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when was the last time UTjr had a tougher OOC schedule than UGA? we'll wait m
thanks for proving you have no clue what has gone on during this recruitment. instead of typing when you know nothing, maybe, ya know, keep quiet? thanks
it's been 25 years since UTjr mattered. no one (clearly not recruits...) cares about your old claimed natties from your grandpa's time lmao
they have to win 3 vs LSU winning 1 lmao? what backwards logic is that
you mean "can't read all that." congrats on another mid season with your poverty program :)
it was only a cake walk regular season because UTjr was the most pathetic excuse for a #1 matchup every encountered. poverty program.
your obsession with UGA is amazing.
Your obsession with UGA is comical. Your team sucked and is back to their normal mediocrity. Delete your account and get a job. 1998 little man
You really need to google how to use “your” and “you’re.” Sorry your trailer park didn’t teach you.
Too bad you absolutely sucked when it mattered. 1998 little guy
Then why didn’t it score more points than Georgia did? Oh that’s right, cuz it sucks lmao.
Congrats on your stats. The ONE stat that matters is that massive, pathetic 2 in your loss column. Enjoy continued mediocrity.
You just used the wrong form again you incompetent moron. We’ll keep crying because EVERY prediction you’ve had about UGA has been wrong. Enjoy watching us in the playoff again ;)
Do you actually think this is possible? Like really? Your brain is so small it can’t comprehend that this will NEVER happen? Oh well I guess you’ll be sad either way. And EVERYONE here will love that lmao
You must use meth because you can’t figure out “you’re” and “your.”
Lmao you are the biggest loser on the site. Sit down, take your L, eat your crow, and delete your account. That would do us all a favor lmao
Hahaha he is such a moron. I hope this hurts so badly gwhite, because you have proven to be the biggest clown on this site. Enjoy watching all the important games while your team is irrelevant, as is the norm
how warped do you have to let your mind be to believe this? find a cliff
lol you really think that? well then prepare to be disappointed. you know even less about football than you've made apparent.
"they're," "it's," "they," "two," "they're." I mean really, you couldn't make yourself look any dumber.
If the East beats the West in ATL (assuming it is Bama representing), Bama is eliminated with 2 losses, and it would seem that the UT-UGA loser gets the best of both worlds- play one less game and still get in as a 1 loss team. Tough to see that loser out in that scenario.
uga has scored more than 30 on tennessee 10 years in a row... lmao
your hatred for uga is comical. i get it must hurt ut is such garbage, but maybe try and be objective now and again.
"continue losing in the postseason".... lmao what? you have the worst takes
lol what elite offense was there to face last year? and TN is close? LMAO congrats on the 17 points last year.
tennessee hasn't won 10 games since 2007 lmao. when was the last time you beat a top 10 team? 20 years ago? pathetic