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No i watched an episode of gainesville. Yall are every bit as redneck
I stopped reading after white male privilege. Fighting racism with racism. Glad its my fault for the worlds problems just because of the color of my skin. I get called white ass cracker every time i stop on I-85 anywhere in a 40 mile radius of atlanta. I deserve it since i was born 23 years after the civil rights movement i guess because im a white demon
If richt goes theres the last of a dying breed. Fulmer was respectable and thats about it too. Too many cocky douche bags like kiffen just waiting to take a dump on a program they have no connection too. Screw a championship one year and 5-6 suck years. No one even does that just auburn twice in 60 years. Every other time its the same coaches in the championship every year. Only a handful of the elite
And yet youre a gator fan and florida has a star on the flag. What about southerners, idiot?
But still have a winning record. And 4 losses is a huge disappointment to uga. Who recruits worse than ut
Is grayson lambert good just because he broke an ncaa record against usc?
Yeah ive been to games with uga, ut, and uf playing. At ut she would be a 2 and uga and uf
Dude be broke within 5 years. Refrigerator Perry has an open room in his shack on the south carolina coast from what i hear. They could pier fish together
Its not a gift when your offense sucks worse than uga. Pinkel lost like 4 games in two years what are you complaining about?
Both teams sucked. UGA got lucky when mizzou couldnt punch it in 1st qtr
That jerk mark richt and mcgarity getting the transfer rule pushed through!!!! Saban could have really benefited giving him a second second and second again chance. Really puts the whole conference at a disadvantage.
Tennessee gets their wish every 3 years since they fired fulmer for (enter pissed off rant excuse here)
How is it shocking to get outcoached and outplayed by nick saban. Urban meyer isnt at uga so????
Should hugh freeze resign since they got throttled by an inferior team? LOL @ you.
This is like happy gilmore vs shooter mcgavin. Bama would buy your grandmas house just to be a douche and do anything legal/illegal to do it. #backtothemid90s2late2000s4bama
It even says off campus bookstore. SDS sometimes...
Jabby you are stupid. Do you hate black people? Judgin people by religion
Youre a dumbass. Grantham didnt rotate. Does saban call offensive plays? Richt doesnt coach defense
This joke is at least since the oklahoma game. Been around a while. And i will continue to laugh
Rematch of 2011 would be cool. Plus i wanna see uga go against a real back. Henry sucks
Screw the turds on finebaum that call in for uga and the 14 year old. If this doesnt make you proud to have richt then pull for a school that will get a coach who will win at all costs and maybe win a championship in 3-4 years then get fired after one bad season or go to the nfl. And then you get sanctions. Yeah thats what i want!
If i went to a game in baton ruge next time uga plays there would i get beat up or beer poured on me? They dont have a great reputation among the om bama auburn ppl i know. I love teams with rb's who plow over people and that would be a bulldozer of a game if they both still have big rb's