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The memes are hilarious… “How many have you had, boy?” “Just a couple of Natties, officer…hic….”
Basketball is not a sport. It’s an activity.
Having avoided the sophomore slump….a junior slump? Nah, Brock friggin Bowers is evergreen.
I hope job satisfaction rates but he gets a nice bump from UGA which is enough to keep him.
I drive a company work vehicle. It was made clear to me that its use was strictly for company business and as such I am never to use it for personal reasons. The statement from the school on this is significant and fair.
I Love Lucy was nothing, NOTHING, without the Mertzes.
who = he whom = him Example: ‘Who’ owns the store? Answer: ‘He’ owns the store. who = he Or… To ‘whom’ does the store belong? Answer: The store belongs to ‘him.’ whom = him Now use ‘irregardless’ in a sentence.
Sans link, retry: DUI and speeding are number one causes of automobile deaths, with distracted driving in third place. I can surmise that for any risk factor, high speed seems most deadly because it ‘fast motions’ any mistake. I have had my share of distractions; fiddling with the radio, an unexpected text message or a fascinating bit of scenery, then jolted back into attention after veering off course, quickly realizing the gravity of my irresponsible behavior. No thanks. No more. The sense of security inside a moving vehicle is false without constant vigilance. It is worse than simply what I can control. The real insecurity extends to the behavior of other drivers and even wild animals such as deer. What if I am on a curve doing sixty and a front tire blows out? The reality of piloting tons of metal through city traffic, on interstate highways or along empty stretches of country two-lanes is that any mistake, any unforeseen event, may result in the death penalty. They were young people basking in the glory of greatness, no doubt partying, and just wanted to get home.
Upper Michigan? The Yoopers? They are all (all 50,000 of them) ersatz Canadiens only interested in ice hockey. Anyhow, I hope Tennessee and Ole Miss are good next year because having to hear, “Georgia ain’t played nobody,” for half a season will have a ring of truth for a change. Hopefully putting them down, I look forward to the best the West has to offer in Atlanta. If things go as easily as one may predict right now, that would be epic.
Bill O’Brien was hardly the biggest problem Alabama had, if he was a problem at all. I would say that he is an NFL guy in that he does better with developed talent rather than developing college guys. Good luck finding his replacement and you can’t have Monken. Rara is blocking his departure.
O’Brien is NFL caliber, before and after. He was not keen, or was not allowed to be keen, on college player development. This article says he wasn’t allowed to tweak Bryce Young. O’Brien is a smart New Englander, Brown U graduate, no? Anyhow, an interesting experiment which may have suffered from thumbs on the scale and unrealistic expectations. He is back where he feels more at home now. Good luck to Alabama finding his replacement.
I’m for whomever makes the Jacksonville game interesting.
Stetson Bennett had a Homeric career at Georgia. Why would he or anyone who loves him want to taint that story with an unmerited, asterisked award. I have a hard time believing Bennett wants it that way.
I wouldn’t be defending Thomas right now unless I were his attorney.
Regarding seatbelts, I hated being ordered to wear them but Neil Bortz changed my mind (back in the Eighties). He pointed out that aircraft pilots were required to wear them and explained the reason. It wasn’t to prevent you from being vomited out of the vehicle, as in automobiles, rather it was meant to secure your position in the seat such that you may have a fighting chance to maintain control whilst being jostled around like dice in a Yahtzee can. Sound logic, plus the ejection thing, made me buckle up. My wife thinks it was her nagging, tho, and that’s okay.
The rear seat passengers survived, regardless of seatbelt laws.
After silencing his critics, both home and abroad, Bennett seems begrudged. I thought it was brilliant coach-speech that hyped up the ‘no respect’ angle before the champ game, but Bennett may have gotten over-sold on that schtick. Complaining about that imaginary slight at the ceremony was unseemly, especially for a twenty-five year old man who smashed his critics on the field. His sour grapes were bitter and inappropriate for a such a celebration.
Interesting to learn the roadway had a curb rather than just an edge of paving because I can imagine the steering wheel being snatched from LeCroy’s hands as soon as that tire touched the curb. With only a pavement edge, some over-correct and end up in the ditch on the other side of the road. But regardless, if traveling at a ridiculous rate of speed, it could not end well, and the passengers in the back are fortunate to survive, especially without serious or critical injuries. Anyhow, I think I need to remind my grown children about what happens when a tire leaves the road, especially at high speeds. I hope the courts are fair and just to all parties.
If sentimentality is the bar for trophies and awards, just have players’ moms do the selecting. Those saying TCU did not belong in the natty who were silent after the Michigan game remind me of people who say ‘HOF for Bennett’ yet never complained he wasn’t selected an All-American. Please stop embarrassing yourself.
Agree, and ‘everyone gets a trophy’ is similar to expanded playoffs mentality. Bennett has enough to be proud of, and tweaking the rules as an accommodation would be, or should be, insulting.
All Dawgs go to heaven, just some go too soon. Very, very sad day
I hope he loves his job at Georgia more than shiny things. I hope he and Kirby retire in Athens. But if wishes were fishes, we’d all cast our nets in the sea.
Everything wrong with anonymous internet posts was exemplified by that grotesque insinuation. You would never say that in a room full of the commenters here. You would rightly fear having your grill smashed in.
Griffith is a carpet-bagger who should be covering Ohio State, not Georgia