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The coach told her to pooch kick it. But you would know that if you actually did your homework, instead of commenting like a semester pig.
I agree with you. We play Mizzou in Columbia. GT is barely 70-75 miles from Athens.
I just wonder how this works financially. I have season tickets for Georgia. There was a 95% renewal rate for the season ticket holders. If they limit entry and restrict how many games we can attend, do we get refunds for the games we can't attend? We have to pre-pay and order in March. I'm sure I speak for the others when I say we didn't spend that money to be allowed to go to just a few. If it is limited for us, they just allow all the top tier donors to go, at the expense of the rest of us. It's how they handle everything now related to football.
This is why no one likes them. On a positive note, it is nice to see all of us on here unified on something. This is the first real strength of schedule game they've played... Why would Game Day go any time sooner this season?
Given the long waiting list for season tickets (per several Tide fan friends), perhaps it's time to free up some of those seats for seatholders that will come /stay for games.
Exactly. Ridiculous.