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7:53 on est and still waiting on you to be back in here....must have been them folding chairs catching your tongue....
Shhh little vol baby, Don't forget who your daddy is both overall and in recent history..are do big numbers hurt little baby vols little head...PS watch out for them folding chairs today in Athens ;)
Difference with JT Daniels Is he actually already sat out an entire year due to tearing his ACL in the 2019 season opener which the NCAA took into account. Cade Mays and his attorney are using a pathetic instance That happened in 2017 during a recruiting visit which clearly did not affect his decision and committing to the University of Georgia as well as playing two years. From multiple inside sources ( players and staff) Cade is a primadonna on and off the field, and was constantly complaining about sharing/splitting reps and thinking he deserved to be on the field at all times, and constantly had a piss poor attitude which in turn was affecting his playing time.