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Lets be honest. Its both. If fields didnt have a lawyer he wouldnt have been allowed to play but if ford has a lawyer and his reason is a fan in the stands was documented as saying "put that cracker in" and he feared for his safety... do you really think that would be accepted? Being PC is one thing but lets try being realistic for a bit. Im not saying the ncaa made the case based on race alone but that because of his race and the political climate it made it a much bigger issue if the ncaa denied him. So simply its both.
Hey bumtime time i noticed you waited a few days before going back to your routine of trolling uga articles. How many of those days were you crying? Im glad you got your vicarious confidence back.
Lol you looked way worse on a bigger stage. Just take your L like the champ you are.
More like 3 minutes behind. Or a play in overtime behind
Its just another clixkbait topic so they can milk this for enough advertising money as possible.
Okay SDS milking this cow much!? How many articles can you write about one topic with no evidence and just quoting other people? Lets go for 30 shall we?
His point is the lowest common denominator exists everywhere there will always be atleast one racist in a stadium of tens of thousands... thats common sense. Do anything because of a very small minority not only lends them power it makes the person that reacts look weak.
Cause its a good story. Racism sells clicks and views. They talk like racism is horrific (which real racism is) but they use it to make money at any opportunity... and screw the social repercussions or division it causes. The people that write this kind of stuff should be ashamed.
Whatever man you post on every single uga article multiple times. Obviously you are the one bothered by us not the other way around. Either that or you literally have no life. You are very sensitive and angry for a grown man. Its a pretty sad look.
I stayed on topic did you read my first comment? We went off it because your diapers got in a wad as usual.
Lol look at all of you triggered because i called you out. Sad.
Sure got your attention. Obviously you care. You didnt deny it. I personally dont care whether he leaves or stays we can find another. But again this still hasnt been verified yet everyone is talking like it was months ago... talk about running away with a rumour. Funny timing isn't it?
Funny... 3 alabama fan comments before any georgia ones on a georgia article... but you guys will pretend you arent hoping something keeps us from challenging you year in and year out. Personally until this has been officialy verified by the university or fields i wont believe it. Could have easily just have been made up to do some negative recruiting against uga right before signing day. Why would uga or fields announce this 3 days before signing day?! It makes no sense. Dude couldn't wait a bit?
The only running texas should worry about stopping and possibly can is their own coaches mouth.
O trust me im just as tough in person only difference between me and bama fans is my life isnt so lame and i actually have aomething to lose. So im not going to risk getting arrested over football. For everyone else in the country theres more to life.
My point made Most of them are trash people either in person or through a screen.
The worst part is how much they wnjoy tubbing salt on the wound but cant take a comment in return. If i had a dime for everytime someone said 2nd and 26 or 4th and 11 to my face id be a rich man. I cant even get a ups delivery to my house without him yelling roll tide at me as he drives off (making sure hes far enough away my bulldog cant catch up to him). But i knooooow if we do beat them bext year uf i said anything as much as a "rough game eh?" Id probably get into a fist fight. Its ridiculous. Also its cool lol i can actually take a joke.