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This will be a good opportunity to shake off the cobwebs for Pickens so that he can be ready for the SECCG. On another point raised below, I would be shocked if he comes back for another season.
Officials robbed UGA of a national championship a few years ago when UGA had the game in hand and then sacked the Alabama QB. Tyler Simmons clearly sacked the Alabama QB but was called "off sides". Alabama would have had to punt. Instead. given new life, Alabama completed a long pass for a touchdown. The replay shows Simmons was NOT off sides. The "Alabama bias" was clearly in evidence in this travesty.
The amount of commercials make watching almost unbearable
Georgia "encouraged" Grantham to leave and the team was much better off. We tried to tell you Gators.
That should help them defeat the #1 defense of the #1 team in America at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia. #letthebigdawgeat
That was a textbook case of targeting by Smoke Monday. I understand he was ejected from the game last year as well. The 4th down pass was well defended by UGA and the refereee was 8 feet away, so he had a close up view of it. Bo Nix and the Auburn faithful have shown poor sportsmanship by whining about all their self-described reasons for losing 34 to 10. Show a little class!
This upcoming game will improve UGA's record in the last seventeen games played to 17 - 3
If Florida played Kentucky 10 times on a neutral field, Florida would win 8 of them. Florida beat themselves in that game.
Bennett will be the starter. Kirby is looking forward to Kentucky and Florida. He doesn't wat to take ANY chances on J T Daniels not being able to be 100% for those games. Auburn will be an easier win than either of those two.
What credibility do "two ESPN analysts" have? Urban has always been a POS.
I'm guessing that he WANTED an offer from UGA and it did not happen, so he performed this charade. #noofferfromUGA
I totally agree. Rating Ohio State #1 with no evidence is ridiculous
He is a uber talented kid but based on his recent history, COULD become a cancer in the locker room. Kirby has to decide if he is worth the risk. Team chemistry is very important.
I firmly believe that Auburn is THE dirtiest program in college sports. Given that, Auburn players who are used to a culture of corruption, would naturally assume that other teams use the same recruiting tactics that Auburn does. It couldn't have anything to do with UGA having the #3, #1 and #1 recruiting classes over the last three years. Or, that UGA won the 2018 SEC Championship and led in the National Championship game right up until the last few minutes, or that UGA again led in the 2019 SEC Championship right up to the last fw minutes. UGA is a rising elite program and Auburn is deteriorating.
Kongbo has to come to Athens, Georgia 2 weeks prior to Alabama. Loudmouthed braggadocio like this only serves to fire up other teams. Not wise. Ditto for DC Bob Shoop guaranteeing that "Nobody will run on us". I'd say "Act like you've been there" but they really haven't (been there)
Tennessee has to come to Athens, Georgia for both team's 5th game of the season. (October 1) UGA will throw a balanced offense at them. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel pounding the rock and Jacob Eason distributing the ball to a plethora to excellent TE's and WR's. This early season showdown, will clear up that top 10.
Coleman Thomas will start the first game for Tennessee
Any parent who is involved in their son's life, would want him coached and cared for by Mark Richt.
Rarely has a coach done so little with so much talent, and be retained year after year. (14 to be exact). Mark Richt lacks the fire and attention to detail that it takes to win championships. He doesn't DEMAND excellence from his coaches and players.
As usual, your articles are poorly researched and inaccurate. UGA signed two 5 star players (like Florida) but signed a lot more 4star players, yet was ranked lower than Florida. "Didn't sign a QB"? Really?Georgia has three 4star QB's on the roster and has a firm commitment from the #1 QB in the country for 2016. Not sure why I continue to read your articles.
You guys should do your homework. "Hunger" (Hunter) Long will not be the UGA center next season.
Well said. In all of my UGA experiences, I've never seen behavior like the Auburn fan described. If even part of it actually happened, I would be embarrassed. Alcohol and 19year old kids, make for unpredictable behavior. An embarrassing loss to one of your biggest rivals definitely heightens your sensitivity. Like I learned on a visit to LSU, you have to expect aggressive behavior. Laugh it off and accept it as a part of the gameday experience. If you react negatively, it tends to escalate. Best of luck on the rest of your season. ressive
UGA returns all of the OL except for the center. UGA returns the best freshman RB in college football (Nick Chubb), and former 5 star recruit RB Sony Michel. Hutson Mason is a game manager. His 2105 replacement (Brice Ramsey) is a passer. All this from the offense that leads the SEC in ppg.
I regularly go to uGA home games and I have never witnessed this type of behavior. It is common for "all-in" schools like Auburn to disparage the other team after a loss. Auburn is THE dirtiest program in college football.
You say that Auburn couldn't stop Nick Chubb or Todd Gurley. That is no head scratcher. NO ONE has stopped those two.
UGA will end up with 4 or 5 five star players. That's a pretty strong finish.
When I saw Auburn in the "Admirable" quadrant, I immediately wrote this exercise off as invalid. Auburn is THE dirtiest program in college football.