I'm here for some trash talking. Lol.

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Sounds about right Braves fan.
Allbarn was good that year. They made the top offer to that free agent QB and that bought you guys an NC. But that was 10 years ago, not exactly recent.
Let me do the math for you wde0012. If UGA isn't very good, as you claim, and we beat Allbarn 12 out of the last 15 then Allbarn really sucks out loud. You guys are right there with Kentucky who we've beaten 37 out of the last 42.
I don't know about that dvhill100. The Vol fans on this website were ready to tar and feather the guy and run him out of town last year about this time. Another Georgia State type loss and he will be on the hot seat. I don't see it happening but you Vol fans have unrealistic expectations.
So much for the Gator mantra that they're closing the talent gap in the SECE. Read it and weep lizards. Lol.
You set me up and I knocked it out of the park!!!!
Kirby is not a Saban disciple. He is his own man, with his own style and he bleeds Red and Black. All-SEC as a player at UGA. He waited for years for the UGA job to open up. It's the only place he wanted to be.
Well I figure if we beat you guys 12 out the last 15 you must not be that good. Neither is Kentucky. LMAO!!!
Who says it would be an upset? Kentucky is about on par with Auburn these days.
Nice way to start the comments. Or not so nice. LMAO
Daniels was technically a high school senior when he started for USC his freshman year. He completed 60% of his passes for a bad team, 14 TDs and 10 picks. Not too bad given all the facts.
And by the way there's no way that Muschamp would have UGA at the same level as Kirby. Muschamp was at Florida for several years, the flagship program in the most football rich state in the country and he couldn't get it done. He failed. And what Pruitt can do as a head coach remains to be seen. He's a proven defensive coordinator but he's already shown at Tennessee that there he can lose a good many games that he shouldn't as a HC.
There's no way Georgia would have ever hired Muschamp, a coach who had already failed at UF and been fired. No way that would ever happen. And Pruitt was not a popular guy with the powers that be UGA after his brief stay at UGA. He rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, not just Mark Richt.
Hey Corch. I think you're on to something with this Matt Hayes guy. I just quickly googled "Matt Hayes Bleacher Report" and his LinkedIn showed first up in the search. Well guess where he went to school: University of Florida - College of Journalism and Communications. No bias from Matt Hayes. Mullen is the GOAT!!! Lol.
You got that right! One of the top Dawgs of all time.
Trump is a jerk but I'd still take him over ANY of the candidates that the Democrats were bringing to the table. You'd think that as much as they hate Trump they could have come up with a legitimate candidate. The best they could do is some old senile white guy who's never had a real job in his entire life.
Go away Louisiana loser. You're a stalker. You need to get a life. It's pathetic how much you post here.
NoCojones. You're actually talking some sense now. The dem-wit liberals actually saw this entire Covid debacle as an opportunity to keep Trump from getting re-elected. They couldn't wait to shut down the economy and keep it down until the election.
No I am not easily triggered. You're basically stalking me on this site you loser. Go away.
Wow it took all of 10 minutes after the story was posted for a Gaturd fan to show up. You guys must be sitting at home in front of the screen all day hitting refresh on the SDS Georgia home page waiting for a new article to be published. UGA living rent free in your minds. Lol.
There were no comments from any Dawg fans when Tailwipe and NoCojones started talking smack about UGA. As usual you started it. You're one of the worst trolls on this site.
My apologies to Feleipe Franks for my spelling error. But I see some of you have misspelled it as well. The poor guy get's no respect. LMAO.
Dawg fans living rent free in the Gaturd fan's heads. While we're at it I nominate Phillipe Franks for Heisman!!!!! LMAO.
It's obvious you're completely talking out your a$$. You don't know anything about what's really going on in the Dawg's practices and scrimmages.
NoCojones you have no room to talk. You're one of the worst trolls on this site.