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I thought the 2007 matchup where they went in overtime would be on here. First play of UGA’s overtime possession Stafford hit Henderson in the corner of the end zone to win the game.
They said after the game they were kicking it short so they could let their kick coverage have some practice. When he kicked it out of bounds, they said he was trying to practice on his direction, so that was a mistake but the rest was on purpose.
Like that Bama defense in the 2014 Sugar bowl against the Sooners. 45-31, Saban hasn't beat the Sooners so no room to talk till next Monday.
It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog!!!! Happy for our seniors that came back!!
I hope he gets to see the field. If you go on youtube and watch him vs Trevor Lawrence in the opening, he destroys Trevor. His team beats Trevors 26-0, Trevor throws some picks and terrible passes. The coach on it says that Trevor just hasn't seen these kinds of packages but neither has Justin, Justin is just a faster learner. Glad he's a Dawg!
knew not new and knew not know. Hate not having an edit option
I really don't see how they can make a case against the guy unless they have proof that he made it or new it was fake. I mean if he did indeed know it was fake or made it, kick him off the team because more than likely he will be going to jail. I know I once was selling a car and the guy brought me $5000 in cash, and my uncle brought a pin from his store to check the cash before I signed the title, and $500 of it was fake. We called the law and let them handle it. Either way I hope the kid wasn't that stupid and if he was, Smart should part ways with him.
Yall have a hard time winning the small games! Citadel............, how many times have yall been to the SEC Championship again? Oh yeah that one time.
I think if yall beat LSU convincingly this weekend, unless we just totally dominate the limp cocks, yall will jump us the next playoff rankings. Everyone is so concerned with who is where, I say screw it, just keep winning and you'll be there.
Go play football in Canada if you don't want to stand for the anthem! Spoiled little babies! That's why I hate the NFL, to much drama!
I hate Tech, but yall are also starting a new QB and last year gave up 860 combined yards rushing to Kentucky and Missouri. Tech does nothing but rush the ball over and over. Could be a long day for the Vols if Paul Johnson finds yalls weakness early in the game. I think their senior RB they lost missed 4 games last year, and Tech won every one of them. Plug N Play when it comes to RB's at Tech.
SEC site and all these people rooting for a Northern team. RISE UP!!
Played one season and won the SEC championship, not to shabby.
Where are you getting your facts? UGA never played LSU in 2007. UGA lost to South Carolina and Tennessee. LSU played Tennessee in the SEC Championship because they won the tie breaker with UGA.
I hope our Dirty Birdz can get it done. I'll be happy just to see a super bowl birth, just hope New England doesn't win the AFC.
Yet were 14-6 against the west since 2007 in regular season play. Not to shabby, and were 11-6 against Auburn since 2000, so stop living off of Bama's glory.
The crappiest bowl game I remember under Richt was the Liberty Bowl Genius. Got beat by a crappy UCF team 10-6. Total embarrassment, so Richt wasn't always great. Got to give Kirby time, he didn't step into a talent rich team like Richt did.
I agree, Georgia showed if you can slow down or stop Auburn's run game, they will have to pass and Auburn sure can't pass the ball. Alabama stopped LSU's rushing attack, so they will do the same to Auburn.
If my memory is correct I think in the 2011 SEC championship game, UGA didn't allow a first down in the first half against LSU. But they did score on a punt return by the honey badger. Then the second half LSU destroyed us. But that's the first half, not the second half like hey did tonight.
Tennessee lost to Vanderbilt in 2012 and 2013. Butch Jones first year he lost to them. In his 4th year he had to throw a hail mary to beat UGA with their first year coach, so nothing for Tennessee fans to brag about. Florida will win the east, and the most talented Tennessee all hype team will miss out again.
Dumba$$! He's keeps saying embarrassing, yea it was embarrassing but fans like this are more embarrassing. Probably was one of the fire BoBo and Mark Richt fans. It's been a crappy year, but it happens to every team from time to time. Florida loss to GSU, Alabama loss to LM, USC loss to Citadel, Miss State to S. Alabama, Arkansas to Toledo, ole miss to Memphis, and I could go on and on. Take the loss and move on.
Y'all are joking right? Butch Jones and rules and morales don't go together!
For the first time in 10 meetings, top schools are consistant. Ole miss has a good couple years then they suck again for 20 or so.
I honestly don't see this game being close. I think Missouri is the hottest team in the East at the moment offensively. I know UGA beat yall in a game that yall should of one, but man yall's offense is the best in the east. I don't see LSU being able to stop yall, or being able to match yall offensively in points. I say it will be 35-14. I also say that Missouri will beat Tennessee or Florida.
My wife taught in Toccoa for 6 years. We live over in White County, good to see neighbors on here.
Don't kid yourself, you wouldn't want to play Ole Miss. Ole Miss would rip yall to shreds. I'm not saying Tennessee isn't good, but their not up to par with the west's top tier teams. It doesn't matter who wins the east, the west will stomp them just like they have done the last 6 years.
I've been looking for his number and i've yet to see it. Seen this kid play in high school, would love to see what he can do. Evidently he must not be showing enough in practice.