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No, the school should profit. The athletes are there for an education. The ones of interest are granted scholarships. That is their payment. Stop ruining college football with money.
Florida State, has spent a month humiliating themselves, culminating in that embarrassing performance. Those FSU starters were quitters. They quit on their University, their fans and their teammates. The humiliating end was kind of perfect.
Beck is a fair weather quarterback, lacking the killer instincts of great ones. For example, in Georgia’s first drive, going for it on fourth down, Beck whiffed. He reminds me of post-Connor Shaw South Carolina who replaced him with a gun-slinger. He threw for tons of yards but he was not a winner like his predecessor. I feel the same way about Beck post-Stetson Bennett.
It proves butt-hurt FSU admin down to fans are homerifically blind. Your best players quit on you, and you celebrate it. It’s like some kind of battered wife syndrome. You should be angry with the quitters who abandoned your team.
I think FSU and CFB fans should be angry with the quitters. The coddling of quitters is condescending at best and nut hugging at its worst.
^^^ Great storied ending for retiring coach and good game. Sorry I missed lineman TD (reversed) in first quarter!
Did nepotism displace a more worthy player? Probably, but good for you!
Georgia should have beaten Alabama, but they failed. I hope Bama wins the Natty. Roll Tide!
Arian Smith may have the fleet feet Greek gods drool over, but he also has feet for hands. Stop it with the veneration of A. Smith. It’s embarrassing.
“…giving the Bulldogs THEIR longest win streak in college football history.”
After next week, spotting your opponent seven points will not be amusing.
Jordan is pronounced ‘Jordan.’ It’s retarded people who mispronounce proper nouns, even their own. Is it the Jirdin River in the Middle East? Was it Michael Jirdin with the Chicago Bulls? I refuse to indulge people in their fantasies, and those who willingly mispronounce words because illiterate fans insist upon it join them in stupidity. Stop indulging dummies. Jordan is pronounced the way it is spelled, and no amount of ignorance can change that.
“It also helps Beck and Bobo when they’ve got weapons galore.” Not so. Only Bowers will play in the NFL. Good thoughts, though. The Auburn game turned the corner because it took that near loss to make Kirby Smart trust his offensive coordinator and his quarterback.
Yep, it’s only funny if you win. Better teams coming up and if UGA continues to win, they cannot afford spotting them 7.
Yep, my exact sentiments when making a bet with a work buddy Bama man. Georgia and Alabama are the two best teams in the country right now.
Which is what I hate about the four team playoffs and further expansion. It just gets ridiculouser and ridiculouser. I miss the days when everyone only argued about who is number one. I am old….sigh….
Weirdly reminds me of guys in construction demanding more money because somehow they will become worth it. But you have to increase their pay in order to realize it. It makes no sense.
He quit as soon as crab legs left, and pretended he was the qb whisperer. TAMU bought it. Even Chizik was a genius until Cam left.
Tennessee should be glad they lost at Missouri. Winning that game would have resulted in the volume of the expected beat-down next week in Knocksville being turned from ten to eleven. It may be that they threw that game in order to save themselves from even greater humiliation than the ordinary which is headed their way.
These discussions are fine. I enjoy them. Too early to say, honestly. But I can’t get past their number one assessment of Tennessee last season. Give me the old days of cigar chomping AP sports writers. They’re all dead, from tobacco, but they knew college football.
I don’t care if Bowers plays no more this season, as long as he gets that ankle well. If Georgia is a desperate, one-trick pony show, then drag him out there if he is willing, but that ain’t required if Georgia is really good. I think Georgia is better than that.
The Georgia Brock Bowers will be terrible without its namesake. Hope his ankle heals well, and I don’t care if that means not playing again this season. On the other hand, the Georgia Bulldogs will be okay without him.
Agree, and NO TEAM has ever repeated or three-peated because no team is the same team as their previous season teams. The University of Georgia, most program staff, many players and all of the fans can take pride in repeating championships, but not this year’s team, because they not the same team. They have their own thing to do.
I don’t know why it seems so important to Smart to beat up on each other during practice. Is he a Dune fan try to create a legion of Sardaukar warriors?