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Kinda like how a blind squirrel could see Trask was better than Franks?
Ahhh the old "dropping bags" argument. "Nkobe dean deal is gonna bite you hard" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
"Keeping Fromm over Fields has proved to be pretty stupid though" How so? The season isn't over yet.
Y'all keep hating on Fromm. He doesn't put up big numbers because of the offense we run. Some games he only throws 10-15 times. But he wins (a lot) and he doesn't make a lot of mistakes.
Y'all also eat alligator, frog and crawfish (AKA sea roaches) freakin weirdos
Keep hope alive crybaby jones. You'll get us next year.
LSU is on pace to break all kinds of records. They are having a historically good year. Losing to them wouldn't be a huge disappointment especially if they continue on and win it all. That said I think we have a good shot. After this week I would love to throw it all back in the LSU fans faces after they are all calling for a blowout.
Unfortunately some of the biggest trolls on here are dawg fans but every fan base has some. You'll learn who they are pretty quick.
If you're going to compare matchups it should be Auburn vs LSU not Bama. Our defense is really good. It won't be a shootout. Fromm just needs to make a few plays. Our running game and defense are the real keys. Fromm just has to limit mistakes. He doesn't need to be a hero.
bdawg don't worry about gromit. He's a troll. Look at his comment section. All he does is say UGA is going to get blown out while making stupid claims about random nonsense. Then he just starts name calling. He's a child.
If Bobo is going to go back to being an OC I think it's a safe bet he would want to come back to UGA. He still has family in Georgia and is an alum. I'll hold my breath and feel just fine about it. The problem is if Kirby has some loyalty towards Coley not if Bobo wants to come home.
This makes no sense. Auburn held florida to 24. UGA held Florida to 17. If you're comparing Auburns defense against common opponents UGAs defense is better.
"If UGA loses this game, it will be a major blow for their program" No.
I think UGA will have 7 interceptions and run for 500yards. Am I doing this right?
LSU ain’t scoring 42 and UGA isn’t getting to 30.
About that personal attack thing....hypocrite
What “personal attack” did I make? I hope you don’t disappear on Saturday like gaturd fans did after Jax
He’s tough too. He’ll lower his shoulder and get extra yards
Curious Gatormike what was your prediction for the UGA Uf game? 45-17 is ridiculous. I think your butthurtitis is impairing your thought process. LSU may very well win but it isn't going to be a blowout.
Pretty sure this dude predicted UGA to lose to Florida by 3 TDs too.
Florida doesn't "deserve" anything. UGA won the division and the head to head. I don't understand how Uf fans don't get that.