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Hey all you have to do to check the talent gap is look at how many players are getting drafted and the rounds they get drafted in. Clearly Alabama is leading the pack every year since Saban got there. It's not even close.
To BamaTime, I was at UGA when the Dawgs won the NC in 1980. No disrespect for LSU but as far as the 2007 NC for LSU when was the last time a team won the (mythical at that time) national championship with 2 losses to two mediocre teams? The whole mythical national champion elected by the media was such a joke. Especially that year.
One of those has a big asterisk next to it. Kentucky and Arkansas?
No more pointless than when Bama claims some of those mythical NCs from the 20's and 30's.
The Gamecocks didn't butt-stomp anyone. Dawgs beat themselves that day. Speaking of going from friend to foe, remember when Meyer took the job at OSU?
What mock draft had Wilson in the top 10? Not doubting you I just haven't run across one that had Wilson that high.
He also called Burrow's year "the best season ever for a college football player". He had a helluva year, maybe the greatest for a QB, but best ever regardless of position? I'll wait 10 or 20 years to judge that. The media always jumps out to proclaim a new GOAT. Remember last year going into the SECCG game Bama was being declared the greatest college team of all time after beating the hell out of nobody?
DougVol, You must be talking about your freshman year when you managed to flunk out of UT?
That's no fair. These poor Tennessee boys are unable to defend themselves in a battle of wits. LMAO.
My take is you need at least 10 years before you can judge a team or player to be included in the GOAT talk. Burrow's senior YEAR may survive the test of time as greatest by a quarterback. Definitely not GOAT college quarterback of all time as he started just two years and his first year was just "good". As far as the team, I think you have to wait and judge it in 10 years. These days the media instantly wants to anoint the lastest greatest of all time. Hell every year we hear this crap. Remember last year when Bama was being annointed the greatest team of all time?
I can't believe this crap. That wasn't Monopoly money. OBJ is such a egotistical diva self-absorbed narcissist moron that he's going to get his college team put on probation for his own self glorification on a night when it was about everything but him. If I was the LSU AD he would be banned from any LSU activities.
I'm not mad about it. It is what it is. Just saying that no team that loses to Kentucky and Arkansas in the same season should be crowned a conference champion much less a national champion. It's a joke of a trophy.
I ain't crying about it. Just saying what a farce it was.
2007 championship season. Lost to Kentucky and Arkansas. What a joke.
Dawgs will beat Missery with or without the transfer QB playing. Just saying.
Just keep hoping he sucks Gators. At least you've got something to hang onto for a chance to finally beat the Dawgs. Lol.
The Dawgs will get 4 in a row. Gators go the Outback Bowl in 2020.
Thinking like a criminal. Lol.
Who were you expecting to get? Nick Saban?
Everyone keeps talking about how Georgia let Fields get away. The biggest goof was Ohio State letting Joe Burrow get away. They would have beaten Clemson with Burrow at quarterback and would win this year's NC.
Just a granting a favor to a guy he likes a lot. This kid has serious NFL aspirations that would take a serious slide at Arkansas.
Forgot about that guy. He was going to lead the Gators to the promised land. Sort of like this year Franks was going to be NFL material after a year with the QB whisperer. Meet the new Franks, same as the old Franks.
Jake will be starting for someone within a year or two. Unlike McCarron the ultimate clipboarder. And unforunately I doubt Tua will last long in the NFL. He will take a much bigger beating there especially if he gets drafted high on a crappy team.
Literally that's the worst offense we've had in 20 years. It will get better. It must get better. Or a lot of assistant coaches will be looking for jobs.