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I have to admit, this Mizzou fan is pretty hilarious if nothing else.
Good to see that TruDouche made it out to today's game.
Wolf has looked amazing so far. A real threat in the passing game and he blocks angry! You have to wonder why the TN coaching staff wasn't able to figure out how to use a talent like this...
Darth, Your comment makes no sense. 85 four stars? BYU and GA State combined have less than 15 four star players. Even depth wise, TN has a far more talented and far deeper team than BYU and GA State. Talent and depth is not why they lost to GA State and BYU. If you think otherwise, it would be fair to question your intelligence.
Why don't they just post the academic rankings for both of these schools? That should be trash talk enough.
Neyland will be a nice venue this year for Dawg fans. Could be mostly red in there. I'm planning on going with a big group.
gatorpyp, You are 100% correct, but it's hard for them to hear this after losing to GA State and BYU. Honestly though, I don't blame them.
timbo55 What a ridiculous comment. Are you telling me GA State and BYU trotted out more talent than TN? TN has 5 stars on the roster. How many does GA State have? How many does BYU have? You lost because your coach is inexperienced and he's learning on the job. If he loses a few more times you can replace the word "inexperienced" with "inept." I have feeling Pruitt is headed for "inept." Talent is not why they lost.
1-7 is a very real possibility now. Things will really get interesting from here on.
Kirby smart inherited a more talented roster, but have you ever wondered how much more talented it was? Taking a look at the SB Nation Blue Chip Ratio Articles by Bud Elliot - you can see that in Kirby Smart's first year at UGA, 52% of the roster was made up of 4 and 5 star talent. When Jeremy Pruitt took over at Tennessee the roster was sitting at 40% 4 and 5 star talent. Is having 12% more blue chip talent on your roster the difference between playing for a natty and losing to a 2-10 GA State team (the fourth worst loss in CFB history)? Come on guys. Yes Kirby had a more talented roster, but if you think the 12% difference is what's holding Pruitt back from nattys I've got some amazing beachfront property in Arizona you boys need to come look at.
They won't fire Pruitt this year regardless of how bad it gets. They can't afford another coaching search at this time. It's crazy to think that Kirby played for a natty in his second year as head coach and Pruitt will be fighting to get wins of any kind. Those programs have grown so far apart over the years.
TruDouche, What's your take on how your VolTurds performed against a bottom-feeder 2-10 Sun Belt team? On a scale from 1 to "Just lost to GA State" how suicidal are your fellow turds?
It feels so quiet with all the TN fans gone from this site
UF is definitely the best of that bunch. But let's be honest here, you're celebrating being the smartest kid on the short bus.
Where's TruDawg? I'm interested in his take on how his Vols played today.
Guys this is just Georgia State - a team that just started playing football and won 2 games last year! What will happen when Georgia comes? Another 41-0 repeat on the way!
Joe, UGA won by 4 scores not 4 points like your pathetic lizards. The East is ripe for the taking yet again.
We tried to tell these Vol fans about Chaney but they refused to listen. UGA's offense is humming now that we got rid of Chaney.
The Turds are finally learning about Chaney. It was a huge upgrade for us to shed him.
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Wow Fuzzyvol is feeling real dumb right about now. It should be obvious, but in case it's not - don't throw rocks while you're in that glass house.
This is an indicator that they are out of it for Evans. This 3 star back is their fall back option. Rusty put the CB in this morning. Evans will be a Dawg.
There's a very good chance that he and Gilbert end up playing together.
Basically beachbum87 is saying "please list examples other than these several examples." Strong argument.
Lol I was just going say that Gus is probably blowing up Holloman's phone.
Honestly, losing Braun probably hurts them more since OL is a serious need going into next year.