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Missing from the list is Colt Brennan from Hawaii and the beat down from the 2008 Sugar Bowl. Georgia defeated Hawaii 41–10. Brennan completed 22-of-38 for 169 yards, while throwing three interceptions and 8 sacks.
You mean like Phillip Fulmer, for an unproven Kiffen, Dooley, Jones
I think comparing Dooley to Smart may be a little premature. Tennessee had to scramble with the Kiffin fiasco. Additionally, Dooley wasn't the offensive coordinator under Saban, he coached running backs and special teams. Richt wasn't a head coach either when he came to UGA from FSU.
I agree class act with comments from Richt. Looked like he was still on the sideline, take an early lead and ho hum through the third/fourth quarter and nearly lose at the end. These types of performances with having to watch with baited breath to the last second is part need for a coaching change. Wish him the best!
Keep up the good work, there are stars out there.
Agree, tough to see him go but only UGA fans have lived through the should've, could've, would've days. I think with the talent Richt had some of those big games should've been wins. But at this point there is no going backwards. Time will tell if Smart is a good hire, and a passionate coach gets the team fired up in all games.
Does that mean he is staying at UGA or shopping for a job somewhere else? Hope he stays with the DAWGS.
Keep it up Kirby, and Breon welcome to the DAWGS, "Time to Get Your Bones"
I'll call the plays. Just let me know Dawgs when you want me to show up. Since we only ran about 12 different plays this year, it should be too hard to spice it up.
I agree that its tough to see Richt leave, but the program has stagnated while the competition has only gotten better in the SEC East/West. We have had some great teams that didn't live up to expectation so really we were in a catch 22. Win most of our games but not the really important ones and lose games that no one would have thought possible. I think that Richt said it all when he said wherever he goes he wants to have a more hands on approach to coaching, calling plays, working with the quarterbacks and determining the scheme for success. As head coach of GA, he could have done all of that at anytime and choose to pass the responsibility to asst coaches. If Richt would have shown the same passion to have a more hands on approach to the outcomes rather than we tried our best, I think he still would be the head coach. Everyone that really follows the Dawgs could tell that he appeared to be going through the motions during some games and quite content that our top ten recruiting classes would win just enough. I think he either got complacent or exhausted. Kirby Smart may not be the solution long-term but he will at least bring new fire to the program and get some of the excitement back. If anything we know that Smart has been on the sidelines where the expectation is to always perform and beat teams that should be beaten. Smart doesn't have the history of well...we might lose to USC, TENN, and FL but it will be fine if we beat Tech, and most of the SEC East. If we make it to the SEC Champ game then that is season success or go to a bowl The landscape in college football has changed, the SEC championship is the starting point for the National Championship and just going to a bowl game means a winning record. I think the excuses of next year, next year, next year will be gone. Ultimately, I don't think what is being captured is that Richt was the offensive coordinator for Florida State and not a previous head coach when GA hired him. He did a great job of building the program which is strong enough to hand off to a younger hungrier successful coach from the best program in college football. If Smart makes good hiring decisions for the offensive and defensive coordinators and from experience gleaned from Saban on game calls, the Dawgs will be no worse than a 9-3 team.