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Saban has the most talented roster in college football. They have more 4 and 5 stars than Georgia and OSU. Despite having the most talent in college football, Alabama has already lost a game. This award doesn't go to the best recruiter. Saban could not coach a vastly superior Alabama roster to win over a less talented Texas team at home. You have to do something with the talent you have. Kirby smart lost 15 players to the NFL draft last year and won another Championship. That's what Coach of the Year looks like - coaching up the talent you have to win titles. Coaching more talented rosters to lose to less talented ones is not coach of the year material and that's what Saban is doing.
Those cowards leave early every year. Georgia owns Florida.
Georgia owns Florida. Gators are a "little brother" figure at best.
It's true that Bama's defense has really fallen off. I guess the Kirby blueprint only lasts so long. Bama has 5 stars everywhere on both sides of the ball, but they can't develop those guys. That's another trend I've noticed with Bama in the last few years - complete lack of player development.
It's hard not to notice that Alabama just hasn't been the same since the loss to UGA. They've been stumbling ever since. It just seems like UGA broke Bama and they've been reeling ever since.
Bama hasn’t been the same since they got beat by UGA a few years back. Georgia broke Bama. This is who they are now.
Honestly, Bama hasn't been the same since they got beat by UGA a few years back. Georgia broke Bama. This is who they are now.
Florida needs to give Napier an extension. He needs more time to get his players there and put his system into place. I say they should keep him forever. I can't wait for Georgia to play Florida this year.
Darnell and I certainly have one thing in common - you literally couldn't pay us to go to Tennessee.
Fuzzyvag, UGA just won back to back national titles and TN hasn't won anything in 25 years. Current recruits weren't even born the last time TN was relevant. Cry me a river and take out your pathetic frustrations elsewhere.
Gwhite, do you honestly realize how dumb you sound. UGA just won back to back national titles with a 5'10 walk-on QB that they developed into a 4th round draft pick. You think UGA can't develop QBs? You are easily one of the dumbest commenters on here.
This is a Bama power move. They are brining in "McDonald's Bag" Pruitt to be DC and head coach in waiting since Saban is in his final years. When Saban retires they will hand the program off to Pruitt. The program has been on the downhill now for a few years so it'll be a smooth transition to Pruitt who will run it straight into the ground.
Georgia would have beat TN by more than 3 scores if they played again. TN was saved by the rain in the 2nd half of their game with Georgia. Kirby's exact words were that he "took the ball out of the offense's hands" because of the weather. Had it not rained, TN would have lost by 42 or more. They had no ability to stop UGA's passing game. Georgia threw the ball 4 times in the 2nd half. It's so obvious what really happened here. All of that happened WITH Hooker at QB. At the end of the day, TN was just an average SEC team this year. You can't beat a washed up Bama team by 1 point at home and proclaim yourself elite. The only reason TN even had a shot at beating Bama this year is because UGA broke Bama's program in the title game last year. You should thanking us.
Alabama at 2?? Hahahahaha UGA would have beat Bama by 3 touchdowns. So much inbred bama embarrassment was saved by seeding them correctly this year.
1998 you tool bag. Back to back National Championships and we own your pathetic school.
gagatorlakelife, I listened to you!! In fact, let me get my popcorn and sit down in my recliner. Ok now tell me exactly just how in "over their heads" the Florida staff is - I'm ready to hear it.
Your Coach is Billy Napier. You just had an embarrassing losing season. You lost to all of your rivals. Half your team left for the transfer portal like rats on a sinking ship. Florida recruiting is non-existent compared to their rivals. Let all of that sink in. Georgia owns Florida.
Georgia broke Bama last year. Now their idea of a successful season is a 1 point victory over a terrible Texas team, a 1 point loss to an average TN team, and a 1 point loss to an LSU team that fired their head coach last year. The real question after last night is whether we can attribute Bama's previous success to Saban or Kirby. It's kind of up in the air as of now. Bama fans are getting real nervous because it's looking like Kirby propped up Saban for years. Cats out of the bag.
Probably lol. Bama can't worry about Georgia right now. They have to worry about beating TN and LSU first. They have to earn the right to play Georgia.
Stetson > Tebow and it's not even a debate. Also not debatable - Georgia owns Florida.
Back to Back National Champions. Georgia owns Florida.
Agreed. Remember when the Bama fans called him Kirby "Dumb"? They said it was Saban's defense and recruiting at Bama that was the main reason for Bama's success. Kirby was just riding Saban's coat tails and he would be terrible at UGA. Another great Bama take.
The second clip was 100% a safety. The officials were trying to save TN from epic embarrassment.
Will Anderson wasn't even the best defensive player in the SEC. The Bama media hype train strikes again.
Cojones, You may not have said that, but the reason you get so much flak is because for the last 2 years all you've done is belittle UGA. The exact phrasing you used was that UGA was a "1 year dynasty". That take is turning out to be incredibly stupid. Now you're getting flak for it. That's part of life. Sometimes you have to own up to the moronic things you say.
Wow you are incredibly stupid. If you could read you'd understand what I wrote above. I said Bama hasn't been the same since losing to UGA. The SEC Championship came before they lost to UGA in the National Title. Did you not realize that or are you really just that stupid? I honestly can't take you seriously since you only have two comments (as of now) and they are both anti-UGA troll comments. You're a Tech Troll. Nothing you say matters. Your team sucks and Georgia romped them badly for many years. Now you're mad. Don't get emotional. Pop some midol and move on.
Tell me you've never watched a Georgia game without telling me you never watched a Georgia game.
Mountain, His team is Bama. He's a typical moronic Bama troll/fan. Most of their fanbase resides in this territory sadly. They are all butt-hurt because Georgia broke Bama last year. Now it looks like Bama will never be the same after Kirby curb stomped those weaklings.
You can't give it to a guy who didn't finish the season. How many yards & TDs did Hooker throw for in the SEC Title game this year?
Fuzzy is an anti-UGA homer. He would pick his high school over UGA. He thinks Georgia is terrible despite everything they've done. His opinion is meaningless and uninformed.