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If this plays out, and that is a giant if, I’d go with moving AU and UA to the east. Then I think we add two more teams before the playoff expansion happens and consider the east and west their own conference, won via round robin format and don’t have a SEC championship game. The conference gets more playoff teams in this scenario which offsets the loss of revenue from the SEC Championship game and eliminates a game from the top teams schedule. SEC champ will mean less than making the playoffs in a 12 team format. Why? It is about what the SEC schools want: Grow revenue Create paths to the playoff Don’t play unnecessary games Don’t play a game that removes a contender from the playoff Keep rivalries intact
You are right, All of those years are tough. But 2030, with LSU and Auburn as projected west opponents looks particularly tough with today’s squads. Obviously a lot can change in 10 years.
Our non-conference schedule in 2030 is OSU, Clemson and Tech. That is going to be an interesting season.