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So I assume this is seniors only since PFF doesn't know for sure which juniors will go early. Once we know that could be an all SEC first round. Lol.
Cody, You are right. I apologize for the post. I was just trolling Bama and did it in the wrong way.
The only state where the people are dumber than Alabama is Mississippi. Look it up. I don't know, it might be a tie between the three including Louisiana.
The only state where the people are dumber than Alabama is Mississippi. Look it up.
So says the Bama fan who's teams fanbase goes to celebrate wins at McDonalds.
Re-posting without the link I put in to a story about the end of the SWC as SDS doesn't seem to like that. I grew up in Georgia as a Dawgs fan. When I graduated from UGA in ’84 I got hired by Texas Instruments and moved to Dallas, Tx. That was when the Southwest Conference existed. Many of you youngsters may not remember that but Texas, Texas A&M and SMU were in the conference. I remember people always telling me in Dallas at that time the SWC was better than the SEC. LOL. What a joke. Texas had the opportunity to join the SEC but chickened out. Just like FSU did. Football ain’t what it used to be or ever was in the Southwest.
I agree. They have to give Pruitt at least 3 years. The guy can recruit. That's more than half the battle. And he can coach too. Do you think Saban would have hired him back as DC if he didn't have some serious coaching talent? Maybe he's not a good head coach at this point but he's learning on the job. If UT fires him they are setting themselves up for failure for at least another 5 years. As a Dawgs fan I hope Fulmer fires him.
Here are Tagovailoa’s averages against LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia and Clemson from last year, which are the four-best defenses he faced last season. Not too impressive. Bama played a lot of less than average teams last year that he built up his stats on. — Completion Percentage: 57.7 — Passing Yards/Game: 229.5 — Touchdown Passes/Game: 1.5 — Interceptions/Game: 1.5
It was the Duke football team man. Zion wasn't on the field. And Bama didn't really look good in the first half considering the competition.
Most quarterbacks at this level are pretty accurate when they can stand in the pocket with little to no pressure and throwing to wide open receivers. We've seen how Tua plays when he encounters consistent pressure during big games and it cost him the Heisman last year.