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oh what do you know- another example of COJones proving how much UGA lives in his brain- you need a life and/or hobby bro
COJones what's it like to be so incompetent you don't even know how to spell whiny?
no UGA coaches with Kirby have bashed UF like Mullen has bashed UGA. Get over yourself lmao. If you can't see how that's true you need to learn to use Google. Though I guess they have been bashing UF on the field....
Mullen started it all- please show us one quote from Kirby before Mullen's "blind squirrel" and recruiting comment. gtfo
and you think you're a gator lol- enjoy rooting for teams where you didn't even get in
COJones and Joe marks comment more about UGA than they o UF. So yes, rent-free and butthurt. The delusion is hilarious when we can actually play in big games while every UF season has been over by week 9 for the LAST TEN YEARS.
ah yes- only UF fans would state playing for the natty is irrelevant. stick to your trailer parks and 2nd place East finishes. y'all go well together.
rent-free would be bringing up UGA on a UF article... lmao you are so butthurt about UGA- go get some hemorrhoid cream bro
UF hasn't been relevant in a decade... literally every season has been over by the end of week 9 for y'all since Tebow. maybe take the "chief" out of your name unless you support FSU too?
through 3 quarters UF and Auburn scored a COMBINED 3 points- UGA DOMINATED UF in every statistical cateogry. Congrats on making it look close at the end lmao
how many recruits didn't even make it through the summeer after goofy dan made this moronic ommment? we'll wait...
in what world do you think you actually made a good point? hypocrisy at its finest... hope you enjoyed UF's 10th consecutive season that was over by week 9.
yet y'all can't help but bring up UGA in this UF article yourselves... pot, meet kettle...
they actually make it pretty hilarious to watch when they do stuff like this. Barkley's passion during Auburn's NCAA tourney run was awesome
Yep. But to be fair, college football takes some luck. Hard to name a team that's one a natty without some of it in big games.
you constantly whine about the talent difference, but guess what- THA'"S UF'S FAULT THAT THEY SUCK AT RECRUITING. Kirby has improved UG recruiting by light years. You can claim he intherited a loaded roster but that just continues to oshow your ignorance. Look up the average rating per player of Kirby vs. Richt and you can see the HUGE DIFFERENCE Kirby has made. Until you take the time to do that you should realy retire from the site- your pathetic jabs at UGA are laughable. "But when you’re a head coach, you’re responsible for more than just the defense."- yep, tell that to Mullen regarding recruiting- maybe next year he won't lose 10 players from a recruiting class like the trash-talking clown that he is.
Mullen was ABSURDLY outcoached by Kirby this week. No one in the country thinks that UF beat UGA in ANY phase of the game. And I loved every second of it. Sorry Mullen has people leaving before they even complete a season (for your excuse of a thin roster....) but it's complete karma for his douche comments allllll offseason. funny how that will bite you in the a**
well to be fair, we already know he's done a poor job recruiting. hope he keeps it up :)
^this. what better way to discourage someone from surprising you than by saying exactly what they could do. see if it pays off!
Joe Marks continues to prove that he is a moron and has no football IQ. Thanks for doing so.
you typing "Gawga" a million times makes you look like the inbred trailer trash that you are. I realize not being able to get into UF or UGA is a tough blow, but focus on trying to not make it so obvious that your IQ makes Walmart a tough job for you
Pacha is such a pathetic scrub that he has to reply to every comment on here lmao... dude grow a pair and realize your team looked like trash tonight... instead of calling everyone out for disagreeing with you, you just need to realize you are wrong... what a moron
CO Jones with another homer ridiculous comment. UGA didn't claim his as the second coming of Christ like Gator fans have Mullen... focus on finishing better than 3rd in the East. Pathetic.