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ah Bt, still proving to be a loser each and every day.
nice attempt at a spin. must suck that your wife is your sister.
jesus dude. after dealing with mcelwain and mullen you'd think gators of all fans wouldn't bash coachspeak.
yet again this BT loser making it apparent he is a nobody. congrats
yikes. still butthurt over that huh? maybe if he had an actual impact on W/Ls he would have won.
# of tackles doesn't matter. it's the BEST LB right?
you are full of dumb takes today. As competitive as Dan? with 6 losses? Stfu and see the door lmao. UF has more regular season losses this ONE year than UGA has in FIVE years. Idiot
i can get the 1980 jokes, but beating your chest over wins from over 12 years ago? does that make sense? For a program with two 4 win seasons, a wasted all-time offense in 2020, 6-6 this year, and a clear inability to recruit well (showing that no kids care about 2006/2008) I don't get how UF fans think their program is on the same level as UGA? In all seriousness, what program in the country would rather be UF than UGA right now? I mean UF has as many regular season losses this year as UGA has in the last FIVE seasons. pretty wild
he is definitely the biggest loser on this site. not one single comment made by him that isn't derogatory or looking for a fight. quite a tool.
actually from what I could find the report first got filed on the 30th at 2:30PM... kinda doubt a filed report is going to get immediately sent to Jax by 3:30PM and have action taken within an hour.
your only comments are predicting a UGA loss every game since Clemson- give it up, it's pathetic lol.
AR made one terrible read, and the best LB in football made him pay. People blaming him for the fumble would be a terrible take and Travon Walker dropped off the line to tip another pass into Dean's hands...just a ridiculous play. AR will be fine. I obviously hope he doesn't develop into THAT dude, but he more than likely will.
naa, Beck looked absolutely atrocious against UAB.
i can't imagine taking the time to type as much as he does.
i'm definitely more in the wait and see mode on JT as well... i dont like hype for 4 games
I always see a big block and start scrolling and scroll faster than when my fiancee is staring at my instagram
i cannot even fathom using my free time to type this novel.
as a fan, all you can ask for is to be in post-season contention the last week of the year. If your destiny is in your hands going to ATL i dont know how a season could be considered a failure. It's too bad Bama is a crunchtime juggernaut, or else a lot of other SEC teams would have some trophies.
the "natty or nothing" mantra is ridiculous. It requires a ton of skill and usually a few amazing moments of luck per season to get one. Every team that has won a natty as long as I can remember has had a game where the pieces just fall right into place, due to luck (Clemson vs Syracuse 2018, see Bama fumble against LSU 2019, and then UF fumble vs Bama 2020,etc, etc.). Love your comment.
trust me, you are out of place everywhere you go.
won't disagree with you Darth- they would be quite a couple.
can't use logic with BamaTime. She is the most inbred moron on the site.