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well Irenaus has commented about the lack of articles concerning his team for a while so now it's just whining- they are creating articles for clicks- duh; it's not being a douche, it's pointing out a fact.
maybe if they were relevant and had an abundance of fans who understand the internet writing articles about the unnoticed bulldogs would be worthwhile
lmao... well when your TE buddy fumbles into the endzone late in the fourth quarter and costs you a spot in the SEC championship it's tough to argue that you should be ranked in the TOP TWO in the final BCS rankings...
grow a pair and quit hiding. you're so embarrassed of your pathetic Tennessee trash football program, that you had to make another account? pathetic.
he shouldn't have posted that for sure, but dang was he wrong?... butch needed to go. he was so stagnant for UT it was painful, and his words only made it worse. I hate UT but hopefully they will be competitive next year. Jennings would help that cause.
might want to focus on scoring more than 25 points/game before opening his mouth.
glad we could so easily stir up all the UT fans with some harsh reality. What y'all are failing to realize is everything i stated was true (even though the only point of this was to bash your pathetic brethren who goes by 'voltrainconductor.' but please continue to defend a team who hasn't competed for the SEC title in over a decade.
where you at voltrainconductor? come defend your trash program and tell me more about how it hasn't been the biggest flop of a "blue blood" for the last 20 years.
hick puppies from a guy who roots on the 2nd dumbest school in the SEC. Alabama literally gives you a scholarship upon applying if your GPA/SAT is over a certain score. go kiss your sister-wife some more.
tennessee couldn't even win the EAST with their best team in over a decade... your commenting on every article that relates to UGA shows your jealousy. go find your nearest cliff and do what tennessee does best: fall off :)
well since you didn't win the SEC in the last 20 years MAYBE you can do it in the next 20? hope not just so your pathetic life is even worse :)
lmao a south carolina fan talking trash? you are even the REAL USC. go home scrub, you're program is an absolute joke and will continue to be. enjoy 8 wins for the rest of your life AND YOU'VE NEVER WON THE SEC- GEORGIA TECH AND TULANE HAVE MORE SEC CHAMPIONSHIPS THAN YOU. go lick your sister some more ya hick
ah you come out of the woodwork after being the laughinstock of SDS for the whole season, eh? did your sister stop making love to you? 41-0 scrub. didn't think it was possible but you should try and prepare yourself for even MORE mediocrity from tennessee.
my point is congrats on top 10- now stop whining and take your season and enjoy it; no other teams assign themselves national champs anymore. grow a pair and realize that when your strength of schedule is 75th in the nation you will NEVER get the respect you think you deserve. yes too bad other teams won't schedule you but get over it. make moves to be better in all sports and switch conferences. until then, realize that you had no chance after going 0-12 2 years ago.
enjoy your top 10 ranking- it's the only thing anyone will ever remember about your season.
i'm sure your sister gets mad at you for that a lot.
bamatime feels a need to try and bama at all times but his reading comprehension is so poor he doesn't even understand when it's not necessary.
you replied so you care- but i mean what else do you have to care about: your trailer? dial-up internet? your sister-wife?
yet again your another need to comment on UGA articles is laughable...
lmao yea sure compare a $100 to defrauding a university where the payers are basically already getting paid. Get outta here you scum idiot- you're making us born in the 90s look stupid.
Bamatime thinks he's some prodigee genius spewing wonders on a forum. Your words are cancer to read... No one's crying except you for the smackdown Auburn gave you. Enjoy your Walmart degree- it's almost worth the toilet paper i wipe my a_s with.
bamatime you comment on literally every UGA article so the infatuation with the program is pretty clear. it's pathetic.
if you haven't read about Corral's attitude problems you really should... enjoy
there's a difference between being biased and being a bltch- you are being the latter.
literally no one outside of the south carolina program will ever remember shaw over murray- so keep on preaching "facts" and realize south carolina blows @ss and will continue to do so.
BamaTime you literally throw a hissy fit on every article when ppl don't agree with your blatantly biased bama opinions. go throw your tantrums at Walmart with the rest of your degree-less bama brethren.