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Out of curiosity, what makes you say “chances are Georgia will lose at Auburn”? Is it purely because it is at Jordan Hare? Or UGA’s stale offense or what? Cause so far GA has beaten Florida, who beat Auburn. I’m just wondering what precisely makes you think the Dawgs will lose. Not saying you’re wrong, just wondering is all!
^this Missouri fan here clearly has not even watched the video. The toy comes onto the court well AFTER the shot had already been missed. Don’t comment on something if you’re not even going to take the time to watch a 10 second video clip.
Hahahaha such spelling! Not surprised, coming from an Auburn fan.
As a UGA fan, I think I can speak for ALL other UGA fans, and 100% agree with Arkansas_Vol here. Xx ilovemydawgs xX is extremely annoying and not a good representation of dawg fans at all.
Hey @Rick34, how’s it going man? I’m Just sitting over here in Athens, feeling really overrated right now I tell ya. How are your wimpy little tigers doing? Oh y’all lost to an overrated team? That’s what I thought. Dumb comment on your part dude.
Haha could not agree more. The comments on this article from UK and UGA fans are out of control and so unnecessary haha
@GATORDONTPLAYNOSH*T You're* a mediocre speller, you dumb gator you. Your first comment is asinine too by the way.
Yeah I don't know what this UGA fan SAV912 is talking about, but as another UGA fan, I totally agree with aggierider's comment, and you can even take out GA's ranking and just talk about UF and I agree. No need for the snarkiness SAV912
35-17 for UGA? It’s possible I suppose, but Georgia will have to play a really bad game for it to be that close. I’d call something more like 44 - 10, but hey, I could be wrong