or hobby bro
COJones what's it like to be so incompetent you don't even know how to spell whiny?
no UGA coaches with Kirby have bashed UF like Mullen has bashed UGA. Get over yourself lmao. If you can't see how that's true you need to learn to use Google. Though I guess they have been bashing UF on the field....
Mullen started it all- please show us one quote from Kirby before Mullen's "blind squirrel" and recruiting comment. gtfo
and you think you're a gator lol- enjoy rooting for teams where you didn't even get in
COJones and Joe marks comment more about UGA than they o UF. So yes, rent-free and butthurt. The delusion is hilarious when we can actually play in big games while every UF season has been over by week 9 for the LAST TEN YEARS.
ah yes- only UF fans would state playing for the natty is irrelevant. stick to your trailer parks and 2nd place East finishes. y'all go well together.
rent-free would be bringing up UGA on a UF article... lmao you are so butthurt about UGA- go get some hemorrhoid cream bro
UF hasn't been relevant in a decade... literally every season has been over by the end of week 9 for y'all since Tebow. maybe take the "chief" out of your name unless you support FSU too?
through 3 quarters UF and Auburn scored a COMBINED 3 points- UGA DOMINATED UF in every statistical cateogry. Congrats on making it look close at the end lmao
how many recruits didn't even make it through the summeer after goofy dan made this moronic ommment? we'll wait...
in what world do you think you actually made a good point? hypocrisy at its finest... hope you enjoyed UF's 10th consecutive season that was over by week 9.
yet y'all can't help but bring up UGA in this UF article yourselves... pot, meet kettle...
they actually make it pretty hilarious to watch when they do stuff like this. Barkley's passion during Auburn's NCAA tourney run was awesome
Yep. But to be fair, college football takes some luck. Hard to name a team that's one a natty without some of it in big games.