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paris10, It is not surprising that the writers for SDS and the media generally are saying that UGA is dead and buried. It will be interesting to see how this team responds to the next two weeks of rampant UGA bashing. I have a feeling Florida is going to face a highly motivated team in Jacksonville.
No rational UGA fan looked at who we lost off the team last year and thought this team would steamroll their way to a natty. The Bulldogs’ roster consists of 68.5 percent freshmen and sophomores. That’s the youngest in the SEC and 15th youngest in the country. We knew this stat before the season started.
Florida had a terrible season last year and the fans were ready to fire Mullen after the Kentucky loss this year. Now they beat LSU at home and here come the bandwagon trolls creating Florida accounts. You have like 5 posts. You literally just created this account to troll UGA fans. You have zero credibility here. Your team nearly lost to Vanderbilt. When Florida loses to UGA in two weeks, you'll disappear and slither back to wherever the hell you came from never to be heard from again.
RowdyReptile, You don't believe there is any difference in facing LSU at home vs. facing them at Death Valley? That's a stretch. If you think the Gators are just going to steam roll UGA I think you're a bit delusional my friend.
No one is here is confused about about the fact that you are a TN troll. Your coach's biggest moment of the season was crying tears of joy about losing by 4 scores to UGA. It was a bad look for him and you and the rest of the TN fans.
UGA will down 3 DLs who are starters and/or rotate regularly. UGA will also be down the starting RG and LG. I think that UGA's advantage is not as vast as people think. I expect this game to be closer than the experts think.
And there's always Vol Train and the rest of the TN trolls.
He's probably busy watching that video clip of Jeremy Pruitt crying and getting emotional after the UGA game. You want to know how far apart these programs are now - Vols cry tears of joy when they lose by 4 scores. Pathetic.
No problem, old guy to the rescue. He had an 82 yard punt against South Carolina while he was at Ole Miss. He actually punted barefoot for a bit. He was selected in the 3rd round, made the NFL all rookie team and won a Super Bowl later in his career. Hell of a punter.
A UGA article written for UGA fans in the UGA section of this website triggered you because it didn't mention TN enough? Young man, you're a special type of snowflake aren't you?
In case you haven't noticed, there are plenty of TN fans content to continue to rub that in our face. I don't blame them though, there doesn't appear to be a lot of winning for them going forward.
Well he was just charged, so the Auburn door is wide open now.
Your Vols could never hope to hurt him. Running on their d line will be like running through rice paper. The Vol football program is dead and buried. It's over bud... sorry.
You're probably right, but it's hard to imagine Tenn turning the ball over 6 times like they did against Florida. You have to imagine that they will play better... maybe.
Huge loss. I wish him a speedy recovery, we will need him down the stretch.
I'm surprised you noticed that UGA won. You're usually the fastest troll on the draw when it comes to anti-UGA sentiments. I would say that you're slipping but you did manage to get your anti-UGA dig in there. I would expect nothing less.
I'm really surprised this game got the 3:30 CBS slot. I really don't expect this game to be competitive. Something like 49-0 isn't outside the realm of possibility.
That feeling your getting - it's a stomach ache from the bullsh*t you were fed about how your Vols could be bowl eligible this year. There's always next year??? Maybe??
His other account is Voltrain but currently he's locked out of it. After UGA whipped TN's ass 41-0 last year, he started creating alt accounts to troll UGA. It was the only thing he could do since his football program is dead and buried. How pathetic.
UGA hasn't had "2 lil ole recruiting classes." They had one #1 class in 2017. In 2016 they finished 3rd. Up until last year, Alabama had the #1 recruiting class for 7 years straight. What's interesting is that last year Alabama had vastly superior talent vs. UGA (not surprising considering they've had the #1 class 7 years straight - 80% of their roster was blue chip vs. 63% at UGA). Yet, they needed overtime and a miracle on 2nd and 26 from a hidden gem backup QB to beat UGA. It seems like the sun is setting on Alabama's entitlement to the #1 recruiting class. That honor appears to be going elsewhere. If Alabama loses their talent advantage...
HIs father weighs 420 pounds and works as a celebrity bodyguard. The guy is massive.
I've seen this kid's tape the last two years. He is incredibly good. I'm surprised though that he wants to leave Cali.
The explanation I heard on the radio for the point spread is due to injury uncertainty with UGA's starting LT and starting WR. We're not certain if they will play.
Happy to hear that. I think you'll have a great time in Athens.
You'll have an open date before UGA next year. Maybe that will help make it interesting.