I'm here for some trash talking. Lol.

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I can't believe Darth Gator wasn't fired with cause and shown the door. I can't remember a head coach at a major FBS school embarrassing the school so many times during the season. What a complete clown. When a head coach at a top 25 CFB program (thats all UF is now) shows up at a press confernece in a Darth Vader costume with mask on and never takes off the mask during the entire press conference.... He has some serious mental health issues.
Well he better start moving the furniture fast because they just lost their "generational" QB after getting their a$$ kicked by a team got their a$$ kicked. I think the kid is overrated myself. A product of playing against ACC competition.
Yeah most coaches can't wait to get the hell out of Tuscaloosa and the tyrant. Lol.
Come on. Bama's defense couldn't stop Joe Burrow last year. They wouldn't have this year either. LSU's team last year was better than Bama this year. Every year we hear this "greatest of all time" crap. They were saying the same about Bama in 2018 going into the SECCG and playoffs. Rat poison. Lol.
Tebow's baseball "career"? Hell might as well talk about my golfing career. I'm taking money from Spurrier every weekend. LMAO.
Dumb click bait articles after the season is over. Where's that SDS creativity?
So much talent there on that 1-15 team!!! The coaching talent in the NFL is well above the college level. I don't think Meyer can take a 1-15 team and turn it around in 3 years. Especially if he goes and hires a bunch of assistant coaches who have never coached in the NFL. It's the same ego trip that Saban, Spurrier and many other coaches took who were successful at the college level.
That's the absolute dumbest comment I've ever read on here. And that's saying something.
A failure in the making. Meyer hasn't seen the NFL even as an assistant. He's in for a rude awakening. Never mind the complete lack of talent on the team. He'll quit, as usual.
Tennessee is ranked. You just didn't scroll down far enough. UT is ranked 86th.
Mister2Bits, time for your afternoon nap sir.
That's completely laughable. Mullet is looking to leave ASAP. Even if Dork Gator is unable to land an NFL offer this year you know his motivation for UF is less than 100% to say the least. The guy is a crappy recruiter to begin with. If he is stuck at UF another year, and that's how he views it now, UF's recruiting class next year will drop out of the top 20. LMAO.
Maybe he thinks his tape for the NFL will look better against mediocre ACC talent versus the top SEC talent. And it probably will. There are a lot of great receivers in the SEC these days.
Gtr4life has no response to TDOW. Because the gaturd fans knows their coach is a clown with no loyalty to the program and looking to take the first NFL offer hen can get. The Gaturds about to fall off the cliff again.
Offenses are about equal. Without checking the stats it seems like LSU had a better defense last year. So I'd say 2019 LSU beats 2020 Bama by 3. I'd run it through my game simulator 20,000 times but my machines are tied up mining bit coins at the moment.
They say this just about every year about Bama. I remember the 2018 SECCG, Bama comes in having already been declared the Greatest Team of All Time. Not just Bama's best, but the greatest ever. Well that was so wrong. I guess the media just puts out click bait these days. The media will write anything if it'll get some page views.
Unclenutz, don't forget this site is run by UF grads. The editor is as well as 5 or 6 of the writers.
Pitts left but guess what? So is Mullen. The NFL is calling and Mullen doesn't want to be bothered with recruiting or with school presidents and athletic directors that don't like him showing up to pressers in a child's costume. He doesn't want to be bother with NCAA rules. I'd be amazed if this kid transferred to UF with Mullen having one foot out the door. It would really be a bad decision if he's counting on Mullet to be there. If he doesn't transfer to UGA, that's ok. We're loaded at tight end.
ATLDawg, you got that Smart vs Mullen score reversed. It's 2-1 Kirby. Actually 3-1 counting the whipping Kirby and the Dawgs put on Mullet's Miss State team when they rolled into Athens in 2017 ranked 15th or so in the nation and got a 31-3 a$$ whipping.
A couple of morons UGA haters. UF is the sad relic who just trashed their best chance ata good season in 10 years. As far as under-performing Bama could be pointed at as having under performed as much as anyone. Their recruiting completely eclipses every other team during that time and it's not even close. Bama should have won the Natty every year. Didn't even come close.
Mullen "developes" players? That's questionable. Franks? Jones? On the other "han" the QB whisperer doesn't seem to have any sort of loyalty to UF whatsoever. You guys will be cursing him when he takes an NFL job next week. I'll be LMAO.
We're going to talk about throwing shoes until next October at least. It was just the stupidest way that a game, a CFB playoff berth and a Heisman have all been blown in a split second. You gotta love it!!!!
This website is run by Florida grads. They will use anything they can to shine a negative light on UGA, even if it's completely unfounded. This is especially true after UF and the Dork completely trashed their season the last 3 games ot the year.