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My apologies I got him and Nathan Presley confused no he hasn’t played this season my fault
I think he was a great win in recruiting and if people watch the whole Arkansas state game they would of seen him play in a couple of snaps at the end even though he just handed the ball off he still has played this season and we need to change th offense to better fit him in just like the rest of the good sec teams have done this season
LSU should leap frog Ohio state when they beat Florida. Clemson shouldn’t be at the number 2 spot. Ohio state and Clemson haven’t played anyone neither has Alabama
Norte dame is a more impressive win than beating Texas.Flordia is overrated I am concerned about playing auburn at auburn tho
I’d bring that up to if my team played as bad as Florida has the last 3 or four years
@tailwhip apparently you are blind or just can’t read but there are several of you Florida fans crying because your butt hurt.
Yes Florida use to beat Georgia almost every time we played. Specially when urban Myer was there and we had to put up with talks talk too all of the years. Now the tables have turned and I actually wish Florida was good enough competition for UGA so it could be exciting as it use to. Btw it was 36 to 17 last year if you must know
And Georgia lives rent free in Dan Mullen’s head rent free year round. He couldn’t keep UGA out of his mouth before the season started
Lol ok like I said on your previous statements you will find out what I’m talking about when y’all play a good sec opponent
@cojones you will see how stupid it’s about to get when y’all play a good opponent. UGA is about to play sec games for the rest of the season and we will run the table in the east
@cojones keep thinking that wait till y’all play a good opponent
Yeah if Miami gave you a game that’s sad to lol
What’s funny is the caption of this post is epic troll job on FB but it seems a lot of people are crying about so called trolls in the comments
You should include Florida in your decision to
Well if I was Florida I would try to keep UGA out of our heads as Long as possible to lol
@gator out west. you will know what the word fact means when Florida plays an actual good sec opponent
And I’m pretty sure we can post on any articles we want. Don’t get me wrong Georgia needs a lot of work to. I’m simply saying we are the best in the east and if that hurts your feelings then go check the polls and your feelings. That goes for even the Georgia fans
Lol funny so I’m guessing the “new” definition of a troll is just simply stating facts? Get out of here. Y’all need to check your feelings
Also never said we will when the championship but in the sec east it’s Georgia and that’s it for right now. And that’s a fact
Almost loosing to Kentucky? Not exactly a great win I mean it’s Kentucky. Like I said you will see where Florida stands after they play teams like auburn or Georgia
Just like there’s no need to concern yourself with the facts i present if they are going to hurt your little feelings @dirtysouth
And that’s exactly what I just said Tennessee couldn’t score but they moved the ball. But that’s fine you will see when Florida plays an actual sec team
Never said they did. And I’m not a troll I’m just stating facts it not my fault that people get their feelings hurt over facts this isn’t a “safe space” it’s reality and if people can’t handle some college football talk then they don’t need to be on here
If your a top ten team how are you gonna turn the ball over as many times as Florida did to Tennessee.