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make it to Atlanta more than once and maybe you can be taken seriously. I guess if we're light you're O'Douls since nothing involved with your program is good or fun
remember how much trash you talked saying USC (the little brother school) would be UGA last year? How'd that work out for ya? Enjoy a 5th straight year of losing to Kentucky and watching any other school but yours in Atlanta.
pretty muche returned everyone on a team that had 4 wins- yep, sounds like a recipe for success....
and what does auburn get for it? SEC division champ ring? LMAO i'll take SEC champs and Rose Bowl Champs over that but hey maybe Vandy can win more than 4 conference games for only the 2nd time since 1982??
ouch on the grammar.. but big (literal) get for the Vols- congrats just plz enroll him in an English class for society's sake!!
doesnt matter if the "99" in your name is your birth year or how old you are, you've seen the same # of national titles AU has won as well, so get off your high horse
1 game at a time. And stay in the race for ATL-that's all that matters. As we saw with Auburn last year getting to ATL means you can lose 2 (no digs against Bama but UGA will probably not get the Bama treatment without ATL).
11) when will they finally beat UGA twice in a row?
^lol that comment is an absolute joke... does your brain have any activity going on in it?
if we're gonna insult ppl on this website these are the kinda jokes i'd really like to see lol
dang and upon reading them most of these are laughable
predicting 12-0 for both is just a cop-out. At least one of them will drop at least one.
a 3 star to Ole Miss a day after we pick up a 4 star 6'7" 340 pounder? and with our recent O-line recruiting? yea i think this was an intentional miss but nice try, just do better next time.
no it's not but glad you're so 'well-versed' in my field. nice try tho. good thing you don't care what ppl think about your degree because it's an absolutely pathetic one :)
well DDS doesn't involve a residency, so congrats on the failed google search. I wont wash your pos 2 door truck- enjoy the goodwill clothes you must have to wear- they match your trash degree.
and continue to comment only on grammar to try and prove your school isn't pathetic. just like you. a real trash university. a 93% acceptance rate means you and your mentally retarded friends made it in- good job on the degree- it's literally worthless and you make less than a third of what i do. congrats
you said this last year. was an @ss kicking then and will be again.
Yep. Google makes it so everyone in the world knows your alma mater of Tennessee Tech is an absolute laughingstock. Academically and in every other sense. Congrats of the failure.
can you imagine having as much free time as he does?...
you graduated from Tennessee Tech- literally no more needs to be said- what a joke of a school. acceptance rate of 93%. average entrance gpa of 3.5, ACT of 23. Incredibly pathetic. your Industrial Engineer degree is a joke as well. enjoy a life of sub-mediocrity. it is perfect for you.
pathetic attempt at insults. just like your very first comment. go back home to your sister-wife and enjoy the inbred kids with your 50k salary, scrub.