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just like the auburn game last year, this one (in the grand scheme of college football), really didn't matter. Even with an LSU win, we'd still have to beat UF and UK to go to ATL. So here's to a nerve-wracking next 3 weeks. At least everything is still there for the taking for the boys!
where's voltrain when you need a dumb@ss comment??
and I'm tired of LSU fans being cocky when they've been 3rd best in their conference since 2011. But sure, get butthurt :)
Never said we haven't looked average- cuz we do. and not a night game ;) "highly ranked is quite subjective"... but yea your resume is greater thus far- means nothing if you lose the next two weeks. And LSU hasn't won their division since 2011, so sounds like they haven't been really relevant in a while either... so thanks deacs, hope you aren't a wake fan with that comment! Should be two good games coming up!
for sure- soon teams will stack 8 in the box- just like they did on UGA last year! will wilson be able to continue successfully extending plays with his feet? cuz he needs to- that's when UK pass game is scary.
can you imagine having to ask for this? but i'm at most UF home games, and there are quite a lot of empty seats... should be a fun one!
Franklin has been scum since his days back at Vandy. Impossible to cheer for either of those two disingenuous lying coaches last night
Props to UK so far- looking good for sure. Still think they finish with 3-4 losses tho
I believe UF is an average team (no shade intended) and that they will expose LSU as the same this weekend (for 3 quarters).
you are still the most pathetic idiot on this site- congrats on that being the only W you get all year Voltrain. You are a horrible excuse for a human and a waste of air and space.
you are the most inbred idiot ever, Voltrain. Get a life and maybe spend time off the computer and you'd make more than the pathetic 40k you do. Grow a pair.
hmm.... or sounds like they may be... wait for it, friends?
THUGA? Auburn's 2 best QBs since 2000 have been KICKED OUT of their first schools- nice try you inbred moron
yea volbeef you might want to learn to read... a simple google search would have told you how horribly wrong you were, but I guess a UT education probably didn't help you out much there...
make it to Atlanta more than once and maybe you can be taken seriously. I guess if we're light you're O'Douls since nothing involved with your program is good or fun
remember how much trash you talked saying USC (the little brother school) would be UGA last year? How'd that work out for ya? Enjoy a 5th straight year of losing to Kentucky and watching any other school but yours in Atlanta.
pretty muche returned everyone on a team that had 4 wins- yep, sounds like a recipe for success....
and what does auburn get for it? SEC division champ ring? LMAO i'll take SEC champs and Rose Bowl Champs over that but hey maybe Vandy can win more than 4 conference games for only the 2nd time since 1982??
ouch on the grammar.. but big (literal) get for the Vols- congrats just plz enroll him in an English class for society's sake!!
doesnt matter if the "99" in your name is your birth year or how old you are, you've seen the same # of national titles AU has won as well, so get off your high horse
1 game at a time. And stay in the race for ATL-that's all that matters. As we saw with Auburn last year getting to ATL means you can lose 2 (no digs against Bama but UGA will probably not get the Bama treatment without ATL).
11) when will they finally beat UGA twice in a row?