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Awww. I guess i struck a nerve. Sad you have to stick to the same ole jokes of your parents meanwhile you keep giving georgia fans new ones every year.
Hey Florida man good news is if the window did close you could always attempt to throw a shoe through it.
And being a avid watcher of florida football you know kinks when you see them.
Lol threads like this show who really are the butthurt losers in life and sports. So mad about their embarrassing loss they try *keyword there* to bring other fans down with them. Just pathetic and sad.
Gator fan talking trash. Dont know whats more funny your name being so fitting or the fact you tried talking trash at all.
I really dont see how that was a dumb comment. Its obvious that is a factor.
And as usual Florida's season is over and they go back to their tried and true pastime crappily trolling uga pages.
If that were true we wouldn't be in this situation with new conflicting reports every week lack of control strong leadership and trust. Then again being an lsu fan incan see why covid Doesn't bother you that much.
Must be a little depressing when your screename is so eloquently comparable to both your comments and program. The irony is so delicious i would assume ot come in small plates served by a snooty waiter.
He was throwing that shoe like an iraqi reporter at george bush.
Meanwhile the training facility at florida has been renamed the bayou. In an attempt to improve pre-game preparation severely lacking.
Whats the ls before usmc stand for in your name? Dont recognize it or your icon.
No but thats why we recruited that corner nicknamed Firestone.
Who cares at this point. A huge list of things to complain about and a jersey color should be last. This year is a bust. Might as well let the players have some fun. They've wanted to play in black forever now and its cool every now and then. If it was an important game and the season was on the line then we could talk. But its not.
Every trump supporter voted full red down the ticket. And every trump hater is so seething with hate if it was a legit vote they would also vote straight blue down the ticket. What you said if you had half a brain is actually evidence there is cheating happening.
Right? At 99% for 2 days but the vote swung by 4% in that time. Lol who are they fooling at this point.
You should stick to actually not caring about uga cause this pretending thing aint working for you.
Why are you even here? You won. Move on. Why do bama fans follow these posts like retired people with no hobbies?
You do realize you are talking to a florida fan right? No one but the disney dawgs are doing anything but keeping their mouth shut and having low expectationw.
For once i actually agree with lsusmc. Im tired of these articles popping up everytime fields scores a touchdown. If we cant move on from the past there is no point in thinking about the future.
I have to agree. Bamatime you are cancerous and toxic.
Good. No excuses now. Both at their best. Time for a knockdown dragout. May the best team win
Dude seriously? Who is making excuses the game hasnt even started yet. Highly unclassy.
Over 15,000 of those were people in old folks homes. Want to know how many people on an avg year die in old folks homes? Around 500,000.