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Yeah you were guaranteeing a win on Friday and a ghost on Saturday
Again. Nothing is banned. The university made a decision to stop playing a song at games. Not to ban GWTW from campus. I never said it was about me. I'm white. I can see why black people are tired of us celebrating a time period where they were considered less than animals. I use my empathy to see it through their eyes. That being said I don't think they really care whether we play the song or not.
"social programs and entitlements" you mean like roads, public schools, parks and libraries?
None of those things belonged to you. We’re capitalist. Wealth distribution isn’t a real thing. Suggesting reparations and reality are 2 very different things. The class gap between races isn’t slight.
What has been taken from you and given to someone else?
It’s not about you. For one second think about someone else. It’s called empathy.
Whiners and snowflakes like people crying because a school band stopped playing a song? Those snowflakes?
You need to understand the difference between being banned and not being used. There’s a huge difference. Go to a gator game and scream gator bait all you want. No one will stop you.
It doesn’t. I never said it did. Did you read either post?
We don't have to erase history but we also don't have to celebrate traitors that started a war that killed millions of Americans because they didn't want to give slaves freedom. The only way to fix the issues you listed is to truly treat black people as equals. We're not anywhere close to doing that.
Y'all are on here calling people snowflakes while simultaneously screaming and crying about a chant. It's too much irony.
There is a story behind it. Just google it. I don't think it has anything to do with the Uf chant but "Gator Bait" definitely has a racist story behind it.
I don't think you know your audience Kevin. Empathy doesn't exist in SDS's comment section.
I get what you're saying, I don't really agree but I get it. To me it's just not worth getting upset about.
Nobody is saying GWTW can't be played in public places. The University made a decision not to play a song at games. It's not banned. You can sing the song in the middle of Lumpkin St. 'til your heart's content. It's really not a big deal. Georgia on my Mind makes more sense anyway.
Rap music is entertainment. I watch horror films. That doesn't mean I want to kill people.
Ok. I have no idea why you think having multiple troll accounts is cool/funny. I have no idea what it must feel like to need constant negative attention from others. I have no idea how you became such an idiot. I have no idea what it feels like to be completely useless. I have no idea why you are here. I have no idea why you are such a loser. I have no idea what makes you think anything you do or say will have any significant impact or influence. I have no idea who hurt you. I have no idea why you feel your opinions and thoughts are the only ones that matter. I have no idea what gives you the gall to tell others they should leave this country. You're right this is fun.
I think most people would be happy if the police just stopped shooting unarmed people or shooting someone in the back. It's a hard job, they are underpaid, under trained and under appreciated. But at some point they have to start deescalating situations and stop killing people that are clearly not a threat. The guy in Atlanta is a different scenario. He was being aggressive and turned back to shoot the cop with a taser. The cop made a split second decision and it's hard, I feel for him. Of all the cases we've seen I don't think this one is as egregious as some of the others and honestly think the murder charge is wrong and there is really no chance he gets convicted. Again though police have to stop using deadly force as their first option. Shooting him in the back is what makes this case questionable. But like I said it's tough. I get the frustration from the police over this case. But other cases the police were clearly in the wrong.
Kid definitely has a leg up on most incoming FR once he commits. Nice to have 3 NFL Hall of Fame QBs in the family. I'd love to see him in Red & Black.
Oh I know. The pacific NW has some of my favorite vacation spots. Beautiful is right.
@nash let me preface this with I respect you and think even though you have horrible taste in teams that you are always a pretty levelheaded poster and I can see your logic in most arguments. Unlike a lot of posters on here you don’t troll just for the sake of trolling and for that I have always respected your point of view. That being said I think you’re off base on Newman. In this sports vacuum that we have been in I have had time to watch all of Wake Forrest’s games from 2019 and I have to say It’s easy to see why so many people are high on Newman. Not only that all his coaches and teammates rave about the guy. They love him and that kind of leadership is contagious. As far as where he’ll go in the draft who knows. Did anyone think Burrow would be #1 after 2018? There always seems to be a guy that surprises, and Newman could absolutely be that guy. He could also fail spectacularly. We’ll just have to wait and see. Now back to the stats. You can underplay the loss of his top 2 receivers but you and I both know on a team like WF losing 2 of your best playmakers is a death sentence. The drop off from 1st to 2nd string is significant to say the least. Yeah, he threw to Hilton who subsequently became his #1 target after Washington and Surratt went down. We’ll just have to disagree on this. From what I saw the chemistry with his other receivers was nowhere near what he had with his top 2. Much like Fromm and UGA there were a lot of miscommunication and poor rout running. Newman deserves his share of blame but he seemed to force things after the VT game like he didn’t in the previous 8 games of the season. I also have to disagree with the idea that he is” going to be asked to do too much too soon in a new offense with too little time to prepare” I think we’ll get a watered-down version until he can get up to speed. I think that will hurt us vs Bama but I think our defense is more than capable of keeping us in any game assuming Newman isn’t a total flop. The “he hasn’t taken a snap in the SEC” argument is weak as well. He’s a Grad Transfer not a true freshman. He made a business decision to come to UGA and did so to be on a bigger stage and improve his stock. I don’t think he would risk his draft stock if he didn’t think he could succeed against SEC defenses. The COVID shut down is going to hurt but not as much as a QB with less experience. I realize that I am optimistic because I want him to succeed. But I think you are equally pessimistic because you want him to fail. All evidence points to him being a solid QB. Lastly about him not being a Cam or Russell Wilson…why is that so farfetched? Dude is 6’4” 230lbs. He is accurate, has a cannon and is a pass first guy that can run power in short yard situations. I’m not saying he will be as good as Cam but it’s not like it’s impossible. The thing that I find most amusing about Florida fans on here trashing Newman is that if he was playing at Florida next year you would all be saying “Mullen has found his next Dak/Tebow”.
I’m not guaranteeing anything. Last year this dude talk all season.. until Uf lost than he disappeared. I’m hoping it happens again.
The “thugs” are the 700 armed bikers that attacked a small group of protesters in Ohio.