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Is it too late for him to transfer to Awwburn?
Kirby's first year at UGA was his first year as a HC. Mullet has been a HC for a decade. It's not comparable. Mullet won 5 games his first year as HC.
UGA is a run first offense and Fromm still had better numbers in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY with the exception of rushing stats. We have RB's to do our running for us. If you look deeper in the stats you'll see Franks padded his stats against FCS teams and strugled agains any decent defense. The best pass Franks threw all season was the INT in the WLOCP. Hit the defender right in the numbers.
Oh cry me a river...Maybe you're just too sensitive to be a CFB fan. Talking about your rival is part of the fun. Try gymnastics or curling princess.
LOL One of these fan bases acts like Feleipe Franks is an actual Heisman candidate. I'd sit out any talk about delusional fanbases kid
It's hilarious that Uf is so happy to have our rejects. Enjoy the sloppy seconds and another L in JAX