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Well, to be fair, Georgia is ranked second in the country in total defense. However, LSU is ranked second in the country in total OFFENSE. It's going to come down to whoever controls the line of scrimmage between LSU's defensive front and arguably the best offensive line in the country in Georgia.'s going to be a good ball game.
I gotta say. Call me s Homer if you like, but I think Georgia has more of a chance to win than people want to say. We're talking about the #2 defense in the country (#1 in the SEC) vs the #2 offense in the country (#1 in the SEC). Georgia defense (allowed): -257 total ypg -186 passing ypg -71 rushing ypg -10.4 ppg (points per game) LSU offense (gained): -560 ypg -390 passing ypg -170 rushing ypg -48 ppg Those are the stats everyone is aware of. Here's the stats nobody is talking about. LSU defense (allowed): -560 total ypg -221.4 passing ypg -124.5 rushing ypg -22.1 ppg Georgia offense (gained): -420 total ypg -220 passing ypg -200 rushing ypg -32.9 ppg It's going to be a lot closer than people think. Then you add in the experience factor. This is Georgia's third consecutive trip to the SECCG. They will be prepared. LSU will be prepared. It's going to be a helluva game. Maybe not as good as the iron bowl yesterday, but good nonetheless. GO DAWGS!!
Bama "likely to take down Georgia if they were playing next week"? Come on, man. Before I get started, I am a Dawg fan all day, every day. But I have tons of respect for that Alabama program and what Saban has done there. With that being said, Bama wouldn't beat Georgia right now. Their defense just isn't there. They allowed Auburn to score 48 points. True it was at Jordan-Hare, but Georgia only allowed Auburn to score Jordan-Hare. Mac Jones is clearly coming into his own. He absolutely showed out yesterday. But their defense couldn't keep Auburn from scoring more points than them. I know, I know...Georgia's offense is atrocious right now. But they can still score points. The defense is, however, likely the best ever at UGA. I mean, #2 in the country in total defense, only allowing 10.4 points per game.
Do you really think LSU is gonna score at will on Georgia's defense? The #1 defense in the SEC, and #5 overall defense in the country? It's going to be tougher for them to score than you might think. True, LSU has the #2 offense in the country, but they haven't played against a defense near as good as Georgia's. That isn't to say that I think Georgia is going to win. But it's entirely possible. Georgia is a better team than Auburn, who LSU beat by 3 points. I just know it's going to be a good game.
Furthermore, LSU being favored is a little early. I mean, we're talking about the #2 offense in the country vs the #2 defense in the country. If Georgia's offense shows up, they win, hands down. Because Georgia's offense is better than LSU's defense.
I'm a Dawg/SEC fan. So here's my question. If Georgia wins the SEC, Baylor beats Okie and Utah wins the PAC-12...why shouldn't they get the playoff nod over a 1 loss conference runner up (LSU) and a 1 loss team that didn't even win their division (Bama)?
I agree with you. I'm a die hard Dawg fan. I'm also an SEC fan through and through.'re right. I don't think a team should make it in if they lose their conference championship game. Even if that is their only loss. Because that means, for all intents and purposes, that they weren't the best team in the conference. I also think that a team that doesn't play in the conference championship game, should not be in the playoff. Here's how I see it shaking out after championship weekend. #1 - tOSU (BIG 10 Champ #2 - Clemson (ACC Champ #3 - Georgia (SEC Champ #4 - Utah - (Pac-12 Champ Yes. I have Utah at #4, not Okie. I don't see them beating Baylor again.
Then again, UGA could end up throwing Virginia a beat down in the Orange. Who knows.
I think UGA wins a nail biter against LSU in the SECCG, and slides into the Fiesta vs Clemson. With LSU still in the playoff facing OSU in the Peach. Providing OSU makes it past the Happy valley kitties and Michigan.
Honestly, I'd flip flop Baylor and Utah. Other than that, it's pretty spot on. Although, the outcome in the swamp is going to affect the top 10 more than anything else.
Is say he's 6th or 7th qb taken. No way he jumps Tua, Burrow or Herbert. You forgot Hurts. Definite 1st rounder. Ehlinger may come out, as well as Eason. I am a Dawg for life. And I'm a Jake Fromm fan. But he's not in the same class as these other guys.
There really isn't a lock at this point. The winner of the LSU/Bama game will win the west and most likely win the SEC. The loser will likely be out of the CFP talk. The winner of the UF/UGA game will likely win the East, but likely won't win the SEC. Either way, if UGA or UF beats LSU or Bama in the SECCG, Thats going to blow the CFP out of whack. There will be a one loss SEC champ, and a one loss runner-up in Bama or LSU. Which one do you take. Then you have OSU letting. They still have Wisconsin. That could go either way. OSU wins and they're a lock. They lose and it's a toss up. A loss to Wisconsin is a better loss than Wisconsin losing to Illinois. So OSU will be in if the win the Big10. But Penn State is going to hang around and make it interesting. The Big 12 is between OU/Baylor. That's going to be a good game. The winner is pretty much a lock. Clemson...go ahead and pencil them in, barring a clusterf**ck of epic proportions. The PAC-12 pretty much an afterthought at this point. There's a lot of football left. My assessment is just to this point. We have all seen things change dramatically in one weekend. Buckle up folks, it's going to be a wild ride.
