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I thought for sure this kid was an Auburn lock. He's very talented, glad UGA was able to snag him.
Guaranteed?Didn't you predict Auburn would beat UGA by "100 points" in the SEC Championship? Looks like it certainly will be a long way to 8-4. Good thing you're not in charge.
Jay,Instead of 2001 and 2006, you meant to type 2002 & 2007. I remember 2001 and 2006 . . . unfortunately.
VFFL & UGARMYRetThank you for your service and thank you to those who support our armed services.Volbeef88, I'm assuming the 88 is your birth year. You're still very young and immature, but perhaps someday you will learn to respect our armed forces and be thankful for their service. Without their service, you wouldn't have the freedom to post all of your meaningless nonsensical drivel on a sports blog.
Rocker got fired for being lazy and a bad recruiter. That might be why he moves around a lot.
Never said he would. He played there, he's from there etc. He stated it was his dream job. That's all.
Logic? Are you new to this site? You're speaking with Tennessee fans. They believe they'll win a title next year. Logic? That's a good one.
I remember all of this coming out back in 2015. There are multiple reports of these incidents from different people. We will probably never know the truth. One thing we do know is that Pruitt is a fiery SOB that can rub some people the wrong way. We'll see how he fares as a HC. Good luck to him.
Promoting the coordinator to HC is hit or miss. UGA hit twice on it. Good luck to Pruitt. Les Miles as HC with Tee Martin as OC/HC in waiting would have been the home run hire in my opinion. For whatever reason, they couldn't make it happen. This is a nice alternative for Tennessee. Curious to see how Pruitt will fare as a HC.
This is why you go after Steele or Tee Martin. One way to prevent the early departure is make sure you get the "Tennessee Man," the guy that views Tennessee as his final destination - maybe a former player or a former assistant coach. When he was a DC at UGA, Pruitt stated Alabama HC is his dream job.
We've always had the recruits (at least at skills positions) the difference now is coaching and development. Two things Richt lacked.
He wasn't worried about sitting. He and his dad said they think it would be best for him to sit in the first year. He stated that he's not even sure he'll enroll early since he's not worried about starting. This may be hard to believe, but Fields's strength is his passing ability. He won the Elite 11 competition which is a passing only competition. You can't use your legs. He beat out Trevor Lawrence as a passer at that competition. The Elite 11 coaches and his high school coach all agree that he's a passer first and a runner second. Further, he stated he does not want to be a run first QB in college. He stated that his focus was to continue to develop his passing ability to get him ready for the NFL. That being said, he does have incredible ability as a runner. He just would rather develop his passing.
It's ridiculous that y'all have to close the season with UGA and Bama on the road. I'll admit that.
Mullen can't get Fields. Fields doesn't care about playing time. A rebuilding Florida is not as enticing as a Championship UGA.
By mentioning the words mockery and joke in your comment, you just proved SevenT's point. We're all watching the coaching search for entertainment value. Tennessee has little else to offer.
Patagonia and Arkansas are the two best places on earth? I'm assuming you're talking about brown trout because that would be the main game fish species the two places have in common. Patagonia is world class fishery no doubt. But Arkansas as a top two spot? Give me a break. Have you ever been out west? Brown Trout in Montana? Wyoming? Or even the Green River in Utah? Your fly fishing knowledge is on par with your football knowledge. Pathetic.
Google? Give me break. Your knowledge of fly fishing is questionable at best based on your post, and I'd gladly educate you. What makes you think I'm ADB? Check my post history, I've been around on this site longer than he has. I've read plenty of your idiotic comments over this past season. That's for damn sure.
Do you know how many times this season commenters from opposing fan bases said, "you just wait UGA fans - you'll lose by 100 next week - I guarantee it!" We've beaten everyone we've played this season. Keep talking. Talk is all you have.
Your mentality is backwards. I hope you and others continue to spew insults about how terrible a state Georgia is. I'm sick and tired of people moving here in droves. It's ok to visit Georgia, but please please stop moving here, we are becoming crowded and overdeveloped. So you're right, Georgia is a terrible place and no one should EVER move here!!I assure you I am fully aware of the fishery they have in Arkansas, I have fly fished the White River and caught a personal best brown trout on a fiberglass 4 weight. I have great appreciation for what they have out there. But if for one second you think we don’t have jack here in Georgia, you’re out of your damn mind. How many other states are there where I can catch browns, rainbows and brook trout in the mountains, world class bass fishery middle GA, incredible striper fishery, carp flats on the hooch, amazing redfish and seatrout fishery on the coast. Plus, last summer I hooked and jumped two Tarpon off the coast of Cumberland island (yes Tarpon run this far up). All of this in the same state.But still, never come here. We’re at capacity.
You're right. Mullen has not prioritized Corral. Honestly, he just doesn't fit his system. That being said, I don't believe Corral would go to Ole Miss. He might just be doing this to get Mullen to pay attention more.
It's absolutely about relationships. Also, Mullen is likely going to change the system on offense(move to the spread) and defense(move to 3-4). Some players might feel like they have a better chance to play elsewhere.
Dan Mullen can make 2 and 3 star QBs look like all-stars. People may hate this opinion, but I'm not certain that he can't turn around Felipe Franks and make him fit in that offense. I know it seems hard to believe, but Mullen is a QB whisperer.I actually think Florida will be much better next year. Dan Mullen won plenty of games in a difficult division with less talent. You should see results immediately.
Out of the five games he played against UGA, Butch won 2 and both times took miracles (dropped winning TD in the end zone and a hail mary). How the hell is that beating the dawgs half the time? In the last 17 years, Tenn only beat UGA 6 times. You need to stop worrying so much about UGA and focus on Tennessee.
The staff went all out and picked Auburn across the board prior to the game. They are upset that their pick turned out to be garbage.
Your 300 pound wife has nothing to do with this conversation.This is the third post about how bad Georgia is. You keep cut and paste posting the same lazy analysis on every SDS article with the word “Georgia” in it.What is your obsession with Georgia? Don’t you have your own team to root for? You just look childish posting the same thing over and over. Your pathetic struggle for attention/relevance is sad
If that happens we will have an 8 team playoff next year. The rest of nation furiously hates the SEC.
You moron, that was not a dig at Alabama. I was expressing relief that we didn't have to do what we normally would with Mark Richt - having to back our way into anything of significance. Your comment reveals your pathetic insecurity. You couldn't beat Auburn and you won't beat an elite Clemson team. Enjoy the view from your couch in January you uneducated Alabama fool. UGA is the 2017 SEC Champion.
Feels good not having to worry about having to back into this process somehow. The Georgia Bulldogs are the 2017 SEC Champions. No one can take that away from us. We are in the playoff.
Great game. It was nice to break the West's streak on Championship games, and it was nice to be first SEC team to win the championship in the new stadium. Go Dawgs!