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Can someone explain to me why Kirby waits until the season is over and we've lost to our rival to play the QB that gives us the best chance to win?
BubbaTurd, Kirby was hired to win championships which he notably did beating the SEC West champion in 2017 and winning the SEC Title. You have small man's syndrome when it comes to Georgia.
Don't think 41-17 is likely unless Georgia's entire starting defense is out, which isn't the case. This is still a pretty good defense. I think you are correct about your two scenarios. I also think you are correct in that Georgia's only chance at winning is in scenario 1. If Florida is capable of beating Georgia 41-17 and they end up losing then what of Dan Mullen? Can you win the SEC with him at this point? This is probably the weakest Kirby Smart UGA team Florida will face in a while. Have to wonder.
I think if your reasoning is correct and Dan Mullen loses to UGA, then you have question whether Mullen is the right guy for the job. He was hired to win the SEC - can't do that if you lose to UGA every year even when they are down.
I think losing Davis hurts more. He's key to the style of defense we play.
I think if Georgia has to score more than 30 to win, they will be in trouble. Injuries have almost eliminated the talent advantage. How Georgia's secondary plays without it's leader will be key. I think Georgia will win very narrowly but I wouldn't bet on this game.
I just don't get why guys think Kirby is "hiding" some genius offensive game plan. UGA's offense actually tried against Kentucky and that was the result. Their offense is bad. Plain and simple. There's nothing to hide. If Florida can't take advantage of several defensive starters going down and the worst UGA offense in recent memory (run by a 4th string walk on) then it's fair to question whether Mullen will ever get it done.
The SEC should fine Kirby Smart for putting out that garbage offense.
Auburn needs to pay these refs more. They have literally put the team on their back twice to win games.
There is no recruit today that was alive the last time TN had success. By contrast these same recruits saw UGA win the SEC Title in 2017, win the SEC East Title 3 years in a row, and make the playoff and win the Rose Bowl. Let's be real, TN probably isn't going to win another title in our lifetime. They are so so far away from UGA who is step below Bama and Clemson. With talent and coaching the way it is for TN compared to those schools, TN is thousands of years away from a title. Whatever happened 20 years ago isn't relevant to the reality of today - which is TN isn't going to win any titles in our lifetime.
One could argue that the lack of competition helps them significantly. Much much easier road and less injuries.
I remember all the LSU fans on this site telling us that we were overreacting because it was obviously fake money. Hahahahahaha
This dumb idiot voltard doesn't even know UGA won the conference 3 years ago. I guess he started watching football in 2018. What are you 3 years old?
Looks like I accidentally logged into "Saturday Up North."
They will lose by a lot, but they can play loose and get young guys experience in a big game. Those are the pluses for TN. This isn't the year a former Saban assistant beats Saban.
If you think the poll is biased towards UGA, you may want to check out Notre Dame. That's some real bias right there.
Alabama proved that elite offense beats elite defense. Bama's offense was nothing short of spectacular. I do think they can score on anyone right now. If you want to beat them you'll have to outscore them.
You're a dumbass. These teams will play again in December. What a turd your team turned out to be.
I think we've seen enough of Bo Nix. Bigsby is the best player on that team hands down.
The quarterback of our defense unfortunately. Next man up!
TN would be ecstatic with a Sugar Bowl berth. It's not a "regular" bowl.
You're right, but they really don't want to hear that right now.
Last week I said JG didn't look as bad as people thought. This week - he did.
None of this really matters anyway since both teams will play again in December.
It doesn't bother me because I still read the site, but it does feel like a lot of the articles on this site are written from an anti-UGA perspective. Not a new thing around here.
Perhaps we can get Coach Saban an airtight suit with a respirator - like a Darth Vader suit if you will. I would love see him patrolling the sidelines in a Darth Vader suit. In all seriousness, get well soon Coach Saban. I hope we can play this game this weekend.