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God, I hope not. I don't think it gets any worse than Muschamp, though.
Neither Peterson nor Dantonio would make any sense. Peterson doesn't recruit the SE, so we'd have lost the recruiting battle every year in our own state (and before this year, UW was terrible under Peterson). And Dantonio's MSU team is worse than Georgia this year (2-4, 0-3 Big 10, as of this post). UGA needs a coach like Tom Herman (Houston) who maximizes player development and doesn't always rely on Blue Chip talent, which is Kirby's constant excuse. But I am guessing that will probably never happen because of Herman's ties to Urban Meyer (aka the coach who dislikes UGA so much he devoted a portion of his autobiography to it).
I suppose if we broke NCAA rules like Ole Miss does, we'd have an over-inflated team as well.
I can only speak to this because I live here in Southern California and have seen the behind-the-scenes interviews of all these Carl's Jr. commercials. This commercial wasn't shot in one take -- It's HOURS of re-takes. So after taking a bite out of a hamburger for take after take, hours on end, you get full or you get tired of eating it, on top of the fact that they fluff the burger to be bigger than your face (and bigger than it is in real life). That's why the celebs in the Carls Jr commercials are rarely shot actually eating the hamburger (see the Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, etc. commercials from the past -- same deal). Those who criticize Gurley clearly do not live in the LA area because they would know otherwise that it's par for the course.