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He doesn't look like a QB? Are you serious? He's 6'4 230lbs. That's great size for a QB. What are you looking for? A 5'11 189lbs QB?
I hear you, but I think you are going to be shocked at how close in talent TN and FL are when the 2020 247 Sports Team Talent Composite comes out in August.
TheRealcoJones, You may not like DawgsofWar, but he does bring up an interesting point. In terms of talent, UGA is significantly more talented than TN and FL - even still. One thing that should be concerning for FL fans is how quickly Pruitt is closing the gap between TN and FL. Pruitt is still a few years away from UGA & Bama talent levels, but he's closing in on FL for sure. FL @ TN this year should be very very interesting.
2017: 42-7, 2018: 36-17, 2019: 24-17. The play on the field is currently doing the talking.
It's not one or the other. It's much more likely that one of or both of Mathis and Beck transfer.
I don't pay it much mind. He has to say these types of things to stay employed. If people don't like it, they can choose not to read or watch his stuff.
Jones, Your last 10+ posts are about Georgia. Literally. Are you a troll or are you obsessed with Georgia? Don't you have Gator football to talk about?
We could give Tenn an award for "2nd best UNSIGNED class in May." Since that's exactly what this is. They could even put it on the rock. It'd be the biggest thing to happen to their program since losing to lowly Georgia State.
Hahaha shhhh. Lets the Tennessee fans have some fun. They've had a rough go for a while now. Remember, they lost to Georgia State just 9 months ago. It's obvious this program needs more time, but I am enjoying Tennessee fans declaring themselves offseason champions (when not a single one of their commits has signed yet).
Looks like he was sold a lie. Things weren't what UF's coaches said they'd be.
Honestly though, everything worries Bama fans these days. Rightfully so. It's end of that run.
Typo in the headline. It should be "Georgia football posts highlight video from THIRD CONSECUTIVE win over the Vols." Don't forget about 2017, the 41-0 game (the worst loss in program history) and 2018. It wasn't just 2019. They've made it a habit.
Roll Tide 517 is a typical retarded Bubba fan. Newman was definitively the starter at Wake. What a friggin moron this guy is.
Lol @ sub 4.0 speed. This is exactly why I come to this website. The articles & content are meh but the comments are so dumb it more than makes up for the lack of substance.
Of all the head coaches that UGA had over the years, I believe Richt may have had the highest win percentage against Tech. He went 13/15 over his tenure. It's certainly a very impressive feat to own a rival like that.
Bama trashes their coaches as well. As soon as UGA hired Cochran those turds were quick to blame all their injuries on Cochran. Funny how that works. Hell, after the LSU loss last year, many Bama fans said it was time to move on from Saban. There are fanatics in every fanbase. BubbaTurd's moronic tendency to push this pathetic narrative that only UGA fans are bad fans is downright laughable. He is so shook from the Cochran loss that his only counterpoint is typing "South Carolina." Pay attention to your own house - it's burning down behind you.
Florida fans in December: "We would never take a kid like Zach Evans. Rumor is that Mullen told him they weren't interested. Gators would never recruit a kid with this much baggage." Florida fans in February: "We are super excited about potentially adding an elite talent like Zach Evans. I'm so glad Mullen has us in the mix for the best recruits. We will beat out UGA to get Evans and win the natty."
Your last 6 or 7 posts are solely about UGA. Georgia has somehow gotten deep inside your tiny bayou-brain. Looks like BamaTime has a new troll account.
What are you talking about? You're not stating facts. Bryant University won the Fulmer Cup in 2019. UGA wasn't even in the top 5. You never miss an opportunity to masquerade made up crap as fact.
No one will ever forget that Tennessee lost to Georgia State. It was a program defining loss.
If only Bama had beaten LSU. UGA would be well on their way to the playoffs after whipping Bama in the SEC title. Bama turned out to be far too weak to do their part.
Wow what an absolutely idiotic statement. UGA's average margin of victory for the 2019 season is 20.4 points. 3 or 4 loss team? Lol
It has everything to do with fans like you. Bama is out of the playoff and their season is over. As a result, you are projecting your own pathetic insecurities by writing moronic drivel like "jelly" under every post that does not immediately agree with your uninformed opinions. Growing up will be quite a process for you. Thank God you're not my kid.
Jealous? Of what - your current QB situation? Not really bud. It doesn't look good for the Bubbas.
Three yards and a slide through the mud is Georgia's normal offense regardless of the weather. Hopefully practice makes perfect.
BubbaTurd, One thing that's for certain is that Bama certainly doesn't have to worry about the playoff, since they are are not good enough to be the 4th team. Just like you'll never have to worry about having children, since no one is likely to give you the opportunity.
Tim, Good analysis. Bama is definitely on the downward trend. The only ones who can't see it are Bama fans. Sad.