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I would guess Duke if Cutcliffe is still around. The Mannings have history with him
Can't tell you how insane that would be. Every college player is somewhat prepared for the next level in some way. But the SEC is a totally different beast when it comes to that. Bigger, faster, stronger...
I pointed this out on a few YouTube posts before Monken and Faukner came to Athens. The spread offense is coming. Which leads me to believe that Beck won't stick around. I really wasn't buying the hype with him to begin with, but anyway. I think Newman starts. Bennett will be backup. Mathis will be next. Though I hope Mathis ends up being the true backup. Let's not forget he was recruited by "THE OSU". And not to be a "pocket passer". I think Vandagriff will be heir apparent as soon as he hits campus. He may even get the keys to the Cadi on day one. I don't think either Bennett OR Beck are in Athens after '20.
I mentioned that to someone in a chat room not too long ago. If you watch Jake at Houston County, it was a more up tempo offense. When Georgia would run hurry up, Fromm was deadly. He was in his comfort zone.
Then by your logic, all the offenses in that conference should have made up the top "12"... Sit down, lizard. Just upset because you are realizing Kirby is about to one up the swamp lizards, again.
Doesn't matter what conference you're in. When only one team in the country is scoring more, or has more passing yards per game, you're good
Or it could be he had the #2 passing and scoring offense in the country when he was at Oklahoma State..
Heard Art Bryles was going to be the new OC
May be you're right. Getting a grad transfer qb would be a tourniquet of sorts. Maybe Pickens will grow up in the off-season and become a mentor to the new crop of receivers. The O-line is going to be the struggle. However, new guys fighting for a spot will have a lot of motivation. Which could translate into something special.
I can't tell you how happy I am for the kid. Hope things go better for him than they did for Murray. That being said...the offense is going to be dreadful next year. New quarterback, one proven WR, lack of experience in backfield...and, oh yeah, the offensive line is taking a huge hit with Thomas, Kindley and Mays leaving. Need to get a grad transfer qb to have some game experience would go a long way.
Mathis has some, just not significant. Not actual official game play.
I've heard Newman is essentially a priority. We have Bennett, Mathis and Beck. With Bennett and Mathis with any experience. I'd give the nod to Bennett. But Newman would be a huge get.
I've been reading the comments. And I see are a lot of wild speculations, folks "quoting" what they've read, or people judging this kid when they just plain don't know the whole story, if there is one. The only ones that know anything about the issue are those involved. Maybe he wanted out. Or maybe Kirby found some things out and changed his mind about him. Either way, I'm sure it will come out in the wash. I just hope wherever he lands, regardless of where it is, he gets a fair opportunity to compete for a spot. I would be beyond sad for his talent to go unused. As always..GO DAWGS
So proud of these guys for making the most of an opportunity. They will all have a bright future in the league. There will be some HUGE voids to fill when all is said and done.
It may end up being Bennett at qb unless Beck comes in and lights it up. I feel like Jake will jump ship after his good showing in the sugar bowl. Bennett is serviceable, but not a deep ball threat. Beck had a cannon, but is raw. Take your pick.
Just not getting a warm and fuzzy about this one. A patchwork offense against a top tier defense? No passing game and no running game. Going to be a LONG night for the Dawgs in the big easy.
I don't think Kirby wants a true OC. He wants to have every aspect under his thumb. CMR had the same problem until he totally turned the offense to CMB. Now with Bobo going to USCjr, I just have a feeling that we have seen the last of the Dawgs on top of the East.
It's sad when fans of other SEC teams see what we see. Well said, Oskie. Georgia will not win a natty with this offense, led by a "game manager".
They won't get Brady. Doesn't matter how many Brinks trucks to they send over. But he does need to throw some money at Bobo. No one can argue with the offensive numbers Georgia put up under Bobo. Drop Cooley back down to A.O/C-TE coach. And recruit a dual threat quarterback.
I would love it if he brought CMB in. I've been saying that all season. And while he's at it, change the offense from pro-style, run all the time to more of a spread.
It's time to get a real OC. Been saying it for a while now, practically all season. Kirby needs to throw some money at Bobo. He's available now. This run, run, run offense is ancient. Time to join the revolution. LSU and Georgia were the exact same team offensively a couple years ago. But Coach O had the guts to say, something has got to change. Now look at them. Not only that, but we need a true quarterback. Not just a game manager. A true quarterback can hit a receiver, regardless if it's the first string or the fourth string. The passing game is pathetic. And that starts with Fromm. His mechanics have been terrible this year. He has been average, at best against decent defenses (not including LSU, Auburn and UF). If it's not his comfort zone (back shoulder, outside the hashes), then he's terrible. Time to transition to spread offense with a dual threat offense. That is the only way we will compete with the upper echelon. Can't win if you can't score.
I tell ya...for you to say that Georgia's defense doesn't hold a candle to Auburn's is completely moronic. The Dawgs lead the SEC in virtually every statistical category. The only edge Auburn has, and it's slight, is two more sacks and three more INTs. Georgia wouldn't have the best defense in the SEC they didn't hold a candle to Auburn. Georgia has the #4 overall defense in the country. Auburn is 21st. theory, if Auburn's 21st ranked defense is good enough to keep LSU to a three point win...what will the #4 defense do?
As I recall.. in the NC game, it was the passing of Tua that brought the Tide back. And the 2nd and 26 play, it was a pass that sealed the deal, after a sack on the previous play. It was more the wrong defensive set called, than it was bad defensive play.
Well, to be fair, Georgia is ranked second in the country in total defense. However, LSU is ranked second in the country in total OFFENSE. It's going to come down to whoever controls the line of scrimmage between LSU's defensive front and arguably the best offensive line in the country in Georgia.'s going to be a good ball game.
I gotta say. Call me s Homer if you like, but I think Georgia has more of a chance to win than people want to say. We're talking about the #2 defense in the country (#1 in the SEC) vs the #2 offense in the country (#1 in the SEC). Georgia defense (allowed): -257 total ypg -186 passing ypg -71 rushing ypg -10.4 ppg (points per game) LSU offense (gained): -560 ypg -390 passing ypg -170 rushing ypg -48 ppg Those are the stats everyone is aware of. Here's the stats nobody is talking about. LSU defense (allowed): -560 total ypg -221.4 passing ypg -124.5 rushing ypg -22.1 ppg Georgia offense (gained): -420 total ypg -220 passing ypg -200 rushing ypg -32.9 ppg It's going to be a lot closer than people think. Then you add in the experience factor. This is Georgia's third consecutive trip to the SECCG. They will be prepared. LSU will be prepared. It's going to be a helluva game. Maybe not as good as the iron bowl yesterday, but good nonetheless. GO DAWGS!!