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I went ahead and got very drunk and it made for an awesome second half.
very rough day at the office. massive concerns on offense. D looks like they alone may win some games. UF offense is scary, and that plus UF drawing LSU looks like a massive recipe for them being the East favorite right now.
oh look, BamaTime with her panties in a wad yet again... and no one is surprised lmao.
lol i dont think any of us care about Mays. But every sad fan of the second best football school in Tennessee complain day in and day out about the rules actually being applied to their team. but try again.
i have never seen so much whining over a decision that does not differ from many decisions established as a precedent for a non-QB and undergraduate student. wow
naa you're the only one who thinks they are so high and mighty that it is worth reaffirming how inept and incapable you are of anything relatively worthwhile in this world. but hey, continuing being #obsessed :)
keep replying to me without any good retort. your infatuation is comical. #BTisobsessedboutme
you reply to every comment i make. i guarantee you will reply to this one too. #obsessed
BT- "You just commented within a half OUR to me… You’re trying so hard to act as if you matter… The sad truth is you don’t…" and you proved it many times before.
a possible Bama grad calling someone stupid. rich. keep proving everyone's point. your doing a great job.
the only person I reply to on here is you- because you post rude and ridiculous replies and should truly reconsider being such a giant d0uche. but you reply to EVERYONE with trash insults and homerism. so we know you aren't fine :) but keep trying to convince yourself!
keep evading. we already know you have nothing to be proud of, but thanks for proving the whole site's point.
^sad. can't even back up his trash talk. post your name, tough guy.
LOL- nope, it's because you have nothing worth being proud over and act all big and bad on a website. keep spin cycling, basement dweller.
does it hurt that not a single person on the face of the earth cares about your opinion? or do you just like to make yourself feel important on here by bashing others and picking constant fights. As previously said, it's not everyone else on SDS, it's just you being a loser.
$100 you would never post your real name- because of how little impact you have on anything in this world. prove me wrong.
arguing with BT is like going into a mental institution. he has no valid points and just mudslings like a child. no one respects his opinion on the whole site and it hurts his sad little boy ego as he continues to realize this.