Arkansas hires Sam Pittman as head coach

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DAWGS! I think you can still click the above (it may give you an error message at first, but click it again and it should work) I dont have twitter either & it worked for me.
This is Champ totals not appearance totals, correct? I think that may have been the point of @junkyarddawg
Never thought of this, that would be EPIC and very poetic like you said! I'll be there tomorrow and have seen us lose to BAMA 2x in the Benz... I do not want to see a 3rd loss. We can do it!
The UGA defense is also on the field longer than offense. I think Saturday will be (fingers crossed) an awesome game. Of course I would like to see my Dawgs win, but - much respect to the Tigers this season. They have been awesome.
I do not think you can use LSU / UGA stats (aka total offense and total defense) as you show above. Remember both LSU & UGA have played legitimate competitors vs. some teams who may be ranked higher in Offense or Defense. I think this weekend is legit the best offense (LSU) vs the best defense (UGA) which HOPEFULLY makes it an amazing game. Burrow should win the Heisman AND LSU should be ranked #1. All SEC fans should be excited about watching some of the best players (current and future) in the conference! Let's have an awesome game and prove once again why 2 SEC teams should be in the CFP!
I wish him much luck in his future as well! Since our team is so young, we do not have a ton of scholarships, which is good and bad.
UGA fans were very respectful when you lost the last Mike. We love live mascots... unlike PETA and ND.
We have the youngest team in the SEC (UGA) the young defense has gelled amazingly, the young receiving core, not as much.
And the BIG10 says there is a SEC BIAS. The 2017 season BIG10 complained that 2 SEC teams should not have been in the CFP, because it "set a bad precedent" and, Bama was not even in the conference championship. the amnesia from the year before, when Ohio State got into the CFP without winning the championship was long forgotten.
I cannot believe Saban complains about a call... he obviously is so used to always getting them his way... Example- Tyler Simmons was NOT OFFSIDES in the 2018 National championship game. Did he mention poor officiating that game??? Be classy, you lost a game, do not spend your time complaining about a call.
I get it, but- allowing 48 or 45 points? That is not a SEC defense
@usmcdawg. Why do you feel it necessary to bully everyone on this site? Are you over compensating?
One other item... does the CFP committee "eye test" have their eyes on weather? I am not saying UGA played the best game ever vs TAMU, BUT, it was pouring multiple times during that game, which tends to lead to less offense.
Nice! I like it! Definitely DO NOT need to look ahead. This is Tech's last game of the season and they will play on fire! Win out and we are in the CFP. Control your destiny!
@kirkm1976. I hear what you're saying, but it is the who is playing the second half vs the teams scoring multiple points in the second half? Same goes for scoring - who stays in the game and who doesn't? I am asking specifically because the CFP Committee has stated that OSU has a better record (i.e. have had a higher offense to defense score) if LSU is letting 2 and 3 string in during the second half and OSU is not, how does that make sense? This is not a question to you specifically, of course, I'm just confused since everyone stated after the BCS era, it would not longer be about running up the score.
Dumbest PETA target, ever. UGA lives better than many humans.
Agreed. Especially with the way this committee is deciding to rank teams.
I just asked this on another post, but, can anyone show the secons, third string stats (offensive and defensive time of play, points allowed, points scored, etc.) for the teams in the top 25 CFP? It is easy to crush a team when you have your starters out the majority of the ballgame. I get LSU has allowed a lot of points vs some teams, but, who did they play the week before as well? This "eye test" is getting more and more subjective & I'm not even a LSU fan, I'm a UGA fan.
Could someone point me to the stat which shows second / third string offense / defense playing time, scoring, etc? I ask this since Ohio State jumped LSU in the CFP rankings due to OSU having "more control" over their games. I would like to see how often all top 25 CFP teams utilize various players to not only give those players time and experience on the field, but, provide much needed rest to the front line.
My personal thoughts- We (UGA) had a young receiving core who needed to gel... they have not gelled the way we thought. On the flip side, our defense is quite young as well, and have completely gelled. A few games this season, we have had our defense on the field WAY longer than they should have been. We cannot have this during the SECCG or our D will be gassed even more than usual. Our O line is amazing, our backfield is as well, Fromm can definitely pass to his targets, those targets need to get better at separation.
Can anyone explain how SOS / SOR /FPI can legitimately be determined when any team on any given Saturday can win (which is why we all love College FB?) The below is a copy/paste from the ESPN website SOS: Strength of schedule played, from perspective of an average FBS team. SOR: Strength of record - Reflects chance that an average Top 25 team would have team's record or better, given the schedule. GC: Game control - Reflects chance that an average Top 25 team would control games from start to end the way this team did, given the schedule. FPI: Football Power Index that measures team's true strength on net points scale; expected point margin vs average opponent on neutral field. *FPI is updated daily in the current week. Please let me know your thoughts on this?
@jay.cardea. I agree! I feel the UGA defense has completely gelled and grown up game after game. Our WRs have not grown as quickly as we all felt they would. Our (UGA) defense has kept us in many games (similar to our 2017 team who went to the NCG) The difference, IMO, between our team and many others in the top 10/25, we do not have 1 or 2 playmakers - we have many! Every week, there is improvement within the team (whether on the O or D), that is something not shared by many FBS teams. I also feel showing "Power 5 wins" is a true attribute of a top team, since all UGA doubters state the UGA lost to SC (power 5 team) was horrendous.
OSU also has kept their 1st string in the game during many routs... that will always help with "blowouts" Also, Michigan & ND played a month after UGA v ND - and, UGA has always had the guts to play out of conference teams. The reason the BIG10 is starting to play PAC12 more is due to money! Money, from FOX, because they broadcast both teams almost exclusively (with the BIG12 sprinkled in there too. Take a look at the entire top 25 (CFB) - 2 (4) loss teams, Iowa State and USC are in there. That is what should be most alarming
Not sure why an OSU fan is on SDS, my husband is a Buckeye and he stays on Eleven Warriors. The SEC and BIG10 are the best 2 conferences in CFB, the BIG10 has some cupcake teams they play, as does the SEC - mainly due to the fact that without our money (BIG10 and SEC) to the smaller teams, they would not have a CFB program. Georgia has beat 3 top 15 teams (2 were in the top 10 when they beat them). Cincy was not ranked when OSU played them and Wisconsin has continued to not play to the ability we all felt they could. UGA and LSU have had the hardest schedules in the top 10, these are facts, not just a SEC fan saying "we are better."