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Don't take that moron seriously. His analysis boils down to, "I don't like your football team, therefore they will fail regardless of who the head coach is or how well they recruit, because only teams I like can win."Dumbass 3rd grade logic. But then again, what would you expect?
"To my knowledge, the only HC to play for – and come within a hair of winning – the national championship in only his second season as an FBS head coach."Bob Stoops. He did win it in his second year, so slightly different. Still think Kirby has unlimited potential though.
He's a great guy. I'm happy he's home and wish him nothing but the best. He did a lot of great things for UGA. Both parties will benefit from the change.
DawgsofWar is right. I don't expect fans of other teams to be aware of this, but to say Richt filled UGA's roster with elite talent is just not the whole truth. Richt could get elite talent at certain positions, but when it came to the o line and d line, he didn't bother. Also, he was terrible at player development. Here's Richt's problem in a nutshell, “[w]hy is it that during recruiting they sign all the great players, but when it comes time to play the game, we have all the great players? I don’t understand that. What happens to them?” – SpurrierSpurrier was right. That's why Richt is in Miami.
I think it's cute that your team had rings made to commemorate your SEC championship blowout loss. Bless your heart. Enjoy your participation trophies.
Cdstoudemire,Well aware of that fact. Also well aware that he was practicing on DL because of depth hence, "Losing a depth guy at a position that has no depth sucks."
Yes but this is a major position of need. With injuries, we barely have enough DLs to rotate in practice. Losing a depth guy at a position that has no depth sucks. I wish him the best, and I can't blame him for doing what's best for him. He should. Unfortunately, UGA is now in a tight spot.
I remember those days as well. That Clemson rivalry in the 80s was HEATED. I would love to start that back up again!
I suspected BamaTime had multiple accounts. I'm sure he thinks it's much more effective for his trolling/whining.
This was quite a heated rivalry when I was a young man. Lots of exciting games. I really hope they renew it soon.
"as that is not close to be truthful."Everything Mountain Dog said is true and reasonable. His post makes perfect sense. Reading your post though, it would appear that you do not have a great grasp of the english language. Why don't you do us all a favor and zip up - your tiny pink four inch education is showing.
I don't care what team you really root for. It doesn't matter. When you talk sh*t about a kid that busted his ass for Georgia day in and day out, you're a troll and an a$$h*le to boot.
This was an absolutely critical get at our most important position of need!
You're an idiot. Go back to the Tennessee page you troll.
When they announced that the west end zone was closed I knew it would be a battle to get into the stadium. Got there about 2 hours early and the lower levels were already nearly filled. I was able to find an awesome spot on the 50 though.
It was a beautiful day for the spring game, which was nice because our weather has been very up and down. One thing that was concerning that not many others are talking about is the punting. The punting was awful, the loss of Nizalek is apparently bigger than most fans realize. Nauta had a few incredible grabs though, and Matt Landers looks like he may fill the Javon Wims void (tall possession receiver). The spring game was fun, but who knows how this team will look in the fall.
I love that they are making each other better. They both came in with the right attitude - iron sharpens iron.
They have to have a relatively successful regular season for us to get another crack at them. So yes, good luck to bama and hopefully that luck runs out in the sec title game.
MattyJ,Where did I come after you for "claiming" to be a UGA fan. I'm not sure why you put that word in quotes because I never typed it. I said Auburn is blaming their loss on Kerryon. Reread my post. Are you including yourself in that designation? Sensitive much? So you misread my post, then comment a nasty comment personally insulting me for no particular reason. You're terrible.
Hopefully indeed. Good luck to Bama in the regular season. A rematch in the SEC Championship would be electric.
I agree with him. The depth at secondary and on the d line is concerning. We are trying to fix it in recruiting, but we need one or two more great classes to truly have elite talent. We are close.I love Kirby's attitude. That is the key difference between him and the last regime, he's hungry, he's competitive and he's incredibly detail oriented. After decades of stagnation, the future is bright for Georgia.
You moron I'm commenting on a UGA article, your post makes no sense. So now you'll seek out my posts to troll them specifically? I'm flattered. How long will this phase last? Grow up.
I love this "blame it on Kerryon's health" thing Auburn has going on. Tell me, did Kerryon also play defense? Auburn's unstoppable d line laid eggs in it's final two games.
It's also important to note that UGA has elevated itself as a program. Last year and the year prior, there weren't hardly any trolls leaving insults on every UGA article. This year, the trolling has reached new heights. The reason is because we have elevated. This elevation created a lot of pathetic insecurity inside the fans of opposing fan bases.I actually feel sorry for them. They will continue to watch UGA play for championships while their teams are way too far behind on recruiting, coaching talent, facilities, spend etc. to ever be realistically competitive. Poor snowflakes...
Kearis Jackson is intriguing. He has a bigger body than the others (he's over 200 lbs), but he brings the speed. It will be interesting to see if he can get some touches on special teams and maybe work a bit in the slot (even though Mecole will take the majority of those snaps).
Great... another Tennessee troll account. A cursory glance at his post history reveals that the last 15 to 20 posts were insults hurled at UGA, meanwhile he applauded Pruitt as an incredible hire and said Bama won't be able to replace him. Lol. These Tennessee trolls multiply like hamsters.My advice on Hogjones, is to treat him like a child throwing a temper tantrum - ignore him. He thrives on attention.
It's quite hilarious actually. The biggest chest pounders on this site root for a team that went 0-8 in the SEC last year.
Your pathetic immature argument of "well I perceive UGA to troll me so I will troll them" is so sad. Someday when maturity hits, you'll look back at this time in your life and cringe.