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Jarrett Guarantano is just a kid doing the best he can. He doesn't deserve to be insulted by a famous fan of HIS OWN TEAM. Bubba is an ass who can't leave the trolling to UT's rivals.
If you want better players, just start paying them like the Hugh Freeze regime.
The narration is tripe. The video would be 100x better if it had NO narration.
2001 UGA-UT had some biased announcing. After UT scored the late go-ahead TD, the announcers basically had an orgasm on air. "Unbelievable!" "There's a magical sense, a magical feel here in Neyland Stadium!" Then, UGA's Haynes scores the game-winning TD, and announcer Andre Ware says, "You almost hate that somebody's gotta lose this football game." Gee, your emotions seem to have changed a bit.
It's very possible that Etienne's decision wasn't Butch's fault. Sounds more like Etienne just wasn't impressed by the city of Knoxville and/or the UT campus. All these guys are choosing their words carefully. Fifteen or twenty years from now, they'll give us the specific details.
Minnesota was 7-2 in conference games. Auburn was 5-3 in their conference games. So Big Ten fans have nothing to brag about. The SEC has so many tie-ins with the top bowls that we frequently see the fifth best SEC team competing against the third best team from some other conference.
Revised: Another cinder block in the wall
Joe, so the NFL only wants rocket arms and scramble guys? Which of those skills did Josh Rosen have when he was drafted in the 1st round?
How is "Spurrier goes to Arby's" not in the Top Five? This list is crap.
UGA fan here. I saw J. Lo play in Sanford Stadium and watched many of his Kentucky games on TV. He was a great player, and it was always fun to watch him play (or stressful to watch him play against your alma mater's defense). I loved it when he would take off running! Wildcat Nation lost a good one today.
Remember when Nkemdiche was at the hotel and “broke the window and then walked approximately 15 feet and climbed over a wall and fell approximately 15 feet.” He's never had to explain what he was smoking that night (or how he could afford the Grand Hyatt as a college student). As long as he's never held accountable for his actions, he will continue his self-destructive behavior.
"No East opponent scored more than 21 points against Alabama during that stretch." That's only true of regular season games. If your stats don't include SEC Championship games, you really should state that in the article.
Tua is an incredibly gifted QB. To say that maybe he has lost his confidence because of how the season ended is a joke. He'll be back to his dominant ways when Bama's offense destroys Duke on August 31. Tua's only weakness was that he got completely accustomed to everything always working against average teams. For example, if his receivers were covered, he just bought time with his feet and waited for guys to get open. Against a really good defense like UGA, that doesn't always work and can result in turnovers or sacks well behind the line of scrimmage. When he gets to the NFL, even an elite talent like Tua will have to throw the ball away sometimes rather than make the risky play. If Tua has learned this in the offseason, he'll be the top QB drafted, no doubt. If he hasn't learned this, he'll make big costly mistakes against elite defenses while continuing to destroy everybody else.
That was certainly more entertaining than the majority of draft coverage. I'm sure Corso told the producers in advance that he couldn't possibly stay up for the whole broadcast, and I imagine they told him him, "That's fine. Just stay as long as you want, and feel free to leave whenever you feel tired." They probably assumed Corso would leave during a commercial break, but they assumed wrong.
As a player, Thomas Brown had a great work ethic. He didn't have the most impressive frame, but he worked his tail off in the weight room. At Georgia, he was said to be, pound for pound, the strongest player on the team.
Volzdeep is correct. Every time I hear ESPN talk about Pete Carroll's "two national championships at USC," they never say "oh but wait, they had to vacate a bunch of wins, so actually he kinda only got one championship." And as a Dawg fan, I often reads articles that say Georgia Tech hasn't beaten UGA in Atlanta since 1999. But those articles never mention, "oh, but Tech had to vacate that win so actually it has been even longer."
Well, if LSU fires him, he'll just get hired by Auburn in a few years. Amiright, Tennessee Vols fans?? #BrucePearl
So Texas was willing to accept the online Math class? Or Texas didn't even require that particular Math credit for admission? The author left out an essential part of the story.
Ok, he has "committed." But is he being given a scholarship? Or PWO status? That's a pretty essential detail that's missing from this story.
UGA-ND is pretty much a lock for College Gameday, and the Gameday crew isn't going to visit Athens twice in one season. Therefore, they won't be in Athens for the A&M game.
What would be Sark's message to recruits? I mean, he'll be gone before any of them arrive on campus. 1. If Sark goes to Bama and they don't make the playoffs despite their massive talent levels, Sark will be fired after only one season. 2. The more likely scenario is that Bama makes it back to the playoffs and Sark gets offers to leave (like like every other Bama coordinator). And it's already been proven that he will leave Bama for a good opportunity elsewhere! I can't imagine any scenario in which Sark isn't a one-and-done OC at Bama.
Maybe Jon Gruden should be the new OC. He's a "bright guy" with experience as an OC. "Football wise he would fit.”
"UGA is loaded at RB." Nope. If Holyfield leaves, UGA just has one more year of Swift and then a bunch of guys who are probably not as good as Sanders. Zamir White is coming off of two torn ACL's. No guarantee he ever gets back to being as good as he was. Even the guys who make a full recovery usually underperform during the first year back. James Cook was inconsistent this year. He might mature into an amazing RB, but he's a speedster, and we'll still need a big, physical bruiser who can knock over defenders.
Yes, we all agree that Saban is the best coach. But can we give it a rest on all the "nobody's better at putting players in the league" comments? Pretty easy to put guys in the NFL when you're stockpiling 5-star recruits every year. It's not like turning down Saban hurt the careers of the Clowney's and Nkemdiche's of the world. The best argument I can make for Saban being good at putting guys in the league is Greg "7th Round" McElroy who never would've been drafted without all the elite Bama talent around him to make look good.
Yes, rest of the world has "moved on" to losing to Bama by 30.
"Alabama must rest Tua against this creampuff so that he'll be healthy for the postseason." "Why do SEC teams schedule creampuffs? None of their reasons check out." I think your first statement answers your question.
Not exactly, rico. Stallings had another personal foul earlier in the game, so this was his second one. Two personal fouls = ejection.
UT can't afford to fire Pruitt this year. The university is already spending millions of dollars on the buyouts of Butch Jones and his assistants. Did Greg Schiano ever decide whether or not he wants to sue UT for violating the MOU?
This reminds me of all the comedy shows where the boss says, "Quit?!? You can't quit... because you're FIRED!"