This offense doesn't look like it's going to improve anytime soon. The best offensive line in football, a top five RB in the country, a top five qb in the country...that's it. All the talent at wide receiver doesn't mean anything if they can't get separation. And they don't stand a chance against SEC defenses. The SC game was a blue print for the rest of the SEC to follow, on how to shut Georgia down. Let's face it folks, the defense is the only thing that will keep us in the game. The Dawgs are nowhere near having an explosive enough offense to compete with Bama, LSU, Florida, A&M or maybe even Mizzou. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing them. I'm a lifelong Dawg fan. I'm just stating the obvious. With the #3 offense in the SEC (statistically) you shred the #8 defense in the SEC (Tennessee, statistically), lay an egg against the #12 defense in the SEC (SC, statistically)..boils down to bad play calls, and inexperience at important positions. Looking at maybe 3 losses this year, regular season.
Need to go back to the drawing board. I'm watching Florida's defense keep them in the game against LSUs offense. If the Dawgs can't get the kinks out of their offense...they won't be in the SECCG, much less the CFP. I'm a lifelong Dawg, and I'm calling it now.
We won't be Top 10. If we are, it will be because the powers that be are using the Dawgs' ranking to validate someone else's record. I'm calling somewhere between 10 - 15.
Agreed. When you're ranked #1, a road loss to another top 10 team, it's easier to stomach. BUT to #3 and lose to an unranked division rival, at HOME?? ABSOLUTELY inexcusable. Just goes to prove what I've been saying all season so far. The Dawgs are not quite where they need to be to be able compete with Bama or Clemson.
Am I the only one that thinks this team is over hyped? Dont get me wrong. I want the Dawgs to win every game and win the Natty. Not going to happen this year. They have to get through Bama to do that. But let's back up a little. Its looking like they won't even make it out of the East this season. They could not get the offense going against SC's defense. What's going to happen against Florida? Dawgs are in trouble. "Best offensive line in the country"? Sorry, I don't see that one. Couldn't open holes for the running backs. Couldn't pass block as good as they needed to. It's going to be a LONG rest of the season.
I don't think they'll fall that far. But they deserve to fall out of the top 10, for sure. Maybe even out of the top 15.
I hate to say it, but I totally agree. The defense is the only reason the Dawgs are where they are. The offense hasn't impressed me at all this season. I told a co-worker that if they don't get the offense straightened out, it's going to be a LONG season. It showed today that a decent defense can stop our offense. Bad coaching, bad play calling, poor execution, not prepared...I mean, how do you NOT call on Hot Rod on third down for a 55 yd attempt prior to the penalty that took them out of FG range? I thought the objective was to play to win. Instead CKS played not to lose.
The top 3 (Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame) are going to lose a game. K State plays Texas, Oregon still has Stanford, Oregon State and probably USC (for the second time) in the PAC-12 Champ Game. Notre Dame has USC. Not that these teams are menacing and intimidating, but they are worthy opponents, capable of beating the top 3. PLUS.... they are going to be busy looking in their rear view mirrors. Not THOSE are some menacing AND intimidating teams sneakin up on them
That makes no sense. You critisize KStates schedule, yet you praise Oregon for putting up the numbers they put up. Did you know they haven't played a top 30 defense all season? My high school could put up numbers against that schedule
Dawgs will win. They are better than LSU and A&M. Besides, there will be 1 undefeated team at the end of the season. UGA is gonna beat Bama and play for the NC.
Right... typical belly-aching from a fan of a team that folded up, yet again, for some strange reason. I don't understand that one either. It is obvious that SC beating UGA was a fluke. SOOOO obvious. I mean who has SC beat since then.
Are you smoking crack??? Oregon wouldn't be able to beat anyone on that list. They haven't played a team ALL season who's defense is in the top 20 nationally. And their defense SUX!!
Are you seriously complaining about long distance road games?? Look at A&M. Their first year in the conference and they have to go to Auburn, Miss.St. and Alabama in back to back to back weeks. But THEY find a way to win. So stop complaining.
Here's what I think. Because people are lost in the translation. UGA and Bama BOTH still have a shot to play for the NC. The season isn't over yet. Oregon and K-State both still have 2 games PLUS their respective conference championship games to play. Oregon is most likely going to have to play USC again, but they have to get past Stanford unscathed. KSU has a tough test in Texas to get through yet everyone is closing the door on the SEC. If there is only ONE undefeated team at the end, then the SEC will be in the NC game. PERIOD!
I tell ya what "superstar"... let's set aside all logic, and forget all the stuff you read 10 minutes before you replied to someone's post. At least that what it looks like to me. Because you seem to be saying the same thing over and over and over and over. No matter how many times you, or people like you try to keep people like us from doing what we believe in, you will ALWAYS be in the minority. Our beliefs won't be shaken, no matter how many cases you copy and paste into your replies. You keep saying "it's against the law".. well, do you see anyone getting arrested at these games? There are law enforcement officials present. I'm sure there are a few judges there as well. Stand amongst the 100,000+ at Neyland Stadium and look around when a prayer is being spoken. Count how many people aren't bowing their heads with hats removed. Then listen when the prayer is over at how many people say "AMEN". I have been there. You won't be counting long for you are WELL inside what is called "The Bible Belt". You have exercised your first amendment right to say what you wanted to say, albeit falling on deaf ears, mind you. But nevertheless, I shall exercise mine as well by saying... and I'm sure I speak for the majority here, as is evident by by a HUGE amount of posts, if you don't like it, and feel like it's something you want to complain about to someone who can't do anything about it, buy earmuffs, hum, whistle dixie, close your eyes and meditate or stick your fingers in your ears. Doesn't bother me either way. We Christians are a peaceful people. We don't force you to believe what we believe. Never have, never will. But we won't stand idly by while a group of non-believers tries to tell us where we can and can't pray.