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By all accounts Franks is a good teammate and a good kid. I hope he does well except against the Dawgs. Wish he was playing the Gators this year.
Upon further review I see the gator fan is wrong as usual and I actually agree with the Allbarn fan. This is not funny. Even Saban said it wasn't funny.
I grudgingly agree with a gator fan. Vote: Not Funny.
He wasn't a coach. He was Ronnie McDonald. A clown coach. The Zooker. LMAO.
Remember when the Zooker ran out to the wrong sideline in the WLOCP in 2003. Complete A-clown. I bet the Florida AD crapped himself when the Zooker did that!!! Check it out on Youtube. One of the most highly watched A-clown videos of all time.
Zook was a complete a$$ clown who should have never been hired. Meyers a chronic liar and cheater and cover up guy. Mullen a nerd with zero charisma that will never win JackSh*t.
Gator Out West, Kirby will win with his own guys. Mullen will never win an SEC Championship. Mark my words and remind me if ever does.
Yeah I'd take Mac Jones in late game situations over the Nix and Mond. Who wouldn't? Not sure I would take Nix over Mond. Nix had that moment against Oregon last year but I saw a lot of horrible play out of Nix last year.
Well you never know. No one could have predicted the season Burrow had last year based on his previous performance.
I can't believe Finebaum said that. He can usually be seen mowing the grass at Saban's house every Sunday in the fall. I've got photos and I would post a link but SDS doesn't allow it.
What we have learned is that you're an idiot troll like most Gator fans. We will thump your team again this year. If Mullet, with his complete nerd personality, could actually recruit maybe he could get some prospects that could have a chance at beating UGA. Don't see Mullet becoming out of that negative charisma shell.
You're the scared moron BC in NC. The virus is a danger to older people and those with pre-existing conditions. The so called experts did a great job in scaring the general population. Look dude, just stay inside and cower, send your kids out to get the mail and packages and your wife to the grocery store.
He's completely sold out to whatever ESPN tells him to say.
You are completely clueless about politics in the 21st century. Sit down and shut up. Both sides are completely sold out to who ever will keep them elected.
I'm 60 years old and I'll sign to cover my own COVID costs out of pocket if I get it. You pu$$y. Are you going to cover you're own student loans or expect me and everyone else to pay for them? For all liberals it is absolute paramount that Trump not be re-elected. If the country has to go into an economic depression so be it. For you neo-socialists it's worth it. By the way, I think Trump is an A-hole.
Amen to you BLSINSC. Let the people who are risk isolate. We owe it to our children to get back to work. We can't saddle them with any more debt that we already have.
Saban is the Bobby Knight of college football.
No BamaSlime. I mean what I said and I would tell it to Saban's face. He has been rat poison for the average college football player who will never make it to the NFL. But because Saban made CFB into a professional sport, all amateur players suffer academically because Saban turned it into a win at all costs. Look what he did to Tua just to try and run up the score to make up for the loss. Saban's a mercenary.
I never claimed UGA to be anything but I know MS is nothing. Even when you had the genius coach. Now you're less than nothing.
SDS needs to purchase a grammar check software for their employees. Here's what they published as a headline on the front page: "Recruiting expert names 15 teams who can a national championship, including 6 from SEC". Journalism is dead.
No that's the typical Bama fan. Win at all costs. Saban single handedly has turned CFB into a professional sport. And I'm sure he expects more statues. He's been rat poison for college football.
I really don't understand how this no talent A-clown got to where he is. Yes I've listened to his show. He must have something on someone at ESPN. He's a joke.
You say that with obvious bias from seeing your previous posts. But I think he should have expanded it past one season and made it for the entire 21st century to date. That award would clearly fall on the pathetic Volunteers. I guess that's why he didn't write that instead because there is only one obvious biggest loser team to talk about.
SmallBalls, I vote for 2010 Bama. Funny that Bama started out as #1 and lost to a mediocre South Carolina team. You talked a lot of smack about UGA losing to USC this year. Jacka$$.
Yeah it was a turning point of "shorts" for Richt that year. Richt crapped his "shorts" that year and just about every year after except for 2012.
I've seen you talk a lot of smack on here for someone that's only been following football for 5 years. Just sayin'.
Orgeron is a clown. I wouldn't hire him to run one of my car washes.
^^^ Is that the kind of math they teach at LSU? ^^^
15 and 0 says Burrow and Brady did something right. It's a one and done. Orgeron can recruit but other than that he's a dumba$$.