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Kirby showed class and professionalism by personally calling Coach Odom to let him know that he would not be poaching their players out of respect. Pruitt is just so so scummy. Disgusting.
Who cares about that moronic turd's uninformed opinion. What I think is amusing is that Georgia lives in your head. You literally can't stop talking about us on this site. Do you see how pathetic you look??
VolTrashCanGuy, Stop using logic with these morons. Let them think they closed the gap. I will enjoy the pathetic excuses that come after another embarrassing loss for those idiots the last Saturday in October.
Enough with the excuses. Just admit it, the Vols are scummy and Kirby proved he has class. Sorry. Take the L and walk away.
Welcome home Mr. Pickens! Apparently rumors are now swirling that Pickens will have no issues qualifying.
"The report also states that Georgia coach Kirby Smart called Odom to say that he wouldn’t poach any players from the Missouri roster." Kirby with the professionalism and class.
It's so sad. The saddest part is that he's actually a Tenn fan.
What happens when they get to the NFL and it's not fun and games anymore?
The best part about this is that you've made Bama's embarrassing loss all about UGA. We live in your head rent free.
Now it's final and the Bama fans are nowhere to be found. Dabo is a magician, making all the Bama fans jump off the bandwagon and disappear.
blitzer13 is downright pathetic. All this moron can do is attack UGA. He has no answer for why his world beaters with every single advantage from talent to coaching look like a steaming pile of turds on a nation stage. Your team lost. Get over it.
The Bama coaching staff is looking like Shula 2.0 right now you clown. Bet you enjoyed that fake ahahahahahaha
You're right. You'll have to wait till next year, because your team didn't show up and your coaches look like retards. Congrats.
Looks familiar. Bama fans mercilessly hammered Kirby for that same decision. Karma is a b*tch. You morons look real dumb now.
Legend is right. UGA won the SEC Championship last year. TAMU hasn't won sh!t. Win something first.
Alabama looks positively terrible. It's like they never showed up for this game.
The bandwagon has dispersed and the result of the game isn't even final yet. Pathetic. I find it humorous that Bama attempted a fake similar to Kirby's fake after mercilessly hammering him for that decision. Bad look for the Bama coaching staff. They look lost and desperate. The Fake field goal is evidence of that.
If Bama doesn't pick this up after halftime, we might see Bama fans performing a disappearing act on this site.
He has incredible accomplishments no doubt. He certainly deserves praise for those accomplishments. But PC717 is correct. Spurrier quit. He quit on that USC team, the recruits he convinced to sign with him the year prior, and the coaches that lost their jobs after he unexpectedly left. After being blown out by UGA, his exit was abrupt and unexpected, as such it left USC is tough spot - scrambling with recruits and coaches. He left them in a particular tough spot with talent. He virtually quit recruiting for USC in his last few years. You sound like he's some kind of childhood hero to you, so I hate to break this you, but he quit by the very definition of term.
Yeah here it comes. It appears the bots are starting to break through and hit this site. Hopefully site administrators will take notice.
"to look like fools is Texas wins…" You look like a fool when you write like this. God you're stupid. Do the internet a favor and google "how to use ellipses properly." We all shouldn't have to suffer because you have a limited Alabama education.
"Jaw-jaw for years seems to get higher ranked players but that doesn’t seem to get them very far." How dumb can you be? Winning an SEC Championship and getting to the natty isn't "very far???" The players on UGA's roster have gone further than any current player on Florida's roster. The real problem here is that Florida fans appear to be "ok" with Mullen's recruiting. Look at the talent gap. You can't be happy with that. Florida fans need to demand more from their coaches rather than make excuses like UGA doesn't get their 5 stars "very far" when they made it to the national championship less than a year ago.
I will never understand why players and coaches do this. Just shut your mouth and let the result do the talking.
I'm certain Sanders is going to Bama or UGA. But I think it's probably 50/50. I wouldn't bet on the outcome.
He's a very hard working physical inside linebacker. Trez is exactly what we need at Georgia. Welcome home Trez.
Right below is another comment from you. You're right. That is one incredibly stupid idiot.
bama718's post is loaded with grammatical errors and it is entirely devoid of punctuation. He's definitely a Bama fan.