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^^^Tennessee-tard troll pathetically using fake account^^^41-0 you scumbag.
^^^Tennessee-tard troll pathetically using fake account^^^
Voltrain admitted he was Dawgdayz. He is also Trudawg. It's the same type of content and pattern of posting.
Did I need to say "making false accounts?" It seemed very obvious considering the poster I was referring to above (Trudawg) is a Tennessee fan that made a false UGA account to spew garbage all over UGA articles.It seems like the only reason you responded was to take a few more shots at UGA generally. Why are you so worried about UGA? It sounds like deep down, you don't really believe Bama is so obviously better... zip up, your lack of confidence is showing.
BamaTime,I've read though the recent Bama articles and I have not seen UGA posters making false Bama accounts to put false negative information out there on virtually every Bama article. So no, I don't know they are doing that . . . mostly because they are not.
Is that anecdotal or wishful thinking? I think I know which one it is. Virtually every UGA fan I know (including myself) is pretty satisfied with the talent level of the roster and the recruiting class.Might want to save that cream for the second week of the season. Something tells me you're going to need a ton of it. After the loss, you'll disappear off SDS for several weeks, then reappear to declare famously (and incorrectly) that it's ok SC lost to UGA because UGA will lose the SEC Championship by over 100 points. Do you ever get tired of the same old routine?
Why is it that Tennessee is the only fan base desperate and pathetic enough to create multiple handles for trolling. Is this really how far the Tennessee program has fallen?They are so scared sh*tless of SC and UGA that they have no idea what else to do besides creating multiple accounts on SDS to comment troll.
agdawg,I think he'll need some aloe vera for that burn.
You know what's really desperate? Vol fans scared so sh*tless that they have no idea what else to do besides creating multiple accounts on SDS to comment troll UGA articles with baseless negative accusations. Desperate and pathetic.
Bamalicious,You don't know a troll when you see one? Ignore this fool.
^^^Tennessee-tard troll pathetically using fake account^^^
Wow!!! What a great time to be a UGA fan!! Our opponents and rivals are so scared sh*tless that they have no idea what else to do besides creating multiple accounts on SDS to comment troll UGA articles with baseless negative accusations.Like VolTrainConductor/Trudawg above, they literally have no leg to stand on. In Tennessee's case especially. The biggest predictor of staying power is recruiting success over time. UGA is crushing recruiting. Our rivals know this. They know what the result will be on the field for many years going forward. They are scared and depressed. I expect to see many more troll comments on UGA articles going forward. It's a key indicator that we have arrived.Trudawg, perhaps you can find some solace in the Gillespie fiasco? Or maybe your loss of nearly every major recruit that Tennessee pursued? Pathetic! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Weagle99,Don't pay dawgdayz any attention he is Tenn fan trolling UGA fans with this new screen name. His old screen name was Voltrainconductor and it was banned for persistent trolling. If you click his screen name you can see that he typically comments on UGA articles negatively like the one he posted right here about a "bagman" paying recruits etc. It's all nonsensical garbage. Just ignore the troll.
96 Gator,Don't pay dawgdayz any attention he is Tenn fan trolling UGA fans with this new screen name. His old screen name was VolTrainConductor and it was banned for persistent trolling/spamming.If you click his screen name you can see that he typically comments on UGA articles negatively about how UGA coaches or players are somehow jumping ship, or how UGA must have a bagman paying recruits etc. It's all nonsensical garbage. Just ignore the troll.
If I'm not mistaken, Herschel Walker was widely thought of as the #1 high school recruit as a high school senior. However, there were no recruiting rankings back then and hardly anyone paid any attention to recruiting.
I recall the 2007 Georgia vs. Florida game where Massaquoi caught Stafford's pass and took it 80 yards for a touchdown to give UGA the lead, and the Dawgs never looked back. What a game and what a great player! Massaqoui is without a doubt a DGD.
You're calling a head coach elite who is 2-15 in ranked matchups (WORST RECORD IN AP POLL HISTORY) that has never won or appeared in a championship or playoff game as a head coach.The division strength doesn't matter you idiot. What matters is that Kirby took an 8-5 team to the National Championship in year 2. He developed Mark Richt's 3 stars into all americans (Davin Bellamy & DeAndre Baker) in just 2 years. He showed his ability to make incredible adjustments against Auburn's dominant d line in the SEC championship. He showed his ability to make adjustments by shutting down the Heisman trophy winner Baker Mayfield during the second half of the Rose Bowl. Under Mark Richt, 53% of the roster was rated as 4 and 5 star recruits. Under Kirby Smart that percentage is over 75%!!You keep spinning this moronic lazy opinion that Dan Mullen is some ultra elite coach while Kirby Smart is some bum that's lucky he's in the putrid SEC East.You wanna talk about not knowing sh*t about football? Read your own comments. God, you're stupid.
VolTrain/dawgdayz,How will Tenn replace the absolute void of talent Butch left them? Pruitt floundered on signing day, he's in over his head. You're worried.So worried that you created a fake UGA account to troll UGA fans and make yourself feel a bit better about the fact that the team you've invested so much in . . . just will never be relevant again . . . God that's sad.
Wow you're quite dumb. You clearly need to pay more attention to the West, you don't know sh*t about the East.
LOL. You have make up this ridiculous "Rube Goldberg Machine" type scenario to justify Mullen's lazy recruiting - "we may not have had the highest ranked class but if all the planets align and it's a full moon, the star average actually turns out to be 7th best." That's the dumbest thing ever. There is no doubt UGA has far more talent than Florida right now - not matter how you spin it. Give me an effing break.Mullen's coaching prowess shined through with the blowout ass whooping Kirby Smart handed him last year. He beat the hell out of Mullen's team and then beat the hell out of the players he's coaching now. I understand all you have is off season talk, but you are in a sad place - bury your head in the sand all you want, it won't change a thing.UGA already has the #1 2019 class with THREE 5 stars already committed. That's the same number that the ENTIRE SEC got this year. Take the rose colored glasses off you moron. Basketball is your new sport. Enjoy it.
Lol! Stings? Deshaun Watson hated UGA. He grew up a Florida fan, he never had any real interest in going to UGA and the staff knew that. Don't believe me? Google "Deshaun Watson Florida Fan" (SDS won't approve my post if I post a URL).Eric Berry was a TN legacy, his father was a captain on the Tenn '81 squad. It would have been a colossal miss for TN not to get him. Dobbs was committed to ASU until signing day when Tenn signed him (Richt had a policy at UGA where he did not actively recruit committed kids). Also, TN didn't swoop in and pluck Alvin Kamara from GA. Bama, a perennial national championship contender, did. Then, due to "behavioral issues", Saban banned Kamara from practicing with the team and suspended him from their bowl game. Despite the conduct question marks, TN gladly took him as a transfer after a short stint in CC.The difference between Cade Mays and all those guys is that he was actually interested and COMMITTED to TN and we STILL got him.Give me a break.
Well UGA beat his Miss State 31 to 3 and beat Florida 42 to 7. Perhaps Dan can score 10 against UGA next year?
It's incredible to think that Tenn landed JJ, the #3 OLB, but UGA signed the #1 OLB and the #2 OLB in the same class. Wow.
That's a big promise. But I wonder who is sitting at the top of the 2019 recruiting rankings now? Hmmm... my understanding is that the top team there already has more 5 stars (3) committed than any other SEC team had in the full 2018 recruiting cycle. Yikes.
dawgdayz,Remember SDS banned your former name VoltrainConductor for persistent (and pathetic) trolling. Keep it up and you'll be making a new screen name soon enough. In the meantime, always remember:1. You lost to all your rivals 2. You got blown out 41-0 at home 3. Became a national laughingstock over “champions of life” and trash cans 4. You went 0-8 in the SEC 5. Lost to Vandy (at home) 6. Presided over the biggest coaching hiring and firing fiasco ever 7. You watched your first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh choice head coach turn you down 8. You lost a major 5 star legacy (Cade Mays) to a rival (the only 5 star prospect in the state of TN) 9. You watched one of your biggest rivals out recruit you to a historic level 10. You watched your two biggest rivals play for a national championship 11. You didn't even make a bowl game 12. You flopped on signing day 13. Your highest rated prospect threw a hat with the Tenn logo on it across the gym like it was a piece of trash and we all laughed.Never forget.
I know what happened to them - Mark Richt. The rest of the SEC rues the day we got rid of him.
One can only hope that he will encourage his players to talk trash as well. UGA responded quite well to the trash talk last year. UF may want to reconsider that strategy.