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Question for my fellow DAWGS and fellow SEC fans... with all of the disruption on our O Line (We knew Thomas would go, Kinley and Wilson were 50/50, Mays was NOT planned and we still do not know about Cleveland) do you think we should look to the portal for some experience or do you feel our younger players will be just fine?
SEC. SEC. SEC. Even with all refs giving BAMA and CLEMSON every call (Fiesta 2019 & Natty Jan 8, 2018) LSU kicked BUTT!
I love my DAWGS, but, what is awesome is 4 teams will land in the final AP25. 2 will be from the East!
What is everyone's thought on our O Line next season? That is currently my concern
How can you get out of the LOL? I thought those were pretty tight? Well, then again, you would think a non grad couldn't be automatically eligible when transferring....
I feel certain he is talking from experience. He gave a little dig to many seniors when being interviewed before the trophy presentation by saying (I am paraphrasing) Yeah, like 5 or 6 seniors came on the trip.
I would think he has spoken to enough (or his family has talked to them) scouts, agents, etc to know he is being looked at, seriously, as a back up who can be coached up to be a starter when the starter has left the team. Just my opinion.
I definitely feel UGA did not play a great game vs LSU. With that being said, we played and beat 2/3 teams Coach O said were good... so, not sure of the logic there.
I cannot get a good read on Fromm. Why are you, @MattyJ, thinking he goes? Sad about the academic disqualification for Cleveland
I am not sure why he would wait to make his decision- which is clearly to declare, if he is not planning on playing - even if just minimal time.
Lol! Right @MattyJ. Since I'm probably not going to be a coach soon - sadly, ha, I'll look at 247 - thank you!
This is why many defensive recruits have NOT committed to UGA... we have a super young D...
Thank you! I was at the SECCG and every LSU fan I met / saw was awesome. They were passionate about the team (OF COURSE) and, like you, said many kind words about the DAWGS. Go TIGERS in the Playoffs! Bring it back to the SEC!
What is always "weird" is that Meyer has health issues when he wants to leave a program, takes a TV gig and BOOM... he is okay to coach again.
Amazing speech & truly well deserved!
Hot Rod should have won for the 2017 season, he didn't- I think this was the make up award....
I have another one... the Jim Moore award Finalists does not include the UGA offensive line. I get that UGA didn't have the best offense this year... but, the UGA O line, despite injuries, protected Fromm, allowing only 12 sacks (tied with Bama who is a finalist, but, did not have as tough of a schedule) other finalists Oregon - allowed 23 sacks, LSU - 29 and Ohio State 31. The UGA O line was NOT the problem this year for the offense.
It may have come across like I was saying that, that was not really my point... people in Athens typically get a ticket, and then able to just walk away, for an open container and/or proof of INS. Arresting him was the foolish part.
This is a dumb arrest, especially since he was out of jail within an hour.
This is the way of CFB now and the "poor me" society these kids live. If they don't play, they transfer. If they do not understand the O or D scheme, they transfer. It is not a sign of poor recruitment.
Does anyone know where to find all CFB players who have entered the portal?
You guys LSU have had an amazing season, very respectable. UGA is an elite program, you may not want to hear it, but, it is true. This UGA fan, and pretty much all true UGA fans are rooting for LSU to go all the way this year, SEC respect.
Agreed OKDAWG. Richt could not win the bigger regular season games, Kirby needs to get us over the post season win hump. We do have many young guys this Sugar Bowl- hopefully that will ensure a non embarrassing Sugar Bowl.
So so painful. I'm not sure next year will be the year, either.
The yes siiiiir tweets will be missed, indeed! Pittman is awesome. I wish him luck in Arkansas. I like the Matt Luke pick, I also like that our staff has been making in home visits to some top recruits to tell them personally how they will fit into the next few years.