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I hope he can redeem his time at his pro day. I made a comment on another post about this is all a gamble. I am pretty sure Holyfield knew he could run a faster 40 time, and went to perform. In retrospect, if you have any doubts, skip the 40 event and do it on your Pro Day.
I am not going to bash these guys for leaving early because it is a gamble. Senior year you could become a star or get a career ending injury. You can get drafted or not get drafted. With that being said I was pulling for him and some of the other Juniors to have a strong combine performance, we all know how that ended. I just hope they can make up for it at their Pro Day.
I am not sure which games of Fields you watched but half of the time he looked lost. Especially that 4 and 11 when he decided to tuck and run when he had a wide open receiver slanting across the field. Justin just thought he was going to automatically get the job at UGA and reality hit. So that makes two 5 Stars Jake ran outta Athens... Jake 2, 5 Star Highly Rated QBs 0
Once again I am glad he decided to go somewhere else. I watched the interview, the whole interview and it confirmed my suspicions about him and even shined the light about Fields. So good luck at OU, since it was your dream location.
So why come to UGA in the first place? Did you think you were going to show up and start after Fromm took them to the NC the season prior? Good luck at OSU hope it works out...bye bye
Hopefully this season the will have creative play calling instead of the same old predictable stuff over and over again... Like the run is working but lets continue to throw the ball (LSU and Texas).