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Is it just me or is Ohio St waaaaay to high (once again)? They shouldn't have been in the playoff above Penn St (who beat them and won the conference championship) and then the goose egged in their final game! How do we get on the favoritism list with Ohio St?
Oh and it's worth noting that UGA also picked up a safety during the All American game...Gibbs...#3 safety in the country and #40 player overall I believe πŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ˜±πŸ˜ŽπŸΈβ˜•οΈ
As a Georgia fan, I can assure you that Ole Miss is worlds above TN! TN forgets that it took a prayer to beat Ga (congratulations, it was a great game and almost killed me) and Ga was curb stomped by Ole Miss. I think TN and A&M will be close and TN can win, but TN is no where near ready for Bama! This list is comical and should be more like 5 teams that have a shot at beating Bama... 1. Ohio St (IMO the only real threat) 2. Clemson 3. Louisville 4. Washington (This one is still questionable) 5. Ole Miss I only add ole miss because they can beat Bama (probably won't get a 2nd shot) and had they played a 2nd half against them they would have. Arkansas still has to show a little more but are looking better than expected.
What makes you think this? Who have TN or FL played that was worth a crap? Who did they play where they looked good? Please share? Their best game was against each other and it doesn't prove anything. TN will be found out in Athens this week. I honestly think Ole Miss is the best SEC team right now, they just didn't finish in those 2 losses. In the East, well we will know Saturday who is in control but it's still up for grabs!
If if if...if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle! Poor TN, you beat an untested Florida team (remind me who the 3 teams they've barely beat this year are again? TN would drop out of the top 25 with 2 losses. I gotta good chuckle out of the fact that you think they would! πŸ˜‚
People complaining about what other people are doing is also part of what's wrong with this country today! I don't like his flag, I don't like her opinion, his shirt offends me, I don't like him sitting/kneeling during the anthem, I don't like her choice of presidential candidate, I don't like what they said, I don't like that everyone doesn't get a trophy, that hurts my feelings...blah blah blah! Their words did not hurt you at all! I'm glad that's what you got out of this video, you should be proud!
The best conference right now is the ACC because if Louisville keeps playing the way they are, no one will beat them. We will know in 2 weeks when they dismantle Clemson!
Georgia had Ohio St on its schedule for 2018 and 2019 for home and away matchups but Meyers first job when he took over was to make sure it wouldn't happen. Lol Not that I'd want them right now.
He had more yards in those 30 seconds than the Rams had in total offense all night! He was in the game longer than Kaepernick good for him!
Don't respond to these guys but here is my respond to those guys! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I can name at least 2 just from Ga in the past 3 games! Chubb and Marshall...any more sarcasm?
Y'all cut copo some slack. His mom sits to pee and she still knows more about football than he does!
Bahahahahaha...what makes you think we will have TN's record the past 5 years? Let me know when you beat a ranked team...we already have!
Do you know how many Tenersee fans I see trolling on other pages? It's all y'all have done for the past 5 years or so. Way to try and belittle someone for the very same thing your fanbase does πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Now, it's time for you and your sister to get out of bed before mommy and daddy catch you!
Tuttle was hit in almost the exact same place! It wasn't low and to the hip area! Neither play was's football and it sucks but people need to let it's been a year already and both players look to have made full recoveries!
As a Bulldawg fan...I'd take Alabama's 27 National Championships over the past 5 years over the "biggest" game in History! Sure you made a ton on this ONE much did you make compared to Bama just last year???? Let me help: Bama= $149 MILLION TN= $126.5 MILLION Even you added this 4 million from this game to last years aren't even close to Bama! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Awwwww do realize that it was just one week ago that your precious Vols were in the same spot, right? I mean App St missed an extra point and a field goal...either and they win. Then in OT TN is lucky to fall on their own fumble recovery in the EZ and then lucky that a forward fumble somehow counts as yardage. Remember that Ga actually has a decent win under our belts already...where is yours? I know it's not this VT team and y'all act like it was the NC! I know Ga was lackluster in week 2 and it's embarrassing, but of ALL teams to pick on us....TN is last! At least us Ga fans aren't delusional about our crappy performance. TN tries to hype up App St instead of excepting their crappy performance!
Lots of people want to see If TN can play better than last week. Plus it's a record setting night for college football.
Not a TN fan (I hate orange), but I have enough sense to know that this game is not about having the best seat in the's about history! To say that you were there will be remembered more than OMG I couldn't see anything! If it were Ga I would be there. All that being said, TN fans need to stop running your mouths and worry about VT! They are better than App St and if you play like you did last week you are in trouble! When you pull of a win against a cupcake by them missing an extra point, missing a 42 yard field goal, and getting lucky to bounce on your fumble in the EndZone. All that was week 1 of the season you are considered the favorite to win the east and a favorite to win the SEC and play in the playoff...It's a W and you can play better, but stop talking rash until you do play better! If App St had a kicker you'd be done!
TN fans should do a little more research before getting their rears hurt. I guess I don't blame them for wanting to talk about Ga's win more than their own. I mean, it only took 3 lucky plays for TN to beat their HS JV squad. A missed extra point and no OT. A missed 42 yard field goal and no OT. A TN fumble into the EndZone and a lucky recovery....! UNC played in their conference championship against Clemson last year and only lost by about 7. They have a great defense and will probably be the best past rush we will see all year. Good luck this week against VT. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The largest football game in history, in your home state, and if you play like you did last will be embarrassed! Worry about your own team.
Georgia seems to be the sleeper team right now!!! Just sit back and enjoy's cute watching all this fighting over a guy that's been Georgia all the way. M. Hardman will follow.
Yes they do...but considering Alabama has lived by the saying "defenses win championships" for years now and half of their defensive coaches will be moving to Georgia for next year....I'd say a Championship does turn heads and big part of those Championships will be coaching in Athens next year! I guess you could say, the tide is turning...GO DAWGS!!!
Anyone who actually knows about football and has knowledge of the game would understand that what Georgia did against Penn St was still pretty impressive. I will help; A) Not very impressive at the QB position all season. B) No star RB C) Tons of starters on IL the week leading up to the bowl game. D) NO HEAD COACH E) NO OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR F) NO DEFFENSIVE COORDINATOR G) Kicker injured during the game H) Do I really need to go on?!? It's as impressive to pullout a win in that situation as any!
And while I'm at it, Tn beat UGA by 7 and all while Georgia was having issues at QB and lost our star running back on the first play of the game and We hung a 21 point lead on you anyways. Not to mention a dropped TD pass in the EndZone that would've taken it to OT...congratulations on beating us for the first time in 6 years and still ending the Season with a worst record than us!
Need I remind you Dr Larry that UGA beat Auburn by the same number of points!?! Lol!