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I feel the same way about jet skis. It's just a matter of time until you get hurt.
What? If last year doesn't matter then why are you brining up something that happened 2 years ago? You GayTurds are 9 months removed from one of your most embarrassing seasons EVER. Florida is breaking in an entirely new coaching staff, offensive scheme, defensive scheme, with a depleted roster, and changing the entire culture of the team that can't seem to stay out of trouble since the glorious Urban Liar years. Yet we have plenty of Turds on here pounding their chest. You wanna talk about a delusional fanbase? Get real GatorDipsh*t
I know you have trouble reading and comprehending... so let's try this a different way: NO ONE CARES WHAT AN IDIOTIC BAMA TROLL LIKE YOURSELF THINKS. Is it a bit clearer now?
Coming from a Florida fan, this analysis is not surprising.
"and if he doesn't?" It doesn't matter because no one cares what a Bama troll thinks.
"But no way is FL going to run the SEC roost." Agreed.
Did you even read Old Fashioned's comment? A secondary loaded with 3 stars and walk ons is NOT top notch recruiting from Richt. The whole "Richt had top talent" narrative is as old and tired as your anti-UGA trolling.
What's a good "fit" at Florida? Chasing people around campus with frying pans and airsoft rifles? Lying to the police? Choking out your girlfriend? If so, then I wouldn't be worried about recruiting rankings either. Obviously they are looking for a "different" type of player at Florida.
Surprise UGA? It's their biggest home game of the year and huge rivalry. It won't be a "surprise" or "trap game" as you imply. You don't follow UGA football so you're probably not aware of UGA's record against Auburn - UGA has won 10 of the last 13 against Auburn. It being an away game for Auburn makes it even tougher. Hmmm what was Auburn's record away from Jordan-Hare?
"It’s just how I feel. Don’t get offended." No worries. I'm not offended. I understand that's your opinion and you are entitled to it.
You're going to pound this drum all off season and during the season aren't you? I'm going to enjoy asking you for your thoughts after the game. Week 2 can't get here quick enough.
That doesn't prove anything. That evidence merely suggests that it's possible he knew. She could come out and say I never told him - what's in the text message was a lie - I made it up or I misspoke - or it's out of context. She could lie and take the fall for Urban. Knowing what we know about Urban, it's not outside the realm of possibilities.
The policy is not confusing at all. If it is a starter or key contributor in violation of the policy, then the policy does not apply. If it is some no name player that has no shot to ever see the light of day on the field, then the policy applies. How is this confusing?
You are probably correct. I guess the main point here is that it is a bad look for Spurrier to support him.
Spurrier might want to reconsider coming to this scumbag's aid. A lot of bad things happened at Florida while he was there. UF needs to lay low for a while and hope none of this blows back on them.
That's extremely sad. He was in a position to get that young man legitimate help and instead he let it all slide. Who knows if lives could have been saved if they got Hernandez help. Terrible.
All the scandal he had at Florida (FL never recovered either) and his continuing pattern of behavior... I just hope this guy won't be in charge of people's sons and daughters anymore. Florida and OSU wanted to turn the other way and sweep it under the rug because he wins championships, but enough is enough.
"Uh-oh... I uh... I think I feel another heart attack coming on!" -Urban
I think they need one more year of bringing in a top 3 class into the fold before they can start "reloading."
You are correct. Mark Richt never really did well in Columbia or in any big conference game for that matter. Thank goodness he's gone. Kirby did great there his first year there. He'll look to replicate that result with much better talent this time.
This is pathetic and in bad taste. Glad he didn't ruin this moment for the kids.
Look on the bright side, y'all can settle for Cain now, and Ty Davis is likely to stick.
It's been 625 days since Tennessee won a SEC game.
Welcome home Rian Davis! Dawgnation is proud to have you!!
Welcome home Makiya Tongue! Bulldawg Nation is proud to have you.
I can confirm what Mountain Dog is saying 100%. My kids are in their first and second year of high school and we are already hearing from the school's counselors, and the older children's' parents how ridiculously difficult it is to get into UGA and Florida right now. My wife and I have been doing a ton of research on this and it's crazy how things are nowadays.
2017 US News & World Report Academic Rankings (undergraduate) *I couldn't get the 2018 rankings to work on mobile so I had to go with the 2017 numbers that was easier to view for whatever reason. Vandy - #15 Florida - #50 UGA - #56 TAMU - #74 Auburn - #99 Bama - #103 (tie) UT - #103 (tie) SCAR - #107 Missouri - #111 Kentucky - #133 LSU - #135 (tie) Arkansas - #135 (tie) Ole Miss - #135 (tie) Miss State - #176
Running around attacking people with a frying pan... Hernandez would be disappointed with this new breed of gator.