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well DDS doesn't involve a residency, so congrats on the failed google search. I wont wash your pos 2 door truck- enjoy the goodwill clothes you must have to wear- they match your trash degree.
and continue to comment only on grammar to try and prove your school isn't pathetic. just like you. a real trash university. a 93% acceptance rate means you and your mentally retarded friends made it in- good job on the degree- it's literally worthless and you make less than a third of what i do. congrats
you said this last year. was an @ss kicking then and will be again.
Yep. Google makes it so everyone in the world knows your alma mater of Tennessee Tech is an absolute laughingstock. Academically and in every other sense. Congrats of the failure.
can you imagine having as much free time as he does?...
you graduated from Tennessee Tech- literally no more needs to be said- what a joke of a school. acceptance rate of 93%. average entrance gpa of 3.5, ACT of 23. Incredibly pathetic. your Industrial Engineer degree is a joke as well. enjoy a life of sub-mediocrity. it is perfect for you.
pathetic attempt at insults. just like your very first comment. go back home to your sister-wife and enjoy the inbred kids with your 50k salary, scrub.
and I'm about to graduate with a DDS and will make your maximum salary my first year. congrats on the grammar nazi- it totally makes you look intelligent... wait. nope. :) and try and get your vols to win an SEC game this year and they won't be as quite as embarrassing as you.
really? with both "arkansas" and "vol" in your name you think you have any room to talk about someone else' intelligence? go sit in the corner with your 50k/year job and 80 IQ and speak only when spoken to like the child you are.
been in Gainesville for the past 3 years.... they ruin most QBs, and the best one they had (Grier) they didn't entice enough to stay around after his bust... interesting
somewhat. but Vandy has 4 of the last 6 while to get GT 4 wins against UGA you have to go back 18 years...
i thought Nizialek averaging over 44/punt was okay last year.
who cares- i think #6 is too high for us. BUT very confused as to how you can already say UGA's secondary is improved with who we lost...
stop answering as if you are a Georgia fan. it's just sad. how many hours per day do you spend on here? if you would just get a decent job or contribute in any way to society with all that time you might not be the complete waste of breath and space that so far you certainly are.
I see you finally believe me about the crappy 'ilovemydawgs' troll, Bamatime?...
a shame for him... if he and Grier had stayed outta trouble UF would have been SCARY
^ if this really isn't proof enough for your pea-sized brain then you need a reality check you inbred waste of breath.
Bamatime is so incredibly inbred that he doesn't realize ilovemydawgs is the old VolTrainConductor who posted basically the same amount as Bamatime and was continually booed off the stage until he had to create multiple new accounts- hopefully Bamatime realizes that this is his future too; his opinions are as unvalued on SDS as his persona is in real life.
enjoy your 45k/year job and sister-wife. i'm sure both are just as low-level mediocre as you :)
you should really get a job and lay off giving it to your sister for a while- while you can't cure your inbred heritage, you could at least try to make your Alabama IQ of 75 not be so apparent.
south carolina is rarely an easy game... no UGA fan will say they're a cupcake. but talent-wise, UGA owns the field just about every year- we'll see if coaching does their job.
well Irenaus has commented about the lack of articles concerning his team for a while so now it's just whining- they are creating articles for clicks- duh; it's not being a douche, it's pointing out a fact.