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Of all the head coaches that UGA had over the years, I believe Richt may have had the highest win percentage against Tech. He went 13/15 over his tenure. It's certainly a very impressive feat to own a rival like that.
Bama trashes their coaches as well. As soon as UGA hired Cochran those turds were quick to blame all their injuries on Cochran. Funny how that works. Hell, after the LSU loss last year, many Bama fans said it was time to move on from Saban. There are fanatics in every fanbase. BubbaTurd's moronic tendency to push this pathetic narrative that only UGA fans are bad fans is downright laughable. He is so shook from the Cochran loss that his only counterpoint is typing "South Carolina." Pay attention to your own house - it's burning down behind you.
Florida fans in December: "We would never take a kid like Zach Evans. Rumor is that Mullen told him they weren't interested. Gators would never recruit a kid with this much baggage." Florida fans in February: "We are super excited about potentially adding an elite talent like Zach Evans. I'm so glad Mullen has us in the mix for the best recruits. We will beat out UGA to get Evans and win the natty."
Your last 6 or 7 posts are solely about UGA. Georgia has somehow gotten deep inside your tiny bayou-brain. Looks like BamaTime has a new troll account.
What are you talking about? You're not stating facts. Bryant University won the Fulmer Cup in 2019. UGA wasn't even in the top 5. You never miss an opportunity to masquerade made up crap as fact.
No one will ever forget that Tennessee lost to Georgia State. It was a program defining loss.
If only Bama had beaten LSU. UGA would be well on their way to the playoffs after whipping Bama in the SEC title. Bama turned out to be far too weak to do their part.
Wow what an absolutely idiotic statement. UGA's average margin of victory for the 2019 season is 20.4 points. 3 or 4 loss team? Lol
It has everything to do with fans like you. Bama is out of the playoff and their season is over. As a result, you are projecting your own pathetic insecurities by writing moronic drivel like "jelly" under every post that does not immediately agree with your uninformed opinions. Growing up will be quite a process for you. Thank God you're not my kid.
Jealous? Of what - your current QB situation? Not really bud. It doesn't look good for the Bubbas.
Three yards and a slide through the mud is Georgia's normal offense regardless of the weather. Hopefully practice makes perfect.
BubbaTurd, One thing that's for certain is that Bama certainly doesn't have to worry about the playoff, since they are are not good enough to be the 4th team. Just like you'll never have to worry about having children, since no one is likely to give you the opportunity.
Tim, Good analysis. Bama is definitely on the downward trend. The only ones who can't see it are Bama fans. Sad.
The comments section of this site has a much more respectful and intelligent tone now that all the bama fans have exited.
Odd. I wonder what the whole story is. Seems like UGA beat the Gator out of him.
Do you expect mastery of the English language from "tailwhip99?" He sounds like a cool guy.
Joe, You're mad because I told you to stop pounding your chest before the game was played. I mentioned that you shouldn't overlook UGA's defense and their O line - two factors that determined the game. It turns out I was right. Get over it.
"...but maybe you’ll Georgia tech their not that go this year as far as National titles go guess your..." This Gator Turd can barely formulate words in the English language. How am I supposed to ridicule this moron when we have no idea what the heck he's trying to say?
"Motive?" Bad look for the leader of a major program. He's starting to sound like the whiny UF fans making loads of excuses.
dongtaco does an amazing job confirming all of the Gator Fan stereotypes.
Joe, stop whining and give credit where credit is due. Kirby Smart was the better coach when it mattered - at 3:30 PM on Nov. 2 in Jacksonville.
Joe, Just make sure you're still here if the last two years result repeats itself. The projected closeness of this game has given you Gator fans a lot to beat your chest about. I really don't think this Georgia team will be a pushover like y'all think. Don't think just because they lost to SCAR that UF will just do as it pleases against UGA. You wouldn't know it listening to the media and the UF faithful but objectively speaking - UGA still has a VERY GOOD defense and some really good RBs and O linemen. Just saying man.
Have you watched both defenses? Regardless of who wins, I'm thinking it's tighter than that. Barring turnovers of course.
Joe, I think LSU's success up the middle has much more to do with the fact that LSU has a legit passing game so UF can't load the box consistently. This opens up the run for them. UGA doesn't have that ability. However, they will use a similar game plan. They won't get 8 YPC going up the middle like LSU because they will have no passing game. Notwithstanding, I bet they stick to the run and that their game plan will be to wear down the UF d line and then hopefully break bigger runs in 3rd and 4th quarter.
I hear you. But that will be what the Georgia coaches' game plan is. You won't see much play action. I actually think UF will do a great job on locking down our young receiving core in man coverage. Cager will not be healthy enough to be anything more than a decoy. I think for UGA to win, they have to consistently and successfully run it up the middle. UF's secondary is too good to be testing a shaky (at best) passing game against them.
If Grantham successfully takes away the run as you suggest, then UGA will lose barring multiple turnovers from UF. I know Georgia fans don't want to hear this, but Georgia would be much better off respecting that UF secondary and trying to get a consistent run game going. Obviously, the best possible case scenario would be if UGA could develop some kind of passing game in the first half to try and open up the run, but I just don't think they can do that. I think they are much more confident that they can run the ball.
Cager will not be 100% you are correct about that. It's the nature of the injury. This will severely limit the UGA passing game. Don't think you will see UGA pass much in this game. I think the UGA coaches believe that UGA's interior offensive line can beat UF's interior defensive line consistently. Because of that, you'll see a whole lot of running up the middle. LSU nearly had 8 YPC going up the middle on UF's defense. The coaches will pay attention to that and run it up the middle all game. UGA fans won't like it, but if UGA wins it will be because Fromm threw less than 15 passes and the UGA RBs wore down UF's DL and broke a few big ones in the third and fourth quarter.
Bad take. They were always going to start Nix because he's a legacy. There was no legitimate QB competition. They told Gatewood he had a shot to earn the job but that was just bullsh*t lies. Auburn lied to him to keep him here. He decided to leave when he figured out the truth.