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Great point. 'Bama has been doing it for a while, so we'll see if the Clemsons and LSUs can as well.
3 straight SEC East titles under Kirby. Zero for Mullen. Smart 3 - 0 vs Mullen as head coaches. UGA under Smart outscored Mullen 91 to 37. Smart gets the #2, #1 and #3 ranked recruiting classes last 3 years. Mullen #14 and #9. Smart 18 5-star recruits in 4 years at UGA, 12 5-stars the last 2 years. Mullen ZERO 5-stars. Any more questions??? Mullen has to do more with less because recruits don't want to go to UF!
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning could never throw it far, but they have what Fromm has ... intelligence at reading the D pre-snap.
Classy comment Gators fan. I live in Jacksonville and some of my best friends are classy UF fans like you. See ya next year.
Absolutely agree. If the UGA players are allowed to play to their full potential, we win that game by 3 TDs.
Exactly! 2 problems with the passing game, and neither problem is Jake Fromm. 1 - receivers are getting no separation. Against the UF zone defense separation was easy. 2 - receivers and backs dropping passes. Fromm is one of the smartest and most efficient QBs in college football. He makes pre-snap changes that pay off. UGA was 12 of 18 on 3rd downs and Fromm had several 7 and 12 and 14 yard 3rd down passes completed. Foley is the problem, not Fromm.
Are you kidding me? Grantham is one of the best DCs in the country. He has turned a bunch of 3-star talent into a great defense at UF. Don't blame his play-calling for great blocking by UGA in the passing game.
You are smoking some special kind of crack if you honestly believe that. You guys NEVER sell out, maybe twice a year. As goodgodafresman put it ... "Uga has sold out every game but 1 since 2001. Tennessee hasnt sold out their season a single time in that period. Most years they sell out 1 or 2 games tops. Last year none. This year none. So whos fan base isnt showing up?"
Trade him to the Browns, the Jets or the Bills and see how he feels then. I get it if he had 1 year, but 3 left?! The Falcons can't renegotiate, then a long line would form at the Falcon's office with everyone wanting more money with years to go. 15 days of training camp at 40K per is $600,000. Fine him then trade his no-touchdown-scoring ass. We could get a boatload for him in a trade and save money for the future. Idiot.
3 years left? Is he kidding? Hanging out with trouble-making TO, team obliterator. I say screw his ass. play without him. There is not one single situation in the NFL where he could benefit more ... not one. Having said that, I believe there are negotiations going on that have been in the works before the draft. We moved up for Ridley because we are planning for a Julio-less future. Ler him play this year and prove he is worth more. After an injury before last season's camp that made him miss it, he was 'off' with Matt all year. Screw his greedy, non-team-oriented ass. Trade him to Cleveland or Buffalo and see how he likes it.