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With you Natedawg, and Kirby wouldn't allow a player to throw a shoe to blow their playoff hopes lol. Got Culture UF?
Bayou Tiger, good luck enjoying being a fan the next few seasons. I can't wait for Arik to be wearing Red/Black.
Nature Gator, I do apologize for not being sportsmanlike in my previous comment. I just didn't like you putting down Kirby in previous article. Best of luck next year padna.
You sound just like Mullen "Nature Gator" Go out into nature for the rest of the decade.
Nature Gator, your comments about Mullen apply to yourself...w/ exception to brilliant mind.
Geaux Long--Arik Gilbert is going to be getting laid by young ladies in Athens in a few months. You may have felt on top of the world in 19, but have fun being unranked next few years. Nature Gator, got out to nature for the next few seasons to get over UGA beating you down in 21 and beyond. Responses?
Rat is your user name meant to represent?
Georgia Poppy Kicker, thanks for giving everyone a few laughs, now get off UGA's articles. What does your username mean? Are you a jaded fan or did you start your account just to troll UGA? Very confused; please specify. Btw, leave Kirby alone.
Saban assistant must see UGA as a threat if you troll comments on our article. Saban won't be there forever, Kirby much younger, we are head hunting padna, so look out.
Davis is HUGE for next year, but Tyson Campbell was even bigger just bc of all the departures (and Deion Sanders poaching Nugget Warren). I hate that Tyson didn't come back and am worried for secondary. I know we recruit at a high level and this kinda thing is bound to happen, but I respect players who commit to the G for 4 seasons or at least get a degree. (Trey Hill might have left after 3 years but he graduated!)
In addition, we almost won the natty b/c Nick and Sonny came back their senior year. I respect Tyson, but the most DGDs are the ones who come back to finish what they started. Commit to the G? 4 years is truly committing to the G. We needed Tyson even more than big 99 Jordan Davis in 2021 and that is saying a lot. Agree? Disagree?
I agree he is a DGD, but why not stick around and up your draft status. I am sick of juniors heading to NFL, but when you recruit at this level, it is bound to happen. He could have made millions more if he stuck around, not to mention he would have been our DB leader. He didn't graduate in 3 yrs like Trey Hill.
I have loved Richard ever since he was the first recruit by Kirby at UGA. I bought a Lecounte jersey...however, I was very let down by his choice on Halloween night. He behaved like a street thug with no concern for others by driving an unregistered dirt bike on the road after the Kentucky game and putting himself out of the Florida game, one of the biggest games of his career. He WAS the leader of the secondary and Florida was an elite team in the...passing game (or course) this year. I am very proud of him clawing back for playing time during the end of the year, but he can't take back his decision to hop on that bike. Guess we will never know what could have happened against Florida. He will have to live with that. Hope that regret drives him to exel at next level, just keep him off two wheeled vehicles.
So if you didn't play bama, you would win it all, huh? Trolly, make peace w/ auburn's limitations and stop putting down your SEC foes. I respect the SEC and pull for auburn when they don't play UGA. Go Bo
Trolly, I know you are hurting since Nix is a flop and Auburn has fallen from Pleae site examples when you speak about UGA or Bama. Good luck enjoying your football games moving forward the next...I dunno..5 seasons..LMAO. Don't talk about Bama or UGA brother. You have no room for criticism.
Trolly, go Auburn, right, lol. Maybe in a decade or so you can be competitive in the SEC again. You might want to hit the pipe to blur out the next few seasons brother.
UsmcDawg..Are you really telling another UGA fan to go to bed? Was that really meant for me?? I don't get it...I walked the same academic halls as these players you covet. Who is your alma mater and why would you put down your fellow dawg? I back up Negan no matter what b/c he is a dedicated UGA fan. I back any UGA fan. How bout you?
I can't wait to see you in Jacksonville next year. I won't call the Gators losers b/c I have respect for UGA's SEC foes. Kirby's players have the discipline not to blow their season by throwing a Yall had your shot this year and blew making the playoff on a mental mistake.
Saban won't be coaching forever, so enjoy it while it lasts and lay off Kirby. You may eat those words.
It must be tough when your team's most impactful throw of the year involved a shoe instead of a football.
Boxster, I couldn't find a way to reply directly to your comment, but we have got to be confident and optimistic. We have the talent and Kirby has learned his lesson w/ QBs. Let's go. Who else but us brother?
I'm w/ you Negan. I am a UGA graduate (class of 2006) and I saw the women on campus everyday. Not only are there peaches, but they have beautiful women of every area, background imaginable. Besides athletics and education, what else would an 18 yr old recruit be looking for in a college experience?! It is a valid point. UGA is best place for any college student to come, but especially football stars. Kirby will take us to the promised land as long as he can manage QBs properly moving forward. Brock V is our future.
I enjoyed King Negan's view point even if it was over the top. Keep preaching it Negan!