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Arik has a lot of soul searching to do. He also needs to learn how to get good grades.
Ahhh yes Schlitz. In the 90s me and some buddies would buy Schlitz for people who were acting like d bags at the bar. That's all Schlitz was good for.
Let Newman's failure be a lesson to these young men. These sports agents are not looking out for your best interests. They just want your $$$.
1980 rings hollow as an insult when your program's last championship came more than a decade ago. Most recruits and commenters on this site (such as yourself) were literally too young to care or remember.
How is it not obvious to you? He's 3-1 vs. Mullen. Kirby owns Mullen when they meet on the football field. He wins 75% of the time against Mullen. That's owning. There I spelled it out for you.
If Emory was any good he would have done something by now. Florida is in a lot of trouble next year. They are going to go back to "same old Florida" in a hurry.
Look at these fools trying to generate false motivation. Almost all sports outlets had the Gators favored to win the East in 2020. That includes this website which predicted that as well. Now that Florida won't be facing UGA's 4th string QB with several key starters out on offense and defense in a once in a lifetime Pandemic year - things look like they'll go back to normal for Florida. Many unlikely events had to happen for Florida to have its best season in many many years (4 losses mind you - but still their best season in more than a decade).
Boxster nailed it. TN is a mid major now. You must live in the here and now, not 20 to 30 years ago. Right now, UGA is a far better program than TN. It will stay that way for the foreseeable future. The writer is correct about the TN delusions. They are rampant. You guys are a mid major now. Get used to it.
What a disgusting post by an even more disgusting person (Gromit). Your posts are filled with lies, misunderstandings and extreme bias for the team you root for. Someday when you grow up, you'll learn what an objective take is. What a moron.
Cade was fooled into trading his high draft grade at UGA for the ability to play with his 2 star brother. Big Kat transferred to TN knowing that Pruitt was out and his former DC Steele would take over as Interim HC. Cade's move to a lower level program was dumb as rocks, but Big Kat's move at least was thought out.
Relax lizard. The kid is following his position coach to Auburn.
Can you imagine how Cade Mays is feeling right now? He jumps ship from UGA after being projected a potential day two draft pick. Then he goes to Tennessee and they proceed to destroy his pro football prospects completely. Then all his teammates hit the portal while Tennessee implodes during a serious NCAA investigation. The grass isn't always greener. Especially in Knoxville. Tough lesson for the kid to learn.
What job would Dell be leaving for? Unless it's HC or OC he ain't leaving. Especially to go to a mid-major level program like Auburn. That's not even a lateral move. It's like going from Ohio State RB Coach to Northwestern RB Coach.
Not a single LSU fan wished him well. Former players trashed him all on social media. He will be better appreciated in Athens.
I mean yeah, he'll be fired in 3-4 years, but what else where they supposed to do? The only coach that could have made a difference for them was Hugh Freeze and he said no. They had no choice.
Bobo legendary for not recruiting Deshaun Watson and telling Cam Newton he was a TE. Bobo is horrific at identifying talent. He offered Bryce Ramsey at QB (who ended up punting at UGA) over Watson. His play calling and misuse of Todd Gurley in goal line situations was horrendous. I got flashbacks just hearing his name.
It's being reported that the reason he's expressing interest in other jobs is because of how the UF fanbase, boosters etc have treated him and his family since the LSU loss. He wants out and it's because of the terrible insufferable Gator fanbase.
Gators took it on chin and got their sh*t rocked. Looks like they are going to be terrible next year losing all that talent. Just remember it took a once in lifetime worldwide pandemic, opt outs, several starters out, and playing UGA's 4th string QB for Florida to beat UGA. Not a good foundation to build on.
It was 11 or 12 players out. Most of them starters. Cincinnati highly motivated at full strength, we've seen this story before.
When you see it listed out that, it really makes an impact. None of those games were competitive. That's crazy.
It truly is astonishing. He did the exact same thing at UGA and Louisville.
If this had happened to Kirby Smart and UGA, every single member of the press and every single commenter on this site would declare UGA football dead and buried never to return ever again.
I was reluctant to say this - but now that I've seen what Daniels can do and now that I've seen Florida get exposed - I completely agree with you. Had Georgia played Daniels, Florida would have lost that game for sure.
"Georgia is just a different team with Daniels". So what you're telling me is that UGA is a better team now that they are playing a 5 star elite QB vs. their 4th string 5'10 QB? Imagine that.
Pruitt lost to Georgia State. No one with a functional brain thought he would succeed at TN after that. It's amazing he's survived this long.
Can someone explain to me why Kirby waits until the season is over and we've lost to our rival to play the QB that gives us the best chance to win?
BubbaTurd, Kirby was hired to win championships which he notably did beating the SEC West champion in 2017 and winning the SEC Title. You have small man's syndrome when it comes to Georgia.