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bama718's post is loaded with grammatical errors and it is entirely devoid of punctuation. He's definitely a Bama fan.
He said that he wouldn't want to face them again. He wasn't lying. He voted accordingly.
If we're going back to 2007, let's at least remember how it happened. In 2007, UGA went to Alabama and Mark Richt beat Nick Saban: UGA 26 Bama 23.
Enough with the irrelevant content. Your readers do not care about UCF. This is an SEC blog. Give us what we came here for, SEC coverage.
I didn't ask why he wrote it. I really don't care. I think what he writes is lazy hot take garbage and not credible. That's it. Thanks buddy.
Tom Brew buried UGA after the LSU loss. He predicted they would lose to Florida and Kentucky. Now he's writing an article about things UGA does better than Bama? Lol what a joke.
Y'all are also forgetting that Richt won the SEC Championship in 2005. Shockley led UGA to a W against a great LSU team. CMR won the SEC in 02, won the east in 03 and won the SEC in 05. He just didn't do much after 05 and that odd 07 year. He won the east a few more times during that stretch, but the east was really bad back then.
Easy. This guy actually owned up to it after the game. Can't say the same for most Gators fans though. Pathetic.
Don't try to sit here and manufacture motivation. No one is saying UGA is going to blow out Kentucky. In fact, Vegas (the people who get paid to the set the lines) have the point total currently at 44.5. That's a low scoring game bud.
I have been very impressed with Kentucky's defense this year. If I would have known Kentucky was going to be this good earlier in the season I would have bought tickets to this game. I've seen Georgia play at most of our conference rivals' stadiums, but I've never been to a game in Lexington before.
All you Floridiots do is talk sh!t. Literally. There will be no handing us anything. You lose almost your whole o-line and a ton of talent on defense. Your recruiting sucks and your coach has no control over the toxic culture your namesake left behind. You had idiotic Florida players running around intimidating students with frying pans and airsoft rifles with a dumb@ss named "Tay-bang." How embarassing. Our team is the youngest in the SEC with 68.5% freshman. Next year will be MUCH WORSE when you are rebuilding and our young players turn into experienced upperclassmen. 42-7 36-17 And next year's will be another blow out.
Tons of Gator fans pounded their chests and guaranteed a win over UGA. I noticed a large number of Florida accounts being created on this site after the LSU win. Those same accounts will now probably never be used again. That's seriously pathetic, and I'm calling it out.
Kentucky is the more experienced senior-laden team. UGA is the youngest team in the SEC and it's not even close. This will come down to whoever can consistently stop the run. I think this game will be very tight. Much more of a game than the Florida one.
So you got your ass whipped (not even close) two years in a row by an average team? That means Florida is patently terrible. I'm good with that.
Trash program. Not news. The real choking here was Florida choking the game away in the second half after all that sh!t talk the players and the fans spewed the last two weeks.
There's no Florida fans on this site anymore. Hilarious. They lose and the whole fanbase evaporates.
You're the only Gator brave enough to stick around after this year's ass whooping. Not many posting on here anymore. Kudos.
KS, The 2012 game was great. Aside from 1980, I thought the 2007 game was the best. The huge celebration in the endzone and watching Tebow and Urban lose their minds. Priceless.
I remember the 1980 game. I was not there in person, but I saw it on TV. I was in complete shock at the end of that game.
It just seems like he wants to be 100% sure. I'm not really worried about it.
Boxster, There were only a handful of Gator fans on here before they beat LSU. What you are seeing is trolls multiplying.
RowdyReptile91 I'm assuming 91 is your birth year here. That would make you far too young to understand how back and forth these streaks have been. From the 70s to 1990 this rivalry was very different for the Gators. UGARMYRet is correct.
Good for him. I was wondering how he was doing these days.
I think you are correct. I think UGA's biggest problem is the youth/depth in the defensive front 7. That's where the focus should be.
Trudouche/Voltrain should be worried about this week. Bama will likely cover that 29 against his Vols.
paris10, It is not surprising that the writers for SDS and the media generally are saying that UGA is dead and buried. It will be interesting to see how this team responds to the next two weeks of rampant UGA bashing. I have a feeling Florida is going to face a highly motivated team in Jacksonville.
No rational UGA fan looked at who we lost off the team last year and thought this team would steamroll their way to a natty. The Bulldogs’ roster consists of 68.5 percent freshmen and sophomores. That’s the youngest in the SEC and 15th youngest in the country. We knew this stat before the season started.