Who's that coming down the track? It's the mean machine in red and black...

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@kirby nut sack has been “name calling” from day one. But you call me out for it?? Really?? You KNOW what I’m talking about with Trump. Pretending you don’t is ridiculous. I get it. It doesn’t bother you and that’s cool. But I prefer my president act like an adult. It’s not a lot to ask.
Hey nut sack do you really think I give 2 $hits what a little insecure snot rag like you calls me? You’re a b!tch. Keep running your mouth on the internet. Lol. I guess you need something to make you feel like a man.
That being said they impeached Clinton for lying. Trump lies every time he opens his stupid face.
I’m not going to list what he’s done. It’s reported everyday and has been for the past 4 years. Y’all gave Obama hell for wearing a tan suit and saluting with a Starbucks cup. I never mentioned “criminal” I’m talking about the highest office in the land and the responsibility that comes with it. He’s an embarrassment to the USA on a daily basis.
Give me a break. He’s a douche. He deserves all the hate he gets. ANY other president R or D would have never survived their presidency if they had done half the stupid crap he’s done. He’s lowered the bar so low it’s underground.
Yeah you call people names on the internet and cry like Sally Fields all day but sure... I’m the loser... let’s go with that.
Sorry but the “prez” is an immature little brat with the IQ of an acorn. I guess that’s why you like him so much. I’d knock off the DumbDawg and snowflake stuff unless you want me to make you change your name again
Who did I name call? DumbDawg? Lol you’re still a clown. New name same insecure little toughguy. Hilarious
Nice talking points rain. I see you’re all studied up. Fun fact though. Today in 2020 the KKK are all Trumpers and the Democrats elected the first black president so....
If you don’t understand why black men don’t like Drumpf... I just don’t know what to tell ya.
It has nothing to do with him being a “Republican President”. I think you know that.
He’s not a dawg fan. Sadly he’s a Tennessee fan so please shower him with your pity.
Show me an UGA poster making child molestation jokes
Kirby had the highest rated defense in the country. Yeah...he's terrible.
These comments are just obscene. Tennessee fans are a nasty bunch. I'm glad that you have become bottom dwellers of the SEC. No other fanbase deserves it more. Next time you pay an FCS opponent $1 million to come to that dumpster Neyland… try to actually win the game.
You're a walking trash can bryanchip. Way to represent your fanbase. I'm sure they are all very proud. I mean nothing is funnier than joking about raping kids right? Effing sleaze ball
LOL you Tennessee fans are hilarious. You're not even one season away from losing at home to an GEORGIA STATE and already running you mouths. Keep your pecker talk in the trailer park where it belongs. Trash
Tennessee is closer to Georgia St. than they are to Georgia.
Unbelievable. Historic season. Just wow. Congrats Tiger fans.
I agree. His experience alone is an upgrade and he’s got good size and hands. Another big target is always a good thing.
The Tigers of Death Valley are going to win. Guaranteed
Hey me either..trolling is a part of this site. At least when I'm trolling Florida I own up to it. This guy plays the "what did I say?" card
I remember when that guy ejected B. Snell. Completely ridiculous.
Get out of here with rational takes and full quotes that show context.
Ha. I guess he wanted to come to UGA so he could beat Florida before he leaves college.