I am a lifelong SEC fan. I enjoy Saturday down south, the SEC network, Paul Finebaum, and many other great staples of the SEC. I would like to put some of my ideas, thoughts, or predictions out there and see what happens. Thankyou

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Auburn is down. LSU Is rebuilding.Ole Miss and state are rebuilding.Arkansas is getting close. AnM is the threat in the west and Saban is worried, as he should be. Jimbo has brought in new energy and revived College Station which is a great college town. The setting for a game there is every bit as good as Tuscaloosa. Houston is close. Beaches are not far. Obtw folks I’m positive has AnM has a higher academic rating than alabama. Your in the 2nd biggest state in the country with With phenomenal career opportunities awaiting if Professional football doesn’t play out. The Aggie alumni association is well known for looking at their Aggie compatriots. If you were born and raised in the state of Alabama, I get it. Face it folks AnM is trending right now and I believe the new generation of players are interested in being part of something new. jimbo brings that enthusiasm and kids know he has the “it” factor. Hey at least Saban hasn’t tried to re-do voting districts in Texas as he did in Georgia. It’s getting a little kooky Coach Saban.
Players have NEVER been paid for at Alabama. Referees have NEVER been paid for at Auburn. Well, we know the 2nd statement isn’t true. Alabama was on probation right before Nick got there correct? Wonder how that happened? Saban knows his years of dominating the SEC are over with and he’s not taking it to well. I’m not saying they won’t win another SEC Or Natty. I’m just saying the winning the SEC And playing in the Natty every year is rearview. I hope Nick doesn’t tarnish his legacy by becoming a “sore loser” in the final chapters. That would be a shame.
Yeah got a little carried away after the tornado comment. My sister lives in Kentucky and people don’t find that $hit very funny right now. As for the Georgia state game, I think you know exactly what I am talking about. Those referees sure did. Out
II have been corrected Mr.Stetson Bennett. You made a believer out of everyone. Congrats on your NIL success. Well deserved young man.
They weren’t satisfied. He gave them 33.18 back in change and said you can keep the Sec championship burger minus the onions and National Title. Thankyou come again.
Oh I bet Jimbo would take him over the kid that came fro LSU anY day of the week. He’s better. Plain and simple. Probably too late. Someone will be getting a good QB.Good luck JT And I hope we don’t play ya.
Weeeeel….when you get a couple celebs together who aren’t inclined to keeping their stuff in their pants, these things happen.”Lust bringeth forth sin and sin bringeth forth death.” There’s a scripture for you Jay. Party’s over Peacock.
I’m sure those tornadoes in Alabama a few years ago were hilarious. People died. People died in Kentucky. Brother, your team lost to Georgia STATE. Never mind Alabama or Georgia. You probably don’t wanna schedule TROY either. They would probably whip your ass. Just because your team SUCKS, you need to come on here and wish tornadoes on someone else’s celebration? Put the meth pipe away and go to church you evil SOB.
I am happy to say that Clemson’s playoff days are probably over. Everyone knows that the coordinators were the straws that stirred the drink there. We’re going to find out now, what kind of a coach Dabo really is now.
ACC. I guess they like the “ we better go undefeated to have a shot” mantra. Idiots.
AnM wanted to share a network with Texas and Texas thought they were too good. That’s why AnM said FU and we are not going to play anymore. Looks like AnM made the right decision and Texas, well, much like their on field product, their decision sucked. Sark and recruiting may get them back. They have certainly payed the price with their arrogance.
Georgia to Florida. Strange. Maybe he’s from Florida. Good luck sir.
Did you happen to see Kentucky’s, South Carolina, or Missouri’s recruiting classes this year? Check it out.
Smartly, Billy understands that they are behind the entire SEC east right now and talking about Georgia is 3 or 4 years away. You’d better worry about beating Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennesse, Missouri, and Vandy. Didn’t you guys lose to two of them last year? Ya got smoked by Carolina. Your program is a solid 4 in the east right now, if your lucky. The Spurrier/Urban days are gone and if jerking that pipe dream helps you accept our dominance and your mediocrity right now, then good for you. Kirby is the next Saban which sucks for you guys and everyone else. Now go get your CRY RAG.
“Your hatred makes you strong Release your anger and turn to the dark side” oh, looks like you already have. Nothing like obnoxious winners and sore losers. This thing is cyclical folks. Every fan from every school here, knows there have been good times. Bad times. Good decades. Bad decades. (Georgia 90s we’re rough). You could take every school and find ups and downs. It should not have taken us 41 years to win one, but this the Saban era. Like the NFL had Brady, Bellichek era. Sometimes 2nd or 3rd fiddle ain’t so bad.
The article is about Tim Tebow’s thoughts who I think most people like.
I was was watching dawgs radio for some of the game and it seemed like the camera was on the Tide the majority of the time. So Kirk wasn’t the only one.Was cool listening to Eli Gold as well. Anyways radio option was cool to get a break from the usual.
He said “7 more son” lol Didn’t like Coach Saban 5 years ago only in a competitive manner. When you beat everyone no one likes you. I’ve heard about the Sabans helping out tremendously with tornado relief, building homes, helping people in need, and generosity to that University. I had to accept that Saban is a good guy lol and probably pretty blessed. No one picked Bama to win it all this year and almost did it with a sophomore age group. Got Bryce for next 2 and Saban will be playing the “how did losing the NT game affect you” card next year. They normally win one after losing 1. I’m sure next year will be no different.
We are happy to pass Clemson and Ohio state for number 2 or 1b program. With what we are losing on D, Bama is a probable preseason 1 next year. That’s what the rest of us deal with every year and beating Alabama will be the goal again next year. Hell of a run there with Coach Saban. More will be revealed.
God bless you and your buddy and I’m sure the game will be good medicine. That’s what life’s about.
Alachua community college in Gainesville might be offended by that comment. Jk hahhahah