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“He’s despicable” Says the walking bucket of $hit
It's been fun but being harassed by Right Wing Nut Jobs telling me I should kill myself or that my wife is morbidly obese or she should kill herself or talking about my children is just too much. Life is too short to have to deal with that while trying to talk sports. I hope you find peace. I have enjoyed talking football with most of you. Good luck and farewell. I'm out.
Not great. I think Newman was our best option at QB. There's always 2021 lol
Yeah you're on here with multiple accounts talking about my family and I'm the loser. Sure thing buddy. Get help.
Honestly maybe. It seems kind of weird to quit now
No it means if JT isn't healthy we're screwed. That's all it means.
Yeah he's cleared. I don't know if he's fully cleared but he's practicing.
I'd be shocked if Beck played this season. Have to think Mathis will be QB2
I agree. 3 weeks before the season starts?? WTH man lol
Might want to change that QB room ranking lol
Seriously do you think this makes you look tough? It's pathetic. You don't know me. GTFOH
You have a liberal hat in you?? You should get that checked out
I agree. I really wanted to see what he would have done. Daniels will be ok if he's cleared but the idea of FINALLY having a mobile QB was very appealing.
"he was a huge, beastly, bulging man" not likely
Yeah. I hope that's true. I hate to think there are that many miserable people.
I never minded trolls that talked football. It was all just part of the game and tbh it was kind of funny sometimes. These dudes are lunatics. I talk politics more than I want to but I never initiate the political talk. I just respond to their nonsense so I guess that's on me.
Probably because I don't threaten people or use thi N word...just my guess.
I'm not going to lie I like posting on here and talking to you guys (about football) but it's become unbearable. I don't know how much longer I will last. I might have to take a break and see if it calms down.
SDS doesn't seem to have a real plan to deal with it. I wish they would just let us block people. Then they could converse with themselves
IDK?? I really think Negan may be...special
I'm pretty sure Tom Brady, Big Ben, P. Mahomes, Rodgers, L. Jackson, Matt Ryan, etc never played in the SEC either. Those guys are pretty good too.
Looks like Yep and TDOW got banned. Wonder how long until they get new accounts.... over/under set at 30 minutes
If it means distancing myself from people like you then I'm all for it.