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Dudes obviously a bad troll trying to race bait by assuming everyone lives in the same psychotic echo chamber as him.
So your relevance left flordia about the time they became less known for retirees and more known for flaka and being a cesspool of drugs and hilarious meme worthy crimes... wow the pride must swell within you.
This dude clearly doesn't know football. The sec is stronger now than it was the first few years of the richt era and its not even close. Is the east weaker? Relatively yeah... but aince when has kirby had problems beating the east? 3 sec east titles in a row and only 1 loss to an east team in that span... soubds like your argument just got destroyed.
If the best cb's were at bama and lsu you think theyd have an abover aversgr past defense. They dont. The sec west is turning into the big
I for the fe of me can't get the amnesia by lsu fans They say weve never faced a team like this... yet we already face two record breaking offenses with heisman winning quarterbacks and beat one and lost in the last couple minutes to the other. Our offense is worse than those 2 previous years no doubt. But the defense is leagues better. I dont thibk other teams just know how much better this defense is than 2017 or any other. Beat the school record for least points allowed in a season by over 50.
Someone should call Bama time and see if hes okay He hasnt trolled every uga article like usual for awhile now and I'm afraid he is in a ditch somewhere. I eould hate to think he is a weak willed coward that dissapears as soon as his season is over. So im assuming he died.
It's obvious you didnt read the article. Oklahoma in 2017 and Alabama in 2018 were extremely good offenses that didnt break that streak.
Maybe a mixed bag during the season but Fromm has always shown up big in the post season. Whether he makes it 3 for 3 in that regard will be seen. But both secc the rose bowl and the natty he played amazing.
Same mistake we always make when ahead in games. Strategy is to let them make short plays and run out the clock for us. Problem is everytime the opponent sees this they go out with plays designed to attack the zone and it comes back to bite us. Silver lining though unlike previous times smart didnt just stick with this strategy when he saw it would bite us in the ass he readjusted. Smart just needs to realize with our speed and talent we should always run man. Hopefully he continues this trend of not being SO hard headed.
Your comments age like milk. Your desperation would be sad if it wasn't so hilarious.
Also Zeus is a bruiser he seems to be the only one who can consistently run it up the middle and for the life of me idk why we keep running swift up the middle when hes better with space or a running start.
Well an awful lot had to go wrong for that to happen. 4 sacks when only 1 was allowed all year before that. 4 turnovers by fromm only 1 all year before that. 2 missed field goals by the best kicker in college football. Wither of those make it we win... you have to step back and see how that was a perfect storm of things going wrong and while we definitely can have skme criticisms when you have a day like that you can lose to any team.
Well go back and watch that pickens catch he was being pulled down from behind so thats not his fault he was still trying to make a play, but on your other points agreed.
2? I can only think of one possible. Florida also received a bad call that gave them a touchdown when the ball clearly never crossed the line. Lets not also ignore that if it wasnt for refa calling a dozen pass interferences the gators wouldnt make it down the field at all. Also please rewatch the game and see they 2 dozen no called holds against floridas oline. So tired of this stuff florida was handed several calls against south carolina... they arent for one team or the other they are just bad in general. Dont defer to pathetic reasoning just because the team you didnt want to win did.
I remember him being called Mike Bozo cause you could predict his play 70% of the time. So no i dont really miss him. Nor do i like our current OC.
You are trying waaaay to hard for the smallest of victories. We get it. He was semantically wrong. You and everyone else also knew what he meant so stop being a prick. Better to be brainstorming about what moral victory card to pull Sunday.
Literally is a word you dont understand i think.
Well not surprising you'd say that. What makes you sure LSU will be considered before the dawgs?
Actually by definition it was creative but indeed odd. But any freshmam backup quarterback would be happy with the playing time he received unless he just expected to be the starter. Which he obviously did.
Jyc how does auburns defensive stats match up to uga so far?
I beg to differ he got more playing time than any backup i can remember watching and still huffed and puffed back to the bench and complained to teammates... which is on video btw.
Looks like all top 3 teams had disappointing wins within a 1 week span. Says alot or nothing depending on how you look at it.
Whatever troll like a 2nd string kf 4 and 5 stars isnt a backup plan. Your parents should have had a backup plan that included the words pull out.
Nope still wouldn't have mattered. If anything that loss may have been a benefit. Help the team start the season with a chip on their shoulder and not taking anything for granted. I dont care about a pointless bowl game i care about winning swc games rhen the sec conference then the natty everything else is pointless.
Sad how much y'all are trying to pump up miami now. Thing is from an outside perspective miami in that game actually looked worse than expected. Problem is florida looked just as bad.