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disagree. Vaughn is absolutely insane. small but gamechanger. had he not gotten hurt he would have single-handedly beat UF. he's just stuck behind an average to below-average O-line.
one team had 1 regular season loss, the other had 3. The first team actually played for something and their season wasn't over by week 9. Please tell me who you'd rather be...lmao
you say this about every UGA game and yet we roll you consistently. stop talking...
woo congrats on having nothing to play for after week 8. i'll take 1 regular season loss giving my favorite team the chance to play for a playoff berth- something UF has never sniffed. please mullen has already shown he is a pathetic troll and kirby makes an awesome point about recruiting- if you think the teams aren't losing a week by playing in Jax every year idk what to tell you- it's a literal fact.
yet it's no coincidence that Auburn takes every formerly booted SEC player it can... from one cesspool to the absolute sewer i guess.
you whine about trolling after the constant troll attempts Mullen has gone through with this summer? cry me a river lmao- hypocritical whiners. focus on being better than the 4th team in the East.
oh god this idiot again. BlackandGarnet talked more trash about baby USC beating UGA and then ran and hid with his mommy after the shellacking that occurred. go on home again lil one you aren't wanted around here.
bro, take a hike. even your own fans know your comments are trash
this is why no one takes your comments seriously... you wanna name it after the world's lamest country band? wouldn't surprise me...
dang. i can very much appreciate you calling out how crappy all 3 of those are. props
the TDoW has some annoying comments for sure; he's right on par with the extreme bias that flows from CO Jones. Both are blind
yep. Vaughn would have single handedly beat UF last year if he hadn't gotten hurt. Dude is dirty
it's too bad the only interesting thing about tennessee football is that it's a literal dumpster fire
not like he did anything bad or is a shame for UGA?...
lemme know when LSU is relevant to getting a return trip to ATL
using the lack of pro potential as a negative against UGA is laughable... Mecole Hardman 2nd round... Riley Ridley? lord.
i see you still haven't learned how to post correctly...
Mullen has put his foot in his mouth with his comments. Only UF fans would disagree about that. Will be interesting to see what occurs in Jax this year. IF UGA is up big, i can't see them taking foot off the pedal...
every day BamaTime continues to prove that nothing intelligent comes out of the state of alabama.... he's up there with paris as the biggest morons on the site
maybe he should take a page from mullen's book and look like the creep who stands at the side of the club from 8:30pm-2:00am with his lame @ss baggy khakis
actually went to UGA and then UF because UF gives out easy scholarships :) but nice try and enjoy your 55k/year job . but i'm glad you are continuing the UF ways of marrying your sister- glad she was able to take your virginity. god knows she is a saint for doing so! later scrub
it's called professional school ya idiot but sure, i'd love to talk about your Santa Fe alma mater if you wish?
So let me get this straight, UGA should kick players off the team for their first weed arrest? Because this is 100% what you are saying. P.S.- you are an inbred moron
I would never apologize for UF recruiting possible rapists? Just shows the lack of character that Mullen attracts- funny how UF fans like to point as 1/2 an ounce of pot in a UGA dorm and scream CRIME yet this isn't something that represents UF? LMAO. The only relevance UF has had in the past 20 years surrounds seasons where a literal psychopath MURDERER played for their team. hilariously hypocritical
you mean you think UGA fans are surprised UF recruited a possible rapist? nope, UF has ZERO standards :) as a UGA and UF grad, i will gladly say that UF SUCKS
Florida fans don't get their panties in a wad cuz their men are so used to wearing them.
UF plays in ZERO games that matter when they lose 3 SEC East games per year. Enjoy the continued mediocrity with your goofy, weirdo coach